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So much for Hollywood's commitment to #MeToo.
He called for the public caging and rape of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen in a tweet Tuesday. In the vulgar tweet, Fonda said “Kristjen Nielsen is a lying gash that should be put in a cage and poked at by passersby.” He continued, “The gash should be pilloried in Lafayette Square naked and whipped by passersby while being filmed for posterity.”

That's Peter Henry Fonda. Brother of one of Hollywood's greatest traitors.
Fonda will appear in Boundaries, a movie being released shortly by Sony Classics. Despite numerous calls, Sony has yet to disavow or take action against a blatant call for sexual assault. So much for its commitment to #MeToo. 
Or Hollywood's commitment to #MeToo.
Mark Wahlberg was lynched for getting bonus pay for a film reshoot. But you can bet that #TimesUp is okay with this sort of thing. So is the industry. It's #resistance after all. 
And it's another reminder that the purge of Roseanne was a typical industry double standard in which lefties are allowed to say anything, no matter how evil, as long as it's for a lefty cause.

Body of ‘raped dog’ found inside Greek refugee camp

The dog that was found inside the camp
According to the Greek animal welfare webpage Zoosos, on 28th of March 2018 an outrageous denouncement was filed to the Perama police department in Athens, by the staff taking care of stray dogs living in the nearby refugee camp of Skaramagka.
The staff found a little female dog dead at the centre of the camp, covered with a blanket. The little dog had obvious signs of a brutal rape on her genitals, but no other external trauma.
The body of the dog was transferred to the Stray Animal Care Interdisciplinary Center of Athens in order to be medically examined and to determine the exact cause of the animal’s death.
According to the webpage, the head of the refugee camp of Skaramagka, Mr. Giorgos Karoglou, has confirmed this incident.
Webpage Eksegersi Ellinon, reports that the Greek PM Mr Giannis Lagos, of the Greek Nationalist Golden Dawn party, filed a question to the responsible Minister of Justice and the Minister of the Interior, in which he asked to be informed about the excact cause of death of the dog.
He furthermore demands justice to be delivered to the perpetrators as soon as possible. Although the ministers are obliged to answer within 25 days according to the Hellenic Parliament’s Rules, almost two months have passed from the date that the question of Mr Lagos was filed.

Germany: 91-year-old woman raped by Mediterranean-looking man in the city of Herborn

In the Lahn-Dill district, a 91-year-old woman was the victim of a sexual assault. The senior citizen had been lured out of her apartment in Herborn on Wednesday night under false pretences. Then the man raped the old woman, police report. The senior citizen met with the perpetrator at the Catholic Church. According to police, the perpetrators and the victims walked together via the "Hintersand" parking lot and further along the footpath along the Dill to the Herborn shooting range. At the shooting range, the man raped the 91-year-old. Afterwards he left the woman and fled in an unknown direction. The woman can only vaguely describe the perpetrator, police report. The man is said to have had a "southern appearance". He was estimated to be 30 to 40 years old and of slim stature. He was about 1.65 to 1.75 meters tall and had dark hair and a three-day stubble beard, the senior said. The victim could not give any information about the clothing. The man is said to have spoken German well, police say and ask: Who noticed a man at the Catholic Church, at the car park "Hintersand", on the footpath along the river Dill or in the area of the Herborn shooting range during the night to Wednesday between 3.30 a.m. and 4.50 a.m. who was accompanied by an elderly woman with walking stick. Witnesses call the Dillenburg criminal police on 02771 / 9070.

56-Year-Old Swiss People Smuggler Marries Her 27-Year-Old Migrant Boyfriend in ‘Islamic Ceremony’

Swiss Sugar Mama


A 56-year-old Swiss woman who was arrested and convicted of trying to smuggle her failed asylum seeker lover into Switzerland has now married him in an “Islamic ceremony” in hopes he can remain in Europe.

