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Married with Children: Ahmed F. murders his 7-year-old daughter in Düsseldorf

A family settlement in Düsseldorf district of  Rath, today Thursday around 11.30 am. Dozens of patrol cars arrive, a special task force storms one of the bricked houses, the officers overwhelm 32-year-old family father Ahmed F. in the corridor and fix him. His wife Katharina (44 y/o) had alerted the police because there was a dispute and Ahmed had threatened their daughter Sara (7 y/o) with an object during a video chat conducted by mobile phone. The Egyptian can be arrested without resistance.When the special forces enter the apartment on the ground floor, they make a terrible discovery: they find the seven-year-old girl lifeless in the apartment. She's being taken to the clinic in an ambulance. There the little, sweet girl dies.But what had happened? "In a dispute over the telephone, the situation escalated around 10:15 a.m. in the morning. In the video call, the husband apparently threatened the crying child with an object," it says in the police report. That's why her mother Katharina had alerted the officers. It all looked so good with the little family. Ahmed worked as a garbage man, Katharina worked as a clerk at the Düsseldorf city administration. The couple had lived in the small multi-party house for more than eight years.The daily EXPRESS reports Ahmed strangled Sarah. We're looking for an autopsy. Mother Katharina is in psychological care. Did she have to watch the cruel deed during video chat? This must now be the result of further investigations.

Austria: Beatings on Jews in the centre of Vienna -- Turkish unemployed arrested


Brutal scenes in the heart of Vienna's Leopoldstadt: Thursday morning a young man attacks three Jews in front of a kosher restaurant, punching his victims several times. The perpetrator moves on to Tabor Street, an eyewitness calls the police, tells the newspaper "Heute": "I followed the man, the police advised me to keep my distance and stay on the phone to announce the current location of the perpetrator". Then the next attack: On Tabor Street the thug sees another Jew with a kippa (Jewish headgear, note), takes off and jumps into the guy's back with full force. "I had just come from the synagogue, had my kippa on and wore tefilin, so I was clearly identifiable as a Jew. He came from behind, I phoned and didn't see him, he jumped right into me from behind," said victim Daniel (22 y/o).The alleged perpetrator of violence continues his march towards Schwedenplatz square, and on his way to the subway station he also attacks a woman, according to police reports. According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrator also strikes the police officers in the U1 station at Schwedenplatz square; he can only be overpowered by four officers. The assailant, who according to the police is a 24-year-old, unemployed Austrian of Turkish origin, is arrested. He is to be questioned as soon as possible. Victim Daniel is in shock: "I hurt my hip, but I'm glad he didn't have a knife with him".

Germany: An African man wants to divert train -- "Take me to Bitterfeld" -- Passengers and conductors attacked

This morning, around 6:20 a.m., the federal police at Halle central station were asked for help by a train attendant of a suburban railway. A 37-year-old man had just entered the suburban train in the direction of Leipzig and loudly demanded that he be taken to Bitterfeld. The train attendant ordered him to leave the train. As a result, the 37-year-old Beninese became aggressive towards the train attendant and the passengers in the train. The officers of the federal police expelled the man from the train. Under no circumstances did he comply with this reprimand and so it had to be enforced by physical coercion. Subsequently, he tried to spit at the officials and defended himself against the police measures. The officials and the 37-year-old fell on the platform. Fortunately, no one was injured in this fall. According to an ambulance doctor, the man was able to continue on his way. He is now threatened with criminal charges of assault and resistance against law enforcement officials.

Germany: Knife attack on Erfurt station forecourt -- an Algerian arrested

On Monday evening, around 9:25 pm, a 29-year-old Afghan citizen contacted the Federal Police in Erfurt. He claimed to have been attacked with a knife by a man in front of the station. He suffered a cut to the head. The attack is said to have been preceded by an argument between the men. Federal police were able to find a 30-year-old Algerian suspect. He was arrested by the Erfurt police. The Erfurt criminal police has started the investigation and is looking for witnesses to the incident. The Erfurt CID (0361/7443-1465) receives information.

