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Muslim Doctors Who Murder Children. Nazis Did Too

Doctors for death.

 By Giulio Meotti

The fate of the Saudi doctor Moshari al Anzi is written in the blood of his victims. The doctor blew himself up against a patrol of soldiers in Aleppo. He was a respected cardiac surgeon.
The fate of Selma and Zahra Halane, the two medical students with a British passport who also went to Syria to make jihad, is not known.
You can see a doctor from Cardiff, Nasser Muthana, in a famous video of the Islamic State in Iraq,  meant to recruit young Europeans: "There is no life without jihad," he says in perfect English.
What motivates these physicians to embrace the cause of terrorism?
Historian Michael Burleigh gave this answer: "The doctors have the power of life and death. The medical discipline involves exposure to human suffering, and this can turn into indifference to the bloodshed. It can push you to believe that a violent purge can cleanse the society, like the stroke of a surgeon".
One of the most fanatic French revolutionaries was a doctor, Jean Paul Marat, and a doctor was the inventor of the guillottine, Joseph Ignace Guillotin.
It is a doctor, a psychiatrist, who is one of the masterminds of ethnic massacres in the former Yugoslavia, Radovan Karadzic. It is an eye doctor, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the "shy doctor", who gassed hundreds of his fellow citizens in a civil and religious war.
The list includes Ernesto "Che" Guevara, the doctor who did not hesitate to execute class enemies in the name of revolution.
A doctor, a cardiologist, Yasuo Hayashi, released the sarin gas in the Tokyo metro in 1995.
But it is the jihad which now attracts most of the doctors. You can understand Israel's wars and its enemies by deciphering this phenomenon.
It seems inconceivable that those who have placed "the return to Tel Aviv", through the massacre of Jews, at the head of their desires and want to aid the international jihad against the Americans and Westerners - are also medical doctors.
Take Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neuroscientist who lives in the United States, where he was sentenced to ninety years in prison for trying to kill US agents in Afghanistan. Or the psychiatrist Nidal Hassan, who massacred his own fellow soldiers in Fort Hood.
In 2007, England was shocked to learn of a terrorist plot hatched by four doctors and two students of medicine. Many were doctors of the National Health Service. Dr. Bilal Talal Abdulla was living in Aylesbury, a charming little town of Buckinghanshire. He wanted to sow death at Glasgow airport. They call it "the cell of doctors" because virtually all eight of those arrested worked in the medical field.
Bilal Talal Abdulla was a diabetes specialist at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley. Dr. Mohammed Asha was a brilliant surgeon, specializing in neurology at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford. With him was his wife Marwah Dana Asha, a Palestinian with a diploma as a laboratory researcher.
A doctor perpetrated the worst suicide attack against the CIA. Abu-Mulal Al Balawi carried out a ​​slaughter in the base in Khost, Afghanistan. He was a physician for the poor in a UN refugee camp in Jordan.
The mastermind of Palestinian Arab terrorism, George Habash, was a doctor. The head of the Palestinian Popular Front was never troubled by the thought of the innocent victims of terrorism, the seven Jews burned in the synagogue in Hamburg, forty-seven passengers (including children) who died in the Swiss plane which exploded in flight and crashed into the forest Doettingen, civilians torn apart by dynamite in the offices of El Al in Europe.
"The end always justifies the means," said Dr. Habash. "To kill a Jew away from the battlefield has more effect than killing a hundred Jews in battle."
Yet, before killing people, this man took care of them. And with how much dedication. He was a doctor. Habash owned a clinic in Amman, where he worked eighteen hours a day with a group of nuns, the Sisters of Nazareth, mainly children (Habash had specialized in pediatrics), but also old, poor. He bought the medicines to patients. The clinic was also his home.
One day Habasha disappearead: he wanted to kill Jews.
Dr. Wadi Haddad, one of the leaders of Palestinian terrorism in the seventies, was the friend of "Carlos the Jackal".
Today at the top of al Qaeda after the killing of Osama bin Laden, there's a doctor, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who took care of the families of Cairo's old monarchy of Farouk and then, after the Nasser putsch, the most important families of the new military Republican power.
On March 11, 2004 at eight in the morning rush hour, a series of explosions took place in the crowded stations of Madrid. 191 dead. Among the "masterminds" of the most tragic attack on European soil there is a doctor, the psychiatrist Abu Hafiza.
Even more emblematic, perhaps, is the case of a plastic surgeon who specialized in burns, and who justified the use of bombs against hundreds of innocent civilians. It is Sayyid Imam al-Sharif, the founder of the Egyptian Jihad, known by the nickname of "Dr. Fadl". Among the early founders of al-Qaeda along with his old partner of the faculty of medicine at the University of Cairo Dr. Zawahiri, al-Fadl worked as a physician at Qasr al Ayni Medical College, while attending to the assaults of his terrorist group.
In Peshawar, Pakistan, mecca of Islamist fighters, Dr. Fadl ran a Red Cross hospital. Under the influence of another doctor, the Algerian surgeon Ahmed el Wed, known for his bloodthirsty temperament, the hospital became a place of incubation for the apocalyptic jihad.
And in Algeria, Dr. Ahmed el Wed founded the notorious Armed Islamic Group, which massacred tens of thousands of innocents in their beds, burning them alive, cutting their throats.
The co-founder and former leader of Hamas, Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi, was a well-known pediatrician, before being eliminated by an Israeli jet. He promised: "We will not leave a single Jew in Palestine." He also theorized the legality of the killing of Jewish children.
To those who warned of the possibility of being killed, Dr. Rantisi said: "It is death, by assassination or cancer, it does not change anything. If it has to be an Apache or a cardiac arrest, I prefer an Apache".
Rantisi spent his time at his pediatric ward and classrooms at the Faculty of Medicine and at the terror meetings in which he decided on massacres of Israeli citizens.
Surgery is the specialization of Rantisi's successor at the head of Hamas, Dr. Mahmoud al Zahar, who is still among the political leaders of the organization. His clinic in the Sabra neighborhood of Gaza was large and spacious. There was always room for everyone, patients waiting and Islamic militants in prayer. Implicated in numerous attacks, Dr. Zahar said: "I dream of hanging on the wall of my house a huge map of the world in which Israel does not appear."
These are the same doctors who ordered the terrorist attacks in Israel, where dozens of children, women and elderly people were torn to pieces on the Egged bus company; who destroyed cafes and pizzerias that were transformed into slaughterhouses, who blew up the food markets.
Dr. Rantisi ordered adding pieces of metal to the bombs of suicide bombers, so that the explosion would be even more deadly.
A doctor was founder of the Islamic Jihad, Fathi Shiqaqi, a Palestinian Arab who fell in love with the revolution of Ayatollah Khomeini and chose Gaza as a base to launch a terrorist campaign against Israel in the '80s, when Hamas was still not born.
According to the Israeli scholar Meir Hatina, Doctor Shiqaqi "sees the Jihad as the vanguard of the new Islamic crusade. The Jihad has always been the bad boy of Palestinian politics whose main goal is the liberation of all of Palestine. Hamas has chosen a combination of violence and Islamic education. The Islamic Jihad is seen as the central point in the confrontation between the West and Islam".
When Shiqaqi was killed, the Independent dedicated a crocodile to him, emblematicly titled: "The doctor who laughed at death." He studied medicine at the University of Mansoura, Egypt. Then he even worked in a hospital in Jerusalem, the Augusta Victoria.
And what of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? Almost all of its leadership is composed of medical graduates: Mohammed Badie, the Supreme Guide, is a renowned pathologist; his successor, Mahmoud Ezzat, a doctor, as Essam el Arian; Microbiologists are Essam al Haddad and Saad al Katatni; pharmacist Farid Ismail; general practitioner Mohammed Beltagy; cardiologist Akram al Shaer; and the list is very long.
After the Second World War and the Holocaust, the American psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton interviewed numerous former Nazi doctors. Stunned, as a doctor, at how those unprecedented crimes were committed by doctors, Lifton was determined to answer some fundamental questions.
How could renowned physicians participate on such a large scale to the killing of innocent and defenseless human beings? For those physicians, the murder was seen as a form of "healing." When Lifton asked the SS doctor, Fritz Klein, how he could have been party to such a grotesque realm of death, Klein replied, without hesitation, "Yes, I'm a doctor, and I want to preserve life. And as I respect human life, I should remove a gangrenous appendix from a diseased body. The Jew is the gangrenous appendix in the body of humanity. "
This is the dark secret of an ideology which infects the world: from Nazi physicians to Hamas' doctors, the people of Israel is diagnosed as a cancer and the killing of innocent Jews is a form of therapeutic surgery.
When two of his suicide bombers killed 20 Jews in Beit Lid, Dr. Shiqaqi laughed. Today, Dr. Zahar is laughing to see that his Hamas has killed 50 Jews.

