Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ISIS-Affiliated Twitter Account Claims Ottawa Shooter As Its Own

By Jordan Schachtel

A Twitter page that proudly sports the Islamic State flag published a photo of suspected Ottawa gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau with the caption: “A photo of he who would be the shooter of #Ottawa.”
The Twitter page used the name “Islamic Media” for its profile.
In the profile description, the user writes, translated from French, “Islam is a religion of justice and of rights and duties, not a religion of peace, tolerance, chocolate, tenderness... #knowit"
The page also has posted within the past couple hours pictures of deformed infants, writing, “These are not your children, you can sleep tonight in full carefree-ness as always.”
CBC Ottawa has reported that the picture in question is that of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.
Michael Zehaf-Bibeau reportedly shot and killed a Canadian soldier on Wednesday morning at the national war memorial in Ottawa.
Zehaf-Bibeau was confirmed as a suspect by Canadian authorities, and CBC reports law enforcement has identified him as the shooter slain at the scene of the attack. U.S. government sources told Reuters that the man may have been named Michael Joseph Hall, and then changed his name to Zehaf-Bibeau after converting to Islam.
Twitter has since shut down the Islamic State-affiliated page.
Breitbart News cannot at this time independently verify whether the Twitter page in question is an official outlet for the Islamic State terrorist organization.
This appears to be the second fatal Islamist-oriented attack in Canada in the past two days. On Tuesday, a 25-year-old Muslim convert killed a Canadian soldier and wounded another after he ran them over.

Suspect in Canadian Parliament ISIS Attack is Another Convert to Islam

By Daniel Greenfield

The previous Canadian terror attack was also carried out by a Muslim convert, so we’re seeing a pattern here. Muslims consider converts cannon fodder. That’s how they’re being used.
Converts now appear to be ISIS’ weapons against the West.
The gunman who murdered a police officer in an attack on Canada’s Parliament building, Michael Zehef-Bibeau is reported to be a recent convert to Islam: “U.S. officials said that U.S. agencies have been advised that the shooter was a Canadian convert to Islam.”
Zehef-Bibeau also recently had his passport confiscated because he was deemed a “high-risk traveler.”
Just before 10 o’clock this morning, Zehef-Bibeau opened fire in Ottawa, Canada, and murdered a Canadian soldier. The soldier has been identified as Nathan Cirillo.
One witness, construction worker Scott Walsh, told Reuters that he heard a gunshot, and then saw a man dressed in black with a scarf over his face running towards parliament with a gun.
A Canadian parliament official described the gunman to BBC as looking “Arabian” with “long hair and a small beard.”
Tony Zobl, 35, said told the Canadian Press news agency that he witnessed the soldier being gunned down from his fourth-floor window directly above the National War Memorial, a tall granite cenotaph, or empty tomb, with bronze sculptures dedicated to those who died in World War I.
“I looked out the window and saw a shooter, a man dressed all in black with a kerchief over his nose and mouth and something over his head as well, holding a rifle and shooting an honor guard in front of the cenotaph point-blank, twice,” Zobl said.
“The honor guard dropped to the ground, and the shooter kind of raised his arms in triumph holding the rifle.”
And apparently a man identifying himself as a supporter of the Islamic State responded to a Tweet from France’s “France 24″ News station with the following message:
“Soldiers of #Islamic_state who are everywhere around the globe declared war on the coalition countries”
ISIS appears to be taking credit for it, or at least some part of it is. Their messaging is crowdsourced enough so that this isn’t absolute confirmation, but it’s certainly indicative.
ISIS Media account posted this picture claiming to be Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the dead Ottawa shooting suspect.


Kerry and Obama will blame Israel for this murder of the infant and demand that Israel release more terrorists as an act of good faith.

A Hamas spokesman openly welcomed news of a terror attack in Jerusalem by one of its terrorists.

Algerian Muslim Michael Zehaf-Bibeau behind Ottawa attack

From the Muslim Issue:


Michael Zehaf-Bibeau has been identified as the suspect in the shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada on Wednesday. Michael Zehaf-Bibeau is a Candian born in 1982, reportedly of Algerian descent.

Ottawa police spokesman Chuck Benoit told CBS said two or three gunmen may have been involved. Zehaf-Bibeau shot a soldier at the national War Memorial before entering the Centre Block and firing off more shots.

Epoch Times reporter Matthew Little says that the shooter got as far as the library before Sergeant-At-Arms shot him dead. The soldier was rushed to a hospital but later died. There are at least three other shooting victims who survived.

3 Denver teens caught in Germany trying to fly to Syria

The FBI Denver Field Office confirms they helped find and return three teenage girls to Denver after they were detained in Frankfurt, Germany while attempting to fly to Turkey and then on to Syria. "The juveniles are safe and reunited with their families," said FBI spokesperson Sue Payne in a statement. A senior official told NBC News that the girls were heading to Syria to join jihad fighters. Two girls are sisters, ages 15 and 16, of ethnic Somali origin, and the third teen is from Sudan, the Voice of America reported. One girl reportedly told German authorities the three were "going to Turkey to study." The girls boarded a flight out of Denver International Airport Friday. From Denver, they flew to Chicago and then to Frankfurt. They never made it to their final destination: Istanbul. The U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt was alerted to the girls' plans following calls from their parents asking them to stop the girls from carrying them out. Before they secretly took off for DIA, runaway reports show they lied to their parents. One girl's father thought she took the bus to school on Friday morning.he two other girls stole $2,000 from their mother, according to documents. They claimed they couldn't couldn't go to school because they were sick. Pete Williams of NBC news says it's very likely the FBI has serious concerns about their potential plans. The girls were returned to Colorado on Sunday. The FBI helped return the girls to Denver. In a follow up visit to one of the girl's home after they were returned, a sheriff's deputy noted in the report the teens were very vague about their plans. They would only say they were going to Syria to visit "family." Investigators were now reviewing evidence, including the girls' computers. A U.S. official called the case "concerning" both to the community and to the country in general. The official said the evidence gathered so far made it clear that the girls were headed to Syria, though the official said investigators were still determining what sort of contacts they had in that country. The official said investigators would be trying to figure out whether there were "like-minded" friends and acquaintances in the girls' social circle.9NEWS talked to the spokesperson for the school district where the girls attend school. The district told 9NEWS the girls could be victims of an online predator. The district advises parents to be vigilant about checking their children's phones and computers to find out what their kids are up to online. No investigation was opened in Germany because authorities there told the Voice of America there was no indication of criminal or terrorist activity. At this point they have not be arrested or charged. Minors rarely face charges on a federal level and if they are, those charges and the result are not usually made public for privacy reasons. The case comes six months after a 19-year-old woman was arrested at DIA as she prepared to fly to Syria, via Turkey, to join Islamist fighters. Shannon Maureen Conley, who was raised in Arvada and converted to Islam, pleaded guilty in September to conspiring with Yousr Mouelhi to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, specifically al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. She faces a maximum prison sentence of five years, but as part of a plea bargain, she may receive a lesser term by cooperating with other investigations or testifying before a grand jury.

