Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It’s Eurabia against Israel

by Giulio Meotti 

In Rome there was a Muslim rally to protest against the Paris attacks. Not more than 500 participants, equal to nothing from an Islamic Italian community of 1 million people. Among them there was someone holding a placard saying: “No to Bataclan, no to Gaza”. This is the inner and untold mood in Europe: The Parisian theatre where 100 Frenchmen were slaughtered by Islamic State has been compared to the Palestinian Arabs under Israeli assault.
Welcome to Eurabia’s war against the Jewish descendants of the Holocaust, the wonderful and brave State of Israel.
In two months of popular terrorism, 22 Israelis have lost their lives. 192 Israelis have been wounded (20 seriously) and 82 Israelis have been treated for shock during the same period. Their faces, their names, their stories were not worthy of the European newspapers and tv channels, which for two months downplayed these killings and maiming in a deliberate strategy of silence and justification.
Dozens of European ministries and officials, including a Nobel Peace laureate, have already declared that to defeat ISIS the West should first resolve the “tension” of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On television, you cannot count the commentators repeating this blasphemy. This inanity.
Meanwhile, in the UK, the second largest party,  the Labour party of useful idiot Jeremy Corbin, was voting to sever ties with the companies who do business with Israel. This is their priority: blaming the Jews. In Berlin, KaDeWe, Europe’s largest store, took off many Israeli goods from its shelves (these were later restocked after furious Israeli protests).
And in the US? A morally corrupt American Anthropological Association decided to isolate and boycott Israeli professors, while in the days of this Third Intifada hundreds of British academicians sponsored a similar initiative.
All in the same week. The week of Paris and multiple terror attacks in the land of Israel. In the same week that Europe’s foreign minister, Federica Mogherini, justified EU discriminatory labeling as a tool to exert political pressure on Israel.
After the Paris’ attacks, the Israelis switched their Facebook profile pictures to include the French flag, showing full support for Paris. Very few Europeans did the same when the Palestinian Arab terrorists took the lives of many innocent Jews. There are never tears for a Jew massacred for being a Jew.
Anti-Semitism is an eruption of barbarism into our civilization. The Jews have always been a barometer of tolerance. Europe, a continent under real occupation, is waging a war against the fake "occupation" of Israel. Read it, the existence of the Jewish people.

British Actress Slams ‘Sharia’ Uber Driver Who Told Her She Was Dressed ‘Disgustingly’

Frances Barber
Acclaimed British actress Frances Barber has said she was verbally abused by a “sharia” Uber driver who accused her of dressing “disgustingly”. Ms Barber, who starred in BBC legal drama Silk, booked the Uber car home after attending the Evening Standard Theatre Awards at London’s Old Vic theatre. When the car arrived, she told the driver it was a cold night.
The driver then allegedly responded: “Well if you weren’t so disgustingly dressed…” The actress also claims he told her that a woman should not be out alone at night. She later angrily tweeted: “THIS IS LONDON.”

Socialist Brussels Mayor: "We Will Not Live Under an Islamic Regime" -- Americans will also be able to enjoy the glamorous European lockdown lifestyle

by Daniel Greenfield 

 Tempers are fraying in a Brussels to enriched by Muslim diversity that the city is under lockdown and parts of it are no-go zones. They're fraying so much that politically incorrect things are being said.
Yvan Mayeur, the socialist mayor of Brussels, said the closure of the city’s restaurants, museums and shops, which is feared to have cost hundreds of millions of euros in lost trade, had been a “catastrophe”. "We cannot continue to live in these conditions. We will not live under the Islamic regime,” he said.
"If we close schools, if we ban culture and shopping, if we do not allow people to live, to have fun, to relax, to go for a drink, if we prohibit all this, under what sort of regime do we live?"
It's an Islamic regime either way.
The lockdown, like armed soldiers in the streets, bombings, massacres and the TSA, is just one of the side-benefits of Muslim migration. There's a simple way to stop it so everyone can have fun or go for a drink. But that would be "against our values". It's much better to enjoy the enrichment.
Just don't go to concerts or public places. Or go outside. Or go near the windows.
But think of how many lockdowns we can enjoy once we have tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in this country, who poll in support of ISIS between 13% and a third.

A 2007 poll showed that 77% of Syrians supported financing Islamic terrorists including Hamas and the Iraqi fighters who evolved into ISIS. Less than 10% of Syrians opposed their terrorism.
A poll this summer found that 1 in 5 Syrians supports ISIS.  A third of Syrians support the Al Nusra Front, which is affiliated with Al Qaeda.
Only 13% of Syrian refugees will admit to supporting ISIS, though that number still means that of Obama’s first 10,000 refugees, 1,300 will support ISIS.
In the places where the Syrian refugees come from, support for Al Qaeda groups climbs as high as 70% in Idlib, 66% in Quneitra, 66% in Raqqa, 47% in Derzor, 47% in Hasakeh, 41% in Daraa and 41% in Aleppo.
Americans will also be able to enjoy the glamorous European lockdown lifestyle while staying true to "our values" of cringing in our homes while taking in more migrants who want to kill us.
I remember Manhattan after 9/11 and having to get past the police lines where streets were locked down and everyone was being asked for their ID. Shops were closed down for a lot more than 5 days. Meanwhile the papers were talking up those progressive heroes keeping watch outside mosques to prevent them from being attacked.
They might have stopped by Ground Zero to help look for bodies, but then they might have gotten dirt on their khakis and they wouldn't have been politically correct heroes.
Now the politically correct heroes demand that we take in 10,000 Syrian Muslim migrants, 100,000 or maybe 100 million (but no Syrian Christians please, they might actually work for a living) so that we can enjoy the glamorous lockdown lifestyle full-time.
And who are we to deny them? "Our values" demand that we take in huge numbers of people who want to destroy us and our values. But the same progressives who keep retweeting Syrian refugee spam will whine when the lockdown happens and they can't visit their favorite bar.

Muslim Feminist Diversity Officer Sends Rape Threat to Pamela Geller -- "I set up the Women’s Forum and the Survivor’s Support Network for students who had experienced sexual violence and abuse"

by Daniel Greenfield 

 We wrote about Bahar Mustafa before when the "diversity officer" from UK's Goldsmiths tweeted #KillAllWhiteMen.
A student union officer who banned white people and men from an event promoting equality has claimed she "cannot be racist" because she is an ethnic minority woman.
Goldsmiths University's student union welfare and diversity officer Bahar Mustafa sparked a backlash when she told white people and men they should not attend an event on "diversifying the curriculum".
Then she got into trouble for tweeting #KillAllWhiteMen, but she wasn't going down without a fight.
Mustafa has since faced a vote of no confidence after it emerged she branded someone “white trash” from an official Union Twitter account.
In a seven-minute statement, she also accused people who "benefit from white supremacy" of "clinging on" to power and added: "We are not going down without as fight."
The media swarmed in to defend her and Bahar Mustafa claimed, like all good crybully SJWs, that she was being barraged with rape and death threats. Now she allegedly sent one to Pamela Geller.
From: bahar.mustafa@goldsmithssu.org
To: Pamela Geller
Re: About
Date: November 23, 2015
You deserve to be raped in every hole by hordes of muslims, slapping and choking you, spitting in your mouth and pissing in ya face

bahar.mustafa@goldsmithssu.org is one of the Bahar Mustafa addresses listed on the Goldsmiths Student Union site. Mustafa appears to still be listed on the Goldsmiths site where she lists accomplishments such as...
I set up the Women’s Forum and the Survivor’s Support Network for students who had experienced sexual violence and abuse.
Clearly the feminist you want setting up one of those.
But if this is correct then after claiming to be a feminist concerned about rape victims, after complaining that she was receiving rape and death threats, she actually sent one.
This reminds me of that Egyptian female lawyer who had the same bright racist idea.
Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian lawyer Nagla Al-Imam, which aired on Al-Arabiya TV on October 31, 2008.
Interviewer: Egyptian lawyer Nagla Al-Imam has proposed that young Arab men should sexually harass Israeli girls wherever they may be and using any possible method, as a new means in the resistance against Israel.
"This would put us on equal terms – leave the land so we won't rape you. These two things are equal."
Let us ethnically cleanse you or we'll rape you. That's how equality works in Islam.


