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Catholic Praise for Anti-Semitic Book

By Ari Lieberman 

Among critics of Israel today, there emerges a handful whose opposition to the existence of the Jewish State is so pernicious that their criticism can accurately be described as Jew-hatred. Max Blumenthal, a marginal character who is desperately trying to make inroads into the mainstream, stands at the lead of this fringe group of miscreants. Even those on the far left, who are often critical of Israel, find Blumenthal to be a repugnant malcontent. So outrageous is his conduct that his mischief earned him a lifetime ban from the German parliament.
Blumenthal, the author of “Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel,” a book widely viewed as an anti-Semitic screed that one prominent leftist critic noted could easily make it to the top of the “Hamas book of the month club,” has largely been ignored by the mainstream and rightfully so. It represents the modern day equivalent of the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion and is filled with invective, conspiracy, distortion, conflation, and outright fabrication designed to malign and disparage the Mideast’s only democracy.
Though most within the mainstream recognize Goliath for what it is, an unscholarly, error-ridden, heap of rubbish, there are still some who flirt with its premise that an “undemocratic,” “racist,” “war-like” Israel is the cause of the Mideast’s ills and the angelic Muslim world remains blameless. Elements within the Catholic Church have unfortunately subscribed to this narrative.
In December, America magazine, a national weekly magazine with Roman Catholic affiliation and published by the Jesuits of the United States, featured an extremely positive review of Blumenthal’s version of Mein Kampf that lacked any form of critical analysis. The reviewer swallows Blumenthal’s racist calumny lock, stock and barrel and accepts its vitriolic premise without reservation or equivocation.
Goliath engages is some of the most pernicious forms of anti-Semitism. Comparisons of Israel with Nazi Germany – a common tactic of Jew haters – are peppered throughout the book with chapters entitled, “The Concentration Camp” and “The Night of Broken Glass,” the latter, a reference to Kristallnacht when Nazi hooligans went on a rampage executing a pogrom against the Jews of Germany. There’s also a near infantile but equally malevolent chapter entitled “How to Kill Goyim and Influence People,” evoking medieval imagery of scheming Jewish plotting to murder non-Jews.
By subscribing to the odious views espoused by Blumenthal, America magazine now finds itself in the unenviable position of being in the same company of various hate groups.  Extreme right-wing neo-Nazi forums have also taken up Blumenthal’s cause, whose opinions have been cited with approval on Nazi Internet forums like Stormfront as well as by serial murderer, Frazier Glenn Miller, the KKK man who slaughtered three people at two separate Jewish community centers in Overland Park, Kansas.
I considered the possibility that the publication of this review by a prominent Catholic magazine was perhaps a mere oversight and simply reflected a lack of proper editorial review, but a recent editorial by the magazine trashes that possibility.  The one-sided editorial blasts Prime Minister Netanyahu and other “Zionist radicals” for obstructing a “two-state solution” and imposing “collective punishment.”
As is customary with Israel bashers, facts harmful to the pro-Palestinian narrative are routinely overlooked making a mockery of any claim to impartiality and insightful analysis. The editors of America fail to note the endless flow of anti-Semitic vitriol and violently hateful rhetoric spewed forth daily from the Palestinian Authority’s propaganda apparatus. It’s an inconvenient truth they prefer to ignore.
They also tend to ignore the heinous acts of murder and butchery leading up to Israel’s imposition of so-called “collective punishment” and shamefully only note these murders within the context of Israeli retaliation. In other words, it takes an act of house demolition to highlight the more egregious act of murder that preceded it. Jewish blood is cheap, but heaven forbid, take down a few cinder blocks, and the self-proclaimed humanitarians of the world scream from the rooftops.
Another salient point brings America magazine’s hypocrisy into sharper focus. While they are indignant over the destruction of less than a half-dozen homes belonging to terrorist-murderers responsible for killing women and children, not a single word is uttered over Egypt’s recent decision to destroy some eight-hundred homes bordering Gaza to pave the way for the construction of an anti-tunnel barrier. And while those slated for house demolition in Israel have the right to appeal (and often win), no such appellate process is offered for Egyptians whose recourse is either to comply or face the business end of an AK-47.
Jewish-Catholic rapprochement has come a long way since the Holocaust. Pope Benedict XVI and his predecessor Pope John Paul II did much to advance relations between Israel and the Vatican. Sadly, however, old habits die hard and there remain vestiges of those within the Catholic Church who harbor anti-Semitic views and hostile attitudes toward Israel and wish to see the Church regress to positions of darker times past. Judging by its recent editorials blasting Israel exclusively and book reviews extolling the works of a rabid anti-Semite, the publishers of America magazine can include themselves among this ignominious group.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Danish TV on German anti-Islamization demo: “German middle class demonstrated”

This is very good news. It is excellent that Danish state TV, Danmarks Radio, truthfully notes that the opposition to Islam comes from the middle of society. The journalist’s claim that Germany is heading for a “Right turn” is not true. Being against Islam has nothing to do with being Right-wing. Actually, criticising religions and defending women’s rights and the right to speak one’s mind, no matter how much it may offend or be against the public consensus, used to be Left-wing. When talking about Left and Right in politics, it is about how big the state should be (including how high the taxes should be). Left means support for a big state and the state controlling a lot of the citizens’ income through taxes; Right means small state and small taxes. What is also good to know is that both Nazism – National Socialism – and Fascism are Left-wing, since both want powerful states. Anarchists are actually Right-wing.
If I were siding with the sharia or were a politician who had helped sharia advance, I would feel a bit nervous…
Translations by Nicolai Sennels, via (click for newsletter and more exclusive translations):
From Sueddeutsche:
In Dresden, 15,000 people demonstrated for the movement “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West” (Pegida). The demonstrations against an alleged alienation of the land grows weekly.

 According to the police, over 5,600 people joined a counter demonstration, “Dresden for all.” 