Outrage as EU politicians demand extra £8BILLION from taxpayers for Brussels budget

EURO-MPs provoked outrage tonight by demanding an extra £8billion from taxpayers for the bloated European Union budget.Members of the European Parliament pleaded for the extra cash - which includes £1billion from the UK - to plug gaps in Brussels accounts left by lavish spending on a series of projects. The astonishing demand threatened to wipe out cuts in the EU budget won by David Cameron and other European leaders virtually overnight. And it left the Prime Minister facing another angry showdown with senior Eurocrats at an EU summit in Brussels tomorrow. Downing Street officials expressed extreme irritation with the latest swingeing bill from Brussels last night. One Government source said: "We think this is too high. "At a time when families across Europe are dealing with the effects of the great recession, the focus should be on reallocating resources from existing budgets. "We think they should be looking more ruthlessly at how to reallocate the budget." Mr Cameron is expected to confront European Parliament President Martin Schulz, a German socialist, over the spiralling cash demand at the summit. At a European Parliamentary session in Brussels, MEPs requested an extra £3.2billion to plug gaps in this year's EU budget. They also want an extra £5billion for the 2015 EU Budget, taking the total to £115billion rather than the £110billion set by European leaders last July.UK Independency Party MEP Jonathan Arnott, who sits on the European Parliament Budget Committee, said: "The Labour Party in particular have shown their true colours by voting down every attempt to save money from the European Union's budget. "They have shown they just don't care how much taxpayers' cash is wasted by the failed European Union project. "In total almost a billion pounds would have been saved by the Ukip proposals. "It wasn't just our amendments that were voted down either. "Other parties' bids to scrap the House of History - a museum to the European Union - and the EU's own television service went the same way. "I can't say that I'm surprised; this is just how things are done out here. "If Cameron thinks he can renegotiate anything meaningful on the EU with these people, he is naive and out of his depth in European politics." Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of the pressure group Business for Britain, said: "The EU should axe red tape, not promises to cut it's bloated budget. "Just this week Eurocrats highlighted last year's budget victory as an example that the EU was willing to reform, but now they're backtracking on even that. "If MEPs were in touch with what voters and businesses want, they'd be reducing the EU's enormous spending even further." Andy Silvester, of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "Brussels has yet again proved itself to be totally out of touch with ordinary people. "With the effects of the recession still being felt, it's totally inappropriate to ask British taxpayers to send even more cash across the Channel. "Hard-pressed taxpayers deserve a better deal from the EU." Last year, Mr Cameron won historic cuts to the EU's seven-year funding plan for 2014 to 2020 by threatening to use Britain's veto. But his victory is at risk of being undermined by a series of annual demands for more cash. Socialist, Liberal and Christian Democrat MEPs have united in a "grand coalition" in the European Parliament despite a surge in votes for eurosceptic parties including the UK Independence Party and the French National Front. The extra cash demand was approved by 464 votes to 186, with 46 abstentions.

Muslim Columnist Warns Dog Petting Provokes Muslims

By Daniel Greenfield 

Really? Is there anything that doesn’t provoke Muslims?
Dogophobia hits moderate Muslim Malaysia as a dog petting event stirs up controversy. Why? Because Mohammed hated dogs and ordered them to be killed.
Also Muslims consider dogs and women to be unclean. And it’s hard to get a dog to wear a Burqa. It’s another episode in the long-running Islam Show where everyone is crazy. (The Religion of Peace)
The “I Want To Touch A Dog” event should not have been held in Muslim-majority Malaysia as viral images of Muslims petting dogs have caused great uneasiness and public discomfort, an Utusan columnist claimed today.
“Following this controversial campaign, I feel that it is not the negative perception Muslims have towards dogs which needs to be corrected but the negative perception non-Muslims have on why Muslims cannot touch dogs which needs proper explanation and comprehension.”
It’s not Dogophobia, it’s Islamophobia. It’s not anti-Semitism, it’s Islamophobia. It’s not anti-Americanism, it’s Islamophobia.
“Unless we want to purposely cause provocation, there is no need for this type of campaign to be held,” the Utusan writer said in her column published by the Malay broadsheet today.
This is getting to be a familiar line.
“Let us hope that this will be the first and last campaign of its kind,” Marhaini said
Or there’ll be a Dog Jihad.
Jakim director-general Datuk Othman Mustapha said the programme should not have taken place and Jakim regretted the irresponsible attitude of the organisers who were not concerned with the sensitivities of Muslims in the country.
The “I Want to Touch a Dog” event organised by Syed Azmi Alhabshi drew nearly 200 volunteers and dog owners and where Malay Muslims were given the opportunity to pet the pooches, an animal that many of them regard as culturally taboo.
It’s a bit more than that as I wrote a while back.
This particular “cultural problem” has been exported with Islamic immigration as cabbies deny rides to the blind because their seeing eye dogs will keep angels out of their cabs. Blind passengers have been thrown off public buses by Muslim bus drivers and disabled people in all walks of life have faced harassment due to Islamic ‘Dogophobia’ which translates easily into bigotry against disabled people.
The “cultural problem” doesn’t begin or end with dogs. One Hadith states; “When one of you prays without a sutrah, a dog, an ass, a pig, a Jew, a Magian, and a woman cut off his prayer.” Along with Dogophobia, the teachings of Islam also cultivate Anti-Semitism and Sexism. All far more serious problems than the constant defensive refrain of Islamophobia taken up by Muslim groups and their media panderers.
It is not the dogs alone who are treated this way in Afghanistan or the rest of the Muslim world. Casual mutilation and killing are suffered by women who have acid thrown in their faces, whose noses are cut off and whose murders often go unpunished. The same could be said of Jews, until the majority of the Jewish populations of the Muslim world fled to Israel, America and Europe– only to be followed there by the same warped culture of cruelty which says that Allah listens to the prayers of murderers and rapists– but not of dog owners.