Barbara Schwager married 27-year-old Pakistani migrant Nadeem Akram in Italy where the couple currently lives following Schwager’s conviction for attempting to illegally smuggle him into Switzerland last year, Blick reports.
The couple has been living in Italy due to Schwager allegedly not being able to afford the fine handed down following her conviction and risks several days in prison if she returns to Switzerland.
Schwager told Swiss press that her wedding was “not exactly romantic”, and added: “An imam from Pakistan married us – on the phone. But we are overjoyed.”
The 56-year-old spoke of her new husband saying: “He has been granted a six-month residence permit in Italy and may now even work. As soon as I get my savings in Switzerland, I can officially register for residence in Italy. I already have a tax number. Then nothing stands in the way of a recognised marriage.”
The trend of older single women forming sexual relationships with young migrants has been noted in neighbouring Austria where so-called “sugar mamas” are said to entice young migrants with cash and gifts in return for sexual favours.

The migrants targetted by the women sometimes complain that despite the gifts, the women ask too much of them. “She wants sex with me four times a day, I am a sex machine for her, nothing more,” one asylum seeker named Hasan said.
“Sex Tourism” and sexual abuse of young migrants has also been a problem among volunteers with pro-migrant organisations. In Calais, in the former “Jungle” migrant camp, several female activists were accused of sexually abusing migrants, some of them children.
Last year, the U.S. charity Mercy Corps was also investigated by the Greek government which accused activists working with migrants in Greece of sexually abusing them.

Austria: Social-democratic politician shared Islamist terror videos on Facebook

Because he is said to have shared a video glorifying the IS on Facebook in 2013, a former Social Democratic substitute council in the town of Wels had to stand trial on Wednesday. He is accused of membership of a terrorist and criminal organisation. The software developer claims that he didn't even notice the content of the postings very well at the time. The public prosecutor's office accuses the man of having publicly shared a video on August 4, 2013, the title of which can be translated as "A Poem on Jihad". Among other things, it shows an IS rider, fighter of the terror organization, the name of IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and glorifies the martyr's death. According to prosecutor Günther Diplinger, the 43-year-old shared the video with the intention of spreading IS propaganda. Legally, membership of a terrorist organization and a criminal organization was thus fulfilled, he explained. He also suspects that the accused, who has Turkish roots, is an illegal dual national. He is the founder and chairman of a cultural association close to the Turkish pro-Islamic Saadet Party, and has campaigned for this in the Turkish election campaign. The accused also rejected the accusation of dual citizenship. He has "sympathy" for the Saadet Party, which he considers democratic and not Islamist. When he registered the cultural association of the same name in 2014, he decided on the name because it meant "bliss".

Man Arrested After Explosion at North London Railway Station

London police have arrested a man on suspicion of causing an explosion after a small blast at Southgate station caused a stampede, injuring five.

The 23-year-old male was arrested Wednesday and held on suspicion of an act likely to cause an explosion to injure or damage property, and endangering safety on the railway, reports the BBC. The move came just hours after Metropolitan Police said in a statement “The scene has been examined by specialist officers. It appears at this stage that the cause of the explosion was a battery short circuit.”It has been widely reported that the faulty battery was from a handheld power drill.Five were injured in the aftermath of the blast, which witnesses described as being accompanied by six-foot flames and a smell of burning rubber. Some were trampled on the escalator in the rush to get away from the flame and two were treated at hospital. Police said there were no serious injuries.
Breitbart London reported Tuesday evening that police locked down the station and surrounding area and investigated a “suspicious package” following the “minor explosion”.

