Monday, October 22, 2018

Germany: Afghan man threatens rail passengers with bomb

A 21-year-old Afghan national called attention to himself yesterday evening at 6 p.m. in Gräfenroda station by shouting loudly. He is also said to have uttered the word "bomb". Other passengers on the platform felt threatened and informed the state police about the emergency call. Thereupon, patrols of state and federal police drove to the station. The 21-year-old could still be caught on the platform by the arriving state police. After an explosives search dog, which was used at the same time, showed no behaviour typical of explosives, the officers opened the man's travel bag, in which nothing suspicious came to light. The Federal Police has initiated criminal proceedings against the man on suspicion of the threat and of disturbing public peace by threatening to commit criminal offences.

"Fucking German" -- migrants beat up kids

The newspaper SHZ reports:

In the pedestrian zone in Rendsburg about two weeks ago, there was a violent clash between children and migrants. One father turned to our newspaper in dismay and described the incident. Other parents also expressed concern. As police spokesman Sönke Hinrichs now confirmed on request, the incident took place on Sunday, 30th of September, about 04: 25 p.m. on the Hohe Street. Three teenagers at the age of 14 slightly injured a twelve-year-old boy. Among other things, he suffered bruises. According to police, a group of five children aged twelve and 13 years crossed the bridge square in the direction of Hohe Street. They met about eight youths, some of whom approached the children and insulted them. They wanted to go away. But the young people caught up with them. A twelve-year-old was punched in the face. When he lay on the ground, he was kicked. Passers-by interfered and called the police so that the young people fled. Other children were not injured. The personal details of the three attackers have been determined. The main perpetrator is known to the police, including for bodily injury. He was born in Germany and has a Turkish descent. The accomplices also have a migration background. The newspaper spoke to the mother of a twelve-year-old girl who had witnessed the crime. The woman wants to remain anonymous. She reported that the children wanted to go to the cinema.They had left the Rondo shopping centre in Büdelsdorf. Their destination was the Schauburg-Cinema.On the Schiffbrücken square they passed the youths sitting on a round bench in front of the Schiffbrücken gallery. One of them had insulted the twelve-year-old and shouted "Fucking German". The police spokesman confirmed that such an exclamation had been recorded. The mother describes that the migrant hit the boy twice in the face with his fist and once in the stomach. When the children left, the boy stumbled. While he was lying on the ground, two or three teenagers had kicked him. Others cheered them on. The boy suffered head injuries and was treated as an outpatient in the hospital.

Viennese Social Democrats want to cover up the proportion of immigrants from Islamic and non-European countries in community buildings

The EU Commission has denied media reports that the EU Data Protection Regulation prohibits name tags on doorbells and mailboxes. A spokesman for the EU authority said yesterday in Brussels that the EU regulation does not regulate this issue. "Now it's official! The Vienna SPÖ (Social Democratic Party of Austria) was never concerned with the observance of the basic data protection regulation: It was much more concerned with covering up the consequences of its naturalisation and immigration policy, which for a long time has been reflected in the door signs of the municipal buildings to this day," notes Johann Gudenus, the head of the Vienna FPÖ party. More and more Viennese people are still outraged by the unbelievable PR campaign of the former Viennese Housing City Council and today's Mayor Michael Ludwig, who, with his propagated "Austrian bonus" for the allocation of community housing, gave preference to immigrants from the Islamic and non-European area with a community housing apartment. "After the people of Vienna had turned their backs on the SPÖ in droves, new votes had to be won," says Gudenus. "However, the SPÖ calculation won't quite work out, especially since their protégés won't vote for Ludwig in the next election, but rather for Erdogan. In order to cover up the visible consequence of Ludwig's community building citizenships, which is manifested on name tags, the EU DSGVO ( EU Data Protection Regulation) has to serve as an excuse for the SPÖ. Yesterday, however, it is official: "The DSGVO has nothing to do with it", Gudenus concludes.

