Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Watch! Swedish migrant rioters set cars ablaze

Swedish police officers were last night forced to fire live ammunition at mobs of masked rioters that hurled stones at them in the Stockholm district of Rinkeby. The vicious attacks in the migrant-dominated neighbourhood followed the attempted arrest of a wanted criminal. Only eight days ago, similar worrying skirmishes took place in Rinkeby.
The authorities had initially reported on “warning shots being fired”, but a few hours ago, police stated that the officers actually tried to hit the stone-throwers, daily Aftonbladet reports. According to police, none of the attackers was hit by the officers’ bullets.
During this night’s riots, that lasted several hours, Rinkeby not only witnessed assaults on police but cases of larceny were registered as well. Furthermore, about a dozen cars have been set alight by the local youths, that subsequently blocked roads in order to prevent fire department units getting through. Shops were plundered and civilians were beaten, some of whom were also robbed, but no arrests have been made so far. Rinkeby is considered by many to be Sweden’s most notorious no-go zone.

Yesterday’s violence started after police tried to arrest a wanted person in Stockholm’s subway system. The situation escalated quickly when “a large number” of onlookers started hurling stones at the officers. According to the detective in charge, Sylvia Odin, police “felt vulnerable” and the situation was described as “highly threatening.” Eventually, police had to withdraw from the scene.
Lars Bystrom, who is the spokesperson for Stockholm’s police, told Expressen TV that eventually police even had to withdraw their patrols from the scene and subsequently retreated to a gas station after one of the officers was hit by a stone. Bystrom calls the attacks “planned and orchestrated.”
 “A number of young men appeared at the location and they started throwing stones at the police. We don’t know how many there were.”
According to a witness, at least 30 persons were involved in the Rinkeby rioting.
Previous ‘incident’ in the no-go zone
About one week ago, 3 police officers ended up in hospital after being assaulted by some 30 Rinkeby youths. This attack as well started in response to an attempted arrest of a gangster. Youngsters beat and kicked police constables, while stones and bottles were hurled at the officers of the law. The authorities then stated:
“Of course it’s serious when police officers on duty are attacked in this way. Unfortunately, this is the reality… for officers.”


What is a Killer Imam Doing in Public Libraries in Canada?

by Saied Shoaaib
  • How is it possible that books that advocate violence and extremism meet the "selection criteria" of the Ottawa Public Library, but those that speak out against violence and extremism do not?
  • The presence of these Islamic books, and these books alone, in Canada's public libraries, without any others to contradict them, gives them legitimacy. They are seen to represent a certain form of Islam that the government of Canada and the City of Ottawa recognize.
  • This indicates that there is official support for the extremist and terrorist version of Islam, and at the same time no support for a humanist interpretation of Islam.
  • This surah [4:74] also indicates that if you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country, then you are in a state of war against your host country. If you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country, then you are living with the enemy.
  • If we are to reject this danger, it is important that libraries and other institutions have books that reject these Islamist views and confront their hatred, extremism and violence.
The Muslim Brotherhood classifies as one of their great intellectual leaders Imam Mohammed al-Ghazali (1917-1996). He famously decreed that the assassination of the Egyptian Muslim thinker, Farag Foda, was acceptable. In the views of al-Ghazali, Farag Foda was an apostate for defending secular values and human rights. Moreover, al-Ghazali went into an Egyptian court and defended the assassins: "Anyone who openly resisted the full imposition of Islamic law," he said, "was an apostate who should be killed either by the government or by devout individuals." He added: "There is no penalty in Islam to kill the apostate by yourself when the government fails to do so."
In public libraries across Canada (and elsewhere), the books of Imam al-Ghazali are available, along with others that incite hatred, violence and terror, by authors such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Imam Nawawi. There is not a single Arabic language book in a library that I have visited in Ottawa that attacks or criticizes terrorism and violence and hatred.
A copy of One Hundred Questions in Islam by Dr. Muhammad al-Ghazali, found in the Ottawa Public Library. The image at right shows the inside cover of the book, with the Ottawa Public Library Stamp.

The Significance

The Ottawa Public Library apparently prefers Arabic-language books of this extremist nature and rejects those that advocate resistance to extremism or advocates in favour of a modernist Islam.
As an experiment, I donated two books to the Ottawa Public Library. One book was titled The Demise of the State of Brotherhood, released in Egypt in January 2013. At that time, the Muslim Brotherhood was the ruling party (FJP) in Egypt. This book addresses the seriousness of the political and religious project of the Muslim Brotherhood and how it worked to establish a religious and theocratic authoritarian state. This government in Egypt was, for the Muslim Brotherhood, a part of the larger effort to restore the Islamic caliphate project around the world.
The second book was entitled, The Sins of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. It was released in 2010 and documented a dialogue conducted by the author with the former Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Mohammed Mahdi Akef (2006). It was in this dialogue that General Guide Akef made his famous statement "I don't give a damn about Egypt and these people in Egypt." Akef made it clear that his views on the Muslim Brotherhood and its project of recreating a caliphate took precedence over the needs and views of the people of Egypt. The book was threatened with legal action.
Several months after donating the two books to the Ottawa Public Library, there was no response. After inquiring further, they then told me that the books were not acceptable as they did not meet their "selection criteria." The exact statement from library employee was:
"I have contacted my colleagues at the acquisitions department about the books you donated to the library in the past. They no longer have them, which means that when they received them they didn't pass our selection criteria."
How is it possible that books that advocate violence and extremism meet the selection criteria of the Ottawa Public Library, but those that speak out against violence and extremism do not? Those who donated the other books appear to have been Islamists: they donated books that advocate the terrorist discourse. Yet the library selection committee approves of them.

Can Such Books Create Extremism and Terrorism?