Obama: My Muslim Family’s Polygamy was Empowering

By Daniel Greenfield 

Well now that we’ve gotten gay marriage out of the way, next stop is polygamy station. Consider this a little trial balloon.
OBAMA: This is where sometimes traditions can get in the way. As many of you know my father was from Kenya. We see this in other parts of the world. Some of the old ways of gender relations might have made sense in a particular setting, all right? So in Kenya, for example, in the Luo tribe, polygamy existed. It was based on the idea that women had their own compounds, they had their own land, and so they were empowered in that area to be self-sufficient. And then urbanization happened, suddenly the men may be traveling to the city, and suddenly there is another family in the city and the women who are left back in the villages may not be empowered.
Polygamy wasn’t based on the idea that women have their own compounds. That’s a blatant inversion.
Obama is dramatically rewriting the reality of his Muslim family and the Luo tribe, which is about as feminist as Mohammed.
A woman in a traditional Luo context has no embedded right to inherit land from her deceased husband. Additionally a woman does not inherit land from her natal family, as only male children are obliged to inherit land. A family member, most of the time a brother of the diseased, inherits not only all property, but also the widows. Within the polygamous setting of the Luo society a man often has three and more wives. Inheritances can easily double the size of a family.
Yes, men inherit the “wives” in the literal sense of the word. It’s known as wife inheritance and has resulted in the spread of AIDS.
Widows often call their inheritors “terrorists” who make their life more dreadful.

Britain's Hammond: Perfect Example of Hypocrisy Towards Israel

By Joel B. Pollak 

Newly-installed British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond criticized Israel on Wednesday for defending itself against Hamas terror, in terms that neatly encapsulated western elites' hypocrisy towards the State of Israel. Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today, Hammond suggested--without evidence--that Israel might have committed war crimes by using force that is disproportionate to its military objectives.
Hammond added: "Israelis have to understand that while they are defending their security in seeking to root out these rocket launchers and deal with the attack tunnels, they are also undermining the support for Israel that exists in the west."
In other words: Israel has the right to defend itself, but in doing so it undermines its own political legitimacy.
The unspoken corollary--that a defenseless Israel is better--demonstrates the absurdity of Hammond's position.
Such posturing by European governments in general is the result of pressure from left-wing parties and from the large Muslim majorities they have absorbed in recent decades, often from former colonial possessions.
British officialdom has a particular history of animosity towards Israel, dating back to the mid-20th century. The same approach is seen on the American left lately, most clearly in President Barack Obama's policies.
The standard applied by Hammond and others is not merely a double standard but an impossible one, which nevertheless creates real diplomatic pressure on Israel.
At bottom, Hammond and his ilk not only believe should not defend itself, but cannot--as Prime Minister David Cameron's predictions of the death of the two-state solution indicate.
In the past, Israeli will and innovation has proven them wrong--yet the hypocrisy always returns.

Islamist Killers of Lee Rigby Given £200,000 Taxpayer-Funded Legal Aid

By Nick Hallett 

The father of murdered soldier Lee Rigby has denounced the decision to give his son's Islamist killers more than £200,000 in legal aid. Phil McClure said it was "disgusting" that extremists Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale had been given so much for their three-month trial last year. Yesterday, it emerged that Adebolajo had lost the first part of his appeal against the whole-life sentence he received for his part in Rigby’s murder. He had lodged his appeal before receiving his sentence, claiming that killing Rigby was a "military operation" and that he was a "soldier of Allah".
Adebolajo has, however, renewed his appeal, which have to be heard again by a panel of Court of Appeal judges in London.
Accomplice Michael Adebowale, who was jailed for a minimum 45-year term, was also granted permission earlier this month to challenge his sentence. No date has yet been set for the hearing of his appeal.
The continuing appeals by the two extremists are likely to add significantly to the legal costs.
Adebowale and Adebolajo killed Fusilier Lee Ridgy on the streets of Woolwich, London last year by using their car to knock him down in broad daylight before hacking him to death in front of horrified onlookers.
Mr McClure told the Sun: “It’s disgusting. There wasn’t even a defence – they were on camera boasting about killing Lee. The system needs to change.”
MPs have now called on the Lord Chancellor to prevent further hopeless appeals by the two killers, accusing them of exploiting taxpayer-funded legal aid to grandstand.
Conservative MP Rob Wilson said: “This is about getting attention around the world for their vile deeds. I will be writing to the Lord Chancellor to see if there is any action we can take to stop these revolting people from abusing our system.”

China says that some Uighurs are in Syria for jihadist training

Wu Sike, China's special envoy for the Middle East, says that China is extremely worried because Uighur jihadists from Xinjiang province have gone to the Middle East for training and may have joined the Islamic State / of Iraq and Syria (IS or ISIS) in order to join the fight in Syria or Iraq.
According to Wu:
Several hot spot issues in the Middle East have provided living space for terrorist groups, in particular the crisis in Syria has turned this country into a training ground for extremists from many countries.

These extremists come from Islamic countries, Europe, North America and China. After being immersed in extremist ideas, when they return home they will pose a severe challenge and security risk to those countries. They won't necessarily all return (to China). Some will remain to participate in the conflict, perhaps crossing into Iraq...

China is a victim of extremist, terrorist activities, and our support for fighting terrorism in this region is beneficial to us too. As a result China and those countries are in a closely knit community of shared interests.
People Daily and Reuters / breitbart

Danish Politician Calls for tougher Rules on Muslim Immigration

By M.E. Synon 

Immigration from non-Western countries causes the most problems in Denmark, so there should be a difference in how the country welcomes "a Christian American or Swede and a Muslim Somali or Pakistani," according to Inger Støjberg, political spokesperson for the liberal Venstre party, Denmark’s largest opposition party. Støjberg wrote an article for Berlingske, a national newspaper based in Copenhagen, in which she calls for Denmark to adopt an immigration policy that makes it easier for Westerners and harder for Muslims. Her comments have put immigration back at the top of political debate.
She wrote: "It is primarily Muslim immigrants who do not value democracy and freedom. In certain environments, they directly oppose it. Too many non-Western immigrants with Muslim backgrounds do not want our freedom-orientated society model."
She said this was seen this recently at the Grimhøjvej Mosque in Aarhus, where fighters were solicited to join the jihad in the Middle East, and in the sermon in Berlin last Friday by Imam Abu Bilal, a preacher at Aarhus, who called for the help of Allah to kill Jews.
This showed that "too many Muslims in Denmark practise a medieval interpretation of the Koran and it prohibits them from being a part of normal Danish life."
There should be a requirement that Muslims are either getting an education or have a job before they can stay in the country: "There is a danger that the cohesion of our society can be threatened in the future if we do not dare put right and reasonable requirements for those coming to Denmark."
Her remarks created a stir amongst the other political parties, according to The Local.
The anti-immigration Danish People’s Party welcomed Støjberg’s remarks: "If Venstre has now finally understood the need to differentiate between immigrants and limit non-Western immigration, then we are getting closer to each other," a spokesman said.
However, a spokesman for the Conservative Party which is, like Venstre, in opposition, said: "For me as a conservative it is important to set requirements [for immigrants] but it is also important that the requirements are equal regardless of what country one comes from."
The governing Social Democrats and Social Liberals (Radikale Venstre) also dismissed the idea of two sets of immigration rules.