Chancellor Merkel condemned the “Pegida” actions – “Germany has no place for propaganda and slander.”
Thanks to Uriasposten for transcription:

Kim Bildsøe Lassen, anchorman: Michael Reiter, you are with me from Dresden. You have been to a demonstration the whole evening. Try to describe to me what kind of people are demonstrating. Is it as the politician here said, mostly neo-Nazis in suits?
Michael Reiter, TV news: Well, I looked very closely, and I saw no suits, I saw a handful of neo-Nazis and German right wing populists. In turn, I saw thousands of ordinary Germans. It was the German middle class who demonstrated today. It was not a bunch of thugs with swastikas tattooed on their necks, and it is thought-provoking that this protest is out of the middle of German society. It has not been seen here in Germany until now. … It can sow the seeds for a German Right turn.


EU Will Lift Restrictions on Hamas in Three Months if Court Ruling Remains Unchallenged, Expert Says

By Ben Cohen

The EU’s measures against Hamas arising from the designation of the Islamist group as a terrorist organization will disappear within three months, absent a successful appeal against yesterday’s decision by the bloc’s General Court to suspend the terror designation on procedural grounds.
“Since the measures have been annulled, they will only be maintained for the period of three months and will be lifted thereafter, unless the Court’s decision is appealed,” Edisa Korugic, an analyst with the London-based think-tank The Henry Jackson Society, told The Algemeiner by email.  “If an appeal is launched, the measures will remain in place until a decision on the appeal is made, a process which typically lasts about a year and a half.”
As The Algemeiner reported yesterday, the General Court’s decision has raised concerns that Hamas will exploit any legal ambiguities over its present status to rebuild its organizational and fundraising network within Europe. If no appeal is successfully launched within three months – a temporary period during which, the court said, the measures taken against Hamas when it was designated in December 2001 will remain in place – Hamas could find itself operating legally in Europe again.
Korugic said that, as yet, no appeal has been launched. “The EU Commission is considering making an appeal and indeed suggested to the Israeli government after the vote it would do so,” she said. Member states of the EU are entitled to appeal the decision, as is the Council of Europe and “other EU institutions.”
Lawyers for the Council of Europe, which was responsible for the original designation, failed in their attempts to persuade the court to dismiss the action and order the applicant, Hamas, to pay costs. The judgement of the court, available in French, identifies the applicant as “Hamas, established in Doha (Qatar) and represented by Ms. Liliane Glock, lawyer.”
Glock sounded a buoyant note after yesterday’s judgement.
“Every decision since 2001 imposing restrictive measures, including on the armed wing, have been annulled. I believe that this judgement shows the whole world that it exists and is legal,” she told AFP, adding that the court’s decision also showed that the EU could not base its decision on the US list of designated terrorist organizations.

One of the teenage Austrian ‘poster girls’ who ran away to join ISIS has been killed in the conflict, UN says

A United Nations official says one of the two Austrian girls who fled their middle class homes in Vienna earlier this year to fight in Syria has definitely died in the conflict. The two Viennese girls, Samra Kesinovic, 17, and 15-year-old Sabina Selimovic, whose parents are Bosnian refugees, disappeared in April after saying that they wanted to fight in Syria. They first went to the Turkish capital Ankara by plane, and then on into the southern Turkish region of Adana. After that, their tracks were lost.But they appeared on social networking sites branding Kalashnikov rifles and surrounded by armed men - photos which Austrian police said acted as recruitment posters for young girls. David Scharia, a senior Israeli expert of the United Nations Security Council's Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTED) said: 'We received information just recently about two 15-year-old girls, of Bosnian origin, who left Austria, where they had been living in recent years; and everyone, the families and the intelligence services of the two countries, is looking for them. He added: 'Both were recruited by Islamic State. One was killed in the fighting in Syria, the other has disappeared.' His confirmation comes three months after the Austrian government said it had informed both sets of parents of the girls that one of them might have been killed. An Islamic preacher from Bosnia living in Vienna, Mirsad O., known by the Islamic name of 'Ebu Tejma', was allegedly responsible for the radicalization of the two young girls. Authorities say he brainwashed them into joining the jihad. He denies this. Mirsad O. was arrested for his role in an alleged terrorist funding network based in Austria in November. It is believed both Samra and Sabina married IS fighters soon after arriving in Syria. The two couples initially lived in the same room but the 15-year-old has reportedly now moved out to a different flat. Speaking by SMS messages to French weekly Paris Match, Sabina denied claims she was pregnant and insisted she was enjoying life in Syria, where she felt free to practise her religion in a way that she did not in Austria. The magazine did manage to confirm the teenager had only been allowed to speak to them with the permission of her husband, who was in the room as she wrote her answers. She said after arriving to Turkey from Austria they crossed over the border into Syria on foot. They ended up in the city of Raqqa, she said, after arriving in the country with nothing other than the clothes they were wearing. Sabina said her husband was a soldier and added: 'Here I can really be free. I can practice my religion. I couldn't do that in Vienna.' As many as 130 people from Austria are now believed to be fighting as jihadists abroad. Experts say at least half of them originally come from the Caucasus region of Russia and were granted asylum in Austria after the bloody Chechen war. Austrian Interior Ministry spokesman Alexander Marakovits said they were noticing an increasing problem with youngsters wanting to leave the country to fight in the ranks of ISIS. He said: 'If we can catch them before they leave we have the chance to work with their parents and other institutions to bring the youngsters out of the sphere of influence that prompted them to act in this way the first place. 'Once they have left the country, even if they then changed their minds, it is then almost impossible to get them back.'

German authorities arrest three Turks accused of espionage

The Federal Prosecutors' Office in Karlsruhe announced on Thursday that two of the Turkish suspects were arrested at Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday, while the third was taken into custody at his home in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia. A statement posted on the Federal Prosecutors' website identified the three suspects as 58-year-old Muhammed Taha G., 33-year-old Göksel G, and 58-year-old Ahmet Duran Y. It said Muhammed Taha G. stood accused of directing the activities of the other two suspects in spying on Turkish nationals and living in Germany on behalf of a Turkish intelligence service. All three appeared before a judge on Thursday and were remanded in custody pending possible criminal charges.Some 1.5 million Turkish citizens reside in Germany, according to the 2011 census published by the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden. This makes them by far the largest group of foreign nationals in Germany, at almost 25 percent of the total of 6.2 million. This past August, for the first time, Germany's Turks were eligible to vote in Turkey's presidential election, and were able to do so at a number of polling stations set up in German cities.

