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France: The Rise and Fall of Emmanuel Macron

by Guy Millière
  • France's Justice Department is not independent of the government; no judge will seek to know more about Macron's scandal. No thorough and deep investigation will take place. The French media are largely subsidized by the government and no more independent of the government than the Justice Department is.
  • Even the French media that are not funded by the state self-censor what they report, because they are supported by businesses that depend on government contracts. No French journalist will try to discover a thing.
  • The economist Charles Gave recently used statistical data to demonstrate that if nothing changes, the non-Muslim population of France could be a minority in 40 years. He added: "What happened to Spain or Asia Minor in the 10th and 11th centuries will happen to Europe in the 21st century, that is a certainty."
When Emmanuel Macron was elected president of France in May 2017, he was portrayed as a reformer who was going to change everything in France and beyond.
Fourteen months later, illusions are gone. The reforms carried out have been essentially cosmetic and failed to slow France's sclerotic decline. Economic growth is close to zero: 0.2 per cent in the second quarter of 2018. Unemployment, at around 8.9%, remains high. French public spending as a percent of GDP is, at 56.4%, still the highest in Europe. The country is still frequently paralyzed by public transportation strikes. No-go zones continue to spread, and Macron himself recently admitted his helplessness by asking for a "general mobilization" of the population. Riots are frequent; large-scale public events lead to looting and arson. The night after the French team's victory at the soccer World Cup, hundreds of thugs mingling with the crowds broke windows, vandalized banks and ATMs, destroyed street signs and torched cars.
As most economic activity in France stops in July and August, Macron might have thought he could enjoy a summer break. He could not.
On July 19, the daily Le Monde published a video from May 1 showing a man in a police helmet brutally assaulting two people in the center of Paris. A description accompanying the video explained that the violent man was "Alexandre Benalla, in charge of the head of state's security."
Benalla was, in fact, Macron's personal bodyguard. He protected Macron at all times, including during private trips to a ski resort or on the beach. Documents were made public showing that Benalla claimed to be "deputy chief of staff of the President"; however, on any official list of staff members, his name never appeared. Benalla also obtained secret security clearance without apparent justification, and although he did not pass the exam to become a gendarme, he magically received the title of lieutenant-colonel of the Gendarmerie -- the same title as Arnaud Beltrame, a hero with more than two decades of exemplary service, crowned by exchanging himself for a woman held hostage by an Islamic terrorist who then slit Beltrame's throat.
Benalla enjoyed all sorts of perks, from a chauffeur-driven car to a 2,000-square-foot apartment in a sumptuous state-owned building. He also was not prosecuted for a recent hit-and-run.
Macron's political opponents, left and right, asked for a parliamentary commission of inquiry. The Minister of the Interior said he was aware of the May 1 assault but added that he only learned Benalla's name by reading it in the newspapers. The Paris police chief spoke of "unhealthy friendships" but refused to give any details. The secretary-general of the main police officers' union (SGP Police FO) spoke upabout the presence in the president's entourage of shady security guards "acting beyond any legal control" and clashing with members of the official protection services.
Macron remained silent for six days. Then, at a private meeting with parliamentarians and ministers from his party, he said that he "takes responsibility" for the Benalla affair. At the same time, he blasted the media, saying "We have a press that is no longer pursuing the truth... What I see is media power that wants to become judicial power."
It seemed he was hoping to intimidate critics and impose silence. He did not succeed.
The anger of his opponents only intensified. They called Macron's reaction to the scandal insulting and inappropriate. They insisted that many details looked strange, and that a thorough investigation was indispensable. A rival politician spoke of the scandal as rising to "the level of Watergate."
But the Justice Department in France is not independent of the government; no judge will seek to know more. No thorough and deep investigation will take place. The French media are largely subsidized by the government and no more independent of it than the Justice Department is. Even the media that are not funded by the state self-censor what they report, because they are supported by businesses that depend on government contracts. No French journalist will try to discover a thing.
As the French Constitution does not provide for impeachment, French Presidents enjoy almost complete immunity.
Macron knows that his predecessors were able to stay in power despite their many scandals. Charles de Gaulle created a highly questionable militia that existed for thirty years: the SAC (Civic Action Service). François Mitterrand dissolved the SAC after several of its members were involved in a bloody killing near Marseilles. Mitterand then created a "counter-intelligence" unit -- based at the Élysée [Presidential] Palace -- in charge of intimidating those who might reveal the existence of his hidden second family. In 2005, nine years after Mitterrand's death, members of the unit were tried in court for illegal wiretapping during Mitterrand presidency. Only in 2011, four years after his second term was completed, was Jacques Chirac given a lenient two-year suspended prison sentence for having diverted public funds and abused public trust during his presidency.
The columnist Ivan Rifoul, in a recent book, described Macron's victory as a "masquerade" organized by "socialists in decline", "EU apparatchiks", supporters of the Islamization of Europe, and crony capitalists.
Macron will remain president. He will nevertheless be a diminished president. Macron pretended to embody an "exemplary Republic"; he will not be able to do that anymore.
While Macron had previously been able to marginalize his political opponents, those days seem to be over. His opponents have already been criticizing the absence of results of his economic policy -- slight income tax cuts but many new regulations, and small changes in a very rigid labor code – as well as his weak response to the rise of burglariescar- jackingsrapes and social unrest.
Now all Macron's decisions will be treated with suspicion and scrutinized without mercy. He has already postponed a reform of the constitution that was supposed to strengthen presidential power (namely, his own). Other projects he began -- such as mass civil-servant layoffs and early-retirement buyouts and unemployment insurance reform -- will likely be abandoned. His approval rates are falling.
The deterioration of France rolls on.
A violent fight recently broke out between the residents of Calais and illegal migrants living in a vast slum encampment -- home to approximately 6,000 migrants -- that reporters call the "Calais Jungle". The government has promised many times to take care of the situation, but has not solved the problem. Meanwhile, Calais, with 75,000 inhabitants, is a ravaged city: home prices have collapsed, shops and restaurants have closed their doors, and people are moving away.
In May, some members of parliament published a report on the situation in the Paris suburb of Seine Saint Denis. According to the report, 20% of the area's population consists of people similar to those living in the "Calais Jungle"; hundreds of businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy and the police are too frightened to do effective work.
The same situation exists in other parts of the country. Riots recently erupted between Muslim gangs in Nice, on the French Riviera, as well as near Porte de La Chapelle, inside Paris.
The demographic changes in France's population that began several decades ago are not easing. A few months ago, the economist Charles Gave used statistical data to demonstrate that if nothing changes, the non-Muslim population of France could be a minority in 40 years. He added: "What happened to Spain or Asia Minor in the 10th and 11th centuries will happen to Europe in the 21st century, that is a certainty."
Polls show that if a presidential election were held now, no other French politiciancould replace Macron, even though Macron won only 23.8% of votes in the first round of the 2017 election. The majority of those who voted for him in the second round seemed to be voting more against his opponent than for Macron. He neverhad popular support.
As for the rest of the continent, Macron is one of the main defenders of a multicultural, post-national, post-democratic and post-Christian Europe. A growing number of Europeans see that trend as leading to the destruction of their own civilization and have been voting for leaders who resist it.
Politicians who support the same vision of Europe as Macron have, in recent months, been eliminated from the political scene or reduced to faltering positions. Italy's Matteo Renzi was badly defeated in the 2018 elections. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, once described as "the most powerful leader in Europe", now survives in office only because she agreed to measures aimed at limiting further immigration to Germany.
Macron may not fall as abruptly as Renzi, but his position at the moment looks as precarious as Merkel's.
Leaders embodying resistance to post-national multiculturalism, on the other hand, have been gaining ground. Hungarian President Viktor Orbán wonreelection in April and is currently serving his third consecutive term. He had campaigned for defending Europe's Judeo-Christian roots, for national sovereignty, and against Muslim immigration. Austria's new Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, has a program similar to Orbán's. The Polish and Czech governments also hold positions similar to those of Kurz and Orbán. Matteo Salvini, leader of The League (an anti-mass-migration party), is now Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister of Italy.
Macron recently revealed what he thinks of "populists" such as Orbán, Kurz and Salvini: "a leprosy all across Europe," and called on Europeans to "fight" them.

