Saturday, December 15, 2012

Poll: Palestinians Overwhelmingly Want War with Israel

In a new poll, run by “Arab World for Research & Development“, of 1200 Arabs living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, 87.7% answered that Hamas’s “armed struggle” is the best means for achieving Palestinian independence.

The results of the recent Gaza conflict prove that armed struggle, as adopted by Hamas, is the best means of achieving Palestinian independence:
Strongly agree 55.6%
Agree 32.1%
Disagree 9.1%
Strongly disagree 1.2%
I don’t know 2.1%

89.7% believe they won the recent war with Gaza.

The confrontation and the resulting truce represent a victory for Palestinians:
Strongly agree 57.5%
Agree 32.2%
Disagree 8.5%
Strongly disagree 1.3%
I don’t know 0.5%

And of course over 75% really believe Israel lost the most from the fight.

In your opinion, who lost the most from the conflict in Gaza?
Palestinians in general 4.3%
Hamas 0.8%
The residents of Gaza 11.5%
Government of Egypt 0.3%
Government of Israel 75.8%
Fatah and the PA 2.1%
Everyone lost 1.8%
I don’t know 3.3%

With results like that, you can’t be surprised if the third Intifada were to break out tomorrow (or last Friday).

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