ISIS poster girl 'beaten to death' for trying to escape terrorists after pal was killed

 The girls after arriving in Syria
 Samra Kesinovic was just 16 when she left Austria with Sabina Selimovic, then 15Samra Kesinovic was just 16 when she left Austria with Sabina Selimovic, then 15

A TEENAGE girl who fled to join Islamic State in Syria along with her friend has reportedly been beaten to death during an attempted escape from the terror group's self-styled capital, Raqqa.The pair, of Bosnian-origin, became 'poster girls' for the jihadis after they arrived in the war zone last April. But sources in Austria are claiming that Samra, now aged 17, was murdered by ISIS militants during a failed attempt to flee the city after she had become disgusted by the brutal regime.A Tunisian woman who also travelled to Syria to join ISIS last year but later escaped and returned home was quoted by local newspapers as the source of the claims. The unnamed women said she lived with Samra and Sabina in Raqqa. Foreign Ministry spokesman Thomas Schnöll told the Austria Press Agency: "We cannot comment on individual cases."Her friend Sabina was reported have died in December last year after a high-ranking United Nations anti-terror expert claimed one of the girls had been killed while the other was missing. David Scharia, from the UN Security Council, said at the time: "We received information just recently about two 15-year-old girls, of Bosnian origin, who left Austria, where they had been living in recent years; and everyone, the families and the intelligence services of the two countries, is looking for them. "Both were recruited by Islamic State. "One was killed in the fighting in Syria, the other has disappeared."In September 2014, Austrian police also reported that one of the two jihadi girls was dead and the parents had been informed. However, the following month the teens reportedly contacted their families and said they wanted to return home after seeing the brutal regime first hand.At the time both of the girls were said to be pregnant after marrying Chechen fighters soon after their arrival in Syria. Police believe the teens travelled to the Turkish border in April 2014 and then went by car to Raqqa.The pair were recruited after allegedly becoming radicalised through a cell led by unemployed Ebu Tejma, 33, in Vienna. Tejma is alleged to have been involved in the radicalisation of a further 166 youngsters in Austria. Photos of both girls have appeared on social media with them holding Kalashnikov rifles and surrounded by armed men, in an apparent attempt to recruit other young girls to join ISIS.

Ex Muslim Author: ‘Sharia is With Us, And It’s The Women Who Suffer’

 Sabatina James YouTube
by Donna Rachel Edmunds 

 Sharia law is being openly practiced in Austria and Germany, an Austrian former Muslim has said. Sabatina James has called on the west to expel recognised Islamists in its midst, saying there can be no place for Muslims who refuse to integrate. In an interview with Austrian news outlet Krone, James said: “there are democratic Muslims, no question. They are not the problem. Someone following a religion is one thing. The teachings of Mohammed are another. He has been proven to have taught and practiced violence. He called for the beating of woman and stoning of adulteresses, the execution of apostates, of people like me.
“If all this violence, of which I speak, has nothing to do with Islam, then Mohammed has nothing to do with Islam. The established theology of Islam must deal with [these problems]. But it lacks critical debate.”
James – not her real name – has first hand experience of the violence that Islam can inspire. She moved from Pakistan to Austria as a child, but in her early twenties her parents, alarmed by her integration into western society, ordered her to marry a cousin. She refused – and her family sentenced her to death in an honour killing.
James fled to Vienna with the help of friends where she converted to Catholicism in 2003. Over the next decade she wrote a number of books about her experiences as a Catholic convert from Islam, for which she receives regular death threats. She now lives under police protection in Germany, forced to change location regularly to keep one step ahead of those who would kill her.
Her latest book, Only the Truth Sets Us Free, deals with the reality faced by thousands of women living under a death sentence imposed under Sharia law in the west, many of whom she has helped through her organisation Sabatina e.V. She argues that the tendency of the west to hide behind false tolerance is resulting in a loss of freedom for these women.
“Sharia is now finally with us,” she said. “And the victims are primarily women. A parallel justice system is being practiced, one which maintains the mantra: either women submit to systematic violence, or they will be liquidated.
“In the midst of Europe we’re talking about thousands of women living under a death sentence. Even within my family.”
She continued: “The religion that causes the most bloodshed is being protected the most. I find that totally paradoxical. And sometimes by those who carry the banner of gender equality, multiculturalism and the right to sexual self-determination. But if Islamists set the tone, freedom of expression, homosexuality and women’s rights will soon be finished.
“I wonder what makes these people tick. Total naivety? Or are they afraid of the truth?”
The German Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz said earlier this year that he would like to see penalties introduced for Muslims who are unwilling to integrate into the German way of life. James responds “I agree with him, but all of our integration efforts are useless if people who come to our country believe that they can remain here even when they commit human rights violations.”
She’s dismissive of the suggestion that if they do, the penalty will be jail. “Then what?” she asks. “Do we want to punish people here but let them still live here? In doing so, we give the violent, anti-democratic, Islamist scene a home.
“Those who are unwilling to deport anti-democratic Islamists should not be surprised if more attacks to come. In other words, return recognized Islamists! Otherwise, they will undermine us while we are trying to win the war against the Islamic State.”
Following the attacks in Paris, a French Muslim blogger released a home made video urging his fellow Muslims “who believe in values of the Republic” to “rise up” against the Islamists in their midst. James is similarly convicted that western Muslim communities have a part to play – and share a portion of blame for the attacks on western targets. “As long as the Islamic community teaches as an official representation of Islam that women are not equal and non-Muslims are not real people in a legally full sense, they cannot be absolved of responsibility” she says.
But that’s only part of the problem. Westerners who defend the ability of Islamists to remain within the West must also shoulder the blame: “These offenders don’t randomly fall from the sky!”

French, German Ministers Propose 10bn Euro Fund For Migrant Crisis

by Sarkis Zeronian 

The French and German economy ministers have proposed setting up a 10 billion euro ($10.65 billion) fund to pay for tighter security, external border controls and care of refugees, French minister Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday. Speaking in Berlin, Macron said that he and his counterpart Sigmar Gabriel had written to French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggesting the creation of the fund, which other European countries could join.
He said a joint response would avert the risk of France and Germany pursuing different agendas and weakening Europe.
“The risk is that our people, our political parties, our governments decide to treat this problem separately or even work against each other,” Macron said, noting that France was preoccupied with security after the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris and Germany with the influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees.
Macron said that he and Gabriel would present a more detailed text by mid-December that would build on proposals they made in June regarding closer integration of the euro zone.

Austria’s Population To Grow By 60,000 A Year Thanks To Migrant Crisis

by Nick Hallett 

Austria’s population will grow by 60,000 a year due to mass immigration, the country’s official statistics agency has said. Konrad Pesendorfer, head of Statistik Austria, said that by 2030 the small central European nation will have 9.3 million inhabitants, with statisticians forced to revise figures due to the migrant crisis.
Last year, nearly 1.5 million people living in the country were born abroad, making up one in six of Austria’s population. The Local says that figure is set to rise to 2 million by 2030, making up one out of every five people in Austria.
Austria has been particularly heavily hit by Europe’s ongoing migrant crisis, with thousands streaming across the border from Slovenia. Austrian leaders have proved reluctant to stem the flow, however, with Chancellor Werner Faymann taking exception to a border fence in Hungary and comparing it to Nazism.
However, the Austrian government has recently changed its tone, and began building a razor-wire fence along part of the border.
“A fence is not a bad thing. Anyone who has a house, has a garden and a fence,” said Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner. She added, however, the she would prefer not to use the word “fence” to describe it, telling journalists: “If it is possible to avoid the word ‘fence’ from a technical point of view, then that’s fine by me.”
Chancellor Faymann was forced to play down the new barrier, saying: “This is not about a border barrier of several kilometres. We are not fencing Austria in.”
The migrant boom comes at the same time as Austria’s native population declines due to low birth rate. The elderly population currently makes up 18 per cent of the population, but is set to rise to nearly one in three by 2060 as Austrians shun parenthood.
Despite this, the total number of children is still expected to increase by eight per cent in the next 20 years thanks to the migrant influx.