The UNRWA is Responsible for the Bombing of its Schools

By Daniel Greenfield 

There’s a very simple criteria for maintaining your status as a civilian and/or humanitarian facility. It has to be non-military.
By its own admission, the UNRWA has found a third set of rockets in one of its schools. Israel has repeatedly stated that it’s been fired on from around UNRWA schools.
Considering that the UNRWA admits the presence of rockets, it’s hard for it to deny the Israeli claims.
Nevertheless the UNRWA throws a fit each time one of its facilities is bombed when it’s being used by Hamas.
And yet it’s the UNRWA that is responsible.
At this point it’s obvious that the UNRWA is incapable of maintaining the non-military status of its facilities. Whether the organization itself is compromised or Hamas simply won’t allow it to maintain pure civilian function, it amounts to the same thing.
UNRWA facilities are used to harbor weapons and stage attacks. The UNRWA’s facilities cannot be considered civilian or humanitarian facilities. Instead they are fronts for military operations. And that is a war crime.
The UNRWA’s continued presence in Gaza facilitates a Hamas war crime.
The only lawful thing for the UNRWA to do is to announce that it will withdraw from Gaza during the conflict to avoid being involved in war crimes. Instead the UNRWA is doubling down by accusing Israel, rather than Hamas, of war crimes. And even appears to have turned over rockets to terrorists.
It’s not Israel that is guilty of war crimes for attacking UNRWA facilities. UNRWA facilities ceased to be civilian once they harbored rockets and terrorists. It’s the UNRWA that is guilty of war crimes for acting as a front for a terrorist organization.
In the fog of war, it can be hard sometimes to tell who is bombing whom and why. But there’s little doubt, by the UNRWA’s own admission, that its facilities have been turned to military purposes.
The militarization of UNRWA facilities leaves it guilty of a war crime.

The Outburst of Dutch Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism: A close up of one country in an increasingly ugly Europe

Anti-Israel demonstrations have taken place in several Dutch cities. Nominally these are in favor of the citizens in Gaza. The conflict is, however between the democracy Israel and the genocidal terrorist organization Hamas, which in its party program promotes the mass murder of Jews. In fact, these demonstrations indirectly support a Palestinian Islamonazi movement. The prewar precursor of Hamas, the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al Husseini, was the main Palestinian Arab leader at the time. During the Second World War he extolled the similarity in values between his vision of Islam at large and Nazism.[6]
The main excesses occurred during anti-Israeli demonstrations in The Hague. There were several flags of ISIS the most criminal of the many Muslim terrorist organizations. There were also jihadi flags and signs equating Israeli flags with the swastika. The Dutch state news broadcaster NOS was forced to admit that it had intentionally omitted these pictures from its broadcast about the demonstration.[7]
After another anti-Israeli demonstration, the mayor of The Hague Jozias van Aartsen falsely reported that there had been no transgressions of the law. Now a petition is underway for his resignation. By midday July 29 almost fifteen thousand people had signed it.[8] Van Aartsen was the Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs when Arafat started the second intifada in September 2000. In May 2001 Van Aartsen praised Arafat and criticized Israel.[9]
Shimon Samuels, director of international relations of The Simon Wiesenthal Center in a letter to Van Aartsen wrote that the Arab speaking policeman or translator who attended the anti-Israel demonstration had lied that there were no illegal transgressions.[10] In the past there have been occasional accusations that interpreters, for example in asylum cases, intentionally mistranslate what those investigated say. This time one interpreter has been caught red handed. In an earlier letter to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Samuels had already raised these issues.[11]
Several Dutch Muslim leaders who are falsely considered moderate, have been outed as indirect supporters of Hamas. One is Fatima Elatik, an Amsterdam Labor party politician who attended one of the Hague demonstrations.[12] Several Jews afterwards tried to whitewash her behavior, because in the past she had helped finance the cleaning up of a Jewish cemetery. That can however not be seen as a counterweight to attending a gathering which supports the Islamonazis of Hamas.
The Dutch government has been warned for many years about the anti-Semitism problems. There have been a number of debates in Parliament. One followed the publication of my 2010 book The Decay: Jews in a Rudderless Netherlands. In it, I quoted a former minister and head of the Liberal party, Frits Bolkestein. He advised those Jewishly active to tell their children to leave the Netherlands for America or Israel. The reason he gave was that there were so many non-integrated Muslim youngsters in The Netherlands which would cause problems for them.[13

Britain Still Handing Out £5bn In Tax Credits To Immigrants

By Andre Walker 

 Britain is still set to hand out £5bn in tax credits to immigrants, despite David Cameron's crackdown on benefit tourism. Tax credits top up the salary of low paid workers, they are effectively 'in work' benefits and can far outstrip the wages of their recipient.
According to the Daily Mail official figures show that 415,000 foreign nationals are claiming tax credits. The total bill is fifty times larger than the savings on benefits for immigrant that David Cameron has pushed through.
As reported on Breitbart London yesterday the Prime Minister put through a number of changes to benefit rules that he claimed 'put Britain first'. These included reducing the number of months EU migrants could claim Job Seekers Allowance from six to three months.
But campaigners have claimed the government is missing the real ‘pull factors’ to Britain, namely higher wages and those all-important ‘in work’ benefits. Together these enable an unskilled Eastern European worker on the minimum wage to have a significantly better lifestyle than he would in places like Poland.
Recent research by MigrationWatch found a migrant with no dependants earning the minimum wage has their net income of around £184 a week boosted to £254 by tax credits and housing benefit.
If the migrant has a partner and two children, the net weekly income rockets from £184 to £543. This means that state handouts constitute 66 percent of his total annual income of £28,241.
The public rarely take notice of the cost of Tax Credits as many people think they are little more than a tax rebate. This is because they are administered by the company that the recipient works at, not the benefits office. Equally their name ‘tax credits’ do not make them sound like benefits.
In one example cited by the Daily Mail the 17-strong Toma family of Romania is collecting £55,000 a year in state benefits on top of Mr Toma’s £21,600 a year salary. Once the tax free status of the benefits is taken into account he is earning the equivalent of £125,000 a year, far above what he might expect in Romania.
According to figures from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) 17 percent of all those claiming tax credits are foreign nationals.
Sir Andrew Green, chairman of MigrationWatch, said: "It is obviously wrong that people who have contributed very little into the system have in principle been able to draw out-of-work benefits indefinitely."
But he added: "The much more important issue is that of in-work benefits, which are not significant for single workers but are hugely important for those with families. It is something that must clearly be part of any future renegotiation with the EU."
Robert Rowthorn, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of King’s College said limiting access to welfare benefits is "unlikely to have much impact". He said: "The main driver of migration is the big difference in wage rates and job opportunities. There is also the attraction of in-work benefits as a wage supplement."
Whilst there is a problem with benefits tourism in the UK, most of those coming from Eastern Europe have got jobs and are generally considered hard-working. The problem is there are so many of them they have put pressure on housing and caused unemployment for British nationals.
The surplus of unskilled labour has boosted the UK economy but it has also meant that British people have not gained much benefit from that upturn.

Brussels Set to Challenge Cameron's Plans to Cut Benefits to EU Migrants

By M.E. Synon 

 Plans announced by British Prime Minister David Cameron to cut benefits to jobless immigrants may be illegal. On Tuesday the European Commission said it will examine the plans closely to see they comply with European Union law, which is superior to British law. As Breitbart London reported on Monday Cameron said that his coalition government would cut the amount of time EU immigrants to Britain could claim unemployment benefit from six months to three.
The prime minister, writing in an article for the Daily Telegraph also said the UK will restrict -- though not stop -- the practice of EU-wide advertising for every job that goes through the Job Centre: “This is quite simply about putting British residents first,” he said.
However, the European Commission and the British government are already locked in a legal battle over an earlier attempt by the Cameron government to restrict immigrants’ access to benefits.
In May last year the commission announced it was taking the UK government to the European Court of Justice over the ‘right to reside’ test applied to EU migrants trying to access certain welfare benefits.
Now the commission will question the government’s plans to cut unemployment benefits for immigrants to three months, while British residents may claim for six.
The European Commission said Cameron's proposals will be "scrutinised" carefully once the details are clear: "[Migrant workers are] of immense economic benefit to the member states in terms, in particular of responding to skills gaps and labour shortages," a commission spokesperson said on Tuesday.
The commission spokesman also noted that jobseekers’ allowance for immigrants is normally paid by "the country where they were previously seeking work."
The London-based think tank Open Europe believes the government has a strong case. However, according to the Open Europe blog:
"The UK is at the very limit of what it can do within the confines of EU law.
"In order to keep this latest measure within the EU rules, it will only apply to new arrivals to the UK who have never worked in Britain.
"This is because under existing EU rules, people who have worked in the UK must be treated differently because they enjoy 'worker status' for at least six months.
"As others have noted the impact of this policy on the ground is therefore likely to be small as not many EU migrants will be affected.
"Unless this latest measure is followed up with reform of the underlying EU legislation, the UK government is in danger of chasing diminishing returns with the risk is that voters simply become desensitised to the flurry of crackdowns that make only piecemeal changes."