Germany: 'Wrong but legal' claims child porn case ex-MP

A former rising star of German politics who resigned after pictures of naked children were allegedly found on his official laptop said Thursday what he did was "wrong, but legal." Sebastian Edathy quit his post with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in February when news of the scandal broke, but returned to Berlin Thursday to face questioning from a parliamentary inquiry. Facing a criminal trial on the possession of child pornography in February, he told lawmakers : "It was certainly wrong to order these films, I admit that. But it was legal." "Morally, it was out of order," he added. Looking nervous, and blinking repeatedly, he admitted his political career was over, whatever the result of the trial. "As a politician, Edathy no longer exists," he said. "I know I've let many people down." Edathy also said he had received death threats, and being living abroad since the allegations surfaced. "Maybe it will be possible to once again live safely in Germany", he added. Before his resignation he was tipped for a possible post in Chancellor Angela Merkel's "grand coalition" with the SPD. The 45-year old had previously headed up a parliamentary inquiry looking into failures by police and intelligence services into stop a near-decade long killing spree by a group of neo-Nazis. The affair had further repercussions, with the then CSU agriculture minister Hans-Peter Friedrich resigning over rumours he had tipped off Edathy's bosses in the SPD that the politician was under investigation, in order to stop him being offered a place in Merkel's government. The trial against Edathy is due to begin on February 23rd in the northern town of Verden. He is accused of seven cases of downloading images and video files featuring child pornography on to his work laptop. He is also suspected of having been in possession of a picture book and a CD deemed by prosecutors to contain illicit material featuring minors.

NATO: Taliban Don’t Respect Islamic Faith

By Daniel Greenfield 

The Taliban are fighting for the Islamic faith and its doctrines. They respect it enough to kill for it. The question is what does NATO believe in?
The answer appears to be nothing which is why the Taliban are winning.
Officials of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan also issued a statement condemning the attack.
“The barbaric actions of the Taliban illustrate their lack of value for human life and lack of respect for the Islamic faith,” the ISAF statement said. “These attacks only prove their selfish desire for power and willingness to murder to reach their self-serving goals.”
The Islamic faith rejects the value of human life. Islam blends selfishness with theology to sanctify killing and stealing from non-Muslims.
In a gang religion, crime is a sacred act. The Taliban embody Islamic aspirations. Describing them as self-serving is a meaningless accusation. Islam is not an abstract, it’s the concrete power and privilege of its members. That’s the Jihad in a nutshell.
Finally the Talib students know far more about the Islamic faith than the ISAF which doesn’t seem to understand what that faith involves.

The Goal Is Still Regime Change

Last week, when the story came out of USAID's failed “color revolution” in Cuba - using “Serbian music promoters” no less - I thought its airing was just another effort at perception management. For one thing, it was an old story: the initial revelations were made in April. Then there was the fact that everyone was talking about the CIA torture report, so airing this was the perfect way to deflect attention from it, while also ensuring that nobody will pay too much attention to the Cuba fiasco as well.

Instead, the story was a trial balloon for Wednesday's announcement that Washington would lift the embargo on Cuba first imposed during the Kennedy administration.

That's good, right? Uh, not so fast. Consider the phrasing of Obama's announcement: “We will end an outdated approach that for decades has failed to advance our interest.”

Outdated? Why, then, is Washington using the very same approach against Russia, Iran, and other places? Because the US policymakers believe that in those cases, the “sanctions” are working. Just look at the maniacal glee with which Russophobes in the US media are cackling over the manipulated oil price and the equally orchestrated attack on the ruble. Which is, by the way, still a fundamentally stronger currency than the dollar.

So, the blockade wasn't lifted on grounds of the tactic being morally unacceptable for Washington, but because it didn't achieve the desired result (“failed to advance our interest”). That result, however, hasn't changed a bit: it's still “regime change” - in Cuba, in Russia, in any country that continues to believe it is sovereign, free and independent of Washington's commands.

If this all sounds too much like the attitude of the Hunger Games' Capitol towards the rebellious and disenfranchised Districts... well, decide for yourselves whether the resemblance is purely accidental.

UK: 260,000 Migrant Files Found Dumped in Offices and Lift Shafts

By A.B. Sanderson 

The immigration fiasco that has rocked the Home Office is set to continue after the files of failed migrants whose visas were refused were found in meeting rooms and cupboards at offices in Sheffield. Some were even discovered in an old lift shaft, according to the Express.
It comes after the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration John Vine claimed little or no progress was being made in dealing in getting to grips with illegal immigration and those who have overstayed their visa.
The number of people who have outstayed the permitted duration on their visa was revealed to be 173,562.
Combined with the new discoveries which aren’t duplicate files, there are roughly 263,000 “overstayers” living in the UK – the population of Stoke on Trent.
Mr Vine revealed that the thousands of additional records had not previously been disclosed by ministers.
And it comes just days after politicians vowed to get to grips with the huge backlog of illegal immigrants in the wake of a rising concern by voters over how Westminster parties are dealing with the number coming to live and stay in this country.
The Home Office pay the private firm Capita £12.7 million to help clear the backlog. They have defended their record saying they only perform part of the removal process.
A spokesman said, “It [Capita] is not contracted to handle, nor able to effect change in, the end-to-end process.”
But figures show that the company has only managed to repatriate fewer than one per ken of immigrants contracted out of the tens of thousands in the Migrant Refusal Pool it is supposed to be clearing out.
The low numbers may not come as such a shock to those who knew that the methods used by the company include sending text messages to immigrants many of whom, unsurprisingly, simply ignored them.
Immigration Minister James Brokenshire sought to blame the previous Labour administration. “We inherited an immigration system in complete disarray, which turned a blind eye to hundreds of thousands of people with no right to be here,” he said.
Since the beginning of the 21st century migrant numbers into the UK have soared, although much of it is entirely legal due to the open door policy of the EU.
In trying to control numbers, parties have sought to put tighter controls on non-EU migrants entering this country but with the UK’s border being constrained by the free movement between other EU member states, it has become more and more difficult to keep tabs on who is in the UK and who is not.
Scandals involving illegal immigrants are not new. In 2006 450,000 historic asylum cases were found piled up in boxes. This shambles resulted in 160,000 illegal immigrants who had been lost by the government being granted an effective amnesty.