NATO Should Tell Turkey: ‘This Thanksgiving, You’re Dumped’

by Raheem Kassam 
 It’s time to dump Turkey from NATO, and immediately suspend its accession process to the European Union (EU). There, I said it. Some of us have been expressing deep concerns about the regress of the country of Ataturk for years, while others, including Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron and his European Parliamentary colleague Daniel Hannan MEP, have been agitating for an immediate inclusion of Turkey into the EU. It simply cannot happen.
This morning’s downing of a Russian jet underscores the problems with Turkey’s NATO membership and EU accession. It is perhaps not the worst example of how Turkey is not fit to be in a formal military alliance with the United Kingdom and the United States, but it underscores the point that the country is simply not ready – not even as ready as it was pre-2000. The country has regressed in three key areas as far as Europe and the United States should be concerned: on security matters, on human rights matters, and as a hub for mass migration into Europe.
This morning, the Turks shot down a Russian aircraft. So far, reports indicate the Russian SU-24 skirted into Turkish airspace, which, of course, the country is within its rights to defend. The attack comes after a number of incidents in which the Turkish government has accused Russia of violating its airspace. In October, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu made clear the nation’s intentions to shoot down a Russian plane should the nation violate its airspace one more time: “Even if it’s a flying bird, whoever violates Turkish airspace will be subject to the necessary actions… Turkey’s rules of engagement are valid for Syria’s, Russia’s or another country’s warplanes.”
But Turkey had made clear it was not comfortable with Russia’s presence in the Middle East at all from the start. Davutoglu called Russia’ involvement “very dangerous“ and expressed a hope that “İnşallah [God willing] Russia will not insist on ways and methods that will increase the tension.”
Turkey’s open prejudice to any Russian involvement in the region – likely a response to Putin’s warm relationship with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad – taints their decision to attack today. What are the chances that Vladimir Putin or his generals had genuinely ordered one of his Syria rebel-focused aircraft to attempt a bombing run on Istanbul? Nil. Just look at how the Brits react to Russian “provocation” in our air space to determine what a grown up response to this sort of relatively normal behaviour is: “Pilots say the encounters are not hostile and they sometimes even wave at each other.”
The situation is obviously more tense on the Turkey-Syria border than it is in the North Sea. But what the Turks will hopefully have thought about before shooting down this aircraft is the NATO ramifications. If and when Mr. Putin responds, how will the United States and European allies react to Turkey invoking Article 5 of the NATO treaty: “collective defence means that an attack against one Ally is considered as an attack against all Allies”.
I’m not interested in my country going to war with Russia because the Turks can’t keep it in their pants. And I’m certainly not interested in going to war on their behalf when they have been integral to the funding of terrorists groups like ISIS, and indeed massively useful to Al Qaeda affiliates like Al Nusra Front.
In fact we shouldn’t be flippant about Turkey’s slide into Islamism. President Erdogan has dragged a previously secular state into an almost all-out war with its Kurdish population, and has presided over a shift in Turkish policy towards Israel, which Mr. Erdogan accused of “crimes against humanity” in 2008. Unsurprising, perhaps, given the country’s noteworthy aggrandisement of the Muslim Brotherhood, and assistance with the Gaza flotillas, but still worthy of comment, and perhaps indicative of the fact that a regional, rather than ideological bloc like NATO is a little outdated itself. Over the past four U.S. presidents, NATO has approved 16 non-member states as “major, non-NATO allies” – including Israel, Australia, Jordan, Argentina, and Thailand.
Turkey’s cheap assistance to ISIS, literally and figuratively speaking, makes it diametrically opposed to the goals (or should-be goals) of the West towards the terrorist group.
And what a crock the country has become in the way of human rights, with Kurds in Turkey, though not without their own faults, under collective oppression and denigration at the hands of the state. European security sources have been remarked that Turkey has used, and will continue to use Europe’s migrant crisis to rid themselves of the “troublesome” Kurds.
Arresting journalists, blocking social media platforms, and even cracking down on basic liberties like the freedom of assembly, Turkey is slipping into being an Islamist, de facto dictatorship with curious electoral practices.
Working in a media organisation that covers any aspect of Turkish government could result in dire physical consequences. Take the case of anti-Erdogan columnist Ahmet Hakan, beaten by a mob on his way home from work. Or the newspaper where he writes, Hurriyet, which was attacked twice in September by Islamist mobs shouting “Allahu Akbar” and looking to tear down their offices. A majority party Member of Parliament led the mob in at least one of these attacks.
When it isn’t an angry Islamist rabble tearing down the doors of a media organisation for balanced coverage of Erdogan’s rule, it’s the police, as in the case of multimedia company Kozi-Ipek. Kozi-Ipek, home to two newspapers and two television networks, was raided in late October by armed officers, who stormed the networks’ control rooms and shut down live broadcasts. The images of producers demanding to know why they were being shut down traveled the world, and the newspapers raided dressed their covers in all-black the next day to mourn their demise. Following the raid, most of the staff in all four media companies were fired, to be replaced with more malleable writers, editors, and producers.
The human rights situation in Turkey is deteriorating so fast that even the European Union, in a recent, conveniently post-election assessment reported: “over the past year, significant shortcomings affected the independence of the judiciary as well as freedom of assembly and freedom expression.” EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn cited “increased pressure and intimidation of journalists and media outlets”.
While not a perfect bloc, there is perhaps no other member state in NATO that the same criticisms could be hurled at – even though some persistently try, for internal EU reasons, with Hungary.
It should be, by now, clear that Turkey is not and has no intention on playing a blocking role in the mass migration from the Middle East into Europe, despite EU promises of around €6bn in inducements for the country.
Besides using the crisis as a means by which to shift their Kurdish problem into Europe, the Turkish authorities are also known to be in cahoots with people traffickers loading up boats full of migrants in the Mediterranean. Why? Because, in Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s words, Turkey has no intention of being “a concentration camp”.
This is a very nice, or rather, deliberately misleading way of putting it. What is means is that Turkey will take the billions of euros of tax payer cash from the EU, but that it will scarcely make any attempts to stop hundreds of thousands of people migrating into Europe.
Europe’s border security agency Frontex states: “A noteworthy development was the liberalisation of the Turkish visa policy towards many African countries, which created a pull factor for migrants from this continent. They now arrive in Turkey by plane with easily obtained visas before crossing illegally into the European Union via Greece and Bulgaria.” And Turkey’s accession to being an EU member state, and the promise by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to “liberalise” visa policy with Turkey will only make this easier still.
“It’s a terrible idea. Dropping them from NATO will push Turkey into the hands of our enemies, and we can’t afford to do that when they have such a sophisticated military and are in such a literally important geopolitical position”.
That’s perhaps the most convincing argument against taking steps against Turkey now, and even this is a weak claim. Turkey would need to get along with our enemies to return to their hands, and the Erdogan government has burned its bridges with just about every other rogue state or imposing power. In addition to having shot down a Russian plane this morning, Turkish relations with Iran are at an all-time low due to Iran’s support for Assad in Syria. No country has been more vocal in opposing the Alawite leader’s rule in Syria than Turkey, aligning it with the United States but making it a controversial actor in the larger Syrian civil war. While many have accused Turkish officials of acting in ways that benefit the Islamic State, ISIS has attacked Turkey twice – the latter a suicide bombing in Ankara considered the worst terror attack in post-Ottoman Turkish history – and given Erdogan little reason to formerly aid the terror group. Alliances with other Western rivals like North Korea, China, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe would prove of little strategic value. Turkey has nowhere to go but West.
But it’s not ‘either/or’, given the position of some major non-North Atlantic players in NATO, as mentioned above. Turkey could be downgraded to a “major, non-NATO ally”, and its EU accession timeline reset on the basis of the above. It would have major implications for Mr. Erdogan’s government and approach, and one that he couldn’t simply respond to by sabre-rattling. His electorate wouldn’t stand for it.
Turkish authorities as well as the public know they have to be within a Western power bloc to remain as relevant, and remain as immune to criticism as they have been for years, but without us making the case against Mr. Erdogan’s policies that imperil Western nations, they will continue to have their cake and eat it. And while the food metaphors are relevant it’s clear we have to say; at this thanksgiving, we think it’s time to forgo the Turkey.