Shock U.S. Senate Report: Left-Wing 'Billionaire's Club' Using Environmentalism to Control the US Economy and Subvert Democracy

By James Delingpole  

"There aren’t a lot of functioning democracies around the world that work this way where you can basically have millionaires and billionaires bankrolling whoever they want, however they want, in some cases undisclosed. What it means is ordinary Americans are shut out of the process." Barack Obama, White House press conference, Oct 2013. Yes, indeed. But the millionaires and billionaires doing the damage are Obama's allies on the liberal-left, not his enemies on the right. So says a devastating report published today by the US Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works.
The report details how an elite group of rich liberal donors such as Tom Steyer and Hank Paulson - "the Billionaire's Club" - is directing and controlling the far-left environmental movement, "which in turn lobbies and controls major policy decisions and lobbies on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)."
"Even more unsettling, a dominant organization in this movement is Sea Change Foundation, a private California foundation, which relies on funding from a foreign company with undisclosed donors. In turn, Sea Change funnels tens of millions of dollars to other large but discreet foundations and prominent environmental activists who strive to control both policy and politics."
The scale of the conspiracy "by a small group of powerful and active millionaires and billionaires who exert tremendous sway over a colossal effort" is so vast, the report admits, that it has barely been able to scratch the surface.
"It would be virtually impossible to examine this system completely given the enormity of this carefully coordinated effort and the lack of transparency surrounding it."
It says:

"The scheme to keep their efforts hidden and far removed from the political stage is deliberate, meticulous, and intended to mislead the public. While it is uncertain why they operate in the shadows and what they are hiding, what is clear is that these individuals and foundations go to tremendous lengths to avoid public association with the far-left environmental movement they so generously fund."
There are financial benefits to this elite power-grab too.

In advancing their cause, these wealthy liberals fully exploit the benefits of a generous tax code meant to promote genuine philanthropy and charitable acts, amazingly with little apparent Internal Revenue Service scrutiny. Instead of furthering a noble purpose, their tax deductible contributions secretly flow to a select group of left wing activists who are complicit and eager to participate in the fee-for-service arrangement to promote shared political goals. Moreover, the financial arrangement provides significant insulation to these wealthy elite from the incidental damage they do to the U.S. economy and average Americans.
Through these arrangements, the Billionaire’s Club gains access to a close knit network of likeminded funders, environmental activists, and government bureaucrats who specialize in manufacturing phony “grassroots” movements and in promoting bogus propaganda disguised as science and news to spread an anti-fossil energy message to the unknowing public. Not only is the system incredibly sophisticated, but the Club’s attorneys and accountants have mastered the loopholes and gray areas in the tax code, which enable them to obtain a full tax benefit, even when the recipient of the grant is not recognized as a public charity, and even if the money indirectly and impermissibly funds political activities.
These labyrinthine arrangements serve at least three functions. First, they enable left-wing donors to give large sums of money to aggressively political causes in the guise of disinterested, non-partisan, and tax-deductible charitable donations; second, they mask the vast scale of the sums being pumped into hard-left environmental activist causes; third, they help maintain the illusion that the numerous and secretly well co-ordinated NGOs which use green issues to agitate for more state intervention and regulation are in fact innocent, mom-and-pop grass roots organisations with widespread popular support.

The ultimate recipients of donations from the Billionaire’s Club work in tandem with wealthy donors to maximize the value of their tax deductible donations and leverage their combined resources to influence elections and policy outcomes. Often, they lobby on behalf of the EPA and advance policy positions important to the agency, which is statutorily prohibited from lobbying on its own behalf. But most importantly, they serve as the face of the environmental movement and present themselves as non-partisan benevolent charities to a public not aware of the secretive backroom deals and transfers.
What the report also suggests is that this scheme has the full blessing of the Obama administration, which is using the Environmental Protection Agency - heavily in league with these left-wing donors and hard-left green NGOs - to bypass the democratic process and railroad through unpopular legislation.
This report proves that the Obama EPA has been deliberately staffed at the highest levels with far-left environmental activists who have worked hand-in-glove with their former colleagues. The green-revolving door at EPA has become a valuable asset for the far-left and their wealthy donors. In addition to providing insider access to important policy decisions, it appears activists now at EPA also funnel government money through grants to their former employers and colleagues. The report tracks the amount of government aid doled out to activist groups and details a troubling disregard for ethics by certain high powered officials.


In the wake of Gaza conflict, 'Jews attacked in the streets of Berlin like in 1938'

Israel’s ambassador to Germany, Yacov Hadas-Handelsman, said ‘’they pursue the Jews in the streets of Berlin… as if we were in 1938,’ as Jewish people have been attacked and abused on the streets of Germany in the last two weeks. The current conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has prompted a worrying rise in anti-Semitism in several countries of Europe in the last few days. Murderous slogans dating back to the days of Hitler have been chanted at pro-Palestinian rallies in Germany. Reports said pro-Palestinian protesters chanted ‘’Jews to the gas chambers’’. Police in Berlin have banned race-hate slogans that reappeared after being originally used in the days of the Nazis. Police officers had to protect an Israeli tourist at the weekend after protesters spotted his yarmulke and reportedly charged towards him shouting ‘Jew! We’ll get you.’ Fourteen people were arrested in the western city of Essen on suspicion of planning an attack on a synagogue. The imam of a Berlin mosque is under investigation after allegedly calling on Muslims to murder ‘Zionist Jews’.

Wave of Anti-Semitism Intensifying in Germany

By M.E. Synon 

Arsonists have attempted to burn down a synagogue, while a rabbi in Frankfurt has received death threats, as the wave of anti-Semitic attacks triggered by the conflict in Gaza continues in Germany. At 2.15 Tuesday morning a resident of the western city of Wuppertal near Dusseldorf rang the police after seeing flames in the street in front of the Bergische Synagogue.
The synagogue, which was first built in 1897, was burned to the ground during the Nazi Kristallnacht pogrom in 1938 and then rebuilt.
Police said they believed three young men had thrown six molotov cocktails at the doors. One 18-year old suspect, said to be in possession of a residence permit but whose nationality was unknown, was arrested. No one was injured and the synagogue was only slightly damaged, according to the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung.
Interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia Ralf Jäger called the attack "cowardly and underhanded. Violence and anti-Semitism cannot be justified by anything."
Meanwhile in Frankfurt am Main, a rabbi received a telephone call from a man threatening to kill 30 Jews in the city if his family in Gaza were harmed.
Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany told the Frankfurter Rundschau on Tuesday that the rabbi received the call last Friday from a Palestinian man. Graumann said the Jewish community was taking the threat seriously, according to The Local.
Both incidents happened against a background of increasing anti-Semitism in Germany. reports on a research project into anti-Semitism led by Monika Schwarz-Friesel, at Berlin’s Technical University.
According to Schwarz-Friesel there has been a huge increase in anti-Jewish sentiment online. Many of the insults were "falling back on old stereotypes," with people using phrases like "usurer," "child murderer" and "global conspiracy."
"The Internet has become the primary distribution medium for the new anti-Semitism," the Technical University said in a statement Monday.

