Monday, December 10, 2012

British woman kidnapped and gang-raped in Moderate Dubai... and then SHE is prosecuted for drinking alcohol

Was she wearing the cloth coffin? If she wasn't wearing the garbage bag, she got what was coming to her under the sharia. Obama say, "respect it!"
Read the defendants' lawyer's comments; he's such a creep.
British woman 'kidnapped and gang-raped in Dubai'... and then SHE is prosecuted for drinking alcohol Daily Mail December 6:
A British woman who was allegedly kidnapped and gang-raped by three men in Dubai found herself in the dock for drinking without an alcohol licence.
The 28-year-old expatriate, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted to police she was drunk when the alleged attack took place and was prosecuted and fined £169.
Under Islamic law in the United Arab Emirates, drinking without an alcohol licence is a crime.
Two of the Iranians accused of raping her are facing trial while a third defendant cannot be traced.
The woman, who works in a managerial position, said her ordeal lasted hours with the alleged rapists filming the attack and taunting her, despite her pleas to be let go.
'Dubai Court of First Instance heard she was subjected to a sustained attack after being taken hostage and driven to a flat in Naif, a rundown area of Dubai.
She eventually escaped when the defendants left her on a mattress to find her own way home.
The defendants' lawyer Saeed al Gilani has claimed she made up the story after watching 'too many action movies'.
He added: 'She has a boyfriend who threw her out of his flat when he heard she'd had a relationship with the defendants. She then went to police and claimed she was raped.'

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