Ottawa Update: Police Report Three Separate Shootings, Suspects Dressed in Islamic Garb

Ottawa police confirmed at least three separate shooting incidents on Wednesday, with gunmen reportedly dressed in Islamic garb targeting the city’s war memorial, parliament building and the upscale Rideau Centre shopping mall.
The city remains on lockdown as police search for “numerous gunmen,” with authorities telling those in the city center to hunker down and stay away from windows and rooftops. Multiple reports indicate that one attacker has been shot inside the Canadian parliament, where many lawmakers remain sequestered inside the building.
One worker who observed the attackers as they stormed into the Canadian parliament noted they were dressed in black and wore head scarves, adding that writing on their clothing appeared Middle Eastern in nature. 
Canada is part of the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Following a fatal Monday attack on Canadian soldiers by an Islamic State sympathizer in Quebec, the government raised Canada’s terror alert level from low to medium.

Baby Murdered in Jerusalem Terror Attack

A baby girl was killed and eight people were injured Wednesday, after a terrorist hit them with his car outside the Givat Hatachmoshet (Ammunition Hill) Light Rail stop.
"A private car hit passengers from the light rail near the police national headquarters. The car's driver attempted to escape and was shot, apparently by a police officer from the Jerusalem district," police spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement.
Footage of the attack has now begun to circulate. The grainy security video appears to show a white car careening across the median and straight at pedestrians, mowing down one of them.
Police have now confirmed (7:30 pm IST) that a Jerusalem police officer did shoot the driver, seriously wounding him after he attempted to flee from the scene on foot.
A spokesman for the emergency services said three people were seriously wounded. Another two people were moderately hurt and four more were said to have sustained light injuries.
One of the wounded, a three month-old girl, died after being rushed to Hadassah Har HaZofim (Mount Scopus). She has now (8:00 pm) been named as Chaya Ziso, hy"d.
Shimon Helperin, the infant's grandfather, told Arutz Sheva that the Ziso family - which had been waiting for a child for years - had been returning from prayers at the Western Wall (Kotel) when they were struck by the terrorist.
Hamas welcomes attack
The Arab driver has now been confirmed (7:40 pm IST) to have been resident of the Shiloach/Silwan neighborhood and a member of Hamas - and to have served in Israeli prison before for terrorism, according to Police Spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld.
"This is a natural response to the crimes of the occupation and invasion of our land by the Jews, particularly on the Al-Aqsa Mosque (Temple Mount - ed.)," Hamas spokesman Hossam Badran stated on official Hamas television.
Hamas television has also confirmed the identity of the terrorist - who was shot and wounded by police, but is not dead, as initially reported in the press - as 21 year-old Abdur Rahman Slodi of Shiloach (Silwan). Slodi had previously served in Israeli prison for terrorist activities.
One witness stated to the daily that the attack was "horrific" and that "people were screaming."
The area has been closed to traffic until further notice. Magen David Adom (MDA) medics, Hatzalah crews, and police have swamped the area.
Jerusalem's alert level has also been heightened until further notice, police said Wednesday night.
The attack surfaces just hours after Jerusalem Police District Commander Moshe Edri announced a "comprehensive plan" for a new task force to battle the cycle of ongoing violence in Jerusalem, which has been named the "silent intifada."
Special surveillance was ordered to be set up around the Jerusalem Light Rail - which has been an ongoing flashpoint for violence over the past several weeks - including setting up observation balloons.
Reactions pour in
Meanwhile, police and politicians are beginning to react to the attack. Blame is being put, as has throughout the past several months, on Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich and the Israel Police, specifically Commissioner Yohanan Danino.
Aharonovich has just arrived at the scene of the attack (update: 7:50 pm IST) and confirmed that it is a terror attack.
"All indications are that this was a terror rampage," Aharonovich stated, according to Yediot Aharonot. "In the past the driver was in jail; the police and the Shin Bet continue to investigate."

"This is not simply an attack," he added. "We must assess the situation throughout the city, including the riots. I spoke to the Prime Minister and asked to reinforce the border patrol forces."
"We must restore calm to the city."
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has also released a response.
"We must restore peace to Jerusalem - as I said for months, the situation in Jerusalem is intolerable and we must be acting unequivocally against the violence taking place in the city," Barkat stated.
Progress with Danino and Aharonovich had stalled so much that he turned directly to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to stop the "silent intifada."
"Now it is clearer than ever that the police must be put into Arab neighborhoods where there are disturbances, that checkpoints must be established, and that a significant presence must be felt," Barkat added.
"At my request, the Prime Minister has instructed to reinforce the police to be able to operate and carry out operations against rioting, including the addition of personnel and special units, using new technology, and increasing intelligence," he continued. "I'll continue to be vigilant and will not rest until security returns to Jerusalem."
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu specifically blamed the Israeli Arab leadership for the attack, in remarks made to the Government Press Office during a security briefing on the attack.
"This is how Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas - ed.]'s partners in government act, the same Abu Mazen who – only a few days ago – incited toward a terrorist attack in Jerusalem," the Prime Minister said. 