After Anti-Israeli Comments, Erdogan 'Glad' to Return Jewish Award

By Abe Katsman 

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be "glad" to return an award given to him in 2004 by a prominent American Jewish group, Turkey's embassy in the US said Tuesday, amid a growing controversy over the premier's anti-Israel remarks. According to Israel National News, the American Jewish Congress had given Erdogan the Profile of Courage award in recognition of his efforts at that time to seek peace in the Middle East. But the AJC now wants the award to be returned following Erdogan’s repeated verbal assaults against Israel, most recently over the Gaza conflict.
Erdogan has slammed Israel's attacks on Gaza as "genocide" of the Palestinians and suggested that the actions of the Jewish State are worse than those of Hitler.
"Attempts to depict Prime Minister Erdogan's legitimate criticisms of the Israeli government's attacks on civilians as expressions of anti-Semitism are an obvious distortion," Turkey's ambassador to Washington Serdar Kilic wrote in a letter to the president of the American Jewish Congress Jack Rosen.
Kilic said Erdogan would be glad to return the award because of Israel’s actions in Gaza. He described attacks on Erdogan as "an effort to cover up the historic wrongdoings of the Israeli government."
Rosen had denounced Erdogan as "arguably the most virulent anti-Israel leader in the world" in asking for the award back.
It was not clear how and when the award would be returned.
Erdogan has long portrayed himself as a champion of the "Palestinian cause" and during the current crisis has made clear he sees himself as the sole Muslim leader standing up for their rights. In spite of his claim that Israel "surpasses Hitler in barbarism," he denies accusations of anti-Semitism.
Despite those denials, Erdogan has a long record of anti-Semitic statements. In 1998, prior to his stint as PM, Erdogan - then mayor of Istanbul - infamously declared that "the Jews have begun to crush the Muslims in Palestine, in the name of Zionism. Today, the image of the Jews is no different than that of the Nazis."
There has been an alarming rise in anti-Semitism in Turkey in recent weeks, fuelled by angry anti-Israel rhetoric.
Earlier this month, the mayor of the Turkish capital Ankara - and a close ally of Erdogan - threw his support behind a high-profile Turkish pop singer who praised Hitler and posted a slew of other anti-Semitic messages on Twitter.
More recently, anti-Israel campaigners called for a boycott of a popular Turkish author, purely due to the fact that he was Jewish.
Erdogan's own anti-Israel statements have dimmed the prospects of rebuilding of relations between the two countries - which particularly soured in the aftermath of the infamous "Mavi Marmara" flotilla incident in 2010.
Erdogan has in the past accused Israel of leading a "conspiracy" to overthrow his government and in a recent heated exchange with a Turkish opposition activist referred to his opponent as “Israeli sperm.”

Kosovo Terrorists to Face Prosecution By International Investigators

By M.E. Synon 

Leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a terrorist organisation supported and armed by President Bill Clinton's administration, may now face prosecution as a team of international investigators says it has enough evidence to indict leaders of the former KLA for crimes against humanity that left about 500 dead and 300 missing. Crimes for which the Kosovo Albanian leaders face indictment include murder, abductions, enforced disappearances, illegal detention in camps in Kosovo and Albania, rape and violence against political opponents to obtain power and personal wealth, according to EU Observer.
However, Clint Williamson, the chief prosecutor with the European Union-backed EU Special Investigative Task Force (SITF), said on Tuesday that while Kosovo Albanian militants murdered Serbs and sold their organs, there is not yet enough evidence to bring the guilty to justice.
EU Observer reported that Williamson said around ten people were abducted so that their organs could be removed and sold on the black market.
"There are compelling indications that this practice did occur on a very limited scale and that small number of individuals were killed for the purpose of extracting and trafficking their organs," he said.
After the war, in which ethnic Albanians fought to seize control of the Serbian province of Kosovo, ended in June 1999 KLA senior officials orchestrated a campaign of ethnic cleansing which drove Serbs, Roma, Jews, Turks and other non-Albanians from their ancestral homeland in Kosovo.
In a report in 2001, Kofi Annan, then the UN Secretary-General, accused the KLA, by then re-named the Kosovo Protection Force, of widespread acts of murder, torture and extortion.
James Bissett, who was Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania in 1990-92, wrote in 2001 that: "Condemnation [by Annan] should not have come as a surprise. As early as 1998, the U.S. State Department listed the KLA as a terrorist organization financing its operations with money from the international heroin trade and funds supplied from Islamic countries and individuals, including Osama bin Laden.
"This did not stop the United States from arming and training KLA members in Albania and in the summer of 1998 sending them back into Kosovo to assassinate Serbian mayors, ambush Serbian policemen and intimidate hesitant Kosovo Albanians."
The chief prosecutor, Williamson, is an American appointed by the EU in 2011 to investigate ethnic cleansing committed in Kosovo since 1999.
According to the Guardian: "Williamson does not name the suspects but describes them as 'senior officials of the former Kosovo Liberation Army' (KLA)… Many former KLA commanders went on to leadership positions after Kosovo declared independence in 2008. It is believed at least some of the indictments prepared by the EU special investigative task force (SITF) are against top figures still actively involved in politics."
However, no cases will be broughtuntil an EU-backed special court is established to hear them. The indictments will remain sealed until that happens, possibly early next year, and no further details of the investigation will be made public, Williamson said.

UK: City Councillor Claims Campaigners' Pro-Hamas Links are 'Of No Relevance'

By Raheem Kassam and Andre Walker 

The Preston City Councillor responsible for the flying of Palestinian flag over a government building has said the fact that campaigners who convinced him into the move are pro Hamas "is of no relevance". Labour's Cllr Robert Boswell, who is the elected 'Community and environment Office Holder' admitted to being behind the contentious move that saw the Palestinian flag hoisted over Preston Town Hall. The flag was only up for four minutes due to a large number of complaints by residents. Breitbart London reported that the council received "in excess of 300" complaints about the issue.
But the damage was already done, as it caused the council to be complicit with a fundraising event for the Children of the Ghetto group, which has called itself a "special campaigning charity" even though it has no charitable status. The group auctioned off the flag after the event, raising £1500.
When asked about the group's noted pro-Hamas status, Cllr Boswell told Breitbart London: "I have no idea and it is of no relevance to our decision to do the flag.
"I had no idea who they support and it frankly wouldn't make any difference because they presented us with evidence plus evidence that we've seen on the television of an ongoing humanitarian crisis".
When asked if it was proper for British elected officials to work with pro Hamas groups, Boswell said: "Does that make the suffering of people any less, you answer me that".
"I've no evidence that we were [working with pro Hamas groups]" said Boswell, despite Breitbart London's expose just two days ago, linking the Chairman of the Children of the Ghetto organisation with pro Hamas activities.
Despite admissions from Preston Council, a Freedom of Information request, and indeed from Boswell himself that the council worked with the Children of the Ghetto group, Boswell then went on to claim: "We're not working with anybody, any group. We responded to a petition and we were putting the flag up as a humanitarian gesture... It favours humanity."
Preston Council told Breitbart London that Mr. Boswell would consider flying the Israeli flag too, but when asked about this, Boswell replied, "No" but later indicated that if residents petitioned him, he might consider it.
Over this weekend, Breitbart London exposed the Children of the Ghetto group, whose Chairman, Mukhtar Master, gave a public speech in which he said, "We stand in support of the democratically elected government of Palestine, which is Hamas".
In a speech to activists in 2009, Master claimed that Children of the Ghetto is a "special campaigning charity", though no group ever seems to have been registered with Britain's Charity Commission, raising concerns that Master and his colleagues are illegitimately fundraising using charitable cover, or raising money through a different charitable entity.
Towards the end of his speech, Master lavishes praise upon a friend of his who he claims wore a Palestinian football shirt with the name "HAMAS" printed on the back. He said, "We need to have that attitude because we are all now Palestinians in this day and age, we are all now Gazans in this day and age. And in this day and age brothers and sisters, we are all Hamas".

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gaza as the EU's Second Front

By David Archibald

As Glenn Reynolds has reminded us, the EU has been the major funder of the Palestinians in Gaza and is well aware that 250 million Euros-odd a year of their funding goes to buying weapons for attacking Israel.  Eleven years ago, European Union Parliament member Ilka Schroeder noted that the Europeans saw themselves as the future global power and that, in effect, their support for the Palestinians should be understood as a proxy war by the Europeans against the United States.  That sounds bizarre but the Europeans have done it before.
Decades ago the Europeans realised that their anti-business regulations made them uncompetitive with the United States.  Instead of improving themselves they decided to hobble American industry using global warming as the pretext.  Thus the baseline year for determining change in emissions of carbon dioxide is 1990.  That is the year that communism fell apart in Eastern Europe and coal consumption there plunged.  So meeting the emissions reductions the Europeans demanded of others would be a shoe-in for themselves.  Twenty years have passed since then and now the United States is also led by people who got their anti-Americanism with their mother’s milk.  The EPA is attempting to hobble American industry without any goading from the Europeans.
So Gaza should be considered as the second front in a European war on the power and influence of the United States.  The perfidious Europeans, having burnt through most of their own coal and oil and realising how parlous their position is, are now asking for a legally binding commitment guaranteeing the export of oil and gas from the United States.  Let the lights go out in Europe.  The Europeans need a cathartic event to get their house in order.