Salafists in Germany Increase 25% in 2015; Unprecedented Rate

Salafism has increased dramatically in Germany in 2015, according to a survey commissioned by German security services.
The report, conducted by Focus Online, showed that between January and June of 2015, there has been a 25 percent increase in German Muslims identifying themselves as Salafists. This unprecedented jump compartes to the ususal annual increase of about six percent.
As of June, estimates show that 7,900 people identify as Salafists, versus 6,300 at the beginning of the year.
Salafism is a form of Islam that seeks to bring the religion’s practice back to its original form as delineated by the first Muslims in the seventh century. While not all Salafists are violent, those that are support bringing the world under a global caliphate ruled by sharia (Islamic) law.
Salafists also believe, among other anti-Western doctrines, that democracy must be eradicated, because it is a man-made form of government.
The Islamic State, al-Qaeda and most of the world’s Islamist terror organizations practice Salafist Islam.
Last month, the head of Germany’s intelligence services warned Germany’s Salafists were aggressively recruiting migrants who have arrived in Germany by the hundreds of thousands.
“We have in recent weeks increasingly seen attempts by Salafists to register as workers in refugee camps,” he said at the time.
Germany's domestic intelligence agency, the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), regards the Salafist groups as a threat to German security. However, Salafists have had a free reign in the country, even though Salafist preachers are known regularly to preach hatred against the West in mosques and prayer centers across Germany.
Salafists have also been at the forefront of conversion and recruitment campaigns in Germany, a phenomenon documented over recent years.
In 2012, Salafists launched an unprecedented nationwide campaign called Project "Read!" to distribute 25 million free copies of the Quran translated into German. The goal was to place one Quran into every household in Germany.
In 2014, it was reported that at least 25 schools across Hamburg had been infiltrated by Salafists and other fundamentalist Muslim groups, according to German media reports.

Islamization of Europe: Germany´s Downshifting

In the early 80s,  Muslim population in Germany  was 56,000 people.
In 2009, there were already 5 million of them, or about 5% of the total population. Most of German Muslims are Turks.
This year, Germany will consider 800,000 requests for asylum from citizens of Syria, Iraq and Africa. We are talking only about asylum seekers; nobody even tries to count the exact number of illegal immigrants.
In five years, the Muslim population of Germany will thus double to reach the level of ten million people, or 12 percent of the population.
What German Muslims think and feel was reflected in the results of a survey conducted in August of 2014 by the Institute Info GmbH. Sixty-two percent of German Turks would prefer to live in a compact community. Nearly half (46 percent) would like to see Germany as a country where Muslims are more numerous than Christians. The Institute’s Director Holger Liljeberg told Die Welt that among the respondents, 37 percent identified themselves as very religious, and only nine percent – secular, which is more than in 2010. Forty-four percent pray at least once a day, 34 percent make it mandatory to have five prayers a day. The greatest religiousness is observed in the younger age group. This was also indicated by the Interior Ministry of Germany that claimed that 24 percent of German Muslims without citizenship at the age of 14 to 32 years are extremely religious, and have a negative attitude towards Western values.
In many schools of big cities, Muslim students are already the majority, whereas the number of mosques grows rapidly (in the beginning of the century, there were 50 of them, and now there are 2,660 chapels and 143 classic mosques with minarets).
And it´s not Muslims who assimilate to German culture; it´s Germans who become assimilated in their own country.
In menus of German kindergartens and school cafeterias, halal meat has become commonplace, and pork dishes are hard to find. Muslim girls are exempt from physical education; they do not participate in school activities, because devout Muslims do not want to take up Western values. Catholic and Protestant families have halved baptism ceremonies, because parents want to leave the choice of religion to children.
Looks like Germans, in an attack of a collective madness, hurry to delete from their memories any record that Germany used to be a Christian country. It´s something a History of Mankind has never known: a nation quite voluntarily renounces of its culture. Let´s not forget; we are talking about German Culture, one of the greatest cultures on Earth; Turkish culture near it looks rather insignificant.
However, Germans remain indifferent as their traditional values ​​are being replaced with alien ones. Moreover, they think they have not done enough to eradicate their  Christian and cultural roots, and  are ready to go on.
The former Federal President Christian Wulff declared that “Islam was part of Germany.” Some lands and cities with federal status (Hamburg, Bremen, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg) have approved the Muslim holidays as official. The mayor of the city of Hamburg (SPD), signing an agreement with the Muslim community, said that it would certainly be “a revolutionary milestone in the history of the city”. Revolutionary, indeed! The document provides not only the right not to work on Muslim holidays, but also free access of Muslim organizations to prisons, hospitals and schools, the ability to create theological universities and theological schools whose diplomas will be recognized on a legal level, teach the Koran courses in the public schools, and foundations of Islam on an optional basis.  Catholic and Protestant churches refuse to baptize children. Germany starts renaming pubic events; for example, Christmas fairs are now “winter markets” or “festivals of lights.” Bosses congratulate their Muslim employees  on the completion of the Muslim month of Ramadan and send them on a paid holiday leave. Christian symbols and even names  are eliminated all over Germany.
But for Muslims, it´s never enough, and in full accord with the teaching of Muhammad  , the more they get- the more they pressure. Head of the Turkish Community in Germany Kenan Kolat said the Eid al-Fitr (Eid al Adha) should be a day off for ALL German students, not just for Muslims.
Paradoxically, the only hope for Germany to remain a Christian country lies in the eastern part of the country, where the protest actions  organized by the “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the Occident” (PEGIDA) are attended by dozens of thousands of Eastern Germans.
Interior Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Social Democrat Roger Lewentz, said in an interview with Die Welt: “In the East, migrants cause fear and xenophobia, and to a certain extent what we do in the West, is impossible there.”
It turns out that it is more difficult to convert people into zombies by telling them  absurdities about “tolerance” in the former GDR than in the rest of “democratic” Germany.

UK: Headteacher Denounces As ‘Racist Islamophobes’ Staff Who Oppose Open Borders

by Donna Rachel Edmunds 

A headteacher at an academy school has labelled members of his staff “racist Islamophobes” for not supporting an open doors policy on migration in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks. Writing anonymously, she details how junior staff reported senior colleagues for posting comments to their private Facebook pages which were deemed “racist”. “One thing most head-teachers can take for granted is that their staff are united by a moral purpose. We work in schools because we want to invest in children’s futures, educating them to become global citizens,” she said in an article for the Guardian.
“So although I knew full well that when I arrived at school last Monday I would come across children whose opinions about the events in Paris would be at best closeted and misguided, I did not expect it from my staff.”
She notes that the vast majority of teachers in her school were on board with reinforcing the sanctioned message – “that the refugees from Syria were fleeing from the same people killing Parisians; that to blame all Muslims for the attacks was exactly what the terrorists wanted; that we are a school where hate is not allowed.”
But it was “not all plain sailing”. One younger teacher reported an older colleague who had shared Britain First posts on his personal Facebook page.
Britain First bills itself as a “patriotic political party” and a “street defence organisation”. Its content is much in the same vein of that put out by the English Defence League; both organisations have arisen thanks to the perception amongst mainly blue collar Brits that their rights and needs have been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.
The younger member of staff complained that he found the sentiments “offensive and racist”.
Likewise a receptionist spoke to her line manager about some of the comments her colleagues had been making, such as “Send them back to their own country” and “shoot to kill”.
“Emotions were running high, people were saying things they had not thought through,” the headteacher said. “Carefully, I spoke to the offended, and to those who had offended – and tackled them without pointing the figure and shouting “Nasty, racist, xenophobic Islamophobe!” – though at least once I wanted to.
“As a headteacher, I expect disagreements over lesson observations and accountability. I never thought I would have to remind staff not to be racist.
“I will be doing my best to counter this by talking to staff, debating with them fiercely when I need to. But this feeling in my school concerns me deeply. If you can’t count on teachers to offer a thoughtful and informed reaction in the face of these atrocities, I worry about my country.”
A YouGov poll following the Paris attacks found that 65 percent of Brits want to see the country taking in fewer Syrian refugees. 16 percent had been swayed to that view by the Paris attacks, even before news broke that at least three of the terrorists who carried out the attack had smuggled themselves into Europe by posing as a Syrian refugee.
Just one in five thought that the country should take in more Syrian refugees.

