Friday, December 14, 2012

Darkening clouds over Europe -- Holocaust memory no longer strong enough to compel European societies to condemn all anti-Semitic acts

The EU has abandoned, in a logic of self-immolation, the basic tenets of foreign policy which should have been structuring its relations with the Near East. For this, the Italian government rewarded the same organization which in 1985 staged an attack at the Rome international airport, killing 20 civilians and the German government rewarded the same organization which staged a massacre in Munich during the Olympic Games of 1972. Regardless of history and its realities, European bureaucrats and policy makers have repeatedly chosen to uphold a weak discourse based on politically-correct stereotypes branded by radical European intellectual classes and a basic view of the Middle East linked to rudimentary wishful thinking rather than a clear analysis of the situation. In European elite circles, the Palestinian aspiration for statehood has lately been seen as an untouchable and non-negotiable truth. No one dares to ask the real question: Will this bring peace? This question is not asked, as the answer is so expressively negative. The weight of the debate has indeed been shifted almost silently from a quest for peace and stability to an undeniable and visible frontal attack on Israel's political legitimacy. The growing economic hardships in Europe are going hand in hand with an undeniable fall of traditional and moderate political parties. In this environment, values and principles which have structured the European ethos since the end of the Second World War are now being eroded and are not replaced by any viable option.

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