A French Street Named for a Serial Killer - of Jews - He is now a "diplomat" and a "liberator"

By Giulio Meotti

Valenton is a French municipality near Paris. It just named a street for Marwan Barghouti, the Palestinian terrorist convicted in 2004 of murdering at least five Israelis.
At the inauguration of the street, Valenton mayor Françoise Baud called Barghouti “the face of the unwavering resistance of the Palestinian people against the occupation, the crimes, the destruction, the apartheid and the colonization perpetrated by the Israeli government”.
Palestinian arch-terrorist Barghouti had already been granted honorary citizenship by a large network of French towns like Pierrefitte sur-Seine, a city in the north of Paris. A photograph of Barghouti was hung on the front of the city hall in view of a large crowd, including city hall employees, parliamentarians and French mayors, next to the French flag and the French motto “Liberté, égalité, fraternità”, with the aim of obtaining Barghouti’s release.
Europe’s celebration of a serial killer of Israeli citizens such as Barghouti is far more severe and significant that “The death of Klinghoffer”. This is not art, it is about real inciting to kill innocent Jews. Can you imagine a French street named after Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?
Marwan Barghouti is the president of the French-Palestinian Friendship Club and has a lot of support, especially from France and the European Parliament.
Cowardly Europe, professing “non violence” and peace”, doesn’t find any problem in hailing a murderer such as Barghouti. A cowardly Arab terrorist. 
It is Europe, with all its money and political influence, which turned a ferocious terrorist into a hero. Now the terrorist is celebrated in Europe’s streets as a “liberator”.
Seventy years ago, the city of Valenton was ruled by Vichy’s pro Nazi regime and French Jews were deported en masse to Auschwitz and Sobibor. There were Jews of French origin among the victims of Marwan Barghouti’s planned terrorist attacks.
By naming a street after him, France now closes the circle of Europe’s shameless anti-Semitism. 

ISIS Called for Attacks on Canada Last Month, Now it’s Happening

By Daniel Greenfield 

Toward the end of September, ISIS called for attacks on Americans, Canadians and Europeans.
“If you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be,” read the Islamic State statement, translated into English.
The audio recording says it does not matter whether the “disbeliever” is civilian or military.
Canadian authorities went on alert over the threats, but refused to back down.
This week an ISIS supporting Muslim convert killed a Canadian soldier in the name of Allah.
A neighbor told QMI that Couture-Rouleau had grown out his beard and started wearing a turban after converting to Islam a year ago.
A Facebook page under the name Ahmad Rouleau, created in May 2013, included a number of verses from the Qu’ran.
The shooter or shooters in the latest attack are still at large, but it would not be too surprising if this turned out to be more of the same.
Authorities said that one gunman was shot by security forces and at least one was on the loose. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was safely escorted from the scene, his spokesman said.
Inside Parliament, which was in session, a volley of gunfire could be heard for about 10 seconds in a video posted online by the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail. Sen. George Baker, a member of Parliament, told MSNBC from his office that about 50 shots had been fired.
Gunfire erupted at the National War Memorial, then moved to Centre Block and has also been reported at the Chateau Laurier hotel east of Parliament Hill.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper was with Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino in a caucus meeting when the gunfire began, Mr. Fantino told the Toronto Sun Wednesday. Fantino credits a sergeant-at-arms for taking down a gunman. “All the details are not in but the sergeant-at-arms, a former Mountie, is the one that engaged the gunman, or one of them at least, and stopped this,” Fantino said.
An attack by multiple gunmen on such targets strongly suggests terrorists and it doesn’t seem too likely that anyone except a Muslim terrorist group would be likely to have launched such an attack.

Swiss Islamic Shura Council warns against Germany's plan to counter terrorism

Swiss Islamic Shura Council warned against the repercussion of a proposal made by the German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere to confiscate ID cards of the country's suspected terrorists in order to prevent them from traveling to Syria and Iraq to fight for the Islamic State (IS) militant group.
The Media spokesman of the Council Qaasim Illi told KUNA, Tuesday, that the suggestion "brings to mind what Nazi Germany did to the Jews which is very disturbing." He added that this move might create new facets of racism against Muslims in Switzerland and the whole West.
He pointed out that the Swiss Islamic Shura Council understands where this suggestion stems from and how the European authorities are striving to deal with potential Islamic extremists and how they don't want to be part of exporting such terrorism.
Nonetheless, solutions to stop those radicals are detrimental to Muslim communities; it could lead to stricter measures against them and it could brand them with a negative social stigma, he added.
Illi urged the German authorities to look seriously into the impact of implementing such decision.

Heavy gunfire in Canadian parliament; at least one witness said gunman was wearing “Arabic scarf”

Another indication to suggest that this is a jihad terror attack. Nothing conclusive yet, however. “UPDATING: Gunman killed at Parliament Hill, other suspects sought,” by Blair Crawford, Ottawa Citizen, October 22, 2014:
A gunman has been shot and killed inside Parliament Hill’s Centre Block and police are swarming over downtown Ottawa hunting for other possible suspects after several shootings rocked Ottawa on Wednesday morning — including one at the War Memorial that wounded a soldier and another near the Rideau Centre mall.
The War Memorial shooting occurred just before 10 a.m., and the shooter then apparently drove to the gates of Parliament Hill and ran inside the buildings. A witness also reported that another man headed east, potentially in the direction of the Rideau Centre.
Witnesses said 30 to 50 shots were fired inside the Centre Block.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the leaders of the other political parties are all believed to be safe. The prime minister was taken away from Parliament to a secure place, officials said. The Hill was immediately locked down….
Local schools and the U.S. Embassy, which is near Parliament Hill, were also locked down….
Other witnesses described seeing the gunman carjack a vehicle. Others gave differing descriptions of the car. Police quickly surrounded a Toyota Corolla, which was parked on Wellington Street in front of the Parliament gates.
The suspect was described as 5-9 to 5-10, overweight and wearing a dark jacket. At least one witness said he wore an “Arabic scarf.”…