WATCH: Sweden Democrats Launch Hard Hitting Film Showing Bleak Migrant Life In Frozen North

by Oliver Lane 

A European anti-mass migration political party is launching a major information campaign to put off would-be migrants travelling north, promising a hard welcome and bad weather. The Sweden Democrats, despite desperate attempts by the mainstream Swedish media to alternately ignore them or portray them as ‘neo-Nazi’ thugs are now one of the most popular political parties in the country. Not content with just canvassing Swedish citizens for their votes, they are also targeting migrants with their campaign, doing the job they believe the government is unwilling to itself — controlling unlimited mass migration.
Posting on their Facebook page, the Sweden Democrats said of the campaign: “The government is helpless under the current asylum pressure. Therefore, we begin to advertise in Europe and the Middle East to warn those who intend to get here due to false hopes. Sweden can not do more, and it is time that there will be a change, for real!”. The campaign will be accompanied with advertisements taken out in Turkey, reports Resume.se.
The launch of a hard-hitting information video and accompanying website yesterday was made in English — the common language of the majority of illegal migrants and self-professed asylum seekers coming to Sweden from all over the world. Quickly gaining traction, the film has already been watched a quarter of a million times in the 24-hours since release.
Shot in cold, harsh tones the film shows the bleak existence migrants can expect if they come to overcrowded Sweden where every bed is already taken after a record-breaking year of foreign incursion into the nation. The view pans along rows of uncomfortable looking thin mattresses on a gymnasium floor, each equipped with a toilet roll, tooth brush and towel.
Accompanied with dramatic music, the action cuts to scenes of deep snow drifts, homeless migrants sleeping in underpasses, and violent civil unrest. Bold captions superimposed over images of driving rain and bleak accommodation blocks read “no money”, “no jobs”, “no homes”, and “no welfare”.
Fading to rolling static the final caption reads “welcome to Sweden” and points the viewer toward newly launched welcometosweden.net. Working on the assumption that almost all of the migrants crossing Europe will have internet enabled mobile phones, the simple one-page site explains:
“You might have heard that Sweden is a safe and peaceful country, and it used to be. However, our country has changed… Sweden used to be a country of wealth. Unfortunately, that time has passed. Today, Sweden is not even capable of properly taking care of its own citizens”.
“With an already existing severe job shortage, we currently lack the ability to provide our own citizens with jobs, and if you are a non-European citizen you will have an extremely small chance of getting a job. In fact unemployment among immigrants in Sweden is already among the highest in Europe and it is still increasing”.
Swedish media has described the film as “dystopian”.
The film and website follow the recent leaflet campaign launched by the Sweden Democrats. Again not meant for Swedish voters, party volunteers travelled to Greece with flyers informing freshly arrived migrants they would be wasting their time heading north, and were better off trying to settle elsewhere.
The flyers hit many of the same points as the new film and used the same imagery. As Breitbart London reported earlier this month, the flyers also made promises about a future Sweden where the Democrats hold, or share power. Explaining what improvements to Swedish life they want to make after the 2018 general election, the flyer said:
“Sweden is a modern Western country. Here, women and men are equal. Forced marriages and polygamy will never be accepted. Halal slaughter, wearing niqab or burqa in public places will be forbidden in our country”.
A Sweden Democrat spokesman said the idea behind the campaign was to get “space in the media, on television and newspapers outside Europe. The goal is for it to reach people before they start to come”.

Polish Prime Minister Refuses 7,000 Migrants Citing National Security After Paris Attacks

by Nick Hallett 

The Polish Prime Minister has rejected EU demands that her country take 7,000 migrants, saying that after the Paris attacks national security must come first. Beata Szydło, whose conservative Law and Justice Party swept to power last month amid the ongoing European migrant crisis, said she would not honour a commitment by the previous liberal government to take the migrants.
“After the Paris attacks, the situation has changed. We are not prepared to accept the proposed amount of refugees,” she told a press conference.
Explaining the decision, she said her main priority was the “security of Poles above all”.
At least three of the terrorists who attacked Paris exploited the migrant crisis to enter Europe posing as refugees.
Now Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita reports that Mrs Szydło called for Europe to “rethink” its strategy on distributing migrants amid ongoing security concerns.
She is not the only European leader to express concerns over terrorists entering Europe through the crisis. Earlier this week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that “all the terrorists are basically migrants… The question is when they migrated to the European Union”.
He told POLITICO Europe that it was “logical” that the West’s enemies would send terrorists in the wave of migrants currently sweeping Europe, adding: “All of them present a security threat because we don’t know who they are. If you allow thousands or millions of unidentified persons into your house, the risk of … terrorism will significantly increase.”
Mrs Szydło has previously expressed reservations about accepting migrants. Upon formally taking office last week, she made an apparent reference to Germany’s determination to force compulsory migrant quotas on Europe.
“You cannot call it solidarity when some countries try to, in a way, export problems that they have brought on themselves without the participation of other nations, who are now to be burdened with them,” she said.

France: Jew beaten by pro-Palestinian demonstrators

Via CFCA, Le Monde Juif:

LDJ reports that a young Jew was attacked in Paris by pro-Palestinain proteseters.  The protesters cursed him with antisemitic curses and beat him with sticks.

According to LDJ, these are the same people who attacked a kosher restaurant a few weeks ago.

The New Antisemite Blog

Second kindergarten in Berlin reported to have antisemitic staff

RIAS, an antisemitism watchdog based in Germany, has received a report that several members of staff at a children’s daycare centre in Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Berlin regularly make remarks, some extremist, against Jews, Muslims, Sinti and Roma.
The group of staff are alleged to have called circumcision “culturally archaic” and said that “that bunch of immigrants” should “adjust to the standards of a German kindergarten”. The staff were reported to be unmoved by the presence of swastika graffiti within the kindergarten. Antisemitic graffiti within the surrounding area is noted to be a regular occurrence.
This is the second kindergarten in Berlin reported as a site of antisemitism by RIAS in the last month.

The Fiscal Times: How Europe’s Migrant Crisis Threatens to Reignite Its Debt Crunch

From The Fiscal Times:

Should we keep 10,000 Syrian refugees from coming into the United States? It’s all anyone can seem to talk about in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.
Which is odd. I figured the political discussion would focus on how hard to bomb Islamic State terrorists, how we’re going to reconstitute a Syrian state or even how we can justify the slow-burn policy bungle that brought us here. Instead, everyone is focusing on the Statue of Liberty, the veracity of vetting interviews and the proper balance of compassion vs. security.
Europe has been the front line for all of this, with over half a million migrants from the Middle East and Africa flowing in so far this year, according to the International Rescue Committee. Since 2012 the number totals 1.9 million. And, in the realm of unexpected consequences, Europe’s immigration issues could very well threaten the return of the EU debt crisis and undermine the Eurozone itself.
The problem, according to Alberto Gallo, head of macro credit research at RBS, is that the influx of migrants has resulted in an increase in political risk and radicalization — helping anti-euro parties in France, Italy and Finland gain in the polls.
Remember, Europe’s debt crisis has waxed and waned in response to electoral developments (the rise of the leftist Syriza party to power in Athens, for instance) and the ability of the European Central Bank to soothe the situation with bond-buying stimulus (which has suppressed the bond yields of too-big-to-fail Spain and Italy).
A quiet has followed, bolstering market sentiment, lifting stock and bond prices and helping to support a halting, fragile economic recovery. But structural indebtedness and too-high youth unemployment remain persistent problems. Bringing in hundreds of thousands of poor, low-skilled, welfare-dependent immigrants and refugees is only set to exacerbate the problem.
Read the rest of Anthony Mirhaydari’s piece here.