The Onion Satirical Site Mocks Hamas Use of Human Shields – ‘We Are Starting to Have Second Thoughts’

By Shiryn Ghermezian
 Satirical American newspaper The Onion was created in 1988. Photo: The Onion.

Satirical website The Onion ridiculed Hamas’ use of human shields in Gaza in a recent mock article claiming that hundreds of Gaza Strip residents are starting to think twice about allowing the terror group to use them in its fight against Israel.
The fabricated story quotes Gaza resident Azzam al-Salhi saying, “At this point, I have to say I’m pretty much on the fence about having militants strategically store their missile batteries in and around my home, which Israel will almost certainly want to bomb.”
In The Onion’s account, Al-Salhi explains that while he understands Hamas’ reliance on guerrilla tactics, he fears the possibility of being killed by an Israeli airstrike intended for Hamas terrorists.
“When I think about it, I guess I’d go so far as to say that I don’t completely enjoy how this is being done entirely without my consent. And I’m not crazy about the fact that Hamas is actually okay with me dying as long as it fuels both resentment toward Israel and support for the party,” he says. “If I’m being honest, I don’t like that part at all. But then, sometimes I put myself in Hamas’ shoes, and I guess I sort of appreciate where they’re coming from, so it’s tough.”
“Of course, my kids hate it—they’ve actually told me that a couple of times,” he adds. “Oh, well, I guess I’ll give it a couple more weeks and see how I feel about it then.”
In conclusion, The Onion claims that sources confirmed an inbound missile heading towards Gaza was about to solidify thousands of Palestinians’ opinions on the use of human shields.

Why Anti-Zionism Is Modern Anti-Semitism

By Benjamin Weinthal 

Israel’s defensive Operation Protective Edge against Hamas rocket fire revealed that it took a military conflict to show that anti-Zionism cannot be decoupled from anti-Semitism.
As veteran observers of contemporary anti-Semitism are aware, the rejection of Jewish state sovereignty in Israel (i.e., anti-Zionism) has always been an inherent part of Jew-hatred.
In the late 1960s, the Austrian Jewish writer and Auschwitz survivor Jean Amery wrote, “Anti-Zionism contains anti-Semitism like a cloud contains a storm.” To put it mildly, Amery’s definition of modern anti-Semitism wasn’t accepted by post-Holocaust Europe as a force to be combated. Anti-Zionism was deemed by many Europeans to be a politically and socially correct world view. In short, they viewed it as a form of legitimate “Israel criticism.”
The calls for the dismantling of Israel and shouts to kill Jews on the streets of London, Paris, Berlin, and Frankfurt, to name some of the major European cities where they’ve occurred, are indicative of a lethal anti-Semitic mass movement. What unifies many European elites, large numbers of Muslims, motley crews of leftists and neo-Nazis is a loathing of the Jewishness of Israel.
The 19th-century anti-Semitic German historian Heinrich von Treitschke infamously said, “The Jews are our misfortune.” For the modern anti-Semite that slogan has been transformed into “Israel is our misfortune.”
Take a small sample of some of the headlines in the media about what is unfolding in Europe: “Neo Nazis, Islamists Declare ‘You Jews are Beasts’ During Protest of Israeli Operation” in Frankfurt; “Firebombs Fail to Ignite at Toulouse Jewish Center”; “Madrid Jews Vow Legal Action against Author Who Justified Expulsions”; “Jewish Museums in Norway closed for fear of Attacks”; “Well-Known Italian Philosopher: ‘I’d Like to the Shoot Those Bastard Zionists”’
; Pro-Palestinians Throw Molotov Cocktail at Paris Synagogue; It’s Like 1938, Says Israeli Ambassador to Germany”;Anti-Semitic Attacks Scar British Cities.
Germany, yes Germany, seems to be one of the main hubs of some of the most intense anti-Semitism. Protesters in Berlin chanted slogans calling for the gassing of Jews.
Continental Europe has tolerated enormous amounts of anti-Semitism over the last few decades. Critics correctly point out that there is a market demand for demonstrations of it in Europe. The pressing question remains: Why is there such tolerance for and such a great demand for hatred of Israel? The Israeli psychoanalyst Zvi Rex famously said, with biting sarcasm and irony,” The Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz.” The line can now be updated to: “Europe will never forgive the Israelis for the Holocaust.”
Continental Europe’s complicity in the Shoah helps explain the constant ad nauseam attacks aimed at the Jewish state. Many Europeans seek to cleanse their guilt about the Holocaust. Bashing the Jewish state — and tolerating those who seek to obliterate Israel — creates a catharsis effect.
The addition of Islamic-animated anti-Semitism by Muslims in Europe has created a pathologically violent climate for Jews. The European Left has stoked anti-Semitism and somehow believes it is insulated from the disease because the Left is supposed to be free from Jew-hatred. It is worth reading this timely piece in the British Telegraph: “Is the Left Anti-Semitic? Sadly, It Is Heading that Way.
To their credit, European leaders—Chancellor Angela Merkel and French president François Hollande — have issued condemnations of modern anti-Semitism in their countries.
But Germany and other European countries showed the disconnect between their official rhetoric and their actions by abstaining during last week’s crucial United Nations Human Rights Council vote. The UNHRC vote singled out Israel for a war-crimes investigation because of its defensive measures against the EU-designated terrorist group Hamas. Commentators deemed the UNHRC measure to be anti-Semitic.
Can Europe regenerate itself in terms of human rights and show that its democracies can mature in the 21st century? The litmus test will be how the EU deals with Israel.

UK Council Which Flew Flag for Pro-Hamas Group Received 'In Excess of 300 Complaints'

Preston City Council, which took the contentious decision to fly a Palestinian flag in 'solidarity' with Gaza, received "in excess of 300 complaints" over the issue, according to a Freedom of Information request seen by Breitbart London. As we exclusively revealed this weekend, the council was responding to demands by a group called the 'Children of the Ghetto', whose Chairman has gone on record in his support for the terrorist group Hamas. When asked about the connection between the Council at the Children of the Ghetto group, the Council responded: "The Council holds no information regarding the Children of the Ghetto."
And yet the council published information about the group and undertook work with the organisation just five days ago. The link on its website is still active.
The council said of the flag flying ceremony, which also raised £1500 for the pro-Hamas group: "The Council responded to a request from members of the community in Preston. The decision does not infer the Council’s support for Hamas."
When asked who was responsible for the ceremony, Breitbart London was told: "Councillor Robert Boswell. The flag was raised due to the humanitarian tragedy which is taking place in Gaza. It was a response to a petition by Preston citizens."
But the council's website states that "Palestinian campaign group 'Children of the Ghetto'" were responsible, which may be comprised of "Preston citizens", but it is clear that the group is not some independent group of residents as the Freedom of Information request attempts to portray it.
Preston Council admitted: "The Council has received complaints by telephone and email to a number of contacts. At this stage we estimate in excess of 300 complaints or comments have been received excluding comments on social media."

Turkey’s Islamist Deputy Prime Minister Warns Women Not to Laugh in Public

By Daniel Greenfield 

Under Erdogan’s Islamist AKP thugs, the murder rate for women in Turkey increased an unprecedented 1400%.
Now one of Erdogan’s boys has some orders for women.
Women should not laugh in public in Turkey, the Deputy Prime Minister has said in a speech on “moral corruption” in the country.
Bülent Arınç used a meeting for Eid al-Fitr on Monday to condemn perceived moral regression, consumerism and even excessive mobile phone use.
“She will not laugh in public. She will not be inviting in her attitudes and will protect her chasteness,” Mr Arınç said.
He called for Turkish people to rediscover the Koran and stop moral regression.
Targeting women once more, Arınç said women talk about unnecessary things on the phone.
“Women give each other meal recipes while speaking on the mobile phone. ‘What else is going on?’ ‘What happened to Ayşe’s daughter?’ ‘When is the wedding?’
Unlike AKP Deputy PMs who insist on babbling about what women talk about on the phone.
Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, who is running against the Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in August’s presidential elections, took to Twitter to argue against Mr Arınç‘s statement.
Turkey needed women to laugh, he said, and the country needs to hear laughter more than anything.
Also it needs Erdogan and his AKP thugs in the prison that they put so many of their political opponents.
Turkish women meanwhile responded to the Deputy Prime Minister with a social media protest of themselves laughing using the #direnkahkaha resist and laugh hashtag.

