Sunday, February 17, 2013

Muslim Immigration is the Real War on Women

Photo: Muslims raping a girl in Oslo

By Daniel Greenfield
The War on Women is largely fought by immigrants armed with passenger jet planes and easy immigration policies both here and in Europe. Turning around the war requires limiting immigration for immigrants from countries with high domestic violence rates so that they don’t import that same cultural and religious tradition of abusing women to the United States and Europe.
The theory was that there was more domestic violence during the Christmas season when people are more free and drink more alcohol.
That is not true n Oslo. Domestic violence coordinator Stein Erik Olsen in Oslo said that the Christmas violence is a myth in the same way that it is a myth that there are more burglaries during the holidays.
“70 percent of these cases involve families with different ethnic backgrounds. The cultures we are talking about use little alcohol and do not celebrate Christmas,” says domestic violence coordinator in Oslo, Stein Erik Olsen.
He adds, “What we have seen here on Stovner is that the number of cases has gone down during Ramadan.”
Why the number of domestic violence cases go down during the Muslim fasting, Olsen will not speculate.
I suppose it’s because they have less energy to beat women while fasting. Perhaps if there were less available junk food in the Muslim world, weight and wife-beating would go down. Maybe that’s a topic that Michelle Obama can tackle in her latest obesity crusade. So long as she doesn’t use crusade. That term may be culturally offensive.
Muslims in Oslo are not that large a percentage of the population, but they account for 70 percent of the domestic violence cases and as much as 90 percent of the rapes. These are really bad statistics that should make even the leftiest leftist rethink the wisdom of bringing people who make Vikings look like feminists to their country.
Olsen says that one of the challenges with other cultures is that they have their own laws and another of women than is accepted in the Norwegian society.
Yes they do. And Norway has a choice between its law and Islamic law. It can have one or the other. It cannot have both.

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