The answer in the Islamist case is: Yes. Many books are available in bookstores and libraries which incite violence, such as Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, or books that promote the colonial period of the West. There are also non-Islamic religious books that incite hatred, but these no longer seem to lead others to kill.
Many governments and individuals have apologized for these past crimes. Germany, for example has apologized for the crimes of the Holocaust against the Jews (but not Austria, Hitler's birthplace); the Spanish government has apologized for the expulsion of Muslims from Andalusia, even though they are the descendants of the invading Arabs. (N.B. The Ottawa Public Library does have copies of Mein Kampf available, but it also has books on the Holocaust and a variety of history books on Word War Two.)
With modern extremist Islam, the situation is different. Its past, along with its ideas and bloody history, remain active today and act as an engine to drive reality. The prevailing Islamist culture has not gotten beyond its past: it does not spread a humanist interpretation of Islam or of the texts that are often used to spread hatred, extremism and terrorism. Today's Islamist Muslims have not apologized for the crimes their ancestors, committed when they invaded much of the rest of the world and formed colonial empires. The opposite is true: they seem very proud of this colonial era and frequently refer to the high-water marks of the empires as the "Golden Age of Islam."
ISIS, for example, wants directly to apply what is in the ancient texts and religious history: to restore the face of Islamist colonial empire. They literally apply the texts that incite violence, directly, without any modern re-interpretation. ISIS is the daughter of the traditional Islamic culture that is now found across the Sunni world.
The presence of these Islamic books, and these books alone, in Canada's public libraries, without any others to contradict them, gives them legitimacy. They are seen to represent a certain form of Islam that the government of Canada and the City of Ottawa recognize.
This indicates that there is official support for the extremist and terrorist version of Islam, and at the same time no support for a humanist interpretation of Islam.
Unfortunately, it seems that Canada and the West fight "terrorism" everywhere, but they do not close the factories of extremism and terrorism in their own countries. This view seems to exist not only in public libraries but also in the libraries of many of the mosques, the speeches of many imams, many Islamic schools and in other institutions controlled by the Islamists.[1]

Do the Ghazali Books Support Terrorism?

The Ottawa Public Library has, as noted above, many books by Muhammad al-Ghazali. His ideas are close to those of the Muslim Brotherhood and a lesson in how Muslim extremist and terrorist beliefs are created. Ghazaii, for instance, argues that a place can be considered a "home of peace" [Dar al Islam] when it is ruled by Muslims and the law of Allah and his messenger are applied to all. A place can be considered a "home of war" [Dar al Harb] if the place is inhabited by unbelievers of Islam or those who object to it.[2]
Ghazali also cites the Qur'an specifically saying:
"Let those fight in the cause of God who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fights in the cause of God, whether he is slain or victorious, soon we shall give him a great reward." -- Surah 4:74
This surah means that those who kill infidels, whether victorious or not, will get a great reward in Jana (paradise). This surah also indicates that if you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country, then you are in a state of war against your host country. If you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country, then you are living with the enemy.

Hatred of Canada and the West

Ghazali -- apparently forgetting that the Muslims invaded Persia, the Christian Byzantine Empire in Turkey, all of North Africa and the Middle East, Greece, Spain and most of eastern Europe -- claims that global colonization (by the West) is rooted on an ongoing deep hatred of Islam, and an enormous desire to destroy it. After weakening the Ottoman Turkish caliphate and having carved up its territory, the West gave it a fatal blow in the wake of the First World War, and wiped out the official presence of Islam in the international field. Ghazali writes on page 221 of One Hundred Questions About Islam that the laws that came out of Western colonialism were created to dominate the Islamic nation militarily and defeat it politically. He characterizes these laws as distorting the face of Islam, and having the goal of destroying the foundations of Islam.
So, a Muslim living in Canada who is exposed to these teachings is led to believe that he or she should hate their new home country. They are led to believe that they belong to another entity (an Islamist caliphate) and that it is their duty to build this caliphate on the ruins of Western civilization.
Most of the Arabic-language books on Islam in the West incite extremism and terrorism. If we are to reject this danger, it is important that libraries and other institutions have books that reject these Islamist views and confront their hatred, extremism and violence.

[1] Lovers of Death, Islamist Extremism is our Mosques, Schools and Libraries.
[2] One Hundred question in Islam, Dr. Muhammad al-Ghazali, Page 349.

Soros-Funded Org Urges ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ of Journalistic Vocabulary on Immigration

An Italian lobby group is insisting on purging journalistic language of all references to migrants that could carry a negative connotation, including such terms as “illegal immigrants.”

The list of forbidden terms to be expunged from news reporting comprises expressions that underscore the ethnicity of certain migrant groups or their illegal status. Terms like “clandestini” (clandestine migrants), “zingari” (gypsies), “nomadi” (nomads), “extracomunitari” (those coming from outside the European Union) and others like them are marked for extermination.
Even such precise terms as “Albanian,” “Maghrebi” and “Chinese” should be excluded from news reports, the association contends, because “today, they are no longer neutral.” The group also insists that the ethic origin of perpetrators of crimes should not be mentioned in news stories so as not to create an association of malfeasance with migrants.
“Islamic extremists” should simply be referred to as “extremists,” the guide declares, to avoid stirring up prejudice against Muslims.
The politically correct guide to reporting on immigration is the brainchild of cartadiroma.org, an immigration lobbying association financed by left-wing billionaire George Soros through his Open Society Foundations. According to reports, the anti-populist magnate has been pouring “hundreds of thousands of dollars” into U.S. protests against President Donald Trump.
George Soros is also the third largest donor to Planned Parenthood, providing millions of dollars annually to America’s largest abortion provider.
As a committed globalist, Soros has struggled to undermine the national sovereignty of individual countries, pushing for greater decision-making at the supranational level.
“Insofar as there are collective interests that transcend state boundaries, the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions,” he wrote.
Perhaps more to the point, however, Soros is also financial backer of Media Matters for America, a progressive media watchdog group that attacks alternative media and works to make sure that no conservative views make it into the mainstream media.
On the English-language version of its website, Carta di Roma states that it was founded in 2011 “with the goal of implementing the Journalist’s Code of Conduct on immigration.” Carta di Roma “seeks to be a stable reference point for those who work on daily basis with media and minorities issues: journalists, media operators, as well as various institutions, associations and activists involved in promoting and supporting the rights of asylum seekers, refugees, minorities and migrants in the field of media reporting,” the site says.

Despite their hyperattention to precision in language, the group insists on referring to the U.S. temporary travel ban by the tendentious label of “Muslim ban” in its attacks on President Trump’s executive order.

