Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another Serb Loses Another Legal Battle

The week after the verdict reversing the convictions of Croatian generals Gotovina and Markac, another legal battle involving war crimes was decided against Serbs: the extradition from Israel to Bosnia of Serb-Israeli Alex Cvetkovic, wanted for alleged war crimes against Bosnian Muslims. Such that the old pattern continues: Islam and unreformed Nazis (Croats), with the world’s help, will always triumph over Serbs. Below is a letter I submitted to The Jerusalem Post, from which I learned of the impending extradition:
Dear Editor:
I was quite galled to read the article by Yonah Jeremy Bob (“Court: Extradite Serb-Israeli for Genocide,” Nov. 29), given that these very pages have demonstrated the physical impossibility of the scale of killings of which Mr. Cvetkovic, the arrested Israeli-Serb, is accused. Yet Mr. Bob re-reports the old information, based on “facts” that his own paper has debunked. It’s a phenomenon that is reserved exclusively for the scoffed-at subject of the Balkans. Has there ever been a subject so immune to historical correction?
Then, not only did the reporter come up with his own original spelling of the name of the tribunal’s “star witness,” Drazen Erdemovic (“Ardomovic”), but he seems to be, rather typically, entirely unaware that Erdemovic’s testimony–upon which several people have been put away for life–is a proven and paid-for fraud. Instead, this “reporter” continues to cite the man credulously.
Then again, what can be expected from Mr. Bob, who not only doesn’t check the spelling of the Israeli-Serb’s name against previous reporting in his own paper, but can’t even spell it consistently within his own article?
As for the point of the article, of course the Serb lost the legal battle. The rule has always been: The Serbs lose. By publishing an approving report about Mr. Cvetkovic’s foreseeable extradition the week after The Hague’s callous but predictable reversal of convictions of two Croatian generals (effectively ruling that war crimes against Serbs are no crimes at all), J-Post was adding insult to injury. Without even noticing. But that’s all par for the course when it comes to the negligible Serbs.
Julia Gorin

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