Swiss psychiatrist demands: "Consistent deportation of migrants who are not willing to integrate is the only thing that can help"

Women were brutally beaten up in Geneva and at the Street Parade in Zurich. Both times probably by groups of men with an immigrant background. How do you explain that?
Ralph Aschwanden: Such violent groups against women almost always come from African or Asian regions, where a strict patriarchal culture is practised. There, women are generally considered less valuable, worthless or punishable if they behave as they are Westerners. Violence against women is often culturally motivated self-justice. Especially when they dress offensive, this means for these men:'This woman wants sex - without argument'.

Women can dress any way they want.
Not in such cultures. For example, if a daughter dresses a little more suggestively, they feel attacked in their family honour and religion. If the women cover themselves or submit to the man, they are protected. If they fight for Western freedom, they will be punished.

Is that enough for such groups of men to attack?
Very often. In their opinion, women deserve punishment. There's no room for understanding and compassion.

Since when have attacks against women in Switzerland increased?
In the past, such attacks were very rare. With the enormous migration from the Balkan countries, the acts of violence committed by men against women have increased. However, it was mostly domestic violence or violence by jealous individuals. Domestic violence against women is significantly higher in patriarchal families than in Swiss families.

Can such men be treated?
No. There is no therapy for a lack of cultural adaptation - even if certain 'therapists with free therapy places' claim this. This is a matter of will, a matter of attitude, a readiness for change - and where there is no will, no therapy, no information leaflet helps.