Trump is correct: Sweden hiding behind alt facts on rape

By Ethel C. Fenig

President Donald Trump (R) (and doesn't that phrase sound wonderful, especially considering what was the alternative?) insulted Sweden by mentioning...um, certain unpleasant events against some Swedish citizens by some other Swedish residents who are...um....newly arrived from...um...other nations where the dominant religion is not... um, Amish.   Their backgrounds shall be unmentioned by me because Sweden and other lefties would consider that racist, but others consider it racist not to mention it.  
Making a larger argument about the alleged threat posed by admitting migrants from majority-Muslim countries, Trump ominously warned:
We've got to keep our country safe. You look at what's happening in Germany, you look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible.
There was, of course, no terrorist or refugee-related incident in Sweden on Friday, as Swedes have been helpfully pointing out since Trump's apparently unscripted remark.  After mentioning the so-called incident, Trump went on to list a series of places in Europe where there have, in fact, been Islamist terrorist attacks over the last few years, but no such horrors have happened in Sweden.
Former Swedish Foreign Minister tweeted https://twitter.com/carlbildt/status/833219648044855296
Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound.
But Bildt also later tweeted:
Last year there were app 50% more murders only in Orlando/Orange in Florida, where Trump spoke the other day, than in all of Sweden. Bad
Orlando...Orlando...that sounds familiar.  Oh, yeah: Disney World.  And this.
Forty-nine people were killed and dozens more were wounded after a gunman opened fire and took hostages at a LGBT-friendly nightclub in Orlando on Sunday, June 12.
And the gunman was Omar Mateen born in America to Afghan Muslim refugee parents.  Afghanistan is a Muslim major majority country.  http://www.cnn.com/2016/09/23/us/orlando-shooter-hostage-negotiator-call/
Omar Mateen, the gunman who killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in June, repeatedly told a police hostage negotiator that he was a soldier of ISIS and that the United States had to stop its bombing in Syria and Iraq, according to a police transcript released Friday.
Oh, yeah – that Orlando.  
Trump later clarified that he was referring to a report from Fox News' Tucker Carlson.
"He was talking about rising crime and recent incidents in general, and not referring to a specific incident," Sanders said.
On Friday night, the Fox News host Tucker Carlson presented a segment with the film-maker Ami Horowitz, who claims that the migrants Sweden has accepted are linked to crime.
"Sweden had its first terrorist Islamic attack not that long ago, so they're now getting a taste of what we've been seeing across Europe already," Horowitz claimed, without specifying what attack he was alluding to. "They oftentimes try to cover up some of these crimes."
Sweden suffered a suicide bombing by an Iraqi-born Swedish citizen in Stockholm in 2010, a year before civil wars began in Syria and Libya and unrest across the Middle East pushed millions of people to flee their homes, many into Europe. Crime rates in Sweden have changed little over the last 10 years, according to the 2016 Swedish Crime Survey.
Well, actually crime rates, especially sex assaults, have increased by 49%.
Meanwhile, crime in Malmo, Sweden has spiked; it is called Europe's rape capital.  All of this has coincided with the arrival of  new immigrants from Muslim countries, which Sweden has sought for diversity.
Rape is rampant in Sweden. Recently a woman was kidnapped by two asylum seekers who raped her for a week. With around 6.000 reported rapes and many, many more unreported rapes, Sweden is one of the countries in the world with the highest rape rate per citizen.
Then there is this interesting fact: "Sweden and Denmark have highest number of sexual assaults in Europe[.]"
According to the Institute, the fact that "in 1975 the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the former homogenous Sweden into a multicultural county" was of relevance when discussing why the number of rapes had increased.
It said: "Over the past 10 to 15 years, immigrants have mainly come [into Sweden] from Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria and Somalia. Might this influx explain Sweden's rape explosion?
"It is difficult to give a precise answer, because Swedish law forbids registration based on people's ancestry or religion.
"One possible explanation is that, on average, people from the Middle East have a vastly different view of women and sex than Scandinavians have.
"And despite the attempts by the Swedish establishment to convince that everyone setting foot on Swedish soil becomes exactly like those who have lived here for dozens of generations, facts point in an altogether different direction."
Back to another report on Fox News.  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/02/20/trump-may-have-been-unclear-but-sweden-experiencing-migrant-crime-wave.html
Trump may have been unclear, but Sweden experiencing a migrant crime wave
Police investigator Peter Springare isn't likely to be among those mocking President Trump for his remarks about refugees in Sweden.
Trump's comments during a Florida campaign rally on Saturday – which some took as a misstatement about a supposed terror attack – dovetail with what Springare has been seeing during a typical week in Orebro, Sweden. Five rapes, three assaults, a pair of extortions, blackmail, an attempted murder, violence against police and a robbery made up Springare's caseload for a five-day period earlier this month, according to a Feb. 3 Facebook post he wrote. The suspects were all from Muslim-majority countries – Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Turkey – save for one Swedish man nabbed in a drug-related case.
"Mohammed, Mahmod, Ali, again and again," Springare wrote of those arrested.
Springare, who was briefly investigated for possible hate crime incitement based on his post, managed to elucidate what Trump only hinted at during a Florida campaign speech – somewhat opaquely. ...
Last month, the police chief for the southern Swedish city of Malmo issued a desperate plea for help curtailing a plague of attempted murders, beatings and rapes. About 32 percent of Malmo's occupants are migrants, although it is not clear what role migrants play in the crime wave.
"We cannot do it on our own," Chief Stefan Sinteus wrote in an open letter about the "upward spiral of violence."
And Sinteus is not merely dealing with typical crimes that any modern city would witness.
Malmo had 52 hand grenade attacks in 2016 alone, a jump from 48 attacks in 2015, according to figures provided by the Swedish Police Authority.
Nationwide, the terror threat level is at "elevated" and police believe at least 300 Swedish nationals have travelled to Syria and Iraq for jihadi training. On Feb. 11, a Swedish man and a Danish man were arrested in Turkey, suspected of plotting to carry out attacks in Europe. Tofik Saleh, a 38-year-old Swedish citizen of Iraqi origin, had been training with ISIS since 2014, officials said.
On the same day Springare posted his screed, a Swedish court turned over to Belgium evidence – seized in Malmo – in connection with the 2016 Brussels terror attacks, prosecutors said. ...
Sweden has taken in 650,000 asylum-seekers during the past 15 years – including 163,000 in 2015 alone, The Spectator reported. Of those refugees, 35,000 were unaccompanied children – or at least claimed to be. The children – mostly males from Afghanistan and Somalia – are only identified as minors by the age the applicant gives. The only time an applicant-provided age is rejected is if it's "obviously" untrue, though there's no clear definition of "obviously." The Spectator interviewed asylum-seekers who admitted to lying about their age to improve their chances of avoiding deportation.
Sweden is a vicious critic of Israel.  Eight years ago, succumbing to pressure,
the country reluctantly admitted an Israeli star tennis player to play in a World Tennis Association match.
Sweden may be repeating some shameful behavior.  Although the Swedes allowed Israelis to enter the country for the Davis Cup to be played in Malmo, their third largest city, they strictly limited attendance to the game to 300 spectators , claiming  they couldn't guarantee  security at the arena.
(PS: the Israeli defeated the Swedish player.)  
 Does this answer your questions, Foreign Minister Bildt?  If not, I'm talking to you, Sweden and all those alt left "resisters" and even garden-variety liberals: all of you inhabiting some alt universe where Trump as evil while his supporters are crazed, bigoted, and oh yes, irredeemably deplorable, but you, the sanctimonious, self-righteous critics, are so perfect you don't have to be redeemed and are non-un-deplorable – get over yourselves.  You aretotally wrong, totally delusional
Study fact facts.



