Thursday, June 21, 2018

Germany: The body of social democratic politician Sophia Lösche found in Spain -- Moroccan truck driver confesses rape and murder of "Refugee welcome" activist

Sophia Lösche, a 28-year-old German "Refugee welcome" activist, was found dead yesterday around 3.20 pm at the Egino gas station in the community of Asparrena in Álava, Spain. For a week, nothing was known about her whereabouts since she boarded a truck with Moroccan truck license plates in Schkeuditz, East Germany. She hitchhiked to her hometown Bamberg, about 260 kilometers south. A Civil Guard traffic control stopped the truck on Tuesday on a road near the Spanish city of Bailén in Jaén. He wanted to go to the Strait of Gibraltar, take a ferry and get off in Morocco, where he wanted to protect himself from European justice. On Wednesday he was transferred to the Central Examining Court No. 6 of the Audiencia Nacional. His confession would have made it possible to locate the body of the young woman yesterday, her case had been reported in the German media after her family reported her disappearance 24 hours after her death. She had worked with an NGO on the Greek island of Lesbos, where she helped so-called refugees. Sources consulted by the media emphasized that the body showed "clear symptoms of violence". The perpetrator intended to rape her. The autopsy, which will probably be performed today in the Department of Forensic Pathology in Vitoria, will determine the cause of death. Also the approximate time at which it happened, so that we can determine whether it was in Germany, France or the Basque Country. This will clarify which court will handle the case.

American Tourist Raped Near London’s Trafalgar Square

A 22-year-old American tourist was raped just yards from one of London’s most iconic tourist attractions, Trafalgar Square.

The young woman, who was on holiday in the British capital, attended a south London hospital after having suffered what emergency services described as “vaginal injuries” in the early hours of Sunday the 3rd of June, according to details released by the Metropolitan Police on Thursday.
The American national told police she had been ordered to get out of a taxi, after her friend vomited. She was then seen on CCTV with her companion in the company of two men at 3 am in Haymarket – just yards from Trafalgar Square, home of the National Gallery and Nelson’s column with its iconic four lions.

She said she could not remember what occurred between her being thrown out of the taxi and waking up and reporting her injuries to the hospital, but the CCTV footage showed her being carried by one of the men to a nearby doorway, where evidence suggests she was raped.Police released footage of a man sought in connection with the assault (pictured), and the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command (CASO) has launched an investigation.
Under London’s Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan, rape in the capital has risen by almost 20 percent – but police claim to not know the causes of the increase.
Deputy Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police Force Sir Craig Mackey said in February that “there is something going on with sexual offending in London that we don’t fully understand, the causes of it. We see the end of it, [but] we don’t understand the causes.”
In April, London overtook New York City for the number of murders for the first time in over 200 years, with New Yorkers in London claiming to be in fear following the “crazy” spike in violent crime.Postgraduate student Adam Janeway, 28, told the Evening Standard in April: “I don’t know what you’ve got going on here, man – it’s crazy.
“You got people throwing acid in other people’s faces, kids riding around on mopeds stealing cell phones.”
Documentary producer Leslie Lee told the evening paper that London resembled New York before former mayor and Donald Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani got tough on crime and cleaned up the city in the 1990s, saying the Republican mayor’s “infamous zero tolerance approach to crime resulted in a much, cleaner and safer Big Apple”.

Islamist Tunisian Migrant Arrested in Cologne Prepared Deadly Ricin ‘Biological Bomb’ For Terror Attack

The 29-year-old Tunisian migrant arrested on suspicion of plotting a terror attack was making a deadly biological ricin bomb, according to investigators.

Cologne investigators released new details of the plot Wednesday after arresting the 29-year-old, identified as Sief Allah H., and his Islamic convert wife last week, saying that they had found 3,150 castor bean seeds used to make the biological weapon ricin, of which they also found 84.3 milligrams, Deutsche Welle reports.
Ricin is known as one of the most toxic biological weapons in the world and has been favoured by Islamic extremists for the purposes of terror in the past.