Canadian Capital in Lockdown After Parliament Shooting

Armed police have Ottowa in lockdown today after a number of shots have been reported fired in the political capital of Canada, including at the national war memorial, inside the national parliament, and in a nearby hotel.
  • Canadian news sources have reported one shooter has been killed within the parliament building it Ottowa, and at least two, but perhaps as many as four others remains at large
  • One Canadian soldier, who is reported to have been guarding the national war memorial in Ottowa was shot at 10am local time, and is believed to have been killed. Another two people are being treated in hospital, they are rumoured to be parliamentary guards
  • Dozens of shots have been exchanged within the parliament building, with one video apparently recording thirty shots fired in the 'Hall of Honour'
  • Police are clearing streets of civilians in Ottowa after reports of a shooting in the upmarket Fairmont Chateau Laurier hotel, which overlooks the parliament buildings
  • There have been reports of shooters on roof tops taking shots at first responders, but this has not yet been confirmed by police
  • Reporters told to take cover near Rideau Shopping Centre, reports that shots have been fired
  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper is safe, has been briefed by the security services and will address the nation later today
Eye witnesses report that the soldier was shot by the war memorial outside the building, and that an armed man was then seen running towards the building where more shots were heard.
The parliament building is currently in lockdown, with legislators still inside as police clear each room in turn. It is thought a gunman may still be at large, and a video shared by the Canadian Globe and Mail indicates there have been dozens of shots exchanged inside.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was within the Parliament building when the incident began, but was immedaitely moved to a secure location by his security detail. The Victorian parliament building has very quickly been surrounded by police armoured vehicles, and a number of support vehicles including a crane have now arrived.
One parliamentary staffer has described the first gunman as being around 5 foot 9 tall, overweight and with a scarf covering his face. It is not known if this was the gunman killed by the master-at-arms inside the parliament building.
The attack comes just 48-hours after another attack on service personel in Canada, in which a recent convert to Islam ran down two soldiers with his car and was then shot as he charged police officers. One of the soldiers hit died in the incident.
Josh Wingrove, a reporter who is within the building says that a gunman is within the building and that he has heard "dozens" of gunshots.

IRA Sex Abuse Allegations Cause Irish Political Storm

Allegations of a sexual abuse cover-up by IRA militants have caused a storm from Belfast to Dublin and drawn comparisons with the Catholic Church, as well as offering a rare glimpse into vigilante policing during the province's troubled past.

The Sinn Fein party, the former political wing of the Irish Republican Army, has been forced on the defensive by the claims from 33-year-old Mairia Cahill.

A member of a prominent republican family whose great-uncle was one of the founders of the Provisional IRA, Cahill says she was sexually abused as a 16-year-old by an IRA member.

She then says she was subjected to months of secret interrogation by the paramilitary group, including a traumatic confrontation with her alleged abuser to check her story.

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has rejected her claims of a cover-up but has admitted that the IRA was "ill-equipped" to handle cases of sexual abuse and has revealed that militants "on occasion shot alleged sex offenders or expelled them".

"While this may have been expedient at the time it was not appropriate. Victims were left without the necessary social service support and abusers without supervision," he said.

In a blog post, he conceded that many abuses had emerged since the IRA's ceasefire in 1994 as part of the peace process and that "some cases may have involved IRA volunteers".

Another senior Sinn Fein member, Martin McGuinness, a former leader of the IRA, has called for any victims to come forward.

"As a society, I think we all have to acknowledge that victims of abuse have been failed in the past," he said.

The IRA's summary justice, which included punishment like beatings and knee-capping for theft and drug dealing, was the norm in nationalist areas because the British state police was seen as politically unionist and alien to the republicans.

Couples in mixed Catholic-Protestant unions were also punished.

- 'Brave and utterly plausible' -

Cahill waived her right to anonymity after a trial on her case fell through earlier this year when she withdrew her evidence, saying that the investigation had been mishandled.

British prosecutors this week ordered an independent review of the case, which involved three inter-linked criminal cases.

The man she has publicly named has denied abusing her.

As part of her campaign, Cahill met with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny on Wednesday after holding talks earlier this week with Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson.

"He raised the fact that there were potential perpetrators living around this country who?ve been moved across the jurisdiction from the North," she said after meeting Kenny.

Cahill told AFP in a telephone interview she was speaking out because she believed child abusers were free and could cause further harm.

"I know there are perpetrators around this country who have access to kids. It's as simple as that," she said.

Cahill said her questioning at the hands of the IRA lasted six months and that the militants swore her to secrecy.

The group was "systematically trying to break my head down to a point where I would withdraw those allegations," she said.

Many commentators have compared the case to the abuse scandals in the Catholic Church that rocked Ireland in the 2000s.

"The way the brave and utterly plausible Mairia Cahill was treated by the IRA following her rape and abuse by one of its members has uncanny echoes of the church's response to abuse," said an editorial in the Irish Times this week.

"The methodology, the denial, the internal secret inquiries, the arrogance of those who did not believe the law should apply to them," the editorial read.

Mick Fealty, an influential Irish political blogger, agreed saying: "Sinn Fein has the same kind of institutional secrecy, distrust of outsiders, and the same sense that it's far better dealing with its own problems".

But the left-wing party, which is enjoying a wave of public support by leading opposition to austerity, has rejected the criticism as being more about the past.

Adams said republicans had developed more "victim-centred approaches" since the years of IRA policing, adding: "Those who wish to have these cases dealt with have that right".

Jewish Leader Indicted For Calling Dieudonne 'Anti-Semite'

The President of France's largest Jewish group was indicted on Monday, after he called anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala a “professional anti-Semite.”
Roger Cukierman, who heads the CRIF organization, made the remarks earlier this month in an interview with Europe 1.
On Monday, Cukierman announced the indictment himself on CRIF's website.
“So I am being indicted for having stated on Europe 1 that Dieudonne is a professional anti-Semite. Isn’t that funny? For once, Dieudonne is actually comical,” Cukierman said.
Dieudonne has been repeatedly fined for hate speech and several French towns have banned his shows as a threat to public order.
Although he claims he is not anti-Semitic, public authorities say he owes more than 65,000 euros ($84,000) in fines related to past convictions related to anti-Semitic comments.
CRIF added Monday that the comedian has 10 total convictions for inciting racial hatred against Jews.
Dieudonne is also infamous for inventing the "quenelle" reverse Nazi salute - and for inventing the term “shoananas,” a mashup of the Hebrew word for the Holocaust and the French word for pineapple, which is used to suggest the genocide never happened while dodging France's anti-incitement laws.
He is due to appear in a Paris appeals court in November for making an Internet appeal for donations to help pay his fines, which is forbidden under French law. He is also being pursued for faking bankruptcy and for money laundering.