How should Switzerland react to this?
A large proportion of foreign men, including those from patriarchal cultures, can adapt. But a considerable proportion also causes problems. Our criminal law is ineffective and not dissuasive for destitute people, especially rejected asylum seekers who have nothing to lose. Fines have to be paid by the social services anyway. The only thing that can help is the consequent deportation of non-integration-willing people. Both the potential victims and the foreigners who are willing to integrate.

Ralph Aschwanden is a forensic psychiatrist, medical officer of the Canton of St. Gallen and home psychiatrist of the youth centre Platanenhof in Oberuzwil SG.

Burqa-Defending Tory Peer Faces Probe for Hamas-Linked Event with Corbyn

Senior Conservative MPs are demanding an investigation into a Muslim Tory Lord for attending the same controversial conference as Jeremy Corbyn, where Hamas compared Israel to Islamic State terrorists.

Mohamed Iltaf Sheikh, or Lord Sheikh, just last week demanded the former foreign Secretary Boris Johnson be “severely” dealt with for joking about the Islamic face veil, calling for the whip to be withdrawn for criticizing the radical Islamic practice.

However, in 2014 the peer accepted a trip to Tunisia, paid for by the Tunisian government, to attend a “peace conference” which was largely dedicated to pro-Palestine campaigning.Senior Hamas members attended. The group is considered a terrorist organization by the European Union, United States, Canada, and Israel.

The Lord says he did not meet the Hamas members and insists he did not attend the wreath laying with Labour leader Mr Corbyn, after the conference, where anti-Semitic Hamas terrorists were commemorated.

According to the Mail Online, Tory MPs Robert Halfon and Zac Goldsmith have lodged a formal complaint with the party, calling the event “disgraceful.”

In a letter to Conservative HQ, the politicians wrote: “We cannot, as a Party, rightly and robustly criticise the Leader of the Opposition for his attendance at this conference while allowing the attendance of a Conservative Peer at the same event to pass without comment or complaint.

“To do so would be to indulge in hypocrisy and double standards. In our opinion, Lord Sheikh’s attendance at this conference was hugely disappointing and raises significant questions that need to be answered.”

Mr Goldsmith added on Twitter: “If this man is not immediately expelled from the Conservative Party, the Party hierarchy’s complaints about Corbyn will look entirely cynical.”

During one speech at “peace” the event, the former Tunisian foreign minister Othman Jerandi ranted, “ISIS and Israel are the same thing”, and another said violent attacks are “magnificent.”

The senior Hamas leader Oussama Hamdan presented a “four-point vision to fight against Israel” and hailed the group’s “great success on the military and national levels”.

Shortly before, he told Lebanese media the ancient antiemetic trope that Jewish people drink the blood of Christians is “not a figment of imagination or something taken from a film. It is a fact.”

Lord Sheikh played down the claims, saying: “There may have been Hamas. I did not meet any Hamas people, I am very careful, obviously… So I don’t sympathise with Hamas, I have no dealing with Hamas.”

The politician was made a peer by the Tory party in 2006, a year after he established the Conservative Muslim Forum.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Swedish PM to immigrant arsonists: ‘what the hell are you up to?’

By Rick Moran

Pity the poor Swedish prime minister, whose nation was rocked by arson attacks all across the country on Monday night. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven just can't believe how ungrateful some of the 600,000 refugees Sweden has taken in over the last few years are.

This is truly pathetic.


“I am really surprised. My question for these people is ‘what the hell are you up to?’” Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said.
“You’re ruining things for yourselves, for your parents, for the whole community, for the neighbors and most of Swedish society is dead against this,” he told Swedish national radio’s news show Ekot.

“It seems very coordinated, almost like a military operation. Eighty cars — what is that all about?” asked Löfven.
Löfven said his government has already boosted resources for the Swedish police and is planning new measures to prevent attacks against emergency services that he said frequently occur when they respond to such events. The longer-term response to such crime, he said, is to reduce unemployment and improve education and infrastructure levels in housing estates.
The newspaper Aftonbladet published photographs of black-clad figures setting fire to cars in Gothenburg. Police in western Sweden said they are investigating the possibility that the arson attacks had been coordinated via social media.

You would hope someone would enlighten Mr. Löfven, but he wouldn't accept the explanation anyway. The arsonists - and probably most of the refugees - don't care about their "community," or their "neighbors," and especially about "Swedish society." They have no desire to be "Swedish" in any real sense of the term, although they wouldn't mind occupying the space on the map we currently call "Sweden."

And note the clueless response that the Sweden socialists are planning; "reduce unemployment and improve education and infrastructure levels in housing estates." To reduce unemployment, you need people who actually want to work. To improve education, you need kids who actually want to learn. And does he really expect thanks for improving infrastructure in the slums that the refugees inhabit?