In 2003, UK anti-terrorist forces found a large quantity of castor bean seeds in the apartment of 31-year-old al-Qaeda sympathiser Kamel Bourgass who was given a life sentence for murdering a police officer in a separate raid.The federal prosecutors’ office said that the Tunisian migrant had been in contact with Islamic extremists and was still investigating to what extent he communicated with them, but added: “There are as yet no leads indicating that the accused was a member of a terrorist group.”
According to German newspaper Die Welt, it was U.S. intelligence officials that gave crucial information about Sief Allah H. which led to the raid and his arrest.The tip-off comes only weeks after U.S. ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell toldBreitbart London during an exclusive interview in Berlin that he wanted to see more cooperation between the intelligence services of the two countries when it came to identifying threats within the migrant and asylum seeker population.
The European police agency Europol also warned Wednesday that, “As IS [Islamic State] gets weaker, it has been urging its followers to carry out lone actor type attacks in their home countries, rather than guiding them to travel to the so-called caliphate.”
Head of the German Federal Agency for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) Hans-Georg Maassen also commented on the terror plot saying it showed the threat level to Germany was still at a heightened state.

‘Monty Python Was Too Male, Pale, Stale,’ Says Diversity-Obsessed BBC

John Cleese has been defending Monty Python‘s legacy.

BBC's Head of Comedy puts Monty Python's lack of originality down to a surfeit of education and racist bias

Unfair ! We were remarkably diverse FOR OUR TIME

We had three grammar-school boys, one a poof, and Gilliam, though not actually black, was a Yank. And NO slave-owners

He was responding to the ludicrous suggestion by the BBC’s Head of Comedy Shane Allen that Monty Python were somehow not “original” because their members were too white, male, and middle class.[...] 
And as John Cleese points out in another of his tweets, the BBC was similarly resistant to Monty Python.
Some Comedy History

When Python started, the Head of Light Entertainment loathed it, and at a Heads of Department meeting, six of them disliked it. Only Desmond Wilcox, out of eight, approved

So Allen is just the latest in a long line who don't really know what they're doing
The BBC is and always has been the Enemy of Promise: a monstrous state bureaucracy which stifles creativity, crushes individuality, and enforces the politically correct values of the liberal elite.

Patriotic anti-immigration party by far the largest in Sweden now: Yougov poll

Support for the Swedish Democrats increased by an unbelievable 5.5 percentage points in the latest survey from Yougov, reaching 28.5 per cent, Metro reports.
According to Yougov’s June survey, the Swedish Democrats are the biggest party by a large margin. In second place come the Social Democrats, with 22 per cent, followed by the Moderates who polled only 17.3 per cent.
“This is like a dream setting,” SD party secretary Richard Jomshof tells Metro. He describes the new numbers as “amazing”.
Metro mentions that some of the participants in the study stated that they had switched from the Social Democrats to Swedish Democrats. A 53-year-old man from southern Sweden says:
“Social Democrats have repeatedly deceived the people, dismantling welfare, increasing taxes by 45 million since their inauguration.”
“They allowed migration without proper impact assessment and effectively destroyed Sweden. They avoided discussing issues and showed contempt for democracy. Never, never again!”
In total, 1,520 interviews were conducted during the period 15-18 June 2018 with women and men from 18 years of age and above.

Leftists Angered over ‘Victim of Islamist Terror’ Message on Hero Police Officer Plaque

French leftists in the commune of Montfermeil were angered by the inclusion of the term “Islamist terror” on a plaque commemorating hero police officer Arnaud Beltrame who traded himself for a hostage during a terror attack and was killed in March.

Local politicians of the Front de Gauche, or Left Front, said their objection to the wording was because it supported a view of “religious war”, Le Parisien reports.
“We are proud that a place pays tribute to the humanism and sacrifice of Arnaud Beltrame, but by adding the notion of Islamist terrorism, the mayor continues his provocations and inscribes his vision of a religious war in marble,” Front de Gauche member Angélique Planet-Ledieu said.
Members of the Montfermeil Muslims Association were also unhappy over the wording of the plaque with the secretary general of the association Farid Kachour saying he would have preferred the term “victim of terrorism, or Daesh, but not the term Islam”.
Mayor of Montfermeil Xavier Lemoine, a member of the Christian Democrats, called the controversy over the terms on the plaque “counterproductive”.
Montfermeil is not the only French city to use the term “Islamist terrorism”. The term has also been used by the mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard who has been a long-time ally of the populist Front National, now named the Rassemblement National (National Gathering/RN).
Ménard has been a vocal critic of Islamisation and mass migration and was brought before a French court and fined last year for comments he made on Twitter in 2016.
In the offending post, Menard wrote: “In a class in the city centre of my town, 91 per cent of the children are Muslims. Obviously, this is a problem. There are limits to tolerance.”
He then referred to the “Great Replacement” – a term coined by prolific French author Renaud Camus to describe the substitution of populations due to mass migration.