Germany: An Afghani man is bringing train traffic to a standstill

On Sunday evening at 6 p.m. there was a disturbance of the railway traffic in the area of the station in Gräfenroda. The Ilmenau police and the federal police were deployed there after several travellers felt threatened by a man screaming on the platform. As it turned out, he was a 21-year-old Afghan who had been on a train journey to Hamburg. Why he got off the train in Gräfenroda, of all places, and why the train continued without him remained his secret. To be on the safe side, the rail services were interrupted for a short time, and the man later told the police that he had only been upset about the train that had left. The Federal Police reported a threat and announced a criminal offence. It would now be interesting to know which crime the Afghan had announced and why this information is missing in the police report. Allahu Akbar ?

Belgium: Migrants Viciously Beat Up 68-Year-Old Man Because His Dog “Smelled”


A 68-year-old man in Turnhout, Antwerp had his face broken in 11 places after receiving a vicious beating from migrants who were offended by how the victim’s dog smelled.
Belgian broadcaster RTV reports that the man, Lucas Claes, was walking his dog in a park when it ran over to the group of migrants.

After disagreeing with the gang that his dog “smelled,” Claes was subjected to a brutal assault and lost consciousness.

“I woke up when a woman said: ‘Sir, are you alright’,” said Claes, who described his attackers as “foreigners”.

Claes was rushed to hospital, where he was treated for 11 breakages in his facial bones.

Claes said that despite being traumatized by the incident, he wouldn’t let it affect his routine, commenting, “What else can you do? The dog needs to be walked, there’s no other option.”

Only one of the five suspects has been arrested by police.

This is by no means the first instance of migrants assaulting an elderly person in Antwerp.

Back in July, an elderly handicapped woman was approached by a gang of a dozen migrant youths, pelted with large stones and called a “dirty, stinking Belgian.”

Like Molenbeek, Antwerp is notorious for parts of it being migrant-populated ghettos where crime and physical attacks are commonplace.

Last year, the Mayor was forced to slap a ban on public gatherings in the city after riots between Turkish and Kurdish migrants. Antwerp was also hit by widespread rioting in migrant areas in 2002.

Statistics show that around 75% of children in Belgium’s second largest city have migrant backgrounds.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s hope against the far-left establishment

Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro during a rally in Juiz de Fora on 06th september 2018
Antonio Scorza /

You’ve probably already heard about him in the media and it most likely was not positive. Things like “the monstrous homophobic, misogynist, racist thing” or the “pro-torture, far-right dictatorship-admiring former paratrooper”.
But is he a real villain?

Since the beginning of Brazilian democracy in 1985, the only viable candidates belonged either to centrist, social-democrat or the socialist Worker’s party, which has reigned since 2002. Any candidate from other parties was considered a lunatic by the media.

In the 33 years of left-leaning democracy, sexual education for kids replaced civic and moral disciplines, gay parades are being subsided by state funds, some public universities and offices must reserve places for afro-Brazilians, indigenous and transgenders, the punishment for criminals were softened, and guns, once easily available, were made illegal to civilians.

As well, homicides increased from 6104 to 63,880, a direct consequence of the centrist and leftist governments.

Bolsonaro has been in congress for some years. During this time his propositions were considered too radical or eccentric, such as chemical castration for rapists or jail for teenage criminals, though may sound reasonable to the average European citizen not used to a violence-ridden society.

He advocates taking back schools from liberal teachers, replacing manuals on masturbation and brochures on LGBT lifestyles, for a more disciplined education, and defunding the LGBT parades, stimulating entrepreneurship; to reduce public funding of media and artists; allow civilians to purchase guns to protect their families and to redirect resources from cultural projects to infra-structure.

And he spices his ideas by some politically incorrect statements that give him a lot of buzz. He needs that, since his campaign has four per cent of the resources of his rival.

Bolsonaro ideas are just the same as the average Brazilian, that is tired of having media and artists calling him a racist because he doesn’t accept to be murdered by the “victims of society”, or calling him an homophobic because he refuses to let his children to learn how to touch the genitals of other kids at school.

He is just a normal guy. Our guy.

Groups Promoting Anti-Brexit ‘People’s Vote’ March Funded by the EU

Some of the groups promoting the march for a so-called ‘People’s Vote’ for another Brexit referendum were directly funded by the EU, according to reports.