I wrote this for PJ Media:

When confronted with barbarism, most civilized people are usually perplexed. "Why are they doing this," the Roman citizen must have asked as Visigoths sacked their beloved city. The Visigoths might have been equally confused. "We do it because it's what we do and we like it."
I'm not sure what the answer to the prime minister's query would be from the arsonists. It could be some variation of "God is Great" or "Death to Infidels."

Sweden is boiling and the ruling socialists don't even realize they're being cooked.

Female jogger probably raped by a North African man in Dortmund, Germany

Dortmund police are looking for an unknown sex offender who attacked a 54-year-old jogger in a small forest (east of Dortmund Zoo) on Hacheneyer Street / Zille street in Dortmund at about 5.40 pm on the 13th of August yesterday and forced her into sexual acts.The jogger walked on the second footpath south of the Job Training Centre, which runs parallel to Zille street and ran from the field towards the zoo. Behind a fallen tree lying across the path, she was suddenly attacked and strangled from behind by a stranger, whereupon she fell to the ground. Here the stranger pushed her pants down and her outerwear up. The 54-year-old cried out for help and was strangled until she could hardly breathe. The jogger tried to stop the unknown person from further action by talking to her. To prevent worse, she offered him sexual satisfaction by hand. Afterwards, the stranger left in the direction of the field (Hacheney district).The perpetrator is a male between 30 and 40 years of age, about 170 to 180 cm tall and slim. In appearance, it could have been a person from North Africa. The person was dressed in a zipper jacket similar to a tracksuit jacket, grey sweatpants and a red T-shirt with a white club emblem and a white label. Besides, the man had a three-day beard.During the attack, the jogger had seen a person with a red umbrella walking directly along the fence of the zoo towards the Job Training Centre. This person may have noticed something about the incident. The forest is also frequently frequented by joggers and dog owners.

Female student sexually assaulted in Lübeck, Germany -- Identikit picture

Phantombild Tatverdächtiger

Last Sunday morning (August 12th) there was an attempted sexual offence against a young student from Lübeck at about 5:45 a.m. on the city hiking trail on the River Kanaltrave near the Mühlen bridge. At first she was overtaken by a man who had a bicycle with him. A short time later this man came towards her on foot and attacked her. The police have a description of the perpetrator of this case: The perpetrator should be 30 to 40 years old - and - approx. 160-170 cm tall. He could come from the Arab world, have a dark skin and a well-groomed appearance. The man spoke High German. The witness further described him as slender with short, black, gelled hair. At the time of the crime, he wore a light blue, shiny jacket. A sketch of the suspect has been made and is hereby published following a court order. In connection with this crime, the wide-ranging crime scene area was also searched for traces on Sunday morning (12th of August). An investigation team has been set up by the Lübeck police department. This case is being processed here. Between mid-May and mid-July, three sexual offences were committed in the immediate vicinity of downtown Lübeck. Examining whether there is a connection here is also the task of this investigation team. The investigation team requests information on 0451-1310.

Nearly 1oo policemen have to protect court case against rapper Nuhsan C. in the town of Hagen, Germany

Today, Wednesday the 15th of August, the appeal hearing in the case of Nuhsan C. took place between 9:00 am and 2:30 pm. The Hagen police were on the spot with officials to support the judiciary. It was reinforced by riot police from other authorities. A total of almost 100 police officers were involved in the operation. In preparation for the first day of the trial, the Hagen police closely monitored the social networks. In the last few days, Nusahn C. as "Jigzaw", promoted and supported by the no less controversial scandal rapper Kollegah, had repeatedly asked his fans to appear at the courthouse and recently received more than 8,000 Likes on Instagram.Nuhsan C. had also posted his view of the events that had taken place on 13 July 2017 in Wehringhausen on Wilhelms Square in a video. The rapper claims to have been attacked, even speaks of an "assassination". He would only have defended himself in self-defense with a machete. His opponent, a Pole, was so seriously injured that he had to undergo emergency surgery.The court of first instance, chaired by judge Manfred Kleeschulte, therefore sentenced Nuhsan C. to three and a half years in prison for dangerous bodily injury on the 16th of April of this year. A verdict with which the rapper and his lawyer Dr. Christof W. Misere from Cologne did not agree at all. The fact that Nuhsan C. was last able to distribute video messages via Instagram is due to his benefactor Kollegah, who was awarded the music prize ECHO together with Farid Bang, although their rap lyrics are considered anti-Semitic. This had caused one of the biggest scandals in recent music history. /

Corbyn Slammed for Making Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Salute

Corbyn Muslim Brotherhood

Jeremy Corbyn has been slammed for allegedly making an Islamist salute, with the gesture linked to a radical anti-Semitic group.

Pictures of the far-left Labour leader making the gesture surfaced on social media, with critics saying it is associate the Muslim Brotherhood, who work towards creating a global Islamic caliphate.