British Citizens Warned to Observe Sharia Law This Christmas to Avoid Long Jail Sentences

The Foreign Office has launched a campaign to remind travellers to respect Islamic law at Christmas while abroad, releasing a series of rhymes inspired by American 19th century seasonal poem Twas The Night Before Christmas, or as it is more formally known, A Visit From St. Nicholas.
Clearly conscious that the authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are not at all reluctant to put British citizens behind bars for infringing the strict Sharia law imposed there, the poems are careful not to strike too dark a tone, following a fictional ex-pat who wants to go out for a drink. The story begins with the familiar rhyme describing his departure, and warning any would-be travellers to pack their passports, and to check their travel documents are in order.

Swedish Political Establishment Worries as Anti-Immigration Party Rises in Polls

By A.B. Sanderson 

The Sweden Democrats, who caused Prime Minister Löfven to call a General Election only months after the previous vote had taken place, are climbing in the country’s opinion polls.
According to a new survey by Swedish channel TV4, the right wing party are experiencing a polling high of 16 per cent, up from 12.3 per cent in the election in September, the Euractive website reports.
The party is the only one in the Riksdagen which is anti EU and has both caused controversy and gained votes by calling for a change to Sweden’s very liberal immigration policy.
Earlier this month, they voted alongside other parties in an ‘Alliance’ of Conservatives against the left wing government’s budget.
But despite calling the election for March 2015 in response to the lack of support, he could still be returned as the Prime Minister of the Scandinavian country. His party, the Social Democrats, is currently scoring 32 per cent in the same poll, up 3.4 per cent since September and remain the country’s biggest party.
Following the September plebiscite, all the other parties represented in Parliament refused to work with the Swedish Democrats, viewing the party as being racist. This is linked to the party’s main focus of limiting the flow of migration into Sweden.
But the refusal of these parties to work with the Sweden Democrats has so far been counterproductive, making it not only the king maker but giving it publicity and marking it out as different from the other parties in the Swedish political system.
Kent Ekeroth, an MP with the party, told Breitbart London why he felt the Sweden Democrats were continuing to rise in the polls, despite the hostility of other political movements.
“Immigration is affecting more and more people, and they don’t like it,” he said. “We have record levels and immigrants are moving into every corner of Sweden. Sometimes they triple the population of smaller towns.
For instance, an idyllic town of 250 people, they put 500 immigrants, making the original inhabitants there a minority overnight. So when ordinary people see first-hand the problems with immigration, they switch to us, who have been warning about this for decades.”
One local newspaper reports the increasing hostility between communities and newcomers.
“We have the asylum seekers in our gardens, they steal our vegetables and flowers, destroying and taking lamps and artwork, refusing to stand in line at the grocery store. They go in the middle of the street and refuse to move away even if there comes a car,” said Gert Schuld, from Målilla. ”
Mr Ekeroth explained that more people in Sweden feel confident in voting for the party now they have passed the threshold of four per cent where their opponents can claim a vote for them is a ‘wasted vote’.
“The Sweden Democrats have established ourselves as a serious party, since the last period in parliament. This has created higher credibility for us, thus making it easier for people to vote for us.”

Shame on the EU!

Shame on the EU! Today the European Union removed Hamas from the list of designated terrorist organizations. This is the same Hamas that murders their own civilians for disagreeing with them on religion, sexual preferences, or politics. The same Hamas who shoots thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians, and the same Hamas who glorifies and celebrates the murder of innocent civilians in the name of Islam. Hamas terrorizes Palestinians and Israelis alike. #ShameOnEU Via StandWithUs

UK: Detectives Investigate Murder of 3 Boys by ‘VIP Sex Ring’

By Andre Walker 

Police in London are probing an alleged Westminster paedophile ring’s involvement in the death of three boys in the late 70s and early 80s.
The officer leading Operation Midland, the investigation into an alleged VIP sex ring, appealed today for witnesses to come forward.
Det Supt Kenny McDonald called on victims of sexual abuse thirty years ago to make themselves known, and confirmed that the force is investigating the death of three young boys.
One alleged victim, whom police are calling ‘Nick’ has already emerged – with details of abuse from the age of seven to sixteen in multiple locations.  He alleged he was abused by groups of men at parties as well as by single men, and that other boys were present and also subjected to abuse. It is understood that Nick’s allegations are being taken seriously and believed.
While calling for witnesses and victims to come forward, Det Supt McDonald explained that people who had lived at or visited Dolphin Square in Pimlico in the 1970s may hold information useful to the investigation.  They “will have seen or heard something”, he said, which may only have become obviously significant now.
Further inquiries are ongoing at other locations in the South of England, including military properties.
The call for victims from the Met comes a month after the claim by the father of a young boy murdered more than three decades ago, that he may have been killed by the paedophile ring.
According to the Daily Telegraph, retired magistrate Vishambar Mehrotra had recorded a male prostitute claim that his son Vishal may have been taken by paedophiles to the Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London, the centre of a number of allegations relevant to Operation Midland.
Mehrotra had taken the recording to the Metropolitan police at the time, but claims they refused to investigate an allegation implicating judges and politicians. Vishal’s remains were discovered in 1982 close to the Hampshire-West Sussex border.  He had disappeared on 29 July 1981 while shopping with his nanny and sister.
Mehrotra claimed that the caller, a young man in his twenties, had spoken about “judges and politicians who were abusing little boys”

France ‘Won’t Pay Extra Price to Keep the UK in the EU’