The People’s Vote campaign has been dubbed the ‘Losers’ Vote’ by critics, after the fact that ‘The People’ already voted against EU membership in the 2016 referendum on the issue.

It has also been described as ‘The Soros Vote’ by Nigel Farage, in a nod to the fact that many the people pushing hardest for a second referendum are super-rich establishment figures — billionaire plutocrat and open borders campaigner George Soros being foremost among them.However, there is evidence that some of the groups promoting the campaign’s march through metropolitan London on October 20th were directly funded by the EU itself — to the tune of hundreds of thousands of euros, according to Guido Fawkes.

The European Alternatives group received 300,000 euros — covering most of its 500,000 euro budget — from European Commission citizenship and justice programmes in 2016-17, according to EU documents, while the European Movement received an even more substantial sum of 350,000 euros from the bloc.

The European Movement, which is dedicated to “the establishment of a united, federal Europe” similar to the United States of America, and described its remit as “propaganda and other activities” in its memorandum of association, has played an interesting role in the Brexit story so far.

The official Remain campaign, Britain Stronger in Europe, was set up as the Interim Campaign Ltd by the European Movement’s chairwoman, Laura Sandys.

Remain campaign spin doctor Lucy Thomas denied any official link with the European Movment, but this appeared to be contradicted somewhat by literature from the European Movement’s youth wing which seemed to describe BSE as their campaign at its launch.

The European Movement also participated in the EU referendum as a registered campaigner in its own right — but was fined by the Electoral Commission “for delivering an incomplete and inaccurate spending return for the EU referendum” in a story which was widely unreported by the mainstream media.

Head of German Jewish community revealed to be non-Jewish

The 71-year-old chairman of the small Jewish community in the city of Pinneberg in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein faces an accusation from the magazine Der Spiegel that he is not Jewish, deceiving Jewish members since 2003. Spiegel reported in this week’s issue that Wolfgang Seibert fabricated his Jewish origin and is a Protestant whose family members fought for Nazi Germany in World War II against the allied powers. Seibert said he will consult with his attorney before issuing a public comment, adding that the contention that he plans to resign is false. The Jewish community in Pinneberg, a city of more than 42,000 residents, numbers 250 members. According to Spiegel, Seibert was born in 1947 as the son of the Protestant parents, and was baptized three days later. The magazine wrote that his grandparents were also Protestant. Seibert claims that his grandmother, Anna Katharina Schmidt, whose birth last name was Marx, survived Auschwitz. The magazine wrote Seibert’s claim about his grandmother cannot be true because her grandfather was Protestant. Jewish ancestors are not likely, added Spiegel, because Seibert’s grandfather on his father’s side was an officer in World War II and his father was an infantryman for Hitler’s army. Seibert was previously convicted a number of times for fraud and embezzlement.Seibert, according to the paper Die Welt, garnered media attention in 2014 when the Jewish community provided “asylum” for a Muslim refugee. The Pinneberg Jewish community represents liberal Judaism and Seibert has advocated Jewish-Christian dialogue over the years.
The case of Seibert’s alleged fake Jewish identity is not the first instance of non-Jewish Germans falsely depicting their religious background. A number of cases of Germans, who pretended to be Jews and attacked the Jewish state, have surfaced over the years.
The Jerusalem Post revealed in 2016 a teacher, Christoph Glanz, in the German state of Lower Saxony advocated a complete boycott of Israel posed as a Jew to sign a petition calling for all Palestinian refugees to be returned to the Jewish state.
The petition, titled “Jews for Palestinian Right of Return,” was located online and stated that “the Zionist regime officially denies the Nakba, the ethical equivalent of Holocaust denial.”
Michaela Engelmeier, a prominent Social Democratic politician, said at the time that Glanz is a “racist and antisemite.”
In 2012, a non-Jewish German poet and anti-Israel activist acknowledged that she fabricated her supposed service in the IDF during the First Lebanon War.
“I said I was in the IDF,” but “it was a lie,” said Irena Wachendorff, 51. She has called strong pro-Israel activists “the neo-Nazi troop among the Jews,” and expressed support for Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
Jennifer Pyka, a German investigative journalist in Munich, obtained evidence that contradicted Wachendorff’s alleged Jewish identity.
In 2010, Edith Lutz, a non-Jewish German who tried to break Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza aboard the catamaran Irene, said she converted to Judaism. The Irene was dubbed the “Jewish boat,” and garnered widespread media attention because of the presence of a small number of Jews onboard. Prominent German Jewish author and journalist Henryk M. Broder helped expose that Lutz did not convert to Judaism.