Denmark wants to halt handing out social benefits relating to ‘sickness’ or ‘disabilities’ to Muslim citizens who headed for the Middle East in order to join the ranks of the Islamic State terror group. A bill that, among others, aims to prevent Danes that are funded by the Danish state from fighting overseas, where their actions undermine the interests of Denmark, has therefore been presented in parliament this morning.
The legal initiative was accompanied by a report from the Police Intelligence Service (PET) proving that state-funded Danish nationals were fighting for IS in Syria and Iraq, BT reports. Employment minister Troels Lund Poulsen commented on the issue:
“It is simply an outrage that we’re spending public welfare money on people traveling to Syria or elsewhere in the world and undermine the democracy that we in Denmark for hundreds of years have been fighting for.”
Poulson, who himself acknowledged the absurdity of the situation, has now announced that he’s going to stop the payments as soon as possible. He will also examine possible legal loopholes which enable the jihadists to live off Danish tax payer money:
“Residing in a war zone and directly or indirectly taking part in military operations is in no way in line with receiving disability payments. Those benefits are meant for persons who cannot work.”
The current legal framework considers reports by PET on Danes fighting in Syria or Iraq as being insufficient to stop them from receiving grants relating to sickness or disabilities. According to a written government statement, the payment of benefits can so far be halted only if a person is fleeing detention after being sentenced or, for example, when a convict has violated the terms of his parole.
The PET findings have certainly upset Naser Khader, who is the Conservatives’ spokesman on immigration and integration. He said:
“The fact that Danish public institutions are indirectly financing terror is insane.”
Bent Bogsted, from the Danish People’s Party, also wasn’t amused by the report, stating that:
“it is highly surprising that you can be ill enough to get a disability pension while simultaneously be sufficiently fit to wage wars.”
Two months back, daily Ekstra Bladet reported on some 36 Danes living on unemployment benefits while fighting for the caliphate, a phenomenon that’s certainly not limited to the little Scandinavian country but, for example, exists in Belgium as well.

Furious row erupts WITHIN Merkel’s government as ‘minister enforces MEAT BAN at functions’

ANGELA Merkel’s government has descended into disarray after the environment minister reportedly banned the consumption of meat at official functions.Barbara Hendricks is said to have imposed her meat-ban after insisting meat is damaging to the environment and vegetarian food should only be served at official events, according to the Telegraph. But a rival minister accused her of “nanny-statism” and trying to force vegetarianism on people “by the back door”.Christian Schmidt, the food minister reportedly said: “I’m not having this Veggie Day through the back door. “I believe in diversity and freedom of choice, not nanny-statism and ideology. Instead of paternalism and ideology. Meat and fish are also part of a balanced diet.” The ban is said to have emerged in an email from a senior civil servant in the environment ministry to department heads. The email reportedly said the ministry has a responsibility to combat the “negative effects of meat consumption” and must “set an example”. According to polls, Merkel is set to be ousted as German Chancellor by former EU chief Martin Schulz.The survey puts Ms Hendricks’ centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) party one point ahead of Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU). The SPD has now gained a record-breaking 12 points since unveiling Mr Schulz as its candidate for the Chancellery last month.Ms Hendricks who has been accused of meddling in citizens’ private lives also faced cries of hypocrisy, after it emerged meat and fish are still available to ministry officials in the staff canteen.In a statement, the environment ministry said: “We’re not tell anyone what they should eat. But we want to set a good example for climate protection, because vegetarian food is more climate-friendly than meat and fish.”

Monday, February 20, 2017

Muslim Officials in Europe Reject Asylum Requests by Persecuted Iraqi Christians

This is part of the tragic narrative of Christian persecution. Middle Eastern Jews fled Muslim persecution to Europe. And then Muslims followed them to resume that persecution. Now Middle Eastern Christians flee Muslim persecution only to find Muslims entrenched in positions of power in Europe.
This account comes from Gatestone Europe's reporting.
German broadcaster Welt24 reports, that a few days ago, German politician Wolfgang Bosbach met a Christian Iraqi family in Nordrhein-Westphalia (his constituency), who had recently applied for asylum in Germany.
Bosbach heard them tell how they had fled their country for fear of jihadist violence. Eventually, they reached the part of their story, in which they filled in their asylum application, in one of the foreign offices of the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). There, they faced a BAMF employee with a headscarf, who was going to decide whether or not they, Christians, would get protected status.
" I cannot understand, why only Muslims in BAMF get to decide whether or not Christians, who fled from radical Muslims, get the right to stay in the Federal Republic of Germany.”

We have already seen previous reports of Muslim translators undermining efforts by Christian refugees to find sanctuary from Islamic persecution.
Iranian and Afghani migrants converting to Christianity after arriving in Germany are having their words deliberately misquoted by Muslim translators in a bid to ruin their asylum applications, a pastor in Berlin has claimed.

And so real refugees are obstructed. While fake Islamic refugees fill Europe and America.

