Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Haaretz Hamas Supporter Attacks Organization of Holocaust Survivors

By Daniel Greenfield
Amira Hass is practically Haaretz’ designated Hamas spokeswoman. And considering that Haaretz is the left’s Always Blame Israel outlet, that is saying a lot.
Hass has repeatedly written sympathetic pieces about the genocidal anti-Semitic terrorist organization whose members often revere Hitler and even illegally snuck into Gaza to manufacture more propaganda pieces. But like many Israeli leftists, Hass also trades on a family connection to the Holocaust, even as she does her best to empower those Islamofascists whose covenant includes a call for another final Holocaust.
This time Hass (whose last name in German means ‘hatred’) chose to attack an organization of the children of Holocaust survivors and its founder.
I have participated in events by Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and met its Doris Wise Montrose, which leads me to be even more disgusted by Amira Hass’ attack on CJHS. While Hass argues the cause of a genocidal group like Hamas, Doris Wise Montrose works tirelessly to prevent another Holocaust by Hitler’s Islamist allies.
The existence of the article proves that if nothing else, Amira Hass is desperately short of material. Even the Israeli left is running out of ways to depict Israel as a bloodthirsty monster gorging itself on Palestinian suffering. Even a dedicated hack like Hass has to struggle to find an outlet for the hatred for everything Jewish that burns inside her. A hatred that no amount of pro-terrorist propaganda can slake.
Responding to Hass’ hatred, Doris Wise Montrose wrote,
“Amira Hass, a reporter for the leftwing Israeli newspaper Haaretz, has blasted Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors over the group’s opposition to the appointment of Chuck Hagel as U.S. Secretary of Defense. Describing CJHS’s website as an “ostensible Holocaust website,” the reporter criticized the CJHS logo for being too-heavy handed and then linked the group to among other things “Republicans’ apocalyptic war against Hagel.”
“While it might be considered unusual for a reporter caught publishing anti-Israel lies to lecture others on ethics,” said CJHS founder and president Doris Wise Montrose, referencing a May 2010 scandal in which Hass was forced to recant a report accusing Israel of expelling a Palestinian youth from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip, “and while the tone of Hass’s piece might be considered unprofessional and grating,” she continued, alluding to the use of sarcasm and feigned shock throughout the article, “it’s important to stay focused on the substance of this debate.”
“Hass didn’t actually address anything we wrote,” concluded Montrose.”
The Israeli left never addresses anything of substance. Its past is a dark territory that it is forever fleeing. Everything it has done has come undone and all it has left is its hatred for the settlers and the soldiers. Without that, the left would wither up in a corner and die.

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