Catholic children forced to learn Islamic songs at Austrian elementary school

At an elementary school in Linz, Catholic children have to memorise and recite Islamic songs as part of the Islamic Ramadan festival. They were forced to take part and were punished if they refused.
“We were on our way home when he suddenly started to sing ‘Allah, Allah’,” a shocked mother of one of the students says. He learned that at school and had to sing it. “It felt like a slap in my face!” she adds.
“Mom, we have to get involved. The teacher said: “If we do not do that, we’ll have to go to the director and then there’ll be a punishment,” the son reported in fear of his mother’s reprisals. For two months he had to rehearse the songs.
As the mother points out, she has no problem whatsoever with other students living out their religions. “I was only shocked that all the children had to join in,” she says, emotionally.
The mother adds she has nothing against the Muslim festival, but every pupil should have a chance to opt out.
But the situation at the school was clearly different. The Islamic religious teacher came to the children in the class and ordered the students to learn the appropriate Ramadan songs, because the whole class must celebrate this festival.
It is not the first Islam-related incident at an Austrian school. An elementary school teacher from Vienna said earlier it’s impossible to integrate children anymore.
“Sharia law is superior for many of my students,” she warned. “Music and dance are rejected on religious grounds. Also discussions and fights take place with increasing frequency along religious lines.”
According to her “Many schools are getting more and more out of control” and “the problems in the classrooms are almost impossible to solve anymore”.

Knife control: The lunacy escalates in UK

By Monica Showalter

Gun control hasn't done much to stop London's phenomenal murder rate, given that criminals are frequently stabbing their victims as a result. And London, as well as the adjacent rest of the U.K., has lots and lots of gun control.
Instead of drawing the obvious cultural conclusions -- that murder is something that lurks in the hearts of depraved people, quite apart from their access to guns, and often is fueled by a credible non-fear of punishment, (check), U.K. officials have doubled down on gun control and gone it one better: knife control. That includes a new measure just recently to force knife makers to dull their blades in a bid to head off more murders. Kid you not, here it is, reported by the Daily Signal:

With Knife Crimes on Rise, British Judge Recommends Duller Kitchen Knives

The judge now wants rounded knives, just like children's scissors, to ensure that anyone running with one doesn't put his or her eye out. This should do wonders for London's swinging culinary scene, penalizing its chefs with child-style cutting instruments.
And it won't work for the knife control cause either. This actually is London's second round of knife control, the first was just pure knife control targeting the carrying of a knife in London, a couple months ago, bruited about by London's leftist mayor, Sadiq Khan. It didn't work, so now they're going for child-style blades for everyone, changing the face of knives.
As if London's richly abundant assaulters, burglars, and murderers won't change tactics on that front, too. It shows how unfit the left is to legislate social engineering measures to enact 'change.' They literally do not understand the problems of human nature and how to address them.

Germany: Afghan asylum seeker sexually abuses 12-year-old girl

The public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart and the criminal police headquarters in the town of Esslingen are investigating a 21-year-old Afghan citizen on suspicion of serious sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl. According to current investigations, he allegedly abused the girl in his room in an asylum seeker's accommodation in Esslingen on the night of the 18th May 2018. According to the results of the investigation to date, the asylum seeker lured the 12-year-old to his accommodation on the evening of 17 May 2018 together with her 16-year-old girlfriend. After there was no bus at late hour, the girls stayed overnight in the accused's room. He is accused of having exploited the situation during the night for intrusiveness and subsequently sexually abused the 12-year-old. When the other present woke up, he let go of the girl. The public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart obtained an arrest warrant against the suspect. On Friday, he was finally arrested by the police there. The suspect, who is known to the police for theft, was brought before the district court of Stuttgart on Friday at the request of the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office, who ordered that the 21-year-old be remanded in custody.