By A.B. Sanderson 

David Cameron’s battle to renegotiate Britian’s relationship with the European Union has hit another stumbling block ahead of today’s Council meeting in Brussels.
French President Francois Holland will tell Mr Cameron that he is “obsessed with his own problems”, the Telegraph reports, and he plans to block the Prime Minister’s bid for a treaty change which the Conservatives have used as their main defence against a creeping UKIP attack.
The Socialist President, who is suffering in the polls and has fallen behind the Front National leader Marine Le Pen, fears that a change in the Treaties could trigger a referendum in France which, as in 2005, the establishment may lose. The FN’s charismatic leader is already campaigning for a popular vote on the euro.
A French source confirmed the fears, saying “there is no guarantee today that a French government could convince the French people.”
“The price to keep Britain in Europe keeps getting higher and higher. It is now up to the UK to decide,” he added. “We will not pay an extra price to keep the UK in the EU.”
Mr Cameron is using the Eurozone crisis as a vehicle for his own requests for treaty changes which is expected to include an opt out for the UK on the fundamental principle of “ever closer union”.
Following the backlash from senior EU figures including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Mr Cameron has stepped back from demanding a change to the Freedom of Movement principle.
Any changes to EU treaties require unanimity in the Council of Ministers and President Hollande will remind Mr Cameron that means France will need to agree. The source said there had been “no demonstration of the need for new rules and no urgency” beyond the Conservative’s desire to stop the UKIP surge in the UK.
The news was met with anger from Senior Conservatives who are relying on renegotiation ahead of the General Election next May. They will need demonstrable victories that the UK has secured in order to convince voters they can deliver on their pledge.
Eurosceptic MP Liam Fox said the French reaction was the “height of stupidity.”
“The Prime Minister wants to get the best deal for Britain” he said. “To threaten to veto treaty change, before you know what the proposed change is going to be, is utterly symptomatic of how utterly out of touch the current European leaders are.”
“They ignore the need for change, and plough on relentlessly towards their 1950s objective of ever-closer union. If they break, it is because they won’t bend.”
Senior European diplomats have warned that Britain’s capital is low in Brussels. “Britain’s political prestige in Europe is lower than I have ever known it,” one said.
“It has not been helped by recent British behaviour over the EU budget, which was widely regarded as childish” he added in a statement which is bound to enrage British tax payers who were furious at the additional bill they were handed.

Norway: Journalists lump Israel with Taliban, Boko Haram, Syria

via MIFF:

On Tuesday the Taliban attacked a school in Peshawar, executing 132 children and 9 staff members.

Aftenposten's journalists Reidun J. Samuelsen and Tor Arne Andreassen put things in context for the Norwegian reader by discussing other child-murderers who cynically use children as part of their warfare strategy: Boko Haram, Syria and Israel.

"In Nigeria terrorists from Boko Haram attack schools and kidnap children.  In Syria, around 11,000 children were killed during the civil war.  In the last Gaza war, more than 450 Palestinian children were killed, more than the two previous Gaza wars together. 
We see a trend where children are increasingly and cynically being used in warfare. Direct attacks against children creates fear among adults too, says Tove R. Wang, General Secretary of Redd Barna (Save the Children)."

Note that Israel is not directly mentioned.  They might be talking about Hamas.  Right?

Anti-Semitic Comic Seeks 'Accord' with French Jewish Leaders

Vilely anti-Semitic French comedian Dieudonne M'bala M'bala has announced he wants to meet with representatives of France's Jewish community, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported.
In an open letter sent by Dieudonne's lawyers last week, a request was made to Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and Gilles Clavreul, the French government's interministerial delegate in the fight against anti-Semitism, to organize such a meeting.
A meeting is necessary, the comedian's lawyers stressed in the letter, to “determine the terms of an accord which would allow both parties to respect the other.”  The letter adds, “In this affair, there have been too many damages and injuries.”
Dieudonne, who denies claims he is a virulent anti-Semite, has been convicted ten times in France for inciting racial hatred against Jews. Public authorities say he owes more than 65,000 euros ($84,000) in fines related to past convictions.  
Dieudonne is the inventor of the quenelle gesture - a reverse Nazi salute, that has become extremely popular in anti-Semitic and extremist circles across the French-speaking world and worldwide.
Despite Dieudonne's insistence it is a gesture of discontent against the establishment, French Prime Minister Manuel Vals has called it a “gesture of hatred” and “an anti-Semitic gesture.”
The comedian is also the inventor of the term “shoananas" - a mashup of the Hebrew word for the Holocaust and the French word for pineapple - used to suggest the genocide never happened.
Diedonne is considered a symbol of France's rising anti-Semitism thanks to his explicitly anti-Semitic performances and comedic gags.
Currently, Dieudonne is preparing to launch a nationwide tour of his show, "The Impure Beast," which includes jokes about Ilan Halimi, a French Jew murdered in 2006. The tour is scheduled to begin on December 27.
In addition to convictions, Dieudonne has also been the subject of government searches, financial inspections, subpoenas, and bans on his performances by multiple municipalities.
“We are able to resist all the attacks on our client,” his lawyers wrote in reference to police and governmental measures taken against the comedian. “But Dieudonne wants to move forward. Beyond respect for the rule of law, to peace.”
Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF), the umbrella group of French Jewish communities, has not issued a reaction to the letter.
Recently, CRIF condemned the 20 theaters in France planning to host Dieudonne on his new tour.
“CRIF deplores the many theaters that chose to offer him a podium to disseminate to an instrumentalized audience his hatred of Jews and of those who dare criticize him,” the umbrella organization said in a statement.

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Austrian Muslims accuse government of rights violations

Austria’s Muslim organizations said the government violated the rights of an estimated 600,000 Muslims in the country after officials sent a proposed law, dubbed the "Islamic Bill," to parliament without first consulting the Muslim community. "The government has sent the bill to parliament without considering our viewpoint," Mouddar Khouja, founder of Austrian Muslims Initiative, said at a press conference Monday. "The draft had to be examined during the Austrian Muslims Initiative meeting on Dec. 21." Khouja said Muslims are considered second class citizens in Austria and the government does not take into account the existing laws on religious freedoms and UN laws on freedom of religion and belief. According to the bill, employing preachers from abroad would be prohibited. Imams would instead be trained at Austrian universities. Currently, some 300 imams work in the country, including 65 Turkish preachers. The proposed legislation also contains a new overseas funding ban. "This bill is not a security or police law," Khouja said. "About 600,000 Muslims and future generations are concerned." "It is unacceptable that the government sent the bill to parliament without consulting the Muslim community," Austria Turkish Islamic Union President Fatih Karadas said. At the press conference, attendees said they collected 200,000 signatures that will be submitted to the parliament, a move backed by many Muslim organizations. Islam has been an official religion in Austria since 1912. The Islam law, known as Islam Gesetz, was introduced by Austria's last emperor, Franz Josef, after the Austro-Hungarian Empire annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Only 13 percent of Germans completely disagree with the PEGIDA anti-Islam demonstrations. 75 percent agree fully or to some degree

