Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well, a Serb Finally Said It: Kostunica

A bit late with this update to this blog (also included there as an update):
Wilhelm’s statements tarnish Germany’s reputation (Tujug, Jan. 31)
BELGRADE - Vojislav Kostunica, president of the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS), stated Thursday that the repeated statements by German Ambassador to Serbia Heinz Wilhelm that Serbia should not block Kosovo’s UN membership tarnish Germany’s reputation, and indicate that Germany acts as a superior power in relation to Serbia.
In a written statement for the media, Kostunica called on the German ambassador to curb his actions to a scope appropriate for a foreign ambassador, who takes care about Germany’s interests and do not interfere in Serbia’s internal issues.
“We would like to underline that the role of the German ambassador is to stand for Germany’s interests, and in this sense he is a guest in Serbia, rather than a representative of the authorities.
“It is understood that the German ambassador knows well that in keeping with the international and internal law it is not his job to conduct Serbia’s policy. The German ambassador has by far overstepped the limits of common decency, and undervalued the hospitality that Serbia has offered him as foreign ambassador. The fact that the German ambassador claims that the prime minister was the first to mention Kosovo’s UN membership, is no excuse for the behavior of the German ambassador,” Kostunica said.
Kostunica noted that the DSS called for Dacic’s resignation for his actions.

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