Germany: Attempted homicide in Plüderhausen -- Urgent suspicion of murder against 20-year-old Afghan man -- The ex-boyfriend of 19-year-old daughter

Wafa FrontWafa SeiteWafa SchrägTätowierung

The 20-year-old Afghan Amir WAFA, alias Aamir WAFA, is wanted for an attempted homicide in Plüderhausen (Rems-Murr district). He is 178 cm tall, slender and has dark brown, about 2-3 cm long hair, which are shaved on the side. He also wears an eye-catching tattoo above his left breast with outlines of the map of Afghanistan.On the night to Sunday, 15th of July 2018, shortly before 01:00 o'clock, an initially unknown perpetrator had entered the room of a 19-year-old woman, who had not been in the house at that time, via an open window on the first floor. When the 53-year-old father heard suspicious noises, he went into the room and closed the window. He was surprised by the perpetrator and attacked with a knife. He suffered severe cuts. Afterwards, the perpetrator managed to escape. The injured father was first treated by police officers, then by the ambulance service and finally by the emergency doctor before being admitted to a hospital, where he was operated on during the night. An immediate manhunt was unsuccessful. The investigation was taken over by the criminal police during the night.Early on Sunday morning, the 20-year-old was examined by the police and provisionally arrested. It's the ex-boyfriend of the 19-year-old daughter. This one had terminated the relationship a few weeks ago. After he denied the crime and no arrest warrant could be applied for at that time due to a lack of sufficient evidence against him, he was released again on the instructions of the public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart.Due to the very intensive criminal police investigations in the following days, in which the State Criminal Police Office and the Police Headquarters were also involved, new findings have emerged which now justify an urgent suspicion against the accused. At the request of the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office, the competent district court has therefore issued an arrest warrant.The suspect could no longer be found at his address in Schorndorf and is staying unknown. It is to be assumed that he has disappeared. For this reason, the district court ordered a public search at the request of the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office. The police are urgently searching for the suspect and are asking the population for help. The police are asking:

- Who has seen the wanted person since Monday or can provide information on of his whereabouts?

 - Who knows the fugitive we're looking for and can provide information on his living conditions, contact persons or the places he went to. 

 Information can be obtained from the Waiblingen criminal police, telephone 07151/950-0 or any other police station.

Halal meat is the new standard in Germany – slaughter facilities are facing Mecca: survey

Germany’s leading meat producers often work according to Islamic laws, a survey of the Evangelical News Agency Idea shows.
The largest German poultry producer Wiesenhof produces exclusively “halal”. This was admitted by the group from Visbek (Lower Saxony) on request.
“All Wiesenhof poultry butcheries are invariably free of pork and alcohol.” Some slaughterhouses are already “Halal certified for several decades”. Wiesenhof works with one of the largest certifiers, “Halal Certification Germany” (Osnabrück).
Wiesenhof confirmed that this is also the case in the company’s own slaughterhouses. In addition, all facilities are facing Mecca. Their products are recognised by certifiers as “halal” (Arabic for “allowed”) and are therefore suitable for Muslims who comply with the food rules of the Koran, for consumption.
The Halal Certification Germany guidelines state, inter alia, that the slaughter process must be set in motion by a Muslim employee proclaiming the name of Allah based on Sura 6, verse 121.
The German production facilities of the international meat producer “Vion Food” (Buchloe) are also controlled by “Halal Certification Germany” for compliance with the Muslim food regulations.
“Our beef products are produced and processed according to Islamic religious norms,” writes the food giant on its website.
The northern German company Tönnies with headquarters in Rheda-Wiedenbrück (North Rhine-Westphalia) also pays attention to a correspondence processing of their cattle.
“What used to be mainly demanded for export to the Arab countries is increasing today for the domestic market in Germany. We work with a number of mosques that review our production conditions at annual audits,” André Vielstädte, head of corporate communications, tells Idea.