The Jew Who Turned the Left Against Israel -

A new book shows how Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky was the ancestor of the Jews who now serve in the hate-Israel movement
 David Into Goliath
For the first quarter-century of its existence, Israel could count on one bastion of foreign support: the Socialist International, an agglomeration of moderate Leftist parties like the British Labour Party, the German Social Democrats, and the French Socialists. Among the world’s democracies, no country was molded more by socialist ideas than Israel, and this commanded the admiration of other socialists worldwide.
But in the 1970s, one European leader took up the mission of reversing this good opinion. He was Bruno Kreisky, the Chancellor of Austria, Vice President of the International, and one of the most memorable European politicians of his era.
By turning around the Socialists, Kreisky hoped to effect a larger transformation. “I set out to change [the] attitude on the part of the Western world” whose sympathy for Jews as a consequence of the Holocaust was, in his view “exploited by those in power in Israel in the most brutal fashion.” As he saw it, “The European parties were one-sidedly pro-Israeli, and I considered this short-sighted and dangerous.”
Remarkably, Kreisky was himself of Jewish lineage, born in 1911 to a well-to-do secular Viennese family. But he apparently felt nothing for this heritage—at least nothing positive. At age 19 or 20, he had taken the trouble to have his name stricken from the official list of Austrian Jews. A few years earlier he had become a devoted member of the Social Democratic Party, a disciple of Otto Bauer’s, the chief theoretician of Austrian Marxism.
It is easy to trace a direct descent from Marx to Bauer to Kreisky, all three Germanic and of Jewish parentage who turned their backs on the latter heritage. Marx had penned a vitriolic monograph, On the Jewish Question, which described the Jews as the incarnation of capitalism. “Money is the jealous god of Israel,” he wrote, adding: “the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Judaism.” Citing this essay as his foundational text, Bauer foresaw that the concentration of capital would reduce many Jews to workers. “Only then will the misery particular to the Jews disappear, and they will be left with the shared misery of the proletariat, which they will struggle against and triumph over, shoulder to shoulder with their Aryan colleagues.” With these mentors, the young and affluent Kreisky made himself over as best he could from a Jew to a proletarian, spurning the socialist students’ organization for the young workers’ movement so as to participate more directly in the class struggle.
This framework shaped his attitude toward his Nazi fellow-prisoners when, in the mid 1930s, he served time for subversive activities under the authoritarian regime of Kurt Schuschnigg, which repressed challenges to the Austrian state from radicals, left and right. Kreisky’s biographer, H. Pierre Secher, writes that political discourse among these factions was “rarely . . . hostile.” On the contrary:
There was a well-founded solidarity among the political [prisoners], directed against the despised “cleric-fascist” government. … Ideologically, the distinction between “Sozis” [Socialists and] Commies on the one hand and Nazis on the other, was probably only the internationalism of the Marxists and the nationalism of the Nazis. In every other respect they agreed on the evils of capitalism. Even the primary connection by the Nazis of capitalism with the Jews did not necessarily encounter heated critical opposition from the Socialists.
Released by the Austrian authorities, Kreisky was arrested again after the Nazi takeover. He then sent an audacious letter to the Gestapo, somehow supposing that its officers would harbor sympathy for him. He wrote:
I [have] decided to direct my request directly to the Gestapo since I believe that organization now consists largely of former illegals; I am prepared to provide you any time with the names of currently prominent, well-known members of the NSDAP [Nazi Party] who can testify that during my time as [a] prisoner I have always shown solidarity toward my National Socialist prison mates.
It is possible to understand why in the 1930s Kreisky, like many other Socialists who were steeped in Marxism and viewed capitalists as the true enemies, might have seen Nazis as merely misguided revolutionaries. Back then, it was hard to know what exactly to make of Hitlerian rhetoric. But it is much harder to fathom how Kreisky could have clung to such a view after the Holocaust since most of his immediate relatives had been murdered in it. Yet he did.
Having survived by escaping to Sweden, Kreisky set to work after the war resurrecting the Austrian Socialist Party. He rose to become Foreign Minister in the 1960s and then to lead the party in national elections. The Socialists lost in 1966 when the leader of the rival People’s Party campaigned as a “true Austrian” in implicit contrast to Kreisky’s Jewish roots. But in 1970, for the first time, the Socialists won a plurality of seats. Rather than put together a coalition, Kreisky managed to form a minority government by securing the agreement of Friedrich Peter, leader of the Freedom Party, not to oppose him. The Freedom Party traced its roots in part to traditional liberalism, that is, belief in free enterprise, but it also was a magnet for former Nazis, a body of voters proportionately larger in Austria than in Germany, itself. Austria’s leading political scientist, Anton Pelinka, put it bluntly. The Freedom Party, he said, was “founded by former Nazis for former Nazis.”
Kreisky’s 1970 cabinet appointments sparked contention when the famous Austrian Nazi-hunter, Simon Wiesenthal, revealed that no fewer than four of the eleven ministers were former Nazis. Kreisky replied that no one, including those who had been Nazis, should be condemned for past political positions unless he or she could be shown to have committed a crime. He lashed out furiously at Wiesenthal calling him a “Jewish fascist,” adding: “Wiesenthal … is a reactionary and they do exist among us Jews, just as there are among us Jews also murderers and whores.”
In the run up to the next election, in 1975, the Austrian press reported that secret negotiations were underway about a possible coalition between Kreisky’s Socialists and Peter’s Freedom Party. In response, just after the election, Simon Wiesenthal released records showing that Peter, himself, had served as a sergeant in an Einsatzgruppen brigade whose sole mission was the extermination of civilians in occupied territory, in particular, Jews.
Confronted, Peter acknowledged having belonged to the unit, although he had previously obscured this, but he denied having been present when any of its ten thousand victims were killed. Kreisky responded with rage—not at Peter, but at Wiesenthal. He launched into a campaign of vilification, accusing Wiesenthal of “mafia methods” and “spying” and of making a “living from telling the world that Austria is anti-Semitic.”
Kreisky’s vendetta against Wiesenthal culminated in the accusation that this famous scourge of former Nazis had himself been a Nazi collaborator. “I understand that at that time he wanted to save his life, but he has no moral authority to point an accusing finger at others,” said Kreisky. The evidence on which Kreisky based this allegation had come from the intelligence service of Communist Poland. Wiesenthal sued for libel but, after the intervention of some mutual friends, he withdrew his suit when Kreisky publicly retracted the accusation. A decade later, having left office, Kreisky repeated the charge and Wiesenthal renewed his legal action, winning the largest libel award in Austrian history to that point.
The scholars Andrei Markovitz and Anson Rabinbach note that Kreisky’s antics and his “apparent personal dislike of Jews” were no domestic liability: “Kreisky’s personal prejudice happened to be superb politics in a country where well into the 1970s more than 70 percent of the population still harbored anti-Jewish sentiments.” Nonetheless, the dislike was obviously genuine.
While acknowledging his “Jewish origins,” Kreisky rejected the idea of a “Jewish people.” He viewed Judaism as nothing more than a religion, and he himself was an adamant non-believer. To sharpen his point in an interview with Der Spiegel, he added provocatively that if the Jews did constitute a people “they are a wretched people.”
Whether the motive was political or psychological, Kreisky seemed to revel in using his Jewish lineage as a shield from which to take on the Jewish world with a fierceness that would have been impossible for a gentile politician. Explaining his attack on Wiesenthal he boasted: “So far no one has dared to talk back to this man because everyone was afraid that Mr. Wiesenthal would say, ‘well, this is because you were perhaps a Nazi.’ … It is necessary that someone say: ‘now, look, Mr. Wiesenthal, that has gone far enough.’ ” More consequentially, he adopted a similar approach in his relations with Israel, quipping once that he was “the only politician whom Golda Meir could not intimidate.”
Meir was Prime Minister of Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War and accompanying Arab oil embargo. America’s emergency airlift of arms saved the day, but the cowed Europeans refused to cooperate, prompting Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to accuse them of betraying the spirit of the NATO alliance.
After this, Meir sought a meeting of the Socialist International at which she confronted the party leaders, eight of whom were then heading governments: “Not one inch of your territory was put at our disposal for refueling the planes that saved us from destruction.” Meir’s complaint was on moral grounds and on the presumed sense of solidarity among Socialists. Amazingly, no one replied, and in the silence Meir reports that a voice behind her said: “Of course they can’t talk. Their throats are choked with oil.”
While most of the socialists were embarrassed, Kreisky saw the situation as a welcome opportunity. “We cannot ignore the political consequences of our clear dependence upon essential reserves vital to Europe’s energy economy,” he wrote later. “As a result of the shock of the oil crisis I achieved a breakthrough with the Socialist International.”
The breakthrough consisted of a decision to create a fact-finding mission to the Middle East under Kreisky’s chairmanship. The Arab-Israel conflict was, however, neither new nor obscure; all of these leaders and their parties had been dealing with it since its inception. So it is hard to understand what “facts” they may have lacked. Had they nonetheless wanted a genuine probe of the subject they would have chosen someone neutral to head it, whereas Kreisky, who had proposed the mission, had already carved out a position as the leader of the International least friendly to Israel. His role, then, was to run interference for the others as they shifted away from their longstanding support for Israel in deference to their newly-felt need to win Arab favor. That Kreisky was of Jewish background was a bonus. By allowing him to lead the way, they shielded themselves against charges of anti-Semitism.
Their report blamed the lack of peace in the Middle East squarely on Israel although not a single Arab state had yet expressed any willingness to accept Israel’s existence nor had the Arab League altered its 1967 summit resolution, pledging “no peace … , no recognition … , no negotiations.” Nonetheless, the report concluded airily that “Israel would be totally unchallenged in her existence” if only she would “take into account developments in the Arab world and adjust … her future political aspirations to this area.”
In 1979, Kreisky took a further step, hosting Arafat in Vienna for talks with himself and West German Chancellor Willy Brandt on behalf of the Socialist International. The three leaders issued a joint communiqué blasting Israel, and at a concluding press conference, Kreisky likened the Palestinians’ situation to his own Swedish exile during World War Two, thereby, as Carl Gershman, the U.S. representative to the International, put it, embracing the PLO’s claim, that its “campaign against Israel [was] analogous to the European resistance against the Nazis.”
The summit with Arafat paved the way for a shift in Europe’s relations with the PLO. Until then, Western Europe generally mirrored U.S. policy that made diplomatic contact with the PLO conditional on its willingness to accept Israel’s existence and to renounce terror. Now, however, Europe began to open its arms to the PLO in the hope that moderation would come later.
Eventually, too, the International admitted Arafat’s party, Fatah, into membership. The Socialist International had once described itself as democratic socialist, with an emphasis on the adjective. But, with the rise of the Third World, the members of this organization felt increasingly embarrassed at belonging to a club of the white skinned and prosperous. In atonement, they began to admit various parties in the developing countries that preached socialism without practicing democracy. It was no barrier that Fatah had never even given lip service to democracy in the Western sense, nor for that matter, socialism. Meanwhile, Israel’s Labor Party, once the most accomplished member of the International, was dropped from the rolls for non-payment of dues.
In later years, after Israel itself recognized the PLO in the 1993 Oslo accords, Kreisky was credited by his admirers (and himself) with having been ahead of the curve. But at Oslo, the PLO made a historic change: it agreed to accept Israel and live in peace with it, renouncing violence. To recognize the PLO once it had done this was entirely different from recognizing it and granting it legitimacy while it was still sworn to Israel’s destruction and practicing terrorism. Had Israel and the U.S. followed Kreisky’s position, that is, had they not insisted that they would deal with the PLO only if it made the concessions that it finally did at Oslo, who knows if it would ever have signed on for compromise and a peaceful solution?
Like his approach to the Middle East conflict, Kreisky’s whole attitude toward Jews and Arabs, exhibited a double standard. He despised one Israeli leader after another often in overtly anti-Semitic terms. In Meir he noted mannerisms “so characteristic of Jews from Eastern Europe.” Menachem Begin, he said, was a “political grocer … a little Polish lawyer,” adding, “they think in such a warped way, these Eastern [European] Jews.” Kreisky accused Begin’s successor, Itzhak Shamir, of being so cynical as to welcome anti-Semitism because “it makes Israel the last and only refuge of the Jews.”
In contrast, he developed an abiding affection for Arafat and he found Egypt’s Anwar Sadat “impressive, fascinating, elegant, open, prophetic.” Sadat, of course, won many admirers thanks to his bold initiative of peacemaking with Israel. But this was precisely the part of Sadat’s record that Kreisky did not like, and he denigrated the Camp David accords that Sadat entered into with Begin. In addition, Kreisky courted Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi, hosting him for a four-day state visit in March 1982, and later praising Libya’s “advances in water management and … remarkable development projects.” He also expressed admiration for Syria’s Hafez al-Assad, whom he called “an outstanding personality … very ‘European.’ ”
In his memoirs Kreisky justified his relentless animus toward Israel:
What is happening presently in Israel is so abominable and repugnant that it is really difficult for me to remain calm about it. And why should I? I have always utterly detested violence and injustice and have combated them wherever they appeared, and I feel it to be a moral duty to take the same attitude towards Jews who commit or defend such wrongdoing.
This bit of self-admiration was, if not a plain lie then delusional. Arafat, Assad and Qaddafi committed grave abuses of their own citizens, and each was also was stained with the blood of other Arabs, not to mention Israelis, but there is no record of Kreisky’s having “combated” or voiced “detest[ation]” of any of this. At bottom, Kreisky nursed, as he admits in his memoirs, a “critical attitude towards the existence of the state of Israel.”
Bruno Kreisky was the ancestor of the Jews who now serve in the front ranks of the hate-Israel movement, using their ethnic “authenticity” to lend weight to their attacks on the Jewish state. But few have matched the impact of Kreisky, who stands alongside DeGaulle as the foremost leaders in undoing Europe’s sympathy for Israel and its people.