Establishment media mocks Trump for Sweden comment while Swedish MP’s demand billions for police amid growing crisis

The establishment propaganda media is indeed, as President Trump said, “the enemy of the American people.” The latest is that Trump is a fool for referring to trouble in Sweden, because everything is going swimmingly there. Scroll through the stories here and tell me that all is well.
And the news story below has this: “In February 2016, the National Criminal Investigation Service was forced to admit more than 50 areas in were now labelled as “no-go zones” as sex crimes, attacks on police, drug dealing and children carrying weapons were common occurrences.” Wow, Trump is really an idiot, eh?
In the ridiculous and fact-free Vox piece excerpted below, “journalist” Zack Beauchamp invokes another hard-Left “journalist,” Doug Saunders (not excerpted below), who attempts to explain away Sweden’s rape epidemic as resulting not from Muslim migrants, but from increased reporting. Funny how that increased reporting coincides exactly with the migrant influx. There also seems to have been, coincidence of coincidences, an increase in reporting of rapes right around the same time in Cologne and elsewhere in Europe. Doug Saunders, meanwhile, is a shameless Left-propagandist who a few years ago misrepresented my remarks critical of Obama on a Russian news program as evidence that I was attacking “the United States” (who knew that Obama equaled the United States?) and endorsing Putin’s repressive measures. (This was, as it turns out, a foretaste of the Left’s cynical and hypocritical hysteria over Russia that it took up in earnest during the 2016 presidential campaign.) Doug Saunders has the journalistic integrity of Josef Goebbels — which is, of course, why someone like Zack Beauchamp invokes him as an authority.
“As enemedia mocks Trump for Sweden comment, Swedish MP’s demand billions for police amid growing crisis,” by Pamela Geller, The Geller Report, February 20, 2017:
This is why President Trump called the media “the enemy of the American people.” They’re actively lying to the public to keep them ignorant about what is really happening. The brouhaha over Trump’s remarks about Sweden is a case in point. Practiced liar Zack Beauchamp of Vox took aim at Trump and fired with the piece below, which is as fanciful as it is dangerous.
“Trump’s invention of a Swedish terrorist attack was funny. But it likely comes from a dark place,” by Zack Beauchamp, Vox, February 19, 2017:
Saturday night, President Donald Trump held a rally in Melbourne, Florida, where he attempted to defend his controversial “Muslim ban” executive order by pointing to the consequences of migration in Europe. He focused on an unspecified event that took place “last night in Sweden:”
When you look at what’s happening in Germany, when you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden — Sweden! Who would believe this? Sweden! They took in large numbers, they’re having problems like they never thought possible.
The only problem is that nothing happened the prior night in Sweden. The Swedish daily Aftonbladet quickly compiled a list of of noteworthy things that happened on Friday; they included a drunken-driving arrest and “some technical problems” during 87-year-old crooner Owe Thörnqvist’s rehearsal prior to the Melodifestivalen song competition.
It seemed like Trump, in the grand tradition of the Bowling Green Massacre, simply invented a terrorist attack allegedly committed by immigrants out of whole cloth….
Jokes aside, though, there’s a very real question going on here: What on Earth was the president of the United States talking about? What does he think is going on in Sweden?

Our best guess: Sweden’s alleged “rape epidemic”

If you spend any time in the conservative media, particularly alt-right or anti-Islam sites, there’s a clear narrative about Sweden: Muslim migrants are raping Swedish women at unprecedented numbers.
Look, for example, at Breitbart — Trump senior strategist Steve Bannon’s old publication. It’s published an enormous number of pieces in recent years on the alleged migrant rape crisis in Sweden, focusing on cities like Malmö with large Muslim immigrant populations. Representative headlines include “Police warn of child rape epidemic in migrant-occupied Malmo” and “Migrants jailed after woman abducted at gun point, gang-raped in hookah bar basement.”
Breitbart is hardly alone. Virginia Dare, an alt-right site focusing on immigration, published a piece on “Sweden’s ‘refugee’ sexual assault disaster.” Pamela Geller, a widely-read anti-Muslim blogger who once published a piece alleging that Barack Obama was the love child of Malcolm X, wrote a piece titled “Sweden Crumbling: Demands for military intervention as thugs turn Malmo into ‘no-go zone.’”
These claims have even made it into more mainstream outlets like National Review and Fox News. Friday night, Fox’s Tucker Carlson interviewed Ami Horowitz, a journalist who said that “from the onset of the refugee crisis, there was a surge in [Swedish] gun violence and rape.” Slate’s Daniel Politi theorizes Trump watched the segment, and hence decided to say something about Sweden in his subsequent speech.
That’s hard to say for sure. But the odds are, given the consistency of the narrative about Sweden in the right-wing mediasphere, that Trump heard one of these claims about a Swedish refugee rape epidemic somewhere — and appropriated them to justify his travel ban.
The problem, though, is that this “rape epidemic” is as fake as the Bowling Green Massacre….
The vicious Beauchamp wasn’t alone. Business Insider had a story with this headline: “Trump’s baffling ‘Sweden’ comment came from a FOX News segment.” Baffling? Yes, it’s all made up by “right-wingers” like me. Right? Of course not. Here is the grim reality in Sweden to which Trump was referring:
“SWEDEN ON EDGE: Now MPs DEMAND billion pound investment into police amid growing crisis,” by Lizzie Stromme, Express, February 5, 2017:
SWEDEN’S Prime Minister was brutalised in Parliament for allowing Sweden to crumble into a lawless state.
Right-wing politicians tore into Stefan Löfven earlier this week as they said more recourse and police were needed now as officers are losing the uphill battle secure law and order across the nation.
The Sweden Democrats (SD) and Moderate Party (MP) also lambasted the Swedish PM for the crisis within the police force.
Hitting back at the criticisms, Mr Löfven said his Government wanted to invest more money into the police as well grant recourses to combat the causes of crime.
Dissatisfied with the reply, MP leader Anna Kinberg Batra demanded the billion pound investment should be included in the spring budget – adding that anything else was just empty promises.
Mattias Karlsson SD took an even harsher approach to the continued problems within the country, which as been plagued with violent crimes, sex attacks and car fires, as he also insisted Police Commissioner Dan Eliassons should step down from the top role.
He said: “Right now we have a police commissioner who expresses greater sympathy with murderers than with the murder victim.
“So I wonder: how bad results does a Social Democratic police commissioner have to deliver to lose an SD-Government’s confidence?”
Mr Eliassons sparked widespread fury last year after he went on national television and expressed sympathy for a migrant who murdered asylum worker Alexandra Mezher.
After the 22-year-old’s horrific death, the head of the Swedish police force said the arrested youth may have been traumatised by “horrors” he has witnessed.
A number of people demanded the police chief’s resignation after the TV appearance, including Kent Ekeroth, a member of parliament for the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats, who tweeted: “This is where Dan Eliasson feels sorry for the guy who knife murdered the woman at the asylum home – resign!”…
In February 2016, the National Criminal Investigation Service was forced to admit more than 50 areas in were now labelled as “no-go zones” as sex crimes, attacks on police, drug dealing and children carrying weapons were common occurrences.
Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, has been so hard hit by crime and car fires, the Social Democrats demanded soldiers should be sent in to reestablish law and order.
Speaking to Expressen, Mr Olsson also said there was a great lack of police officers in Sweden, which means officers could benefit from the armed forces’ resources.
He said: “There is a great lack of police officers in Sweden and Malmö. For this reason, it is perhaps time to let the military and police to stand together to reestablish order in the country.”
Also there is this:
“Looks Like Donald Trump Was Right About Sweden After All,” by Emily Zanotti, Heat Street, February 19, 2017:
President Donald Trump was the subject of mockery on Sunday after delivering a speech in Florida in which he referred to an incident “last night in Sweden” — but he appears to have been referring to an actual, accurate news report, albeit one that wasn’t technically live or breaking.
As soon as the words flew from Trump’s mouth, social media began buzzing with jokes about his “fake news” story about a migrant attack in the historic Scandinavian country. The hashtag, #lastnightinSweden cropped up, warning the world that Sweden might be plotting a takeover, with its pickled herring and its cheap do-it-yourself furniture (see our related article on IKEA Israel!).
Even Chelsea Clinton, whose mother famously made up a story about being shot at by snipers as she boarded a plane in Bosnia, got in on the action.
Trump also managed to baffle Sweden itself, which responded by asking the Trump Administration for any inside information they might have about a recent attack in their country.
But Trump may not have been wrong – at least, in terms of subject matter. Friday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed documentarian Ami Horowitz about his upcoming film about violence involving migrants in Sweden. Horowitz claims that the Swedish government is downplaying an uptick in violence that followed a wave of refugee migration into the country.
During the segment, Carlson showed contemporary clips from the documentary.
…As for Sweden, Ami Horowitz’s film shows a country that is deep in denial about a growing problem of migrant violence – including a sharp uptick in rape over the last five years. Horowitz claims that the increase correlates directly to Sweden’s refugee acceptance program; the country has taken in more than 190,000 Muslim immigrants in the same time frame.Sweden, Horowitz says, is hiding the truth about its situation, and the Swedish people want their country to adapt to the migrants, rather than requiring the migrants to adapt to Sweden.