Germany: Arrest of an African man in the suburban railway tunnel -- He threatened the police patrol with ballast stones

Yesterday around 1:15 p.m., the Federal Police Inspectorate in Frankfurt am Main was informed by the German National Railways that a person from outside the company was in the suburban railway tunnel in the area of Frankfurt main station and was walking in the direction of the Taunusanlage. A 25-year-old Eritrean was found lying on the rails by the patrol of the Federal Police. He threatened the patrol with gravel stones, where he already started his throw. The throw could be averted just in time by the assigned officials. The reason for the stay in the track area is the subject of the investigation. The federal police are investigating the assault on police officers and the attempted dangerous assault.

Germany: Social Democratic City Councillor in Neuötting hung Erdogan banner out of her window

" Stand upright, stay unyielding, people are with you." This is the translation of the words, written on an Erdogan banner, which was hung out of a window of a house in Neuötting for five or six days at the end of June. This is not unusual at first, because Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a large following among the Turks in Germany. It is unusual that this bright red support banner hung from the window of a social democratic SPD city councillor, who is also the adviser for family and integration of her adopted home town Neuötting. So what prompted the Turkish town councillor Saniye Can to present the Erdogan flag at her house as a social democrat? "For some time now, my family has been involved in a neighborhood dispute that has become even more acute lately. In this context, an action took place which, as I am now aware, was an unacceptable and unsuccessful overreaction," City Councillor Can explained in a written statement to the weekly Wochenblatt. The SPD city councillor left unanswered further questions in the weekly, such as why Can wanted to annoy the neighbours with an Erdogan flag of all things. A question by the Christian-social CSU faction in the city council did not shed much light either. Can explained that a crowing cock owned by her family had sparked the neighbourhood dispute, but what role Erdogan plays in this is still unclear. There is a total silence in the Neuöttingen Social Democratic Party. Neither Neuötting's mayor Peter Haugender, who is also chairman of the local SPD, nor SPD faction spokesman Jürgen Gastel wanted to comment on the incident.

Germany: African man pours flammable liquid over a mother of three and sets her on fire -- Little hope for the victim

It seems like a hopeless fight! After an assassination attempt, Jean B. (33) from Bielefeld is in the intensive care unit of the Bergmannheil Clinic in Bochum. 90 percent of her skin was burnt. The chances of survival of the triple mother are very minimal.The man who is said to have done this to her is in jail for attempted murder and serious arson. Kenyan Silvester K. (27), who has been convicted many times before, is treated in the Justice Hospital in Fröndenberg because he also suffered burn injuries and smoke poisoning. In a first interrogation, he denied everything.The horrific drama happened on Monday. In the evening, residents heard terrible screams from a ground-floor apartment in the eastern part of Bielefeld. Shortly thereafter, flames and smoke burst out of the house. A woman saw Jean B. staggering in front of the window, burning. "She screamed, whimpered. It was terrible," witnesses describe.Jean B. fell through the kitchen window into the backyard. First responders put her on a lawn and covered her up. A witness: "She was naked, her hair was burned, her face unrecognisable." Jean B. is said to have stammered in pain that her boyfriend poured a hot liquid over her and torched her.In the Kenyan's apartment (who also committed drug offences) there was often plenty of excitement .Neighbors report parties, threats, thefts, loud arguments and beatings. Only the day before the drama, a young woman is said to have run out of the house crying and shouted that she had been raped.Sylvester K. is facing life imprisonment. The victim's children are in the care of relatives.

Trump is on-target regarding German energy

By John Droz, Jr.