Turkey: Erdogan's "Holy War" Obsession

by Burak Bekdil
  • When non-Muslims deny Muslim minorities the rights that Muslim-majority countries systematically deny non-Muslim minorities, extremist Muslims in Turkey seem to have the habit of threatening non-Muslim lands with holy war.
  • President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who spoke of "a war between the cross and the crescent" because the Austrian government closed down seven mosques, does not seem to bother with any of those visible, documented cases of religious discrimination against non-Muslims and against Islam's minority sects.
  • Muslim leaders complain of travel bans on some Muslim nations, but many Muslim countries have travel bans against other Muslims in addition to banning Israelis.
When non-Muslims deny Muslim minorities the rights that Muslim-majority countries systematically deny non-Muslim minorities, extremist Muslims in Turkey seem to have the habit of threatening non-Muslim lands with holy war.
"Soon religious wars will break out in Europe. You are taking Europe toward an abyss. That's the way it's going," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's foreign minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, predicted in a 2017 speech. The minister was angry with the European states that had banned Turkish Islamist political shows in their territories.
On June 10, Erdoğan said: "These measures taken by the Austrian prime minister are, I fear, leading the world toward a war between the cross and the crescent."
So, once again, we are hearing promises of holy war, and an angry Islamist threatening a Christian state because a Christian state had decided to close down seven mosques and expel some 60 Turkish-funded imams as part of a crackdown on extremist Islam.
The Austrian authorities had already launched a probe after images emerged in April showing children in a Turkish-funded mosque playing dead and re-enacting the World War I battle of Gallipoli. The photos of children, published by the weekly Falter, showed the young boys in camouflage uniforms marching, saluting, waving Turkish flags and then playing dead. Their "corpses" were then lined up and draped in flags.
Turkish Islamists' understanding of religious freedoms is limited to freedom for the Islamic cause only, for example hereherehere and here. Their understanding of religious pluralism is limited to defending pluralism in Muslim-minority lands -- and majoritarianism in Muslim-majority lands, again as, for example, hereherehere and here.
Muslim leaders complain of travel bans on some Muslim nations, but some Muslim countries have travel bans against other Muslims, in addition to banning Israelis.
In a 2017 report, Turkey's Association of Protestant Churches noted that hate speech against the country's Christians had increased in both the traditional media and social media. Hate speech against Protestants, the report said, had persisted throughout 2016, in addition to physical attacks on Protestant individuals and their churches.
Andrew Brunson, an American pastor, has been in a Turkish jail for more than a year and a half on spurious charges of terrorism and espionage. He faces up to 35 years in prison.
American Pastor Andrew Brunson, pictured with his wife Norine, has been in a Turkish jail for more than a year and a half on spurious charges of terrorism and espionage. He faces up to 35 years in prison.
In Saudi Arabia deportation and a lifetime ban is the minimum penalty for non-Muslims trying to enter the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. In 2013, the Saudi Minister of Justice, Mohamed el-Eissi, insisted that "the cradle of the Muslim sanctities will not allow the establishment of any other places of worship".
The Saudis ban non-Muslim religious houses of worship. This ban comes from a Salafi tradition that prohibits the existence of two religions in the Arabian peninsula. Under the Saudi law all citizens must be Muslims; there is no legal protection for freedom of religion; and the public practice of non-Muslim religion is prohibited.
In Iran, where even non-Muslim female visitors must wear the Islamic headscarf, the government continues to imprison, harass, intimidate and discriminate against people based on their religious beliefs. A 2014 U.S. State Department annual report noted that non-Muslims faced "substantial societal discrimination, aided by official support".
Also in Iran, marriages between Muslim women and non-Muslim men are not recognized; the government does not ensure the right of citizens to change or renounce their religious faith. Furthermore, apostasy, specifically conversion from Islam, can be punishable by death. In 2013, 79 people from religious minorities were sentenced to a total of 3,620 months in prison, 200 months of probation, 75 lashes and 41 billion rials in fines [approximately $1.3 million].
Enter Erdoğan's Turkey again. The U.S. State Department's International Religious Freedom Report 2017, released this year, found that:
  • [The Turkish government's] Presidency of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) governs and coordinates religious matters related to Islam. Its mandate is to promote and enable the practice of Sunni Islam.
  • The government continued to prosecute individuals for "openly disrespecting the religious belief of a group" and continued to limit the rights of non-Muslim minorities, especially those not recognized under the 1923 Lausanne Treaty.
  • The government continued to treat Alevi Islam as a heterodox Muslim "sect," and continued not to recognize Alevi houses of worship.
  • The government closed two Shia Jaferi television stations based on allegations of spreading "terrorist propaganda."
  • Religious minorities said they continued to experience difficulties obtaining exemptions from mandatory religion classes in public schools, operating or opening houses of worship, and in addressing land and property disputes.
  • The government restricted efforts by minority religious groups to train their clergy.
  • The legal challenges of five churches, whose lands the government expropriated in 2016, continued; members of the churches said they still did not have access to their buildings.
  • The government did not recognize the right to conscientious objection to military service.
  • Alevis continued to face anonymous threats of violence. Threats of violence by ISIS and other actors against Jews, Protestants, and Sunni Muslims also continued.
  • Anti-Semitic discourse continued, as some pro-government news commentators continued to publish stories seeking to associate the 2016 coup plotters with the Jewish community.
  • These commentators also sought to associate the Orthodox ecumenical patriarch with the coup attempt.
  • Unidentified assailants vandalized some Protestant, Orthodox, Catholic, and Alevi places of worship, including marking red "X"s on the doors of 13 Alevi homes and attacking a Protestant church in Malatya.
Erdoğan, who spoke of a war between the cross and the crescent because the Austrian government closed down seven mosques, does not seem to bother with any of those visible, documented cases of religious discrimination against non-Muslims and against Islam's minority sects. This is vintage Erdoğan: Europe must treat its Muslim minorities well and with respect, or we will fight a holy war; for non-Muslim minorities in our Muslim lands, we give them two choices: convert to Islam or suffer the persecution.