Other far-left politicians have gone even further in their criticism with a member of the ultra-left France Insoumise (Unsubmissive France/FI) party being arrested after posting on social media that the death of Beltrame had been a “great thing”.

There's nothing wrong with being white

Black pride. Brown Pride. Gay Pride. White Pride. At face value, each two-word motto conveys an identical notion of cultural dignity and heritage. Nothing more. Nothing less. The concept really is that benign. However, while three of these four mentioned in-groups are romanticized by the mainstream media, just one is unduly synonymous with hatred and racism -- and thus forced toward society’s cold-comfort fringes: White pride. Those eleven simple letters, without hesitancy, spark an unbridled ire within progressive viscera. But why? What is so caustic about a Caucasian who is simply proud to be Caucasian? Why does the very mention of white affirmation spark such outrage and condemnation? Again, at its core, White pride is no different from any other form of ethnic or lifestyle pride. At its essence, it does not promote hatred, bigotry, or racism. It is what it is. And it is shamefully mislabeled, all for political gain. In a land of free speech, is it not hypocritical that every ethnicity and sexual orientation, besides white and straight, enjoy a safe-space for unfiltered expression? Yet, far beyond this expression, non-whites and LBGTQ -- along with their sympathizers -- can blatantly censor, shame, and exclude hetero-Caucasian voices from these platforms. In addition, these coddled minorities are also granted months, weeks, and days to further their ascendance and pride. And amid such a climate, it comes as no surprise that big media, and alt-left activists vigorously promote a fabulist straw man made of mythical “white privilege.” For once their propaganda seeped into mainstream awareness these Machiavellian entities brazenly forced a white-washing, white-apologist agenda upon our nation's universities and campuses. Predictably, the resistance went for young minds in hopes of building a new America. An America obsessed with subverting white history and pride. With the specious boogeyman of white privilege carefully presented, scholastic textbooks and curricula have been re-written in the interest of veiled diversity. Though, under the new rules, and among confused, impressionable psyches, such proactive bigotry needn't make sense. All that forms now in the upcoming generation's clouded eyes is the leftist-version of white history, one of oppression of all other groups. And it is fear of this past, even as we've mostly all moved forward, which sparks such blatant resentment toward white America. However, even through this madness, and the heavy propaganda stating otherwise, being proud of one’s ethnic heritage is far from shameful, even for Caucasians. More and more, the left's divisive identity politics are losing ground as middle America proclaims no more lies, no more distortions.

Swedish Bråvalla Music Festival Permanently Cancelled After Wave of Sex Attacks

The organisers of Sweden’s largest music festival have announced that the event will come to a close after cancelling this year’s festival following a wave of sex attacks last year.

Organisers FKP Scorpio announced that there are no plans to put on another Bråvalla festival again this after speculation that the festival may occur in 2019 despite being cancelled this year, Norrköpings Tidningar reports.
Kajsa Apelqvist, who heads public relations for the organisation, said: “It’s a very disappointing decision to take, but the overall picture we have is that we can not develop the festival in the way we want to be relevant to our visitors in the future.”
When asked about the wave of sex attacks at the festival, which resulted in the festival being cancelled this year, Apelqvist said: “We have always claimed that it is not a festival problem but a social problem. How we ensure our visitors’ safety is something we are constantly developing, and that’s something we’ll never finish.”
“I believe we have contributed to people talking, standing up and reporting criminal offences committed. It’s good that people show that they do not take shit. That’s what we are proud of,” Apelqvist added.
Last year, the festival saw at least 11 sex attacks, three of which led to arrests; the year before, nearly 40 young girls complained of being sexually harassed or abused by men often described as “foreign”.
One victim, 17-year-old Alexandra Larsson, described her attackers saying: “They were probably immigrants. I hate to say it. But it is the truth.”

As a result of the sex attacks at Bråvalla and other music festivals in Sweden, feminist Emma Knyckare announced last year that she would plan a festival in which men were not allowed to attend to prevent sexual abuse and harassment. So far no such festival has taken place.