EU panic:"They used to only target Jews, but now they are going after us normal people!"

There is real shock in Europe that non-Jews are being indiscriminately targeted and killed by islamists.

Comments lifted from Twitter:

Jeffrey Goldberg:
- Belgian justice minister unhappy that ISIS isn't limiting itself to Jewish targets, but targeting the "public".

Omri Ceren makes some valid points:
- Top official in EU capital: now that jihadists have moved beyond just murdering Jews, we have to switch to Plan B.
- Roughly once a century, Europeans relearn you can't solve Continental tensions by just letting Jews get slaughtered.
- Problem w/ going on TV when you're exhausted is sometimes you complain jihadists have moved past just killing Jews.
- Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out -- because it was much more fashionable to rail against Netanyahu for settlements.
- Belgium justice min discovers 1 problem w/ letting terrorists take out frustration on Jews: you run out of Jews.
- Belgium officials distraught that Muslim terrorists have moved beyond targeting Jews.

Via Elder of Ziyon:

From The Guardian:

Europe’s de facto capital faces an unprecedented security lockdown this week after Belgian authorities imposed a slew of safety-first measures to prevent a “serious and imminent” terrorist attack.

Schools, universities and kindergartens will be shut on Monday and the metro, shuttered all weekend, will remain closed, as counter-terrorist forces intensify their search for a network of Islamist militants involved in the Paris attacks.

On Sunday soldiers patrolled the streets with armoured vehicles outside the main stations and in public spaces.

...Geens, the justice minister, said that the Paris attacks had shown that the profile of potential targets had changed.

“It’s no longer synagogues or the Jewish museums or police stations, it’s mass gatherings and public places.”
Now that it isn't only Jews being targeted, we have to get serious about security!

 The New Antisemite Blog

Germans Opposed to Mass Migration are "Free to Leave"

Asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East are continuing to pour into Germany in record numbers, despite freezing temperatures and snow.
More than 180,000 migrants arrived during the first three weeks of November, on track to surpass the previous monthly record of 181,000 migrants recorded in October.
With 300 newcomers now arriving every hour, Germany is expected to receive more than one million asylum seekers in 2015, and at least as many in 2016. After factoring in family reunifications, the actual number of migrants could exceed 10 million, and some believe that Germany's Muslim population is on track to nearly quadruple to an astonishing 20 million by 2020.
German voters are beginning to wake up to the true cost — financial, social and otherwise — of the migration crisis, but they apparently do not have much say about the future direction of their country. According to Walter Lübcke, the district president of Kassel, a city in state of Hesse, citizens who disagree with the government's open-door immigration policy are "free to leave Germany."
What follows is a brief round-up of recent developments, which offer a glimpse into Germany's future:
Matthias Lücke, senior researcher at the Kiel Institute of the World Economy (Institut für Weltwirtschaft, IfW), estimates that the migrant crisis will end up costing German taxpayers at least 45 billion euros a year, or more than four times the 10 billion euros forecast by the federal government. Lücke says tax increases are the only way to pay for this expenditure.
Gabriel Felbermayr, director of the Munich-based Center for International Economics (Ifo Zentrum für Außenwirtschaft), estimates that the migrant crisis will cost German taxpayers 21.1 billion euros this year alone. "This includes costs for housing, food, day care centers, schools, German language courses, training and administration," he said in an interview with Der Spiegel.
N24 television news reports that up to 50% of the asylum seekers arriving in Germany have gone into hiding and their whereabouts are unknown by German authorities. They presumably involve economic migrants and others who are trying to avoid deportation if or when their asylum applications are rejected.

French Muslims offended by search for Muslim terrorists among Muslims

By Ed Straker  

French Muslims are feeling discriminated against.  It seems the police, in search of terrorist Muslims who killed 130 people and wounded hundreds more in Paris, are focusing exclusively on Muslims.  After all, why aren't the police looking for Muslim terrorists in the Christian community, or the Jewish community?  It's enough to make the Muslim community feel unfairly singled out.
All over France, from Toulouse in the south to Paris and beyond, the police have been breaking down doors, conducting searches without warrants, aggressively questioning residents, hauling suspects to police stations and putting others under house arrest.
Uh-oh.  That's almost as bad as executing people one by one in a theater.  Or suicide bombers blowing themselves up in crowds.  What has France become?
The extraordinary steps are now perfectly legal under the state of emergency decreed by the government after the attacks on Nov. 13 in Paris that left 130 dead — a rare kind of mobilization that will continue. The French Parliament voted last week to extend the emergency for three more months, which means more warrantless searches, more interrogations, more people placed under house arrest.
There have been 1,072 police searches already and 139 police interrogations, and 117 people have been placed in custody, the Ministry of the Interior said on Monday. Those included a weekend raid on a restaurant selling halal burgers and Tex-Mex food in the Paris suburbs, where officers found nothing suspicious after breaking down the doors.
Read carefully, dear readers!  From the above you might conclude that the 1,072 searches found nothing suspicious after "breaking down the doors."  But it actually refers only to the raid on the two restaurants.  So far, in fact, absolutely nothing has been found in all these searches – nothing except:
... about 200 weapons had been discovered during the searches, along with 77 “discoveries of narcotics.” In the Paris region, 300 or so searches have been made, with more than 10,000 police officers deployed. In Lyon, a man with a rocket-launcher was arrested.

<a href="http://us-ads.openx.net/w/1.0/rc?cs=eba52863b9&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE" ><img src="http://us-ads.openx.net/w/1.0/ai?auid=537731066&cs=eba52863b9&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE" border="0" alt=""></a>
Still, is it worth collecting 200 weapons and a rocket launcher if it offends the Muslim community?
Concern is rising, particularly in Muslim communities being singled out, that France now runs the risk of tipping steeply in favor of security at the expense of individual freedoms and of instigating tension with a Muslim population — the largest in Western Europe — that has already long felt aggrieved and second class.
If France alienates its Muslim population, do you think there is a danger that some of them might take guns and execute people in a Jewish supermarket, or blow themselves up at a stadium full of people?
“These measures are going to place a spider’s web over all of France,” said Danièle Lochak, an emeritus professor of law at the University of Paris. “But in a discriminatory manner, because it will concern Muslims. It’s out of control. "
What's out of control is France's Muslim community.  There are too many rotten apples who hate the very country they have moved to, and too few good citizens who will report the bad ones.
This is why France, like America, needs a leader who will clearly put the blame on radical Islam.  Rather than enrage the Muslim community, it should put them on notice that their current indifference to the cancer in their ranks will not be tolerated.
Their feelings are hurt?  They should be embarrassed, ashamed that members of their religion did this.  (Yes, Hillary, they were Muslims.)  The Times article didn't note any remorse among them, and that, I think, is the real problem.