Switzerland Welcomes Radicalization

by Judith Bergman
  • There are approximately 250 mosques in Switzerland, but the authorities do not know who finances them. By rejecting the proposal compelling mosques to disclose who finances them, the Swiss authorities can now remain willfully blind.
  • The Muslim World League is behind "a whole network of radically-oriented mosques in Switzerland... with the clear intention of spreading Salafist thought here". — Saïda Keller-Messahli, expert on Islam in Switzerland.
  • Above all, the Swiss government seems not to have considered the rights of Swiss non-Muslim citizens, who are the ones left to live with the consequences of the government's ill-thought-out policies.
Switzerland has just rejected a proposed law preventing mosques from accepting money from abroad, and compelling them to declare where their financial backing comes from and for what purpose the money will be used. According to the proposal, imams also would have been obliged to preach in one of the Swiss national languages.
While the proposal narrowly passed in the lower house of parliament already in September 2017, the upper house recently rejected it. The proposal was modeled on regulations in Austria, where already in 2015, a law banning foreign funding of religious groups was passed. The Austrian law aims to counter extremism by requiring imams to speak German, prohibiting foreign funding for mosques, imams and Muslim organizations in Austria, and stressing the precedence of Austrian law over Islamic sharia law for Muslims living in the country.
The Federal Council, which constitutes the federal government of Switzerland, was also against the proposal, and claimed that it constituted 'discrimination': "We must not discriminate against Muslim communities and imams and put them under general suspicion," Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga said. The Federal Council noted that in Austria, Islam is officially recognized, whereas it is not in Switzerland. According to the Swiss government, therefore, the model applied in Austria does not apply to Switzerland, as "One cannot demand obligations without rights". Instead, the Federal Council evidently believes that the risks posed by extremist Islamist preachers and communities can be combated within existing law.
There are approximately 250 mosques in Switzerland, but the authorities do not know who finances them. The authorities have no jurisdiction to collect data on the financing of Muslim associations and mosques apart from exceptional cases in which internal security is threatened. By rejecting the proposal compelling mosques to disclose who finances them, the Swiss authorities can now remain willfully blind.
Several experts have pointed out the foreign Muslim networks at work in Switzerland. In 2016, Reinhard Schulze, professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Bern, pointed out that donations from the Muslim World League, based in Saudi Arabia, and other funds from Saudi Arabia were flowing to "those mosques and organizations that are open to the Wahhabi tradition". Another expert on Islam in Switzerland, Saïda Keller-Messahli, has spoken and writtenwidely on how "Huge sums of money from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey are flowing to Switzerland", and how the Saudi-based Muslim World League is behind "a whole network of radically-oriented mosques in Switzerland... with the clear intention of spreading Salafist thought here".
In addition to the Salafist influence, there are an estimated 35 Turkish mosques, financed by Turkey's official Religious Affairs Directorate, known as Diyanet. (Previous reports have mentioned 70 Turkish mosques in Switzerland).
According to a report published by Diyanet in 2017, Islam is "superior" to Christianity and Judaism and "Interfaith dialogue is unacceptable". Turkey supports the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist off-shoot Hamas.
In fact, the building of another Turkish mosque was just given the go-ahead in the Swiss town Schaffhausen. The people behind it reportedly claim that the 1.5 million Swiss francs (approx. $1.5 million) will be collected locally, and not from Turkey, but the imams for the mosque will nevertheless be sent from Turkey.
None of these facts, however, appears to bother the Swiss government, which seems to want to continue the flow of foreign funding of mosques and Islamic centers into the country.
Above all, the Swiss government seems not to have considered the rights of Swiss non-Muslim citizens, who are the ones left to live with the consequences of the government's ill-thought-out policies.
One such consequence was recently on display in Swiss courts, as three board members of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ISSC) were on trial for charges of having produced illegal propaganda for al-Qaeda and related organizations. One of them, Naim Cherni, was given a suspended prison sentence of 20 months for publishing an interview he conducted with Saudi cleric Abdullah al-Muhaysini in Syria in 2015, in which al-Muhaysini called on young Muslims in Europe to join the jihad. The two other board members, chairman Nicolas Blancho and Qaasim Illi, were acquitted.
In contrast to Switzerland, Austria recently announced plans to shut down seven mosques and expelling up to 60 imams belonging to the Turkish-Islamic Union for Cultural and Social Cooperation in Austria (ATIB), a Muslim group close to the Turkish government, on the grounds of receiving foreign funding.
The response from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's spokesman was that the policy was part of an "Islamophobic, racist and discriminatory wave" in Austria.
The strong message that the Swiss government is sending to those Muslim states and organizations that are fueling radicalization in Switzerland by funding Salafist, Turkish and other radical mosques, is that they are welcome to continue doing so; the Swiss government has no intention of stopping them, let alone asking any unpleasant questions. It might as well put up a sign, saying, "Radicalization Welcome".