Rocker Gene Simmons: Jews Aren’t Popular Unless They Are Needed

By Shiryn Ghermezian
Former KISS bassist Gene Simmons told the New York Daily News recently that Jews are not the most popular ethnic group around, but people know to turn to them for their professional skills.
“Jews have never been popular and they still aren’t. Everybody will agree by and large that Jews are not their favorite people, unless they go to church and pray to one, that’s OK,” he said in an interview promoting his new book Me, Inc. “Or if they want good banking, they’ll go to a Jewish banker. Or if they’re sick, they’ll go to a Jewish doctor. Or if they need an accountant, they’ll go to a Jewish accountant. Or if they’re going to sue someone, they’ll go to a Jewish lawyer.”
The conservative, 65-year-old Jackson Heights native also talked politics. He said he thinks he could win an election, even if some people might not like his religious beliefs. He also sounded ready to start a political party, the New York Daily News reported.

'German' hand grenades paraded by Isis in Syria

The German military was on Wednesday investigating reports that Bundeswehr hand grenades have fallen into the hands of the Islamic State (Isis) terrorist group after a video appearing to show captured weapons surfaced on the Internet. Isis fighters in Syria were shown unpacking hand grenades from boxes stamped DM41, which experts say is the classification of an older hand grenade type used by the Bundeswehr, the German Army. A Bundeswehr spokesman declined to comment on operations to supply Kurdish forces fighting Isis in northern Iraq, where the terrorist group is believed to have intercepted western-supplied weapons. But other military officials told the news agency dpa that only new type DM51 hand grenades could have been among weapons delivered to the Kurdish defenders of the northern city of Kobane a month ago. Confusion over the origin of the hand grenades deepened with a Pentagon admission that a US airdrop of arms to the city's defenders could have been snatched by Isis. The hand grenade video appeared following a US airdrop of 28 crates of weapons and supplies to Kobane earlier this week. One crate went astray when landing. Despite efforts to destroy it from the air, the contents may have survived, officials said. They were unable to comment whether German items were among the delivery. Since September 5, Germany has supplied 5,100 hand grenades among 600 tons of arms, vehicles and equipment to Kurdish forces in Iraq, Repercussions of the conflict in Syria and Iraq have affected Germany in various ways in recent months. Hundreds of volunteers have travelled to the region to fight for Isis, while Isis fighters originating in Germany have threatened the life of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Funds and equipment were also supplied to groups fighting in the region by sympathizers in Germany. Four men were arrested on Monday for allegedly supplying thousands of winter boots and jackets to terrorist groups. Related raids were carried out in seven states, including Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, as well as North Rhine-Westphalia.

UK: Locals Demand White-Only Taxi Drivers in Child Rape Scandal Town

By Oliver Lane 

A taxi company in the child-sex scandal hit town Heywood is now offering customers the opportunity to choose white-only cab drivers, after two former 'Asian' drivers were imprisoned for sexual assault and sexual exploitation. The owner of company Car 2000, Stephen Campbell defended himself from accusations of racism when speaking to the Guardian, reflecting that he was merely reacting to the demands of the market place. He said: “We have had quite a lot of customers requesting what they call a ‘local’ [White] driver. A bit insane if you consider that most of the [Asian] lads were born in Rochdale.
“But its a business and we have got a duty to do what the customer asks us to. I don’t think we can discriminate against the customer in the same way. It is a business at the end of the day. We have a large bank loan to pay back”.
Heywood, an area of Rochdale in Manchester was at the heart of the 2011 child sex-ring case, a scandal which brought nationwide attention to the phenomenon of predominantly Pakistani, Muslim men engaging in criminal abuse of young, white girls. During the proceedings of the court case against the men it was revealed on one occasion one under-age girl from Heywood was raped by twenty men in one night who ‘lined up’ outside her room, another was so drunk she threw up as she was raped by two men.
Further revelations in Rotherham this year have confirmed apparent patterns of Pakistani men using fast-food shops and taxi firms as a means to entrap girls, some of whom came forwards to police to complain of repeated gang-rapes in return for food and drugs.
The events have polarised politics in the Heywood and Middleton, which for the past fifty years has been a solidly Labour seat. The recent by-election was hotly contested by UKIP, who performed well thanks to local concerns about the behaviour of the area’s Pakistani community. Although Labour retained the seat on the 9 of October, its 6,000 majority from the last election was cut to just 617 votes, as UKIP made one of the most remarkable bounces by a political party in British by-election history.
Now these cases have become public knowledge, it is becoming apparent that parents are increasingly aware of hidden criminal practice that may place their children in danger, and are being accommodated by taxi firms as a result. This is in stark contrast to the situation in the last decade, when one BBC radio presenter was fired from the corporation after she requested an ‘English’ driver from a minicab firm. The taxi dispatch operator took offence at the request, which was for the presenter's young daughter who would be travelling alone to her grandparents house, and passed a recording to the Sun newspaper.
Car 2000 now gets some sixty requests a week for white drivers, and although a local Labour MP has called it “extremely worrying”, the local council has raised no objections. A spokesman said: “This is first the council has heard of this company’s policy. However, this appears to be a decision made by the company and there is currently nothing in the conditions of their license which state that they cannot operate such a policy, just as some firms choose to offer customers only female drivers”. Despite their apparent blessing, owner Campbell shows no care for the opinions of local bureaucrats, saying: “They can’t tell us what we can do”.

