Monday, December 10, 2012

Morsi Coming to Visit Obama in 2013

Pic: iowntheworld
And how could the timing be any better? Smash some heads, assault some women, seize tyrannical power and ram through an Islamist constitution, and if you finally get around to arresting one of the terrorists responsible for Benghazi and belatedly defer some of your powers, you get a chance to meet up with Barack Hussein Obama.
Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi will visit the United States in 2013, a presidential spokesman said on Monday, in what would be the Islamist leader’s first visit to Washington since he was elected in June.
The spokesman, Yasser Ali, said no precise date had been set for the visit.
What about Jan 25th? I know that’s a date they could both come around on, though I imagine Morsi will spend Jan 25th in Cairo delivering another bellicose address about safeguarding the revolution by imprisoning all the revolutionaries.

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