UK: Rabbi attacked by Muslim youth

A rabbi was hospitalized after being beaten by four teens in an unprovoked anti-Semitic attack, police in the United Kingdom said. 
Gateshead Police said that they have charged the four teenagers in connection with the assault on the local rabbi.
19-year-old Qaiser Malik, and 18-year-old Balawal Sultan, both of Newcastle, and a 16 and 17-year-old man, were charged with racially aggravated assault.  

More: YJN, h/t CFCA /antisemitism-europe

Radical Spanish Leftists Plan to 'Occupy Gibraltar'

By M.E. Synon 

 A radical anti-capitalist Spanish trade union plans to "occupy" Gibraltar for one day next month to reclaim The Rock for Spain and as a protest against tax havens. The leading spokesman for the 20,000 member Andalusian Workers' Union, Diego Cañamero, announced the plan on the union's Facebook page on Sunday.
The union has previously been involved in Robin Hood-style activities including supermarket raids for the poor and the "expropriation" of a disused luxury hotel.
Cañamero emphasised that this would be a "peaceful protest." He said it was primarily an action against tax havens: "It's a crucial topic right now in Europe, as there are more than a dozen tax havens where money is hidden, allowing people to dodge taxes."
Despite what the Spanish radical says, Gibraltar is no longer a tax haven. It now shares the same internationally-agreed tax status with countries such as the UK and Spain.
It is a British Overseas Territory with no capital gains tax and no wealth tax.
However, Gibraltar does have British armed forces stationed on The Rock, so it is not surprising to hear from Cañamero that that details have yet to be worked out and how members of his union will get around border security: "We're going to enter peacefully. We're not going to face off against anyone or break anything."
"It's sincerely an act of peaceful protest in the face of the economic situation that we're living right now. Unemployment is around 25 per cent and even higher in Andalusia [the region adjoining Gibraltar]. There's little access to credit and no money for public services like hospitals and education. Meanwhile tax havens continue to exist."
José Caballero, the union’s secretary general, said to The Local: "We also want to reinstate Gibraltar's Andalusian sovereignty, dismantle the British military base and protect small-scale fishing in those waters."
Gibraltar has been a source of tension between Spain and Britain for centuries, with Madrid demanding the return of the strategically important Rock ceded to Britain in the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht, which ended the last of the wars in which Louis XIV sought French control over the Continent.
A year ago, tensions between Spain and Britain flared again when Gibraltar installed an artificial reef off its coast in waters whose sovereignty is disputed by Spain.
In retaliation Spain began imposing crippling checks at the border and began illegal incursions into Gibraltar waters. According to the Daily Telegraph, since the start of 2013, there have been more than 600 illegal incursions by Spanish vessels in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters resulting in repeated official complaints.