Swedish Library Bans Factual Book on Immigration, Says Contents are ‘Contrary to Human Rights’


A library in Sweden’s capital is refusing to stock Kurdish economist Tino Sanandaji’s “sincere and evidence-driven analysis” of the country’s immigration policy because the book ‘supports racism’.

An examination into the results of mass migration to Sweden over recent decades, ‘Mass Challenge’ was topping Sweden’s book charts within days of its release earlier this month.
Sanandaji’s analysis of the nation’s large-scale importation of people from the third world, the resulting social problems and the effects on Sweden’s economy, is based on facts sourced from Statistics Sweden, the National Crime Prevention Council, the National Board of Health and other mainstream and respected agencies.
But local media reports that Swedes who are wanting to borrow a copy of the chart-topping book from their local library are running into difficulties, with librarians rejecting Mass Challenge for political reasons.
Nina Sundberg at Stockholm’s Ekero library, which is refusing to stock Sanandaji’s new book, argues that libraries should only purchase books which are politically correct.
“Library collections should be characterized by diversity and pluralism. The goal is to not buy books that support racism, persecution, gender stereotypes or anything else that’s contrary to human rights”, wrote the librarian, explaining the facility’s motivation in rejecting Mass Challenge.
Ekero library regular Maria Halkiewicz, who had wanted to borrow the book, condemned the decision. “It’s strikingly obvious that this is censorship”, she told Nyheteridag.
On Saturday, Malmö University lecturer Martin Kroon noted the apparent absence of Mass Challenge from Sweden’s libraries in an article which asks whether politically motivated ‘censorship’ of certain titles is a problem across the country.
Sanandaji has sounded the alarm on the “quite disastrous” effects of mass migration in Sweden for a number of years. Warning that Swedes will become a minority in their own country without a serious cut to the number of migrants it accepts, he said in 2015: “This is an irreversible social experiment that no wealthy state has ever attempted. There are almost no ideas or visions over how this can be solved.

“You can’t combine open borders with a welfare state. If you offer generous benefits, and anyone can come and use these benefits, a very large number of people will try to do that. It’s just mathematically impossible for a small country like Sweden to fund that.”

9 Iraqis gang rape German woman, trial starts this week

In Austria, this Tuesday a court case will start against 9 Iraqi men for drugging, kidnapping, and gang raping a female tourist from Germany nearly 14 months ago in the capital of Vienna. The attack, during New Year’s Eve of 2015, was aimed at Julia S., a 29-year-old teacher who had come to visit her friend Mechthild H., 28, who lived in the Austrian city. Together, they were going to celebrate the New Year.
The women headed into town for drinks and, after becoming slightly tipsy, decided to visit a restaurant because they “felt cold,” Julia tells Kronen Zeitung. She was soon joined at her table in the diner by a group of men that started serving her vodka. Via the drinks, the later victim was possibly drugged.
Mechthild then lost track of her friend in the restaurant, where Julia had been carried away by four of the men to an apartment inhabited by two of them plus some female relatives. There, 5 more men were waiting. After Julia had been stripped of her clothes the gang rape took place, lasting for over two hours. According to the charges, some of the Iraqi migrants violated Julia more than once.