It’s disturbing how uninformed some of the comments are regarding President Trump’s recent strong messages to our European allies, especially Germany. Consider this basic overview about a key element that he rightly expressed concern about the German energy plan:
  • Fact #1: Germany was a lead proponent of the Paris “Accord.” In that agreement the signatories have identified “Climate Change” as a matter of utmost importance
  • Fact #2: Those same countries (with Germany leading the way) promised that they will make significant CO2 reductions, shortly.
  • Fact #3: Essentially none of those countries are actually meeting their promised CO2 reductions -- and in some cases CO2 has gone up!
  • Fact #4: Over the last 50+ years, the number one worldwide source of CO2 reduction has been nuclear energy.
  • Fact #5: Despite claiming the urgency of making CO2 reductions, under political pressure from alarmists, Germany chose to shut down its functioning nuclear facilities.
  • Fact #6: Germany’s energy “plan” (Energiewende) was to have nuclear base-load generation replaced by renewables -- a technical impossibility.
  • Fact #7: This reality dawned on them when this voluntary reduction in reliable electrical energy generation put Germany in a difficult spot -- and they started experiencing an increasing number of brownouts/blackouts.
  • Fact #8: To compensate for the deficiency of their own unscientific political energy actions, Germany needed to quickly add significant reliable electrical generation.
  • Fact #9: The best choice (of not very good remaining options) is to add natural gas electrical energy facilities.
  • Fact #10: Natural gas electrical energy facilities generate significantly more CO2 than nuclear electrical energy facilities do.
  • Fact #11: Germany’s current best source of natural gas is Russia.
  • Fact #12: Russian fossil fuel exports produce: 16%± of their GDP, 52%± of their government’s revenue, and 70%± of their exports.
  • Fact #13: Russian natural gas to Europeans is currently more expensive that what U.S. natural gas sells for here.
  • Fact #14: Russia has already used natural gas as a political tool -- by raising the price, threatening to turn it off, etc.
  • Fact #15: Germany is putting their country (and NATO, and the U.S.) at considerable risk by having such a dependence on Russian natural gas.
Again, none of this was necessary, until Germany shot themselves in the foot by closing nuclear facilities -- just to politically satisfy green lobbyists.
Despite what may appear in mainstream media, this is the gist of the message that President Trump conveyed to our allies (some publicly, some privately).
In my view, his strong statements were fully warranted, as the German actions throughout this whole matter have been atrocious and irresponsible -- and are detrimental to the interests of the U.S.

UK Government Office Knew About Mass Rape Gangs Decade Before Investigating


South Yorkshire Police

Britain’s Home Office had received information about Pakistani grooming gangs raping vulnerable white girls more than a decade before it finally commissioned an investigation, a review has found.

review had found that documents relating to an unpublished report which detailed “men who are believed to be responsible for pimping and grooming young people into prostitution” in Rotherham, north east England, was sent to the Home Office in 2002, but the department failed to act on it.

The revelations were reported in the Home Office’s internal review entitled: “The Rotherham Independent Review: a review into information passed to the Home Office in connection with allegations of Child Sexual Abuse in Rotherham” released Tuesday and which considered whether the Home Office properly handed material sent to it regarding Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).This included an assessment of a University of Luton (now Bedfordshire) research project titled “Risky Business” which ran from 2001 and 2002 and was funded by the Home Office. It was set up to identify and support girls at risk of CSE and focused on “targetting men who are believed to be responsible for pimping and grooming young people into prostitution”.
The July 2018 internal Home Office review stated that the researcher had said she sent her draft report to “Home Office evaluators and senior officials” in 2002 and that she had spoken to several Home Office officials about her work. However, the internal review found that some Home Office officials claimed to have no recollection of having received it, with “one inclined to the view that it might have been received and one felt it less likely”.No copy of the 2002 draft report had been found in the Home Office archives, but reviewers state that enough of information related to its work can be determined to have been seen by the Home Office.
Blamed a filing system that was “imperfectly operated” for the potential loss of the document, review heads barrister Richard Whittam QC and NSPCC chief executive Peter Wanless said they found no evidence of files deliberately being destroyed.The July 2018 investigation into what evidence of grooming gangs was sent to the government was prompted by documents uncovered in the Home Office archives relating to the 2002 study during the Jay review into the sexual exploitation of some 1,500 white girls by Pakistani-heritage Muslim men in Rotherham between 1997 and 2003. The Jay Report, published 2014, was only prompted after an investigation into the sexual abuse by The Times newspaper.
Some of the information the researcher said she sent to the Home Office in the draft report was a case study of the mother of a 14-year-old girl being groomed for sex by “[South] Asian” men but whose pleas for help were ignored by police  — similar to other cases presented to the Home Office by the Jay Report 12 years later.
Other material in the Home Office archives included a letter from concerned parents “known to have been received by the department in 2003 describing the appalling abuse of one child and indicated that criminal networks were involved in the organised exploitation of young people”.The University of Luton researcher said she had contacted the Home Office over concerns of malpractice by authorities in Rotherham in the handling of girls being sexually abused by Muslim grooming gangs, with the July 2018 report confirming that Home Office authorities were aware of these “tensions”.
“However, the Home Office focus seems specifically to have been on the consequence of such disputes for the advancement of evidence that would support a commissioned evaluation, rather than the cause of such disputes. Closer consideration of the latter could have uncovered faster the failings we now know were putting children at risk,” the 2018 report found.Conservative Home Secretary Sajid Javid said of the findings: “The review did find that pieces of information questioning the response of statutory services were available to the Home Office, meaning that opportunities to follow up on, or seek further information about, matters in Rotherham including whether the police and other statutory agencies were responding appropriately existed.”
Rotherham Labour MP Sarah Champion said: “It is clear that the Home Office knew about child sexual exploitation in Rotherham from 2002.
“The report also highlights the knowledge of the local authority and South Yorkshire Police of the abuse.
“Why, when so many in authority knew the scale and severity of this crime did it take until 2014, with the publication of the Jay report, for a large scale investigation to occur?“How many lives could have been protected if swift action had been taken a decade before?”
Last year, Rochdale grooming gang whistleblower and former Greater Manchester Police detective Maggie Oliver alleged the Home Office were more interested in covering up their mistakes than protecting vulnerable girls and that the conspiracy “goes right to the top of government. I know that the Home Office was getting daily updates about Operation Span [an investigation into CSE]. They are more interested in covering up for mistakes instead of holding their hands up.”