Left shakes in its boots at prospect of Bolsonaro yanking Brazil from Paris climate accord

By Monica Showalter
As Brazil prepares to elect Jair Bolsonaro, the Donald Trump-like contender for president currently the frontrunner in polls by a wide margin, the left responding approximately the same way the left responded over here. They're screaming bloody murder, chasing people from restaurants, rioting, and trying legal maneuvers to nullify the election that they know won't be going their way.

Funniest of all is the foreign left, however, which is gradually realizing that 'Tropical Trump' has every intention of pulling out of the Paris climate accord ... and destroying the planet.

Because ... rainforest.

We all know about the left's rainforest romance, what with Sting and Amazon's painted natives.

Seriously. One of them sounded the screech alarm at the Washington Post, in a column headlined 'How Brazil's Bolsonaro threatens the entire planet.'

Ishaan Thraroor wrote:

But while experts and pundits wring their hands over another blow to liberal democracy in the West, others see a more dire risk lurking behind Bolsonaro’s platform: The candidate’s potential war on the environment.

In speeches, Bolsonaro has declared that, like President Trump, he would pull his country out of the Paris climate accords. Courting the support of the powerful agribusiness lobby, Bolsonaro has railed against the country’s “excessive” policing of its rural areas and forests. He floated the idea of combining the country’s agriculture and environment ministries, which critics worry would enfeeble environmental protections. And he has long supported opening up indigenous areas, currently protected by the government, to agricultural and commercial use.

“Environmentalists fear that a Bolsonaro presidency will signal open season in the Amazon for illegal loggers, miners and crooked ranchers in Brazil, home to 60 per cent of the world’s largest rainforest,” noted the Financial Times.
So what he's saying is that the planet will no longer be saved if Brazil pulls out of the crummy little bureaucratic agreement that empowers European Union bureaucrats to act ever more high and mighty on us, with their central planning diktats, the detested Paris climate accord.

If Brazil pulls out, he warns, the planet will no longer be saved. Because see, the only thing that can save the planet is the Paris accord. The planet can't be saved otherwise.
Can you say 'hyperbole'?

The reality is, the U.S. pullout of the Paris accord has been the best thing that has ever happened to the planet. U.S. greenhouse gases, if that's what these people care about, have gone down, not up, and not just down, but below the target levels, while sanctimonious Europe's greenhouse gas levels continue to go up. Anybody criticizing Germany for emitting more greenhouse gases because it got rid of its nuclear power plants? Not hearing anything. And anybody praising the U.S. for cutting its emissions? Nope, not a peep.

Yet the U.S. has done that, the only one that has, and this is the result of going it alone, without Paris. According to a recent Investor's Business Daily editorial:
The EPA sampled more than 8,000 large factories and found that emissions of greenhouse gases had dropped 2.7% from 2016 to 2017. Most of the decline was due to reductions in CO2.
"The Trump Administration has proven that federal regulations are not necessary to drive CO2 reductions," said EPA action Administrator Andrew Wheeler. "While many around the world are talking about reducing greenhouse gases, the U.S. continues to deliver, and today's report is further evidence of our action-oriented approach."
This is no one-off, freak decline. Output of gases that can contribute to global warming have fallen sharply in recent years. It's a result of the fracking revolution producing enormous amounts of cheap, clean, plentiful natural gas — which has increasingly replaced coal and oil for energy production.
What all of this shows is that the Paris accord was not and never was about lowering greenhouse gases. It was just about signing on the dotted line for a feelgood virtue-signal and giving unelected EU- and UN-style bureaucrats more power.