‘Family affair’
Bizarrely, all the rapists are relatives, varying in age from 23 to 47 years old. The family’s female members, such as the wives and daughters who also lived in the apartment where the gang rape happened, had earlier in the evening been sent away in order for the men to enjoy some ‘privacy’ of their own. One of the attackers detailed the plan during police interrogations:
“The room should be dark, we had decided, so she did not realise how many of us were present at the time, but she caused trouble by crying so much and sometimes by trying to fight back against us.”
Following the gang rape, the men made selfies with Julia and then dumped her near a tram station. The disoriented and traumatised victim was then found by passers-by, who brought her to a police station. A navigation app on Julia’s mobile phone made it easy for the detectives to locate the crime scene.
A life destroyed
The actions of the Iraqis, who still state they did “nothing wrong“, caused a total mental and physical breakdown of Julia in June 2016. She quit her job and, soon thereafter, was hospitalised in a psychiatric clinic and diagnosed with severe post-traumatic disorder and depression. Julia on the episode leading up to her breakdown:
“I’ve tried to push it away for some time (…) and tried to function in my work, but I could not concentrate anymore, I was constantly exhausted, and there was nothing that could give me happiness.”
The migrants can get up to 15 years jail time for their crimes. After serving their sentences they cannot be deported.
Cologne attacks
At the time, Julia’s ordeal got little attention in the media, since at the night of the gang rape in Vienna, several hundreds of sex attacks were reported from the German city of Cologne. Gangs consisting of hundreds of Northern African and Arab Muslims sexually harassed and robbed (young) girls and women in the city during the NYE celebrations, a pattern that could be witnessed in several other German cities as well.

Turkish PM speaks in Germany, crowd chants “Allah Akbar” and demand reinstatement of death penalty

10,000 supporters of Turkey’s president Erdogan gathered in the König-Pilsener-Arena in Oberhausen, Germany, on Saturday to attend a speech by Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. Yildirim was campaigning for a “Yes” vote to Erdogan’s constitutional reform which is set to abolish the office of prime minister and strengthen Erdogan’s one-man rule. “Those who love their country say yes” was the slogan of Saturday’s event.
Three million Turkish citizens live in Germany. 60 percent of those who cast a vote in Turkish elections support Erdogan and his Islamist party. Campaign stops by Erdogan and other senior figures of the ruling AK Party in Germany have become a political tradition in recent years. In 2010, Erdogan held a rally in Cologne in which he called assimilation a “crime against humanity“.
In other news, Deniz Yücel, a journalist with dual German and Turkish citizenship and a correspondent for the newspaper Die Welt is still in Turkish police custody after he was arrested in Istanbul on February 17th for alleged “support of a terrorist organisation“. German chancellor Angela Merkel reacted swiftly and demanded a “fair and lawful treatment” – a statement which surely will send shockwaves through the Presidential Complex in Ankara.
Just a few days ago, homes of clerics of the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (Ditib) in Germany were searched by the police after it had become known that they work as secret agents and are spying on Turkish citizens in Germany.
According to the Berlin-based expert on Turkey, Ralph Ghadban, the primary mission of Ditib is to “install the Turkish government’s official version of Islam” in Germany.
In Oberhausen, “the crowd was in uproar with excitement“, Germany`s newspaper Bild reports:
“Over and over again it cheered ‚Allahu akbar’ (Allah is greater) and even demanded the reinstatement of death penalty.”

Luton Labour councillor suspended for praising Hitler and calling for Iran to nuke Israel

A Labour councillor in Luton has been suspended after comments glorifying Hitler and calling for Iran to wipe Israel off the map were found on her Twitter account.

Aysegul Gurbuz's tweets date back to 2011, before she was elected as a councillor. She described Hitler as the "greatest man in history" and called for Iran to build a nuclear weapon to "wipe Israel off the map".

Cllr Gurbuz claims that other people had access to her Twitter account and that one of them must have posted the tweets in her name but has resigned nonetheless.


Teacher Threatened with Car Bomb in New ‘Trojan Horse’ School Plot to Islamise UK School

Counter-terror police are investigating a new alleged Islamist “Trojan Horse” plot to control a state school, with claims the head teacher was attacked and intimidated by Muslim parents, including a threat to blow up her car.

Almost all the students at Clarksfield Primary School in Oldham are of Pakistani Muslim heritage, and some parents are said to have ordered female teachers to cover their heads. One governor, whose sibling is a convicted terrorist, hosted “Islamic teaching sessions” at the school.
Trish O’Donnell has been the school’s head teacher since 2006 and says the intimidation began in 2013. She has emailed the local council saying she had “very strong reasons to believe that… a ‘Trojan Horse’ agenda [is] being played out”, The Sunday Times reported.
A senior national figure in counter-extremism told the paper there was a “significant problem” of Islamist infiltration in Oldham. “It is an absolute model of entryism,” he added.
The head teachers’ union, the NAHT, said it was “supporting a number of members in the Oldham area with a variety of apparent Trojan Horse issues”.
A confidential report on Clarksfield by Oldham council this month, leaked to The Sunday Times, says Mrs O’Donnell claims to have had been subjected to a lasting campaign of “death threats”, “threats to blow up her car” and “aggressive verbal abuse”. One parent even physically attacked her, the report said.
According to the Manchester Evening News, Greater Manchester Police’s Counter Terrorism Unit are investigating alongside the Council and Department of Education.
The Council report insisted there was no wider ‘Trojan Horse’-style plot, but drew attention to the “extremely problematic” behaviour of former governor Nasim Ashraf and his wife, Hafizan Zaman, who tried to mobilise Muslim parents and admit trying to “remove” the head teacher.
Mr Ashraf’s sister, Shasta Khan, is serving an eight-year sentence for her part in a plot to attack Jewish targets in Manchester. He is also linked to Tahir Alam, the leader of the Birmingham Trojan Horse plot exposed two years ago.
According to the council report, Mr Ashraf hosted “Islamic teaching sessions” on Clarksfield school premises and his wife “made remarks to Asian staff members that they should, as Muslim women, be wearing a veil and covering their heads”.
The couple were not involved in violence or threats, but they organised petitions against the school leadership, opposed Hindu music being played in class and tried to stop “lewd and inappropriate activities” including sex education.
Despite denying this constituted a ‘Trojan Horse’ plot, the report concedes the couple was trying to “intimidate school staff”, “undermine the head teacher” and “secure changes at the school to reflect their interpretation of Islam”.
“It’s my duty to keep an eye on things,” Mr Ashraf told The Sunday Times. “The school is still a failing school – we need to remove Mrs O’Donnell and replace her with a better head teacher.”
Mr Ashraf is also an activist with UK Islamic Mission, whose Oldham branch states on its website that “Allah alone must be worshipped and obeyed… in the courts of law and the corridors of power.”