They are banned as a terror group in Russia and across the Middle East and Arabia and are widely considered to be anti-Semitic.He struck the pose in 2016, after being elected Labour leader, at the Finsbury Park mosque in his Islington constituency that was once an Islamist hub linked to numerous attacks. It has since reformed.

Some defending Mr Corbyn said the gesture represents innocent people killed after the Muslim Brotherhood was deposed in Egypt after the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings there.

However, counter-extremism expert and former government adviser Maajid Nawaz, who highlighted the image, argued it was also associated with a radical group comparable to neo-Nazis and should not be defended.

It was an “Islamist Muslim Brotherhood” gesture “symbolising support for [former Muslim Brotherhood President] Morsi’s fallen Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt”, he said.Nawaz claimed the “symbol arose at a theocrats’ rally, in support of theocracy, where theocrats were (unjustly) killed [and] raising it is raising support for those who died while calling for theocracy.”

He also tweeted: “Non-terrorist, Islamist theocrats like the Muslim Brotherhood, are to Muslims what the BNP are to the English: bigoted, identitarian and dangerous.

“It should be as taboo for a left-wing politician to be associated with that group, as it is the BNP.”

The Labour party press office criticised the claims, calling the controversy “another ridiculous story” and claiming in a statement:

“This is a well known gesture of solidarity with the victims of the 2013 Rabaa massacre, in which 1,000+ people were killed and thousands more injured by security forces after a military coup in Egypt.”

Mr. Nawaz hit back on Twitter, accusing the Labour party of “fibbing.”

Brawl between Turks and Afghans in Hennigsdorf, Germany

Federal police ended a brawl at Hennigsdorf station last night to Sunday. The men had previously got into a verbal argument. Shortly after midnight, the officers heard loud cries from an underpass in the station. It became known on site that there was initially a verbal dispute between two employees of the local snack bar and two guests who did not want to leave the shop on request. The situation escalated when the 19-year-old snack bar worker knocked a 32-year-old Afghan to the ground and stepped on him. The 32-year-old then threw a chair at the 19-year-old Turk and injured his hand. Paramedics took care of the Afghan man who was injured in the face on the spot and then took him to a hospital. The 19-year-old Turk refused local medical care. The federal police initiated an investigation against the two suspects for dangerous bodily injury. After the police measures had been completed, the officers released those involved.

Mass brawl in Magdeburg, Germany: Turks and Syrians attack each other with knives and hammers

20 Turks and Syrians attacked each other in Magdeburg with knives, hammers, chains and batons. Result: Several injured, one Turk was in mortal danger in the meantime. The 44-year-old had been stabbed. Emergency services took him to a hospital on Monday evening, police in Magdeburg announced on Tuesday. He was in mortal danger for a short time.The police suspect political backgrounds for the dispute. She is investigating a connection with an incident last Thursday in which Syrian youths and Turks clashed at an information stand "Freedom for Ocalan" and had already injured each other there. Abdullah Öcalan is the imprisoned leader of the Kurdish PKK militant movement in Turkey.Now the dispute apparently continued at Hasselbach Square in Magdeburg. When the police arrived, everyone involved had disappeared. However, in the vicinity of the crime scene, they were able to pick up five suspects. The 17 to 24-year-old Syrians have been provisionally arrested. According to a police spokeswoman, they were all able to leave police custody on Tuesday afternoon. Arrest warrants were not applied for.

Germany: 17-year-old female cyclist sexually coerced by a dark-skinned man

A 17-year-old girl was attacked by an unknown young man late on Tuesday evening at the railway underpass on Schwarzwald street in the town of Karlsruhe. According to her information, the girl drove southeast below the railway bridge behind the main station at about 10.45 pm when a younger man stood in her way and pulled her off her bicycle. There was a scuffle, the man grabbed her by the breast. The girl was finally able to free herself because of her resistance and escape by bicycle. She suffered minor injuries. The investigation by the police immediately after receipt of the report did not lead to the finding of a suspect. The attacker had dark but not completely black skin. He is estimated to be 25 years old and about 180 cm tall, wears short, black hair and has strikingly crooked teeth. The man was dressed in long black trousers and a T-shirt in camouflage with emblem. The Karlsruhe Criminal Investigation Department is looking for witnesses or asks for information about the person described. The Kriminaldauerdienst Karlsruhe accepts such reports by telephone on 0721/666-5555.