Bus company to leave Brussels migrant suburb after numerous violent incidents

Bus drivers from the company FlixBus sounded the alarm about the several serious incidents each week in the northern part of Brussels. Incidents like robberies and knife threats in Brussel-Noord, Belgian newspaper HLN reports.
“Several times a week I experience threatening situations”, one bus driver says. Most often gangs loiter at the bus stations waiting for the arrival of buses with plans to steal luggage and rob passengers.
According to the driver incidents include intimidation, violence, knife attacks, thefts and fights.
“We barely get a reply if we use the emergency number on the bus. We are sick of it and demand security,” the bus driver says.
While FlixBus says several measures have already been taken to increase safety, the bus drivers choose to avoid parking at Brussel-Noord station if that is their last stop.
The company has now taken the decision to look for another station to stop in the Belgian capital, “because it has to be safe” a spokesman says.
Police in the area admit there’s a problem with the area: “Brussel-Noord isn’t the safest area; it is near the ‘Maximiliaanpark’, a place where a lot of migrants gather. At night they hang around near the station,” according to officer Audrey Dereymaeker.
Dereymaeker says police try to help by patrolling the area when buses arrive or leave. He advises bus companies to use security personnel in the area.

THE FREE TOMMY DEMO AND THE MUSLIM BUS DRIVER -- The biased news stories that are making British people feel like second-class citizens in their own country.