Now we return to Brazil, which plainly sees the U.S. example, and wants to elect a president who will achieve the same results, a man who would privatize more land, because that's the best way to get rid of illegal loggers (these environmental bozos have never heard of the 'tragety of the commons') and dump prosperity fettering regulations. The left yells about that, too, as if prosperous Brazilians would somehow be against an environmentally sound country, and only poor ones would keep the country pristine.

You can see how stupid this is. Basically, the left is yelling that Bolsonaro's election means the planet will go unsaved. What's really unsaved is the environmental wacko groups out there, financed by lefty billionaires, who have built up such an environmenal-industrial complex that they have a stake in bigger government with more bureaucratic regulators to dictate their orders to.

And yes, a Brazil pullout will make the Paris climate accord irrelevant.

Some warning. All the rest of us can say is: Bring it on.

Germany: Attempted rape at shelter for asylum seekers -- Arab-looking perpetrator fled

An attempted rape occurred last Friday at 11.15 p.m. in Bruchsal, Grabener Street. At this time, a 22-year-old woman walked along the footpath and cycle path along the federal road B 35 in the direction of Heidelsheim. A man approached her at the height of the Lidl market there. After about 150 meters the woman noticed that the man had turned around and followed her. As they approached the refugee shelter there, he ran towards the woman, grabbed her by the neck and forearms and pulled her down a embankment, where the two fought. The woman lying on the floor resisted by stepping and punching, whereupon the man let go of her, crawled up the embankment and ran off towards Heidelsheim. The woman called her boyfriend, who in turn called the police. Immediately initiated investigations were negative. The woman suffered abrasions on both hands and slight haematomas on her knees, as well as a shock. According to initial investigations, the perpetrator may have escaped via a dirt path / footpath in the direction of the asylum seekers' home. Description of the perpetrator: Man, mid to late 20s, about 180 cm, slim, slender stature, prominent moustache, wore a blue denim jacket with a light collar, had a dark complexion, Arab appearance. Witnesses are kindly asked to report to the Police Department of the PP Karlsruhe, 0721/666-5555.

Western Germany: 42 Percent of Children Under Six Come from Migration Background

The population of Germany is rapidly transforming according to a new study which shows low birthrates, high emigration, and mass immigration have led to a dramatic decrease in the number of native Germans in the country.

The data comes from a two-year study by the German Federal Statistical Office which has shown not only has there been a strong increase of migrants coming to Germany from overseas, but also a strong trend of native Germans leaving to move abroad, Die Weltreports.

The effects are most clearly seen in western Germany where it is estimated that up to 42 percent of children under the age of six now come from a migration background, but the reason for the rapid change in demographics is not down to mass migration alone.In 2017, 249,000 German citizens left the country to move abroad, while 167,000 moved back from overseas, leading to a net drain of 82,000 Germans leaving the country — a trend that has been ongoing since 2005.Falling birthrates have also led to a decline among the native German population. As well as losing around 217,000 citizens due to emigration over the past two years, 500,000 more Germans died than were born over the same period. The result is a loss of 700,000 Germans in total, over only two years.

Combined with the pro-mass migration policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the figures point to a dramatic demographic shift, reflected in cities like Frankfurt where native Germans officially became a minority in June 2017.

Statistics released earlier this year showed mass migration to be the sole driver of population growth in Germany, a trend that has been seen across other western European countries as well.

In total, nearly one in four German residents, 19.3 million people, now come from a migration background.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Germany: Is the pro-Muslim chairman of the Jewish community an impostor? "Neither born nor converted Jewish"

Wolfgang Seibert (71), chairman of the Jewish Community of Pinneberg, has rejected the accusation that he is not Jewish. Seibert said on Saturday that he wanted to make a public statement on the accusation in the course of the coming week if he had consulted with his lawyer. The assertion that he would give up his office as chairman of the congregation would also be wrong. According to research by the weekly Spiegel, Seibert was neither born nor converted Jewish. Accordingly, he was born on 16 August 1947 in Frankfurt on the Main as the son of Protestant parents and was baptized three days later.His grandparents had also been Protestant. Seibert's assertion that his grandmother Anna Katharina Schmidt (née Marx) was an Auschwitz survivor could not be true because her grandfather had already been Protestant. Jewish ancestors are also unlikely, writes the "Spiegel," because Seibert's paternal grandfather in World War II was a non-commissioned officer and his father a grenadier. If they had been regarded as Jews, they would not have been recruited to the Wehrmacht. Wolfgang Seibert also made headlines nationwide when his congregation granted church asylum to a Muslim refugee in the summer of 2014.