The latest PEGIDA demonstration in Dresden had 15,000+ participants, and the Danish state tv, Danmarks Radio, noted that “It was the German middle class, who demonstrated today.
Germany is finally waking up, after being paralyzed by the burden of bad conscience from the 2nd WW, general political correctness, and cowardice. Criticising the power of religion, standing up for the equality of women and fighting for the freedom to express oneself – even if it insults others or opposes the “normal” – used to be the Left’s key issues. Today that same Left call it racist, Fascism or even Nazism. But standing up against Islam has nothing to do with racism (as far as I know, nobody changed color after converting) and the mudslinging Socialists who do nothing else than name calling should know that Fascism and National Socialism (Nazism) are both Leftist political ideologies.
Standing up against Islam’s soldiers and against political correctness activates and increases the most noble human qualities: honesty, bravery, gut feeling, cooperation, hard work, intelligence, and compassion. It is no surprise that one meets the best people in the counter-Islam movement.
I assume that the 13 percent who completely disagree with the PEGIDA demonstrations are mainly Muslims. 75 percent are either partly, mostly of completely sympathise with the PEGIDA demonstrations.
From Zeit:
As one can see from the below screen shot (taken from here), the PEGIDA demonstrations are not just in Dresden, but all over Germany:

The Fruits of Transnationalism: Europe Let a Court Delist a Terrorist Organization

By Iain Murray 

The European Union remains a salutary reminder that countries that value their sovereignty should be wary of transnational courts. While much focus on this issue has centered on prosecution of American personnel, we should also remember that transnational courts hold great power over other decisions as well. A great example has occurred recently in the EU in relation to the terrorist organization the LTTE, more popularly known as the Tamil Tigers, the Sri Lankan group that invented suicide bombing as we know it.
Back in 2006, the European Union declared the LTTE a terrorist organization in an attempt to dry up funding for the group, following the lead of the U.S., the U.K., and India. This helped the Sri Lankan government to a military defeat of the LTTE in 2009. Sri Lanka has begun to move on from the 30-year long war and has returned to peace, with rebuilding occurring in previously war-torn areas. However, the Indian government believes that pro-LTTE forces are trying to regroup and fundraise clandestinely for a renewed campaign.
Enter the European Court (not the European Court of Justice — there are several transnational European courts with confusing names). Earlier this year, it annulled the EU’s designation of the LTTE as a terrorist group, on the basis that the initial designation relied too heavily on Wikipedia and media accounts. Given that the LTTE attacks and methods were well-known, it is somewhat odd to read a ruling that complains that, essentially, the designation was based on common knowledge.
Yet irrespective of the Court’s rationale, the question remains why the Court has such a say in foreign policy. While the European Union has a “Common Foreign and Security Policy,” the treaties that established that were explicit that the European Court has no competence to give judgment in this area. The power of the European Court to issue such a judgment appears to be based on a technicality, which is ironic given that the judgment itself was based on a technicality.
What we are seeing in actions like this from the European Court is a further example of the transnational-progressive power grab so eloquently described by John Fonte over a decade ago. The technocrats of the European Court have asserted a power over foreign policy that does not exist in the EU founding treaties. What that means for the poor people of Sri Lanka appears to be irrelevant, just as the bureaucrats of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change can reach an agreement that satisfies their own preferences but could delay the adoption of wealth-supporting energy infrastructure in the developing world, keeping billions in poverty.
Yet transnational soft power like this does run up against the realities of hard power. The U.S., U.K., and India all retain their designations of the LTTE as a terrorist group, and if the resolve is there, the main flows of potential funding will still be cut off. Yet David Cameron is under significant pressure within the U.K. owing to the dynamics of the South Asian diaspora there, as well as pressures within the EU that have led to the rise of UKIP. That means that President Obama is the last line of defense against renewed funding for the LTTE. Indeed, the president could delist the LTTE by executive fiat. The fact that Samantha Powers did not object to a U.N. High Commission on Human Rights inquiry into the armed struggle, which will almost certainly focus on the government’s role (such is the way of these things) does not inspire confidence. I should stress that the Sri Lankan government was by no means a saint during the three decades of war, but the fact is that Sri Lanka now has peace. Sri Lanka may well decide it would have a better ally than the U.S. in China.
In any event, this speculation should not detract us from the main point here, which is that we once again have an example of the way in which the transnational elites can use institutional power to direct policy the way they like it, and there’s very little even a major country that is trapped within those institutions can do about it. We join transnational institutions at our peril.

Sydney: Mohammedans pray for their “martyr” who terrorised and murdered a few kafirs. Nobody sees the irony in this…..

 Representatives of the Muslim community lay flowers at a memorial at the scene of the dramatic siegeA woman weeps outside the scene were Tori Johnson, 34, and Katrina Dawson, 38 died following the siege 
Islamo-agitprops lay flowers at a memorial at the scene of the dramatic siege for their assassin, Man Haron Monis.

Grave Concerns About The Safety of British Troops Stationed in The Netherlands

By A.B. Sanderson 

A mosque near to NATO’s Brunssum command complex in The Netherlands has raised concerns with military top brass, De Telegraaf reports. The centre, which is where the Allied Joint Forces Command Headquarters is based, also serves as the NATO higher headquarters for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan.
Officials were alerted to a potential threat in September after an officer stationed at the base said he was anxious about the safety of his family, following reports of a jihadist surveillance operation taking place in the area of the base and around the living quarters.
According to reports, much of the threat seems to centre on a local mosque, which is located 100 yards from the base and is said to be radicalising local Muslims.
The potential threat has been confirmed to the local media and the Dutch Parliament where questions were asked of the defence minister.
Mayor Luc Winants confirmed the threat, saying he had been informed about it by police in a briefing. "We will look at the threat here very seriously, together with the people of the base and the investigative services.”
The Ministry of Security and Justice says the action is one of the measures already taken in September when the Netherlands was participating in the coalition against terror movement Islamic State (IS). According to a spokesperson, there is no concrete evidence of an additional threat but measures are being put in place as a precaution and soldiers are being advised to wear their civilian clothes when in public.
The news follows attacks in Australia, Pakistan, Canada and the USA where the victims range from soldiers to school children: in their victims the terrorists have no qualms about gender, age or occupation.
UKIP defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP said he has ‘grave concerns’ about the safety of British troops and their families based at Brunssum.
“While it is relatively simple to tighten security around the base itself, it is very difficult to secure the many housing estates, schools, places of worship and other facilities that are used by military personnel and their families.”
There have been reports that following the alerts, staff from the base and members of community groups have been operating a security and surveillance operation including having watch posts and regular driving patrols.
Mr Hookem said that he wanted “assurances from both the Dutch authorities and NATO that steps are being taken to guarantee the security of both the military personnel and their families, even if it means shutting the mosque that is said to be at the centre of these threats. While military personnel understand the risks they take when they put on the uniform, at no time should the families of armed forces personnel feel under threat, especially when based in mainland Europe.”