Afghan ex-policeman changed sides after fleeing his home country - and became a dealer in an asylum shelter in the town of Schwerte, Germany

He was a policeman in his home country. In 2014 he fled to Germany, found shelter in an asylum camp in Schwerte, district of Holzen... and changed professions. Specifically, he switched to the other side, became a criminal - with drug trafficking in his refugee shelter.Now, the 28-year-old Afghan citizen was finally tried before the Regional Court in Hagen. One year and nine months in prison - now on parole. After almost 10 months in custody, the fully confessed Mohammad S. has been at large again since Tuesday. The online portal "Mein" reported exclusively on the flourishing drug trade in the accommodation in the Holzen district. A press release by the district police authority was not issued after the extensive search carried out by police officers at the collective accommodation on October 19 last year.Almost two kilograms of marijuana were found in Mohammad S.´ room, plus 121 pre-packaged bags of marijuana (best quality) and scales. All of this did not look like personal use. The main culprit at the time, a 35-year-old from Pakistan, is still being sought internationally.

German Migration Agency: Highly Unlikely That Failed African Asylum Seekers Will Be Deported

The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has reported that only a fraction of the failed asylum seekers from Africa have been deported saying they have a very high chance of being allowed to remain in the country.

BAMF reports that of the 36,089 African asylum seekers who made asylum applications in the first half of 2018, 27,250, or 86 percent, have had their applications rejected but only 3,164 have actually been deported from the country, Die Welt reports.

The agency says that most of the deported African asylum seekers have not been deported to their home countries in Africa either, but instead have been sent back to other European Union states as part of the EU’s Dublin regulation.Just 1,149 African failed asylum seekers and others on expired visas have been deported back to African countries from Germany in the first half of the year, with the vast majority, 864 individuals, being deported to the North African countries of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia with just 285 deported to other African nations.A case revealed last week showed that Somali pirates, who had been convicted in German courts, were able to stay in the country despite having their asylum claims denied and are in receipt of benefits from the German taxpayer.

While the coalition government under Chancellor Angela Merkel has made promises to increase the number of deportations, the number from the first six months of the year is actually lower than in 2017 by nearly 300 deportations.The federal government has also been plagued by other issues surrounding deportations including uncooperative pilots unwilling to participate in deportations, resistance from regional left-wing coalition governments as well as left-wing pro-open borders activist groups.

While some regions have resisted attempts to deport illegal migrants, the conservative government of Bavaria, led by the Merkel coalition partner Christian Social Union (CSU) have taken the opposite course with Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder saying he would look into the region chartering their own planes to deport migrants.

Again: German woman stabbed by her ex-boyfriend of Turkish origin

A 30-year-old woman was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend in the town of Hameln/Holzminden. She was seriously injured by "several stab wounds to her arm and upper body", but was not in danger of her life, police announced. The alleged perpetrator is said to be a 22-year-old German-Turkish man with whom the woman has a common little son, the magazine DEWEZET reports. According to witnesses, the German-Turkish man did not obey the court order. The landlord has also banned access to the house and property in order to protect the mother of three children. The ex-boyfriend, however, had ignored this. In the past he had come to the house several times to "talk" to the woman.The 30-year-old German woman had left her apartment around 7.30 pm on Monday evening to relocate her car. The 22-year-old followed her and smashed a window in the front door to gain access. In the stairwell there was a loud argument between the two. "That was like something fell to the ground." Residents found the woman who had dragged herself up the stairs and fled to her apartment.The police were able to catch the suspect, who was born in Hildesheim, in a side street shortly afterwards. He injured himself while entering the house and was admitted to hospital. There he is guarded by the police. It is suspected that he was under the influence of narcotics. A blood sample had been taken from him. He is now under investigation for attempted murder.

The Swedish sickness

By Silvio Canto, Jr. 

As a naturalized citizen, and refugee from communism, I've always been grateful to the U.S. for opening its doors to us.

So what do we see in Sweden? Lots of ungrateful people who are causing a lot of damage, according to news reports:

Dozens of cars are destroyed as gangs of masked youths go on fire-bomb rampages in cities across Sweden

Masked youths? Why not call them terrorists?

To be fair, we can not say that these masked youths are all immigrants. At the same time, no one with blonde hair and blue eyes is taking responsibility for the incidents.

This is quite a setback for Sweden's image. For years, we've thought of Sweden as the land of ABBA, a company named IKEA and a generous welfare state. In reality, it is now the land of Islamic State recruits and hand-grenade attacks.

What went wrong? Why are these "masked youths" torching cars rather than singing "Mama mia"? I am not a Sweden expert but I can say this:
1) You can not allow people in your country who refuse to integrate. At some point, you have to become Swedish and accept your new nation. In other words, you have to accept Western traditions about human rights, religious freedom, and life in general.

2) Immigration is about making your country better. This is why it has to be controlled and regulated. Immigration is a good thing but it has to serve your nation's long term interests. Otherwise, you are just bringing people who may not appreciate the opportunity offered to them.

Like the ghost of Christmas future, Sweden is another ghost of the future of the West. In the Dickens story, Mr. Scrooge changed. I wonder if Sweden, and so many others, get the message and start defending their values and interests.

Does Turkey Belong in the Future of NATO?