Syrians are a Nation of Terrorist Supporters: 10,000 Syrian refugees mean 1,300 ISIS supporters.

by Daniel Greenfield 

 Syria is a terror state. It didn’t become that way overnight because of the Arab Spring or the Iraq War.
Its people are not the victims of American foreign policy, Islamic militancy or any of the other fashionable excuses. They supported Islamic terrorism. Millions of them still do.
They are not the Jews fleeing a Nazi Holocaust. They are the Nazis trying to relocate from a bombed out Berlin.
These are the cold hard facts.
ISIS took over parts of Syria because its government willingly allied with it to help its terrorists kill Americans in Iraq. That support for Al Qaeda helped lead to the civil war tearing the country apart.
The Syrians were not helpless, apathetic pawns in this fight. They supported Islamic terrorism.
A 2007 poll showed that 77% of Syrians supported financing Islamic terrorists including Hamas and the Iraqi fighters who evolved into ISIS. Less than 10% of Syrians opposed their terrorism.
Why did Syrians support Islamic terrorism? Because they hated America.
Sixty-three percent wanted to refuse medical and humanitarian assistance from the United States. An equal number didn’t want any American help caring for Iraqi refugees in Syria.
The vast majority of Syrians turned down any form of assistance from the United States because they hated us. They still do. Just because they’re willing to accept it now, doesn’t mean they like us.
If we bring Syrian Muslims to America, we will be importing a population that hates us.
The terrorism poll numbers are still ugly. A poll this summer found that 1 in 5 Syrians supports ISIS.  A third of Syrians support the Al Nusra Front, which is affiliated with Al Qaeda. Since Sunnis are 3/4rs of the population and Shiites and Christians aren’t likely to support either group, this really means that Sunni Muslim support for both terror groups is even higher than these numbers make it seem.
And even though Christians and Yazidis are the ones who actually face ISIS genocide, Obama has chosen to take in few Christians and Yazidis. Instead 98.6% of Obama’s Syrian refugees are Sunni Muslims.
This is also the population most likely to support ISIS and Al Qaeda.
But these numbers are even worse than they look. Syrian men are more likely to view ISIS positively than women. This isn’t surprising as the Islamic State not only practices sex slavery, but has some ruthless restrictions for women that exceed even those of Saudi Arabia.  (Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra Front, however, mostly closes the gender gap getting equal support from Syrian men and women.)
ISIS, however, gets its highest level of support from young men. This is the Syrian refugee demographic.
In the places where the Syrian refugees come from, support for Al Qaeda groups climbs as high as 70% in Idlib, 66% in Quneitra, 66% in Raqqa, 47% in Derzor, 47% in Hasakeh, 41% in Daraa and 41% in Aleppo.
Seventy percent support for ISIS in Raqqa has been dismissed as the result of fear. But if Syrians in the ISIS capital were just afraid of the Islamic State, why would the Al Nusra Front, which ISIS is fighting, get nearly as high a score from the people in Raqqa? The answer is that their support for Al Qaeda is real.
Apologists will claim that these numbers don’t apply to the Syrian refugees. It’s hard to say how true that is. Only 13% of Syrian refugees will admit to supporting ISIS, though that number still means that of Obama’s first 10,000 refugees, 1,300 will support ISIS. But the poll doesn’t delve into their views of other Al Qaeda groups, such as the Al Nusra Front, which usually gets more Sunni Muslim support.
And there’s no sign that they have learned to reject Islamic terrorism and their hatred for America.
When Syrian refugees were asked to list the greatest threat, 29 percent picked Iran, 22 percent picked Israel and 19 percent picked America. Only 10 percent viewed Islamic terrorism as a great threat.
By way of comparison, twice as many Iraqis see Islamic terrorism as a threat than Syrians do and slightly more Palestinian Arabs view Islamic terrorism as a threat than Syrians do. These are terrible numbers.
Thirty-seven percent of Syrian refugees oppose US airstrikes on ISIS. 33% oppose the objective of destroying ISIS.
And these are the people whom our politicians would have us believe are “fleeing an ISIS Holocaust.”
Seventy-three percent of Syrian refugees view US foreign policy negatively. That’s a higher number than Iraqis. It’s about equal to that of Palestinian Arabs.
They don’t like us. They really don’t like us.
Obama’s first shipment of Syrians will include 1,300 ISIS supporters and most of the rest will hate this country. But unless they’re stupid enough to announce that during their interviews, the multi-layered vetting that Obama and other politicians boast about will be useless.
It only took 2 Muslim refugees to carry out the Boston Marathon massacre. It only took 19 Muslim terrorists to carry out 9/11.
If only 1 percent of those 1,300 Syrian ISIS supporters put their beliefs into practice, they can still kill thousands of Americans.
And that’s a best case scenario. Because it doesn’t account for how many thousands of them support Al Qaeda. It doesn’t account for how many of them back other Islamic terrorist groups such as Hamas that had widespread support in Syria.
While the media has shamelessly attempted to exploit the Holocaust to rally support for Syrian migrants, the majority of Syrians supported Hamas whose mandate is finishing Hitler’s work. The Hamas charter describes a “struggle against the Jews” that culminates in another Holocaust. Bringing Hamas supporters to America will lead to more Muslim Supremacist violence against Jews in this country.
But all of this can be avoided by taking in genuine Syrian refugees.
While Obama insists on taking in fake Syrian refugees, mainly Sunni Muslims from UN camps who support terrorism and are not endangered in Jordan or Turkey, both Sunni countries, he is neglecting the real refugees, Christians and Yazidis, who are stateless and persecuted in the Muslim world.
Instead of taking in fake refugees who hate us, we should be taking in real refugees who need us.
Obama and Paul Ryan have claimed that a “religious test” for refugees is wrong, but religious tests are how we determine whether a refugee is really fleeing persecution or is just an economic migrant.
The Sunni Muslims that Obama is taking in do not face persecution. They are the majority. They are the persecutors. It’s the Yazidis and the Christians who need our help. And these real refugees, unlike the fake Sunni Muslim refugees, are not coming here to kill us. They truly have nowhere else to go.
Syria is a disaster because its rival Muslim religious groups are unable to get along with each other. Bringing them to this country will only spread the violence from their land to ours. Instead of taking in the religious majority that caused this mess through its intolerance, we should take in their victims; the Christians and Yazidis who are being slaughtered and enslaved by ISIS.
During the entire Syrian Civil War, Obama has only taken in 1 Syrian Yazidi and 53 Christians.
It’s time that we had a refugee policy that protected the persecuted, instead of their Muslim persecutors. It’s time that we listened to Syrian Christians in this country who oppose bringing tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims to terrorize their neighborhoods the way that they are already terrorizing Syrian Christians in Germany.
Syrian Muslims are a nation of terrorist supporters. They destroyed their own country. Let’s not let them destroy ours.
It’s time that we kept our nation safe by doing the right thing. Let’s take in the real Christian and Yazidi refugees and let the fake Sunni Muslim refugees and terrorist supporters stay in their own countries.

Monday, November 23, 2015

College Bans Yoga Because Of ‘Cultural Appropriation’

 College Bans Yoga
by Liam Deacon 

Yoga classes have been banned at a Canadian university because of  “cultural genocide… due to colonialism and western supremacy” after complaints from political correct students.  Jennifer Schaf had been providing free weekly yoga sessions for both disabled and able-bodied students at the University of Ottawa in Canada since 2008.
However, this September  she received an e-mail from staff at the Centre for Students with Disabilities, informing her that her voluntary work was no longer welcome, the Ottawa Sun reports.
Jennifer Schaf / Facebook
She was told that “Yoga has been under a lot of controversy lately” because the activity has been “taken” from other cultures.
The e-mail argued that such cultures “have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy”, therefore “we need to be mindful of this and how we express ourselves while practicing yoga”.
“To those outraged by a white person’s audacity to teach an ‘introduction to beginner’s yoga’ class, I must say that I am always working to serve you better,” pleaded an apologetic Ms. Scharf on her Facebook page yesterday.
Yoga is a physical and mental discipline which originated in India. It has “spiritual” links to both Buddhism and Hinduism, and has become popular in the West for it’s purported health and psychological benefits. Some say it is an exercise regime, similar to Pilates, others say it is a form of meditation.
The experienced instructor suggested a compromise, by calling her course “mindful stretching” rather than “yoga.”
The Student Federation President, Romeo Ahimakin, was unimpressed and defended the ban. He said he was working to make the sport “more inclusive to certain groups of people that feel left out in yoga-like spaces.”
An exacerbated Ms. Scharf told the Ottawa Sun that “people are just looking for a reason to be offended by anything they can find”.
“There’s a real divide between reasonable people and those people just looking to jump on a bandwagon,” she added. “And unfortunately, it ends up with good people getting punished for doing good things.”
So-called cultural appropriation is when a “dominant” culture supposedly usurps or inappropriately borrows from or mixes with an “oppressed” minority culture.
Other supposed instances frequently target by students engaged in frantic PC identity politics include Native American headdresses, “racist” sombrero, chopsticks worn in hair, and south Asian-style bindis and saris.