Saturday’s Free Tommy Robinson rally in Whitehall in London was another heavily attended get-together. The speakers weren’t as bombastic, flamboyant, or as well-known as speakers from previous events, but you can’t have the same people all of the time. People have busy diaries and schedules, and it’s a good thing that the organizers are bringing in such a wide variety of speakers from across Europe, Australia and the States, all of whom have different messages and point of views to put across. The day passed peacefully. The mood was hopeful, jubilant and merry. The weather was glorious, and families had brought their children along to enjoy the day. It was the perfect day for the mainstream media to capture a whole host of wonderful images, and to show the world that Tommy supporters are simply everyday people and not a bunch of thugs. But it’s no surprise that they didn’t do this.
When the festivities came to a close, the crowd departed along Whitehall, making their way to Trafalgar Square and beyond. At the end of the last rally, a bunch of drunken idiots chose to sit on the road and block the traffic, in spite of several requests from other attendees who insisted that they leave the area peacefully. And, of course, these were the only images that made the front pages of the newspapers, along with headlines that screamed something about “far-right violence.” The same thing happened again on Saturday, even although the speakers and compere pleaded with everyone to leave the area without a fuss, which the majority of people did. At the top of Whitehall, at Trafalgar Square, there is a roundabout, and at this roundabout some handful of demonstrators, again, chose to stand or lie on the road and block the oncoming traffic. This time, the same as last time, it happened to be a bus at the front of the traffic they were attempting to stop.
The driver of the bus was a Muslima in a headscarf, although it should be noted that the bus wasn’t targeted because a Muslima was at the wheel. The last time this happened, the driver was a middle-aged white man. On both occasions, it was the bus that was targeted and not the driver. The focus was on blocking the road and bringing the traffic to a halt. Anti-Trump supporters had shut down central London the day before, and earlier on Saturday afternoon the police refused to allow pro-Trump supporters to gather outside of the US Embassy to show their support for the President. Also, it should be noted that on both occasions, both bus drivers could do nothing more than stay in their seats and wait for the police to disperse the crowd in order that their buses could continue on their way.
The last time this happened, when the white middle-aged bus driver was at the wheel, the newspapers focused on the disruption by the “far-right” drunken mob. This time, the reporters ran with the headline that a Muslima in a headscarf demonstrated to the world everything that is great about Britain. She, like the other white bus driver, sat calmly, sometimes smiling, and always waiting for police direction. She, unlike the white bus driver, is now being touted as the face of everything that makes Britain great – tolerance, patience, a sense of humour, the ability to laugh in the face of a perceived threat by “nazis,” courage and the refusal to leave her station (even although she and her passengers were never in any danger, and there was never any reason as to why she or the other bus driver should have abandoned their vehicles).
So again, the people of the UK are being treated to incredibly misleading news from the biased media, as well as being relegated to second place behind Muslims. It is remiss of the media to make much of this Muslima’s behaviour when it was simply an exact replica of the middle-aged white man’s behaviour, the man who was at the wheel of the last bus that got stopped by protesters. On both occasions, police surrounded the vehicle and the passengers and driver were never in any danger. It is misleading headlines and biased news stories such as this one that are making British people feel like second-class citizens in their own country, suggesting that we’ve forgotten what it is that makes us one of the greatest countries in the world. Courage, humor, tolerance, and patience are human attributes that are not exclusively the domain of people in headscarves.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Trump: ‘Merkel has been very badly hurt by immigration – very, very badly’

On Tuesday night, President Trump told Tucker Carlson on Fox news that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had “been very badly hurt” by her country’s immigration policies.”
Carlson responded by asking Trump, “having met with, talked to, watched carefully Angela Merkel in Germany, Vladimir Putin in Russia, who do you think from the perspective of their countries does a better job representing the interest again of their countries?”
Trump avoided discussing Putin and continued on Mrs Merkel. “So, Angela was a superstar until she allowed millions of people to come into Germany,” Trump said, “that really hurt her badly, as you know. She was unbeatable in any election.”
“She allowed millions of people to come in and when they came into Germany, they passed everywhere else and they went to lots of other countries, although Hungary would not take any and a lot of people in, but what happened is it was the great migration and obviously, it’s hurt Angela very much.”
“I don’t want to say who is better and who is not, but I will say this, she’s been very badly hurt by immigration – very, very badly.”
During his time in the UK and Brussels, Trump has said that he had told European leaders that their immigration policies were “destroying the culture of Europe”.