US President Donald J. Trump tends to state what many in the world are saying but few are willing publicly to express:

"I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad," he recently said. Standing next to UK Prime Minister Teresa May, he stated his conviction that European immigration policies are changing the "fabric of Europe" and destroying European culture.

It is a warning. Europe, in fact, is being flooded with millions of migrants, often from cultures that are openly anti-democratic.

Moreover, some Muslim leaders are encouraging immigrants to resist assimilation into European cultures. Such deliberate non-assimilation has created cultural clashes across Europe.

The reality is that fundamentalist Islamic cultures are, in many ways, at odds with secular Western values.

Regarding NATO, today's flood of immigrants may well eventually try to transform the heart of values and goals – "to safeguard the Allies' freedom and security by political and military means" -- that brought the NATO nations together in the first place.

Such political and cultural transformation of Europe seems quickly to be forming a huge cultural, social and political collision course at odds with European values. Such a possibility should no longer be considered a forbidden subject of "polite" conversation.

The founding NATO members originally came together in 1949 not only because they shared a "common threat" from the Soviet Union after World War II. They also joined forces because they shared cultural, political and economic goals -- and Judeo-Christian, humanistic values, all uniting factors and consistent with the values of NATO.

Loving one's native culture and feeling comfortable in it is normal. Western leaders have respected the rights of new immigrants to love the cultures from which they have come. But unfortunately, those same leaders are tearing apart their own cultures by turning love of one's own country into an unforgivable sin, when it is expressed by native citizens of Western countries. This trend needs to end.

Unless the leadership of Europe decides to stop the transformation of the continent with the same determination expressed by some extremist leaders that appear to want to transform it, its future is all too clear.

If the current trend of Islamization continues, it will not be long before politically correct Europe elects Muslim heads of State who demand adherence to sharia law and tolerance of jihad.

Unlikely? Turkey, a NATO member since 1952, when it was a very different Turkey, has been increasingly radicalized for more than a decade by its president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan has also been steadily abrogating NATO commitments, such as, "uphold[ing] democracy, including tolerating diversity," and that members "must be good neighbors and respect sovereignty outside their borders."

Turkey's democracy has been eroding and is now being called a "hollow democracy."

Tolerating diversity? Consider Turkey's genocide of Armenian Christians, and persecution and expulsions of Greek Christians. Currently, Turkey is holding an American pastor, Andrew Brunson (first in prison and now under house arrest), on charges of "dividing and separating [Turkey], by means of Christianization," as well as false charges of espionage.

In addition, in January 2018, Turkey invaded northwestern Syria and seized the Syrian city of Afrin, an act hardly commensurate with NATO's minimum requirements for membership, which say that member states "must be good neighbors and respect sovereignty outside their borders."

Western civilization is at a crossroads. President Trump's warning to Europe could not have come at a more appropriate time. Turkey's recent policies and actions reflect how fragile NATO relations have become, due to the breaking down of the cohesive culture that brought NATO members together in the first place.

If gaps continue to grow between some of NATO's members in matters of cultural identity, values and vision, the US may well have to prepare for an uncertain future with NATO.


2017 and 2018.

At this point it's nearly an annual tradition.

2017's Muslim car Jihadist was Khalid Masood, a Muslim convert of African ancestry. He performed far better than this year's Muslim car Jihadist, Salih Khater, a Muslim migrant from Sudan.

In a chilling echo of Khalid Masood's murderous rampage on Westminster 17 months ago, the driver, from Birmingham, sped towards the Palace of Westminster – narrowly missing two police officers guarding the access road who jumped out of his path. He then smashed into a security barrier outside Parliament.
Despite hitting at least 15 cyclists and pedestrians during rush hour, no one was killed with only one female cyclist seriously injured.

Khater originally hailed from Birmingham. He studied electrical engineering in Sudan.

The odds are good that his computer will be full of Jihadist materials, that any family he has will blame mental illness\entrapment\drug use, and that the authorities will crack down twice as hard on whatever they deem to be 'hate speech'.

And then we can all wait around and see if 2019's Westminster Jihadist will manage to kill more people. Because there's no problem that can't be solved with Coexist bumper stickers. Either that or realize that there's a war going on and act accordingly.

SWEDEN IS BURNING -- Will Swedes finally wake up and deal with their immigration problem?

Multiple Swedish localities were subjected to what appears to be coordinated arson attacks on Monday, as youths set fire to at least 100 cars in and around the city of Gothenburg, the city of Trollhättan further north, Falkenberg and in the capital city of Stockholm. Prime Minister Stefan Lofven described the attacks as "very organized, almost like a military operation." He said he was "really getting mad" and that "society must react in a tough manner." No kidding! This is nothing new. Five years ago, for example, Sweden experienced days of rioting, with cars and buildings set ablaze. In early 2016, “Swedish police had to run for safety after being surrounded by an angry mob of migrants,” Express reported, “when they went to rescue a 10-year-old boy, who had allegedly been raped and 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher was stabbed to death by a Somali boy aged 15.” Riots broke out in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood of Stockholm in 2017, CNN reported, with vehicles set on fire. Also last year, a frustrated asylum-seeker embarked on a deadly rampage with a truck, killing or injuring several people.