Ofsted’s latest report ranks Clarksfield school as “good” and praises Mrs O’Donnell’s leadership, insisting she vastly improved English language skills among children and made efforts to teach “British values”.

The Dire Cost of Europe’s Multiculturalism: Sacrificing a continent on the altar of utopian ideals

The extent to which the multiculturalist European Union (EU) elites will go to suppress free speech in the interest of promoting non-European immigration is astonishing and alarming.  It means that Middle Eastern Arabs and South Asian Muslims are immune from prosecution and deportations, despite committing rapes on native European children and adult women.  When a sane voice is raised, as in the case of Netherlands Geert Wilders, it is penalized.
If elections were to be held now (General elections are scheduled for March 15, 2017) in the Netherlands, Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders might very well win a majority in the Dutch parliament and might be elected as Prime Minister.  Opinion polls notwithstanding, Wilders had to endure a trial in Amsterdam for allegedly inciting hatred and racial discrimination.  The Dutch court found Wilders “guilty” of inciting discrimination against Dutch Moroccans that according to The Guardian (December 9, 2016) “is expected to intensify the debate about migration in the Netherlands.”
Geert Wilders was “guilty” of asking at a 2014 Freedom Party rally whether the crowd wanted “fewer or more Moroccans in the Netherlands.” Wilders called the trial a “politically motivated travesty.”  Wilders was neither fined nor given prison time by the judges.  What the trial does however show, is the stifling of free speech in the EU countries, and in this case, the Netherlands, particularly, when it does not comply with the elites of the EU cherished ideals of multiculturalism and its advocacy of free immigration.
Soeren Kern, in a Gatestone Institute article, quoted a high-ranking official in Frankfurt, Germany as reported by German newspaper Bild, “There are strict instructions from the top not to report sexual offenses committed by (immigrant) refugees.  It is extraordinary that certain offenses are deliberately not being reported and the information is being classified as confidential.”
Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London and a leading voice for Brexit, argued (Economist June18-24 issue) that “Napoleon, Hitler, and other various people tried this out (forcefully unifying Europe-JP), and it ended tragically.  The EU is an attempt to do this by different methods.”  One of those coercive methods has been to limit, if not forbid, anti-immigration speech.
The elitist of the EU have seen a rise in nativist protest movements throughout the European continent.  The voiceless people of the states of the European Union have been forced to adopt multiculturalism and political correctness as their new civil religion, and their dissenting voices are now being squashed by a series of measures that amount to the curtailment of free speech.
The European Commission, a powerful and unelected EU’s executive branch, announced last year plans to combat “illegal online hate speech.” The same European Commission unveiled a code of conduct that will ensure that online platforms do not offer opportunities for “illegal online hate speech to spread virally.” Unsurprisingly, it is the European Commission that will determine what constitutes “illegal online hate speech” and not the people’s elected representatives in the individual European countries that make up the EU.
A press release headline issued by the European Commission (EC) in Brussels on May 31, 2016, read “The European Commission and IT companies announce Code of Conduct on illegal online hate speech,” The EC explanatory paragraphs read: “In order to prevent the spread of illegal hate speech, it is essential to ensure that relevant national laws transposing the Council Framework Decision on combating racism and xenophobia are fully enforced by Member States in the online as well as the offline environment. While the effective application of provisions criminalizing hate speech is dependent on a robust system of enforcement of criminal law sanctions against the individual perpetrators of hate speech, this work must be complemented with actions geared at ensuring that illegal hate speech online is expeditiously reviewed by online intermediaries and social media platforms, upon receipt of a valid notification, in an appropriate time-frame. To be considered valid in this respect, a notification should not be insufficiently precise or inadequately substantiated.”
These provisions of the EC against hate speech have done little to prevent the rise of anti-Semitism in the EU countries, nor has it criminalized the anti-Semitic nature of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement, which singles out the Jewish state.  It does, however, seek to stifle the anti-immigrant movement, which is trying to alert Europeans of the coming Islamization of Europe.  In addition, the EC decision will adversely impact on the civil liberties of over 500 million Europeans.
The net impact of recent “speech” laws enacted by European governments has been magnified by private censorship on anti-immigrants speech.  For example, most news organizations have stopped showing images of Mohammad, although no such self-censorship has been made regarding caricatures of other religious figures.  In September, 2012, French actress and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot was fined several times for comments she made about how Muslims are undermining French culture.  In Britain, a 15-year old girl was arrested for “burning a Koran at school and posting footage on Facebook.”
While Germany is on its way to committing demographic and cultural suicide with the admission of millions of Middle Eastern and African migrants, Sweden is already there.  The people of Sweden are allowing its radical leftist governing parties and its equally pandering press to expedite their national demise.  The Gatestone Institute reported (December 22, 2014) that before the scheduled March, 2015 elections, the current Social-Democrat and Greens party coalition government  enacted “a measure far less publicized, that came into effect that Christmas (2014). The measure was designed to make it easier to prosecute those who offend immigrants, immigration policies, LGBT people and politicians online.”
According to Gatestone “even immigrants themselves do not seem to be allowed to challenge immigration policy or immigrant culture.  Last year a Somali-born female journalist, critical of immigrant culture, was intimidated to such an extent by the Swedish journalistic establishment that she decided Mogadishu (Somalia) was a safer place for her than Sweden.”
Only in Sweden does the government take out loans to make welfare payments to migrant Muslim gang-rapists.  While the government and its compliant leftist press blew out of proportion an attack on migrants, it had been silent on the rapes by mainly Arab and African Muslim migrants on Swedish women.  The U.K. Daily Mail reported (March 4th, 2016) that “What is worrying is that if the Stockholm Station story has been blown out of proportion, it could have artificially fueled pro-migrant sentiment and made ordinary Swedes less ready to voice their worries about mass migration.  Fears of a cover-up have been fueled by an investigation published by a flourishing online Swedish news outlet Nyherer Idag, showing that Swedish authorities hid from the public sexual assaults by immigrant gangs on scores of teenage girls at a popular Stockholm music festival booth last year and in 2014.”
Needless to say that in the EU states, anti-immigrant voices are stifled by archaic laws that are undemocratic to say the least.  Europe’s EU bureaucrats are moreover suppressing free speech in the interest of promoting disastrous immigration policies.  Europe has traded Christianity and pride in its civilizational accomplishment for the falsehood and insanity of multiculturalism.