Migrants Brawl in Calais, Part of Town Sealed Off by Police

By A.B. Sanderson 

A brawl between migrants from Ethiopia and Eritrea in Calais on Tuesday night has escalated tensions in the French town. Reports from The Local say police in Calais sealed off an industrial district of the French port city after a fight between illegal migrant groups.
Dozens were reported injured in the fight which is the latest problem in the City’s struggle to deal with hundreds of migrants who live in ‘The Jungle’ and who try to make their way by cross Channel ferry to England.
Tear gas was used once again to try to break up the fight, only a day after it was used to stop migrants hiding in lorries which were caught in a large tail back stemming from the entrance of the port.
The two groups were said to be fighting each other with sticks and police said that one migrant was detained in custody.
A 16 year old Ethiopian girl was killed on Monday night after being hit by a car while crossing a motorway in the area.
As we reported from the French city, the sides of the roads approaching the port are full of migrants trying to evade the police and stow away on a cross channel ferry.
Calais authorities and police have warned that the situation is becoming more violent - many suspect that the race to get to the UK is becoming more urgent as the temperatures drop and winter draws closer.
"They are becoming more violent and aggressive and we have to use tear gas more and more," said a police officer who spoke to reporters from The Local.
The city’s major, Natacha Bouchart, last month threatened to shut down the port entirely at the perceived lack of action or help from the British government over the problem.
Since then, £12 million has been given to assist with the fight against illegal immigration but for many the problem stems much deeper than simply having more police and security guards.
Breitbart London has requested confirmation that the money is being spent in Calais following reports from the City's Deputy Mayor Philippe Mignonnet that nothing has been given to the front line.
With no border controls after they have arrived in an EU country - usually Italy, Greece or Malta, it is a straight forward journey north for the migrants whose ultimate goal is to get to the UK where they think they can get free schooling, housing and well paying jobs.
During my visit to The Jungle and the charity food stalls near the City centre, migrants told me that they had never been told that there would be a problem getting into the UK.
In reality, the UK is not part of the Schengen area and does have border controls although anyone from the European Union is allowed to travel freely into the country.

UK: Woman arrested in Bedfordshire on suspicion of terror act

A woman has today been arrested on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts in connection with the conflict in Syria.The 25-year-old woman was arrested in Bedfordshire early this morning. Counter-terrorism officers then took her to a central London police station, where Scotland Yard said she remains in custody. Two properties in Bedfordshire were also searched as part of the investigation. The arrest is part of a string of raids on UK addresses related to Syria-linked terror offences. A statement from the Metropolitan Police said: "Officers from SO15 Counter Terrorism Command have this morning, Wednesday, 22 October, arrested a 25-year-old woman in Bedfordshire on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts contrary to section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006. "She has been taken to a central London police station where she remains in custody."Two addresses in Bedfordshire are being searched as part of the investigation. "This investigation is related to Syria." Around 500 Britons are believed to have travelled out to the war-torn country to fight. Last week, five men appeared in court accused of conspiring to shoot dead police and soldiers in London in a terror plot inspired by Islamic State - the jihadist militant group who have captured large swathes of Syria and Iraq. The terror group, who have brutally beheaded Britons and other Westerners, has been accused by human rights group Amnesty International of turning Iraq into "blood-soaked killing fields".

'Over Half' of British Donations to Syrian Humanitarian Charities Help Fund ISIS

By Donna Rachel Edmunds 

 More than half of the UK’s donations to smaller charities working in Syria fall into the hands of ISIS and other Islamist groups, the London based anti-radicalisation think-tank Quilliam has claimed. Two charities who send aid convoys to the country are now being investigated by the Charities Commission over possible serious breaches of their charitable status. Both deny the claim. The two charities are Children in Deen and Al-Fatiha Global, the latter which is the charity that helped organise the convoy that Alan Henning, the last Brit to be beheaded by ISIS, was travelling with, Newsweek has reported. Both are under investigation for the “most serious” level of breaches after the media linked the organisations to militant Islamic groups in Syria.
A spokesman for the charity commission said: “We do not have an ongoing monitoring process with each individual charity,” but the charities are subject to “regulatory checks”, he added. Organisations must declare an annual income of over £5,000 and pass a basic legal test to be registered as charities.
The two organisations deny the charges. Al-Fatiha has pointed out that it posted a statement on its website calling for Henning’s release before he was beheaded last month. However, in March of this year, pictures emerged showing Adeel Ali, the CEO of Al-Fatiha posing with two masked militants toting rifles, his arms around their shoulders.
In April, Al-Fatiha made a statement to in April which read “We have not been involved in any form of terrorism, criminality or fighting as has been alleged in the media... We are confident that any inquiry will reach the same conclusion.”
And again earlier this year a suicide bomber named Abdul Waheed Majeed used a Children in Deen convoy to carry out a suicide bombing in Syria. The media manager for Children in Deen, Masood Ajaib denied the connection, saying that the organisation’s presence in Syria was of a “purely humanitarian” nature.
“When you take out the major charities like the British Red Cross and the Red Crescent, more than half of the ‘aid’ that goes out to Syria ends up with militant groups,” Haras Rafiq, head of outreach at the Quilliam Foundation told Newsweek.
“These are organisations which take advantage of well-intentioned people, giving money for what they think are humanitarian causes.
“The majority of this money comes from the UK and goes to ISIS. ISIS are the biggest beast in the region, so they can have their pick of resources on the ground,” Rafiq said, although other groups such as the al-Nusra Front, which is affiliated with al-Qaeda, also benefit.
The British Red Cross has advised that money only be donated to organisations that are affiliated partners of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. Only those organisations “are among one of the only agencies able to work across the frontlines in Syria, ensuring aid reaches those most desperately in need of assistance,” a spokesperson said.
“All money donated to the British Red Cross Syria Crisis appeal stays within the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and is channelled directly to beneficiaries through the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), other national societies in Syria Crisis-affected countries, and the IFRC.
“Those who give to the British Red Cross Syria Crisis appeal can be confident that we take the issue of donor funds very seriously and are vigilant in making sure all donations reach those who are most in need,” he said.