There were 306 confirmed shooting incidents across Sweden last year, resulting in 41 deaths. These may seem like small numbers compared to the total number of shootings and homicides from gun violence in Chicago alone last year. However, it is not a small number for a Western European country. Indeed, Sweden is now reported to be the second most violent country in Europe. Its homicide rates are “significantly above the Western European average,” Politico reported. “Social unrest, with car torchings, attacks on first responders and even riots, is a recurring phenomenon.”

At the same time, Sweden has become a haven for migrants because of Sweden’s past open border policies. More than 600,000 immigrants have flooded into Sweden over the past five years, ZeroHedge has reported. Sweden is at the top of the list in Europe for admitting the most asylum seekers per capita, many of whom have come from the Middle East. The correlation between the increase of the immigration population and the rise of violent crime in Sweden is striking. While correlation does not necessarily prove causation in all cases, disturbing patterns have appeared that point to Sweden’s past open borders policies as having contributed substantially to its rising crime problem. Swedish authorities have been reluctant to release crime statistics based on national origin in recent years out of concern for political correctness. However, the evidence we do have points to the outsized impact that the influx of immigrants, many from terrorist-prone areas in the Middle East and elsewhere, have had on the rising crime rate. The same Politico report cited above, for example, noted that gang-related gun murders in Sweden, which have increased in number, are “now mainly a phenomenon among men with immigrant backgrounds in the country’s parallel societies.” According to the Swedish publication Dagens Nyheter in 2017, cited in a Wikipedia article on immigration to Sweden, “at least 90% of all murders and attempted murders through gun violence in Sweden are performed by either immigrants or those with at least one immigrant parent.” The Wikipedia article also cited a 2017 police report on organized crime in Sweden, which stated that “in most areas of Sweden with the highest crime rates (sv: särskilt utsatta områden) population share of immigrants is around 50-60%.”

Bojan Pancevski, a journalist who is the Wall Street Journal’s Germany correspondent and has also written for the Times, tweeted a dispatch from Sweden last January in which he noted that Sweden “is experiencing an unprecedented surge in shootings, bombings and sexual crime,” which “is mainly restricted to areas predominantly populated by immigrants.”

While Swedish authorities have been mum so far on who was responsible for the latest spate of arson attacks in and around Gothenburg and other cities on Monday, we do know that migrant youth groups have been responsible for mayhem in the past. For example, last year, as reported in the Express, migrant youth gangs turned Sweden’s largest shopping center, located in Gothenburg, “into a ‘no-go zone’ as they intimidate police, harass girls and deal drugs openly.” Some of the gang members were from Afghanistan and Syria. It does not take a genius to figure out that such migrant youth gangs are most likely responsible for Monday’sarson attacks.

Sweden has tightened its immigration laws recently to some degree, but it may be too little too late. Thus, immigration, including its impact on violent crime in Sweden, is likely to be a central issue in this September’s Swedish election. Support for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has been surging, which will likely make them important players in dealing with the immigration issue going forward.

London Terror Suspect Named as Sudanese Migrant Salih Khater


The man being held on suspicion of terrorism after the Westminster car attack on Tuesday has been named as Salih Khater by British newspapers.

The event, in which 15 cyclists and pedestrians were reportedly struck before Khater’s silver Ford Focus hit the Palace of Westminster anti-terror barrier just before 07:40 BST, is being investigated by British counter-terror police. He has been arrested under the 2006 terrorism act.

Police said in a statement that “Given that it appears to have been a deliberate act, the method used and the iconic location, it is being treated as a terrorist incident and the investigation is being led by officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.”Described by police at the time of his arrest as a male in his late 20s, the terror suspect has now been named by British newspaper the Daily Mail as 29-year-old Sudanese immigrant Salih Khater, now a British citizen living in Birmingham.Apparently uncomfortable in identifying the terror suspect using the common nomenclature as an ‘immigrant’, government security minister Ben Wallace instead calledKhater a “British citizen [who] came from another country originally” when he spoke Tuesday evening.

According to reports, Khater lived in the Birmingham suburb of Sparkhill in a flat just minutes walk from the address of Islamist terrorist Khalid Masood, the radical who rammed a hired car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and stabbed a police officer to death moments later. Masood’s attack took place just yards from where Khater crashed into cyclists and pedestrians — injuring three but causing no fatalities.

Before driving into Whitehall and Westminster, Khater is believed to have spent hours driving around London in the Tottenham Court Road area late at night. He then spent around 90 minutes driving around and near the Houses of Parliament.

Officers were searching three addresses across Birmingham and Nottingham in the Midlands Tuesday night.