Israeli publicist calls the former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, an idiot

Charlotte Knobloch likes it to call at every opportunity the Islam-critical AfD party a "Nazi party" and likes it to present herself with politicians from the left-wing extremist parties GRÜNE and SPD.
The former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany is now considerably criticized by Jews in Israel and by Jewish fellow citizens in Germany.

In response to a critical article on Mrs. Knobloch written by Josef Hueber for the Internet portal Philosophia Perennis (tweet below the letter), Hueber received a praising letter from Sarah Honig, until recently editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post. Here is the wording of the letter:

Dear Josef,
This is a fantastic piece!!!
You’ve truly outdone yourself!!!
Not only do I fully agree with the very compelling points you are making, but I found your text fascinating in wholly different ways as well.
We always tend to travel within our own intellectual parameters. This includes more than history and ideology. We are very much bound by cultural and linguistic constraints too.
Thus, almost all the names you alluded to in your column were foreign and unknown to me.  I found it intriguing to discover an array of historians with whom I was unfamiliar.
I didn’t ever hear before of the Jewish idiot who apparently considers that her identity lends special authority to whatever cause she seeks to promote.
Hence she reserves for herself the right to throw about the “Nazi” adjective.
These characters abound in Israel’s own far-Left. As you may guess, I abhor them.
But it’s more than just an infuriating choice of vocabulary.
The bottom line is that all those who routinely label their assorted opponents as Nazis or racists, are downplaying what the real Nazis did.
Likewise, this is true for all those who presume to call every massacre a “genocide” (a term invented after WWII to describe specifically what was done done to the Jews).
It devalues the Holocaust when the term “holocaust” is applied to every bloody conflict in which both sides butcher each other.
This is an attempt to turn the real Holocaust into a banality.
But the Holocaust was tragically unique.
The Jews weren’t a side to the war and most German Jews were true German patriots.
Whole Jewish families were torn away from their existence and cold-bloodedly reduced to human dust.
It was a gradual, a sadistically premeditated and a devilishly deceptive process.
Every single Jew or part-Jew was marked for death. These Jews were robbed of their human identity, humiliated, disgraced, starved, enslaved, tortured, used for cynical pseudo-medical experiments, made objects of cruel amusements for their tormentors and by the time these victims were finally executed, not much remained of who they once were.
There’s no comparing this to a massacre where the victims are still in possession of human dignity and who in most cases are affiliated with a combative side to the conflict.
The aim to paint Israelis as Nazis or to cheapen the memory of the Holocaust is one and the same.
What a dreadfully sad world we live in!!!
What a marvelous job you did in exposing an aspect of the hideousness of the hypocrisy of the so-called politically correct preachers of multicultural trash!!!

Wishing you the best,

Charlotte Knobloch's grotesque attack on the US ambassador Richard Grenell is a crime against Judaism! It doesn't matter if she did this in the context of an attack against the AfD, because Richard Grenell is a true friend of Israel.However, Charlotte Knobloch is not a traitor, because she is not a Jew, but she is a member of the anti-Semite party "SPD"! Charlotte Knobloch's mother was an Aryan Catholic and raised her daughter as a Catholic. What her father was, who survived the Nazi regime unscathed, is not well documented, but even if he was a Jew, he never intervened in her upbringing.Knobloch has been active throughout her life in the Munich SPD and is now campaigning for the SPD's election campaign, in addition to real estate deals in SPD-led cities.In the 1920s, the Munich SPD had massively and successfully campaigned for the criminal asylum seeker Adolf Hitler to remain in Germany, thus preventing his deportation to Austria. Charlotte Knobloch is simply an ordinary left-wing Germanic German in Jewish costume.Charlotte Knobloch is despicable beyond all measure. 

 signed Dr. med. Adam Daniel Poznanski (ad Adam Daniel Poznanski (adam dan ben avigdor ha levi) Israeli and German citizen.