Friday, October 28, 2011

Bosnian Muslim terrorists attack US Embassy

Bosnian Muslim terrorist attacked the American Embassy in Sarajevo.
The unnamed local Bosnian Muslim, shoot at the US embassy in Sarajevo out of a Kalashnikov. He wounded 2 policemen. One ofthe wounded is a staff in the US Embassy.One terrorist was shot in the head while the other is shot in the hip. Both are in the hospital.
Sources say that one of the Muslim attackers is from the city of Novi Pazar, which is in Serbia’s Raska region where Muslims are often in conflict either among themselves or with the authorities.
Bosnian Muslim that was shot in the hip also had an explosive strap, like most al-Qaeda Muslims. Photo of the scene with an armed Muslim is seen above.
Bosnian Muslim waged jihad against Serbs in the 1990s but the US blamed Serbs for defending themselves using the blame to bomb Serbs.
US also looked the other way as Iranian spies armed Bosnian Muslim troops.
Media in Bosnia say that the name of the terrorist is Mevlid Jasarevic, a local Bosnian Muslim.
Jasarevic was already involved in suspicious activity with another local Muslim, Fatmir Muratovic in 2010. These 2 were questioned for suspicious activity during a visit of foreign ambassadors.
Sources say that another Bosnian Muslim attacker is involved but he escaped and is believed to be roaming the streets of Sarajevo.
M Bozinovich

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