The French multicultural football nightmare

by Giulio Meotti

The global media are now in Bondy, a small town on the outskirts of Paris in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, where the French soccer star Mbappè was born and raised.
But they will not tell you the truth about Bondy.
The "Bondy Blog", which takes its name from the city and is edited there, is one of the greatest ignominies in the history of French journalism and was founded by a Bondy Islamist, Mehdi Meklat, with very "tolerant" ideas.
The whites? "They have to die as soon as possible".
Hitler? "Let him in to kill the Jews".
Charlie Hebdo? "I would spit in the mouth of Charb" (murdered editor Stephane Charbonnier).
Marine Le Pen? "I would like to cut her throat according to the Islamic rite".
Alain Finkielkraut? "I would like to break the legs of this son of a b...h".
Bin Laden? "I miss him". 
Bonds was also one of the cities of the Jews of France. But they are all leaving, because of Islamization and anti-Semitic attacks. When Alain Benhamou saw the words "dirty Jew" scrawled on his wall in Bondy, he realized it was time to leave.
"Until the years 2000-2005, Bondy was beautiful and quiet, with 250-300 Jewish families and synagogues full of Sabbath atmosphere," said Benhamou. "Now there are only a hundred Jewish families left". In 2000 there were 800 faithful in the synagogue for Yom Kippur, today there are 350. In Bondy there was the atrocious assault on two Jewish brothers that finished with a severed finger.
The fact that the old France is "gone" was displayed in Moscow at the football world game. Adil Rami, Djibril Sidibé, Benjamin Mendy, Paul Pogba, N'Golo Kanté, Nabil Fekir and Ousmane Dembélé .... of the 7 players of the French national football team, a third are Muslims. They called it “a victory of multicultural France”.
While the newspapers invented their own parallel world, in the French streets you could see scenes of war, fires, beating and looting after the victory at the World Cup (look for photos in Nantes a week ago). The multiculture is not the gala invented by the newspapers, but an "apartheid" phenomenon, as the former Socialist Prime Minister Valls used to call it.
I heard that the World Cup is “the victory of the second generation of the suburbs". Yes, just as the Bataclan terrorists who brought France to their knees all came from the suburbs, just like Mbappè.
Do not mix football and politics. The ball is round. Politics is not. The French are all integrated into the sport, but on the streets they are fractured.

Germany: Dark-skinned man speaking in an unknown language, drags a woman into backyard

The woman was on her way home and passed the district office shortly after 2 o'clock in the direction of the Königsberg Avenue in the town of Biberach. Suddenly a man in dark clothes approached her. The stranger harassed the woman with sexual intentions and dragged her into a backyard. A local resident heard the victim's cries for help and immediately called the police. The attacker then fled. Witnesses saw him running away towards Karlsbadweg street. The police search was unsuccessful. The 26-year-old was unhurt. She could only vaguely describe the attacker because of the darkness. The man has dark skin and spoke in a language unknown to her. The criminal police (tel.: 07351/447-0) is investigating and looking for witnesses who noticed suspicious persons in the area of Rollin street/Karlsbadweg street/Stettinweg street/Adenauer Avenue / Breslau street around 2 am. Also witnesses who can give other relevant information.

Germany: Criminal Investigation Department Eisenach seeks witnesses to two sexual assaults

Last Wednesday, around 6.30 pm, a 58-year-old woman was attacked by an unknown man in the garden An der Michelskuppe street in the city of Eisenach. He clutched the woman from behind and reached into her crotch on the outside of her clothes. The woman cried for help. The man let go of her and fled on a bicycle. The woman suffered minor injuries.
She described the man as follows:
- about 1,70 - 1,75 m tall
- thin, wiry
- about 40 - 50 years old
- short, black hair with grey strands
- Mediterranean type
- dark but not black skin
- narrow, unshaven face (beard length longer than 
stubble beard)
- wearing a dark tracksuit and dark sneakers.
The unknown man's bicycle described her as follows:
- dark trekking bike without rear rack and mudguards
- at the lower frame strut there was a conspicuous red 

On Friday, around 12.45 pm, a 31-year-old woman was clutched from behind by an unknown man on a farm road in the Ziegelei street. The man reached under her shirt and reached up to her chest. She too cried out for help, and the perpetrator left for the Pestalozzi school. From there the victim had seen a white box car similar to a Volkswagen Caddy with blue inscription on the sides a short time later.
The woman describes the unknown man in this case as follows:
- greater than 1,70 m
- Mediterranean type
- light brown skin tone
- graying hair
- wearing a light top and long trousers
- spoke with an accent
The Eisenach criminal police are investigating both incidents. A connection is being examined. The police asks for information from the population. Witnesses who have possibly observed the crimes or who can give evidence of the identity of the unknown man or men or who possibly recognize the described bicycle and the described van are asked to contact the police in Eisenach on 03691/2610. In particular, the search is on for a garden owner who must have seen the perpetrator in the first case. He was approached by the 58-year-old. The man got into a bright car, probably a Toyota.