Migrant Flow Shows No Sign of Winter Slowdown; UN Expects 600,000 by February

by Donna Rachel Edmunds 

As many as 600,000 migrants could enter Europe from Turkey during the four months to the end of February 2016 alone, a report by the United Nation’s refugee agency has found. The flow of migrants north into Europe had been predicted to slow as winter set in, but instead new records are being set. In a “winterisation” plan laid out by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for dealing with Europe’s migrant crisis over winter, officials have predicted that as many as 5,000 migrants from the Middle East may travel from Turkey into Europe every day.
That equates to some 600,000 migrants moving north between the beginning of November 2015 and the end of February 2016. That represents a huge increase in the migrant flow, as the first ten months of 2015 saw a total of 850,000 migrants arriving in Europe by sea.
If the rate is sustained, some 1,800,000 more migrants could be expected to arrive in Europe next year.
Discussing the publication of the plan earlier this month, UNHCR Spokesman William Spindler told Reuters: “We need to prepare for the possibility of up to 5,000 to continue arriving every day from now until February of next year. If that is the case, we are looking at another 600,000 refugees and migrants arriving in Europe between November this year and February next year.”
The UNCHR has warned in its plan that the comparatively harsher conditions which winter brings could spell more deaths along the migrant route, CNS News has reported.
“Several months after the beginning of the crisis, the numbers of people moving along the eastern Mediterranean-western Balkans route in search of safety and protection in Europe continue to grow,” the plan reads.
“Despite the onset of winter, it is not anticipated that these movements will decrease. For those continuing to arrive in Europe, progressively harsh wet and cold winter conditions will only exacerbate the already existing hardships, and may result in further loss of life if measures are not taken urgently.”
Earlier this month the UN agency reported that the number of migrants entering Europe by sea in October this year was equal to the total for the whole of 2014, when approximately 219,000 new arrivals were recorded.
UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards said the figure “shows the just astonishing amount of arrivals in just a few days during the course of the month. The month peaked at 10,006 [arrivals in Greece alone] on a single day, on October 20.”
In a written testimony to the House Foreign Affairs committee, Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs noted “On Greece’s smaller islands, there have been occasions when the number of daily arrivals has exceeded the number of registered permanent residents.”

Two Thirds of Norwegians Against Taking In More Migrants

by Donna Rachel Edmunds 

 Two thirds of Norwegians oppose their country taking in more asylum seekers, a poll has found. The results represent a near reversal of public opinion on the issue in just five months. The Norwegian government is already working to dissuade economic migrants from heading to Norway to claim asylum. In a poll conducted by IPSOS MMI and published on Saturday, 42 per cent of respondents said that they want to see Norway accepting fewer refugees, and 25 per cent said the current number should be the maximum, leaving the 28 per cent who want to see more refugees offered a home in Norway in the minority, The Local has reported.
The results are almost a mirror image of those in a June poll, which found 42 per cent wanted Norway to take in more refugees, against 31 per cent who thought there were already too many.
The country’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg has told Dagbladet that she agrees with her countrymen in wanting to see migration into Norway reduced.
“It is important that we try to limit the number of groundless asylum applications. It is in the best interests of Norwegian society, the ability to successfully integrate and for those people who have a genuine need for protection,” she said.
Last Thursday, Norway’s Parliament approved asylum reforms designed to restrict the flow of migrants into the country. The measures include a reduction in benefits for asylum seekers by 20 per cent (bringing Norway in line with its neighbours), restricting access to permanent residency, and making it harder for migrants to bring family members into the country.
It also promised to speed up the processing of asylum applications, and where applicable, expulsion of failed applicants.
The government has been making use of a number of different media channels to deter would be migrants from making for Norway, focusing particularly on those entering the country via Arctic routes across northern Russia.
In early November, as Breitbart London reported, a Facebook campaign called “Stricter Asylum regulations in Norway” was launched with the aim of spreading awareness among the migrant population of Norway’s new, stricter asylum laws.

Jihad Central: Brussels Became A Terror Hot Spot Because Of A Socialist Mayor’s Immigration Ideology

 Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson (left) and UKIP's Paul Nuttall (right)
by Paul Nuttall MEP 

 So Brussels is on lockdown due to the heightened terror threat. Trains have been cancelled, people have been told to stay away from crowded areas, meaning that the centre is deserted and sporting events have been postponed. It’s no surprise really because about half a mile north-west of Brussels city centre lies the shabby suburb of Molenbeek. It is one of Brussels’ nineteen districts. This run down area of the Belgian capital has become the epicentre of a media storm during the past week as a number of the terrorists behind the appalling Paris attacks came from Molenbeek.
Having an inquisitive mind, I wanted to find out what Molenbeek was really like. So when I bumped into Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam in Brussels and he asked if I would go on a fact-finding mission to Europe’s centre of Jihad, I thought I’d give it a go. So we planned to take a lengthy walk around the area the following day with the leader of the Swedish Democrats Jimmie Akesson.
Before we set off, I decided to learn a little bit about the history of the suburb and find out why it has become so notorious for Islamism. Well you won’t be surprised to find the root of the problem is a hard-line socialist of the Jeremy Corbyn school of Left wing lunacy.
In 1992 Phillipe Moureaux – a prominent Brussels socialist – became the Mayor of Molenbeek. He remained in that post until 2012. During his twenty years in office, any questioning of the demographic change in Molenbeek was shut down as “racist”, and Moureaux pursued his policies of multiculturalism and “diversity” with gusto.
During Moureaux’s reign of madness the population of Molenbeek exploded. In the first five years of the century the population rose by 12 per cent and in the first fifteen years by a massive 30 per cent. Molenbeek’s population grew to around 100,000 with around 30 per cent of foreign nationality and another 40 per cent of foreign origins (people who now have Belgian passports).
This huge wave of immigration made it impossible for people to integrate properly, but any criticism was silenced. Of course, as a result, the new immigrants voted en masse for the Belgian Socialist Party, so Moureaux stayed in power. It’s not too dissimilar to the game played by the Labour Party in many cities and towns in the North of England.
However, Moureaux failed on every count: Molenbeek does not have many different cultures and it is certainly no longer diverse. There is one culture: an Islamic culture and no real diversity as almost everyone is either Arab or at least of Arab origin. Take out the obvious European architecture and we could have been walking around Tangiers or Tunis. However, that still does not answer why Molenbeek has become the hive of Islamic terrorism it is today. To address this point you must look at the failures of the Belgian state as a whole.
Up to 300 Belgians have left the country to travel to Iraq and Syria to fight for IS. This is the highest number of jihadists per capita in Europe. Of that number, it’s estimated that 75 have died and another 125 have returned to Belgium. The problem here is that Belgium’s security operations are tiny in comparison to their counterparts in the UK and France, so it is difficult to keep track on the returning Islamists. Belgium state security is estimated to employ a mere 600 people and its military counterpart roughly the same number. That means that Brussels, which houses the European Union’s institutions and NATO alongside Molenbeek, is woefully undermanned when it comes to security.
Moreover, there is also a severe lack of Belgian Imams, which means that they are imported into the mosques from abroad.
The Belgian security services have already raised concerns about the influence of Saudi-sponsored Wahhabism being practiced in the Brussels Grand Mosque, which undoubtedly filters down to Molenbeek’s many smaller places of worship.
The Belgian security services have stated that there are 800 people on their radar who are potential Islamists. This frightening figure included the mastermind of the Paris attack Abdelhamid Abaaoud, but nothing was done.
Finally, the day after our walk around Molenbeek the Belgian Prime Minister belatedly announced that the government will be spending extra cash on counter terrorism and that the security services will be given greater surveillance powers. This makes sense considering that Molenbeek has been linked to so many Islamist attacks, including the Madrid bombings, last year’s attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels, and now Paris.
The Belgian government and Brussels authorities have also promised to ‘clean up’ Molenbeek, which is commendable, but the question that surely must be addressed is how it came to be a haven for home grown jihadists in the first place? And why did it take the Paris atrocity for the Belgians to stop turning a blind eye to the rampant Islamic extremism in this ghetto? I think we all know the answers and we know they will make uncomfortable reading for the Left.