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Explosion reported at London subway -- Several people injured in minor explosion at Southgate Tube station in northern London.

An explosion was reported at the Southgate Tube station in northern London Tuesday evening. Police and emergency responders were called to the scene. Several people have been treated for injuries, but none of them were serious. British police said the explosion was "minor" and they were investigating what caused it. They advised people to avoid the area. “Enquires are ongoing to establish the cause of a reported minor explosion,” the Metropolitan Police said on Twitter. “We are not aware of any serious injury.”

Incident at tube station / Enquires are ongoing to establish the cause of the reported explosion, which appears to have been minor / We are not aware of any serious injury

Germany: Did a Moroccan truck driver kill Bamberg left-wing politician Sophia Lösche of the Social Democratic Party?

Dramatic development in the case of the missing hitchhiker Sophia (28) since last Thursday! The Spanish police arrested the truck driver who had hitched the student at a gas station in Schkeuditz (Saxony) on Tuesday. He is suspected of killing the woman!,view=conversionToLogin.bild.html

Relatives used Facebook and Twitter, but also leaflets, to search for a blue truck with a Moroccan license plate. He is said to have taken Sophia Lösche, at least a piece, they were sure of that. Around 17.45 she had spoken to several men at a motorway service area near Leipzig, a good half an hour later she got into a truck with a previously unknown person. At least that's what the police are currently assuming. 

It appears the truck has now been found. "It was a private investigation by the missing person's brother," says police spokeswoman Maria-Katharina Geyer. 

 He was able to find the truck driver in Spain via the forwarding agency 

who, according to a Facebook post from Sophia's brother, claims to have dropped her off alive and safe on the A9 motorway.