Netanyahu: Europe 'Learned Nothing' From the Holocaust

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday decried the decision by the European Union to remove Hamas from its list of terrorist organizations, while expressing appreciation to the United States for what he called a “true friendship.” Netanyahu contrasted the two relationships at a meeting with Senator-elect Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), who is in Israel on a visit.
"The friendship of the people of the United States of America with Israel stands in sharp contrast with what we see unfortunately in Europe,” Netanyahu said. “In Geneva they call for the investigation of Israel for war crimes, while in Luxemburg the European Court removed Hamas from the list of terrorist organizations, the same Hamas that has committed countless war crimes and countless terror acts.”
The reclassification of Hamas came Wednesday after the terror group filed an appeal asking that it be removed from the EU's terrorist group list – a decision the the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg agreed to, based on Hamas' arguments hat the group's inclusion on the list was against EU procedures and without sufficient evidence.
The court said in a statement that Hamas's inclusion was based on "factual imputations derived from the press and the Internet" as opposed to sound legal judgments. But it stressed that Wednesday's decision to remove Hamas was based on “technical grounds” and does "not imply any substantive assessment of the question of the classification of Hamas as a terrorist group." A lawyer for Hamas, Liliane Glock, told AFP she was “satisfied with the decision.”
“It seems that too many in Europe, on whose soil six million Jews were slaughtered, have learned nothing. But we in Israel, we have learned,” Netanyahu said. “We will continue to defend our people and our state against the forces of terror, tyranny and hypocrisy.”
The controversial decision was followed just hours later by an equally controversial vote at the European Parliament in favor of recognizing "Palestine" as a state.
Lawmakers approved the motion by 498 votes to 88 with 111 abstentions, although it was a watered down version of an original motion which had urged EU member states to recognize a Palestinian state unconditionally.
Shortly after, MPs in the tiny European state of Luxembourg similarly voted in favor of recognizing a Palestinian Arab state.

For 20 Years, the EU Has Not Been Able to Figure Out Hamas is Terrorist

By Elder of Ziyon 

Here is the legal reasoning behind today’s decision by the ECJ to de-list Hamas as a terror organization:
On 27th December 2001 the Council of the European Union adopted a common position and a regulation to combat terrorism. These measures require the freezing of the funds of those people  and entities included on a list adopted and regularly updated by Council decisions. The same day the Council adopted its first decision establishing that list. By this decision the Council included  Hamas on the list and has maintained them on that list ever since.
Hamas contests the measures maintaining them on this list.
In today’s judgment, the General Court finds that the contested measures are based not on acts examined and confirmed in decisions of competent authorities but on factual imputations derived  from the press and the internet.
However, the Common Position and the case-law of the Court4 requires that an EU decision to freeze funds is based not on factual elements that the Council may have derived from the press or  the internet, but on elements which have been concretely examined and confirmed in decisions of national competent authorities within the meaning of the Common Position.
Therefore the Court annuls the contested measures while temporarily maintaining the effects of those measures in order to ensure the effectiveness of any possible future freezing of funds. The effects of the measures are maintained for a period of three months, or, if an appeal is brought before the Court of Justice, until this appeal is closed.
The Court stresses that those annulments, on fundamental procedural grounds, do not imply any substantive assessment of the question of the classification of Hamas as a terrorist group within the meaning of the Common Position.
The ECJ is saying that it has never independently confirmed that Hamas is a terrorist organization, and that it relied on external sources in making that determination against its own policies.
That’s fine, any organization must follow its written policies.
But this means that ever since the EU was founded in 1993, despite spending tens of thousands of man-hours and untold millions of euros on Middle East topics and on the ground in Israel and the territories, no effort has been made to document Arab terrorism.
Think about it. The EU wants to be a part of the peace process – it is part of the Quartet – and it has given lots of money to anti-Israel NGOs. It has no problem criticizing Israeli actions and parsing the statements of Israeli ministers to find evidence of anything offensive.
Yet in all that time, no EU official has felt it was important to research and report on Arab terrorism! Not one bothered to visit the site of suicide bombings and read official Hamas statements taking credit for them. Not one bothered to follow up on Hamas incitement, on Hamas antisemitism, or on Hamas’ public statements declaring all of Israel “occupied” and all Israelis to be targets for attack.
Not one.
Apparently, the entire EU presence in the Middle East is meant to document Israeli building in the territories and to ferret out “price tag” attacks. Thousands of pages are written about whether Israeli products that are manufactured on one side of the Green Line but packaged on the other side are considered contraband in Europe. But not one official report has been written that says that Hamas took credit for a terror attack.
There is a huge blind spot in the most studied place on the planet, and yet in 21 years the EU has not been able to write up a single report on Palestinian terrorism.
Is there any more evidence needed of EU bias against Israel than this?