Cash-strapped NHS Wales Wastes A Fortune On Politically Correct Non-Jobs

By Andre Walker 

The financial problems in the Welsh NHS do not seem to have dampened its Labour leadership's appetite for wasting money on oddly titled politically correct jobs. The Taxpayers' Alliance have published a list of 43 pointless jobs, which are costing the public £1.5m a year according to the Daily Mail. NHS Wales is facing budget cuts of one percent this year, which brings the total reduction in spending to eight percent since 2010. But Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board still found the money to employ a “carbon manager” on £43,414 a year plus a £6,078 contribution to their pension. The package would easily be enough to employ two newly qualified nurses.
The health board also has a head of communications on £50,000 a year along with £30,000 a year each for a leadership officer, a head of equality, diversity and human rights, and a senior equality manager, none of whom deliver any treatment to the patients, who are now suffering much longer waiting than they did before the cuts.
But health bosses do not seem deterred by the needless cost of these officials. Gwent has a sustainable transport manager on £30,308 per year, Cwm Taf has a leadership/management coach on £40,511 a year, and Velindre NHS Trust has an equality and diversity lead on £40,511. Velindre also employs a total of eight press officers, costing the taxpayer an eye-watering £250,000.
The TPA claim the figures show that Labour prioritise bureaucrats over patients and are often reluctant to cut posts that involve diversity or the environment. This approach has led to patients in Wales having to wait 170 days for a simple operation that would be done in 70 days in England.
Waiting lists are also far longer for serious conditions, around 50 percent of Welsh cancer sufferers wait more than six weeks for many scans and tests. In England, just 6 percent of patients wait that long.
Despite Labour's poor track record in Wales the party are still trusted by more of the public to protect the NHS. As a result of this good reputation the Labour leadership plan to make their policies on the NHS central in next years general election campaign.

EU Tyranny: New Law against Democratically Dismantling EU from Within

By Timon Dias
It looks as if this new law is meant to serve as a severe roadblock to parties that would like to dismantle the EU in a democratic and peaceful way from within.
A rather dull semantic trick pro-EU figures usually apply, is calling their opponents "anti-Europe."
Two years ago the European Commission proposed a law that would authorize an "independent authority" within the European Parliament (EP) to decide whether EP parties would receive an official legal status as EP parties. This legal status is needed for a party to obtain EP party subsidy, which is designed to cover 85% of party expenditures. –
Despite a British and Dutch lobby against the law, it was passed by the EP on September 29, 2014.
Among the demands parties have to meet are that of internal party democracy and that they must "respect the values on which the European Union is based." Among these values are: "pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men." Also, the parties must be active in at least seven out of 28 EU member state countries.
The law states that: "decisions regarding a party's respect for values on which the EU is based, may only be taken following a special procedure and in cooperation with a committee of independent prominent individuals."
Although the law does not specify the composition of this illustrious special committee, it is highly probable that Martin Schulz, the EP's chairman, is among them. Schulz is a German socialist who got reelected as EP chairman even though he was absent during the parliamentary debate for the position. Schultz is also known for strongly condemning the content and distribution of a film critical of Islam, "Innocence of Muslims," and for his disproportionate criticism of Israel.
Even though the committee is designated as an "independent authority," within the self-aggrandizing dynamic of the EU, one cannot be "prominent" and "independent" at the same time.
Therefore, prominent individuals within the EU are those that fully and without any reticence subscribe to the EU's mission of dismantling European nation states and furthering the EU's influence at the cost of national democracies.
Due to this law, it is highly probable that EU-skeptic party factions such as the "Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy" (EFDD), chaired by UKIP's Nigel Farage, will no longer receive subsidy. It is also likely that when for example EU-skeptic and anti-immigration parties like Marine le Pen's Front National and Geert Wilders' Freedom Party succeed in forming a EP faction, it will be denied subsidy because the "independent committee" will decide that the faction does not subscribe to the EU's values of tolerance and pluralism.
A rather dull semantic trick pro-EU figures usually apply, is calling their opponents "anti-Europe." But as Europe is a continent, it is difficult to be against a continent. Anti-EU figures are against an organization that is increasingly overruling national democracies without the consent of those national populations.
The EU has been struggling for years with dwindling popularity among its member state citizens. The rise of anti-EU parties in the European Parliament has been a jolting wake-up call for prominent pro-EU figures.
It looks as if this new law is meant to serve as a roadblock to parties that would like to dismantle the EU in a democratic and peaceful way from within. Only parties that do not deviate from the EU utopia of a federally-controlled European continent too much, will be allowed to participate within the EU without being obstructed, hindered or disadvantaged by that same EU. It indeed seems that if the EU cannot realize its ideals with the support of its citizens, it will simply do so without the support of its citizens.
If in the future, the EU will further obstruct anti-EU EP-parties in their quest for dismantling the EU in a civil and democratic way, it may achieve the following downward spiral.
Firstly, it will show the citizens of member states the rather tyrannical and utterly intolerant face of the EU. Secondly, this sentiment may further popularize and empower anti-EU parties to push for the democratic dismantlement of the EU from within. The EU may in turn respond with even more repressive measures to obstruct anti-EU parties in the European Parliament, which will make the EU even more unpopular among member state citizens and thus adding to the popularity of anti-EU parties.
It is impossible to predict how this standoff would end, but if this spiral were to occur, it is possible that EU member states would decide nationally to simply leave the EU. This could be a very real scenario if for example the French Front National, British UK Independence Party and Dutch Freedom Party would win majorities in national elections.
This would leave the EU in a dismembered state of chaos, which could have been prevented if the EU had allowed – without foul play and obstruction – European Parliament factions to push for the dissolution of the EU in a peaceful and democratic way.

UK: Journalist compares "Zionist terrorists" to Hamas, Taliban

Michael Portillo, a BBC journalist and former Conservative politicians, compared Hamas and Taliban terrorists to the "Zionist terrorists who formed the State of Israel", on the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Moral Maze’ (via BBC Watch).  Luckily, Islamic State did 'terrible things' which sets them apart from those hateful Zionists.

“So you wouldn’t say then that the terrible things they’ve [ISIS] done – Michael Buerk listed some of them at the beginning – you wouldn’t say that that uniquely sets them apart, let’s say from Zionist terrorists…eh….who formed the State of Israel, Hamas with whom we want Israel now to speak, the Taliban with whom we have all spoken – so it doesn’t set them apart?” 
“But might it also be an interesting paradox that as we come under such pressure from Islamic State that we’ll want to settle whatever we can in the region, so actually we’ll probably be pressuring Israelis to talk to the formerly demonised Hamas?” [emphasis added]