15,000 March Against 'Demise of The West' and Radical Islam as Weekly Protest Grows

By Oliver Lane 

In their ninth weekly 'evening stroll', German anti-Islamification group PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West) have attracted a remarkable 15,000 supporters as mothers, children, and pensioners joined together under “for the future of our children” banners and marched through Dresden.  Frustrated with the German government, a grand coalition of centrist parties that has engineered an explosion in asylum applications and refused to debate the merits of mass immigration, ordinary German citizens have taken to using the slogans and methods last used by their own dissenting parents in the eastern city.
Slogans such as “we are the people”, and taking massive synchronised 'evening strolls' rather than going on protest marches were techniques used by citizen objectors during the dying days of the Communist era in Eastern Germany, as well as other Soviet bloc nations. In Communist Poland thousands would take to the streets for leisurely strolls as the government-controlled evening television news came on during the period of martial-law in the 1980's. They are now being dusted off again.
The protest marches were started by Lutz Bachmann, who claims to be a non-political patriotic European, after a series of violent street battles between extremist Salafist Muslims and Kurds in October. Breitbart London reported the extraordinary scenes as thousands clashed violently in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Münster, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart over grievances imported from the Middle East.
Shots were reported to have been fired over the course of the disturbances, and weapons including guns, knives, brass knuckles, iron bars, a machete and even kebab skewers were recovered by police during the riots.
Despite being a non-violent reaction to these events, the PEGIDA movement has been dismissed by left-wing members of the government as “nazis in pinstripes”. The protests in Dresden have been met by counter-demonstrations egged on by the government, indeed calling the march a “disgrace” Justice Minister Heiko Maas called for a "broad counter-movement embracing civil society and all political parties" to oppose them.
The variety of banners and comments by marchers reflect the way the movement has also come to encompass a broader variety of concerns, rather than just massive street violence by “ISIS terrorist Militias” in German cities. The Guardian reports the comment of one 'middle aged' woman who said she was walking with PEGIDA because “asylum seekers in Germany have expensive mobile phones, while I cannot afford such luxury and others still cannot afford to eat properly”.
Although Germany has been paralysed by it's past for decades, the PEGIDA movement appears to be sparking debate for the first time on matters such as extremism, religion, and immigration for the first time since the war.
Banners included slogans such as “Against Religious Fanaticism”, “daring to tell truth”, and “Christian Dresden welcomes PEGIDA”. One woman told news crews: “I'm here because I'm worried about my country, I'm worried about my granddaughter. But I'm not xenophobic – refugees are welcome, but I don't like economic migrants”.
Although the protests have been criticised by the main German parties, insurgent political force Alternative fur Deutschand (AfD) have expressed sympathy and support. Their leader of the party, which has been compared to the Tea Party or UKIP, Bernd Lucke said: "The greatest part of them are legitimate demands”.
An announcement by the group this morning stated the next march would take the form of a massive Christmas carol sing-a-long in Dresden's Theatre Square on Monday. Entitled 'Christmas With Pegida', the invitation was extended to over 67,000 Facebook followers.

European Parliament Votes to Recognize 'Palestine'

The European Parliament overwhelmingly backed the recognition of a Palestinian state "in principle" on Wednesday, following a series of votes on the issue in EU nations which have angered Israel.
Lawmakers approved the motion by 498 votes to 88 with 111 abstentions, although it was a watered down version of an original motion which had urged EU member states to recognize a Palestinian state unconditionally.
The socialist, greens and radical left groups in the European Parliament had wanted an outright call for the recognition of Palestinian statehood.
But the centre-right European People's Party of European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, the leading group in parliament, forced them into a compromise motion linking it to peace talks.  "There is no immediate unconditional recognition (of statehood)," EPP chief Manfred Weber said.
But his socialist counterpart Gianni Pittella insisted it was a "historic decision" and a "victory for the whole parliament".
Several European parliaments have passed motions urging their governments to recognise a Palestinian state in recent weeks in a bid to pressure Israel to relaunch the moribund peace process.
France, Britain, Spain, Ireland and Portugal have all passed votes to that end. Sweden has gone even further, officially recognizing "Palestine" as a state.
The vote couldn't have been more poorly-timed, coming just hours after the EU provoked a storm of criticism by removing Hamas from its list of terrorist organizations due to an alleged "technical issue."
While EU officials rushed to explain that the move was only temporary and that it still related to Hamas as a terrorist group, Israeli officials were infuriated by the move.
"We are not satisfied with EU explanations that the removal of Hamas from the terror organization list is a 'technical matter,'" Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu challenged.
"The burden of proof is on the EU and we expected them to immediately return Hamas to the list as everyone understands that it is an inseparable part of it - Hamas is a murderous terrorist organization that notes in itscharter that its goal is to destroy Israel," he added. "We will continue to struggle against it firmly and with strength so that it will never achieve its goals."
Other senior legislators had harsher words still, blasting the Europe's "blindness" and "loss of moral way."
Deputy Transportation Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) said the decision "testifies to the disconnect by Europe from reality."
"Hamas which is responsible for hundreds of dead citizens in Israel, Hamas which trains three-year-old children with weapons, and Hamas which took all residents of the (Gaza) strip hostage as a shield for terror activities is the forefather of murderous terrorist organizations; those who whitewash an organization like this give terror a hand," she added.
Likud Central Committee Chairman Danny Danon accused Europeans of reasonng "that their blood is holier while the blood of Israelis is abandoned - otherwise it is impossible to understand how the European court decided to remove the Hamas organization fromthe list of terrorist organizations."
"In Europe apparently they forgot that Hamas abducted three youths last summer and shot thousands of rockets at citizens of the state of Israel," continued Danon. "This is European hypocrisy that is a continuation of their two-faced proposal to support the establishment of a Palestinian state. The message from the court: kill Israelis and get a state."
Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett also condemned the decision, saying: "the sodomite laws of the European court allowed the spilling of the blood of Jews wherever they are and speak to the loss of a moral way."
"If there's someone who thinks the sacrifice of Israel will save Europe, they're wrong," added Bennett. "Israel is strong and knows to defend itself from those seeking its harm, but the ones who will suffer from strengthening terrorist organizations are the Europeans themselves. Terror that receives justification in Tel Aviv will spill quickly to London,  Paris and Brussels. Unfortunately Europe can't say we didn't warn them in advance."
Knesset speaker MK Yuli Edelstein (Likud) accused the EU of "losing its head."
"Removing Hamas from the terrorist organizations list by the Union's court teaches about the imperviousness and moral warping, and is a prize for Islamic extremist terror that strikes every place in the world including Europe itself. Is there no limit to shame? I hope that the injustice is fixed quickly."