Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Swedish economy about to crack due to Muslim immigration

The bill for Swedens uncontrolled Muslim immigration is now due and will have huge consequences for the living standard of Swedes, including the country's competitiveness, welfare, taxes, jobs and salaries. Already now you can hardly go into any shop in Copenhagen or many Norwegian cities without meeting Swedish workers who have immigrated for economic or safety reasons. With the tsunami of refugees produced by overpopulation and followers of the Quran, there is absolutely no reason to think that the pressure on Swedish borders - or any other European border - will reduce in the near future. Fact is that Sweden has 1 million more citizens than in 1990 (current population: 9.5 million), but there is the same amount of people working as in 1990. This means that Swedish workers are now paying for 1 million unemployed - of which a majority is immigrants.

"The government expert group Economic Research (NIER) notes that Sweden needs tax hikes on 120 billion Swedish kroner until 2018, in order to keep the current level for welfare. ...

The current forecast, which calls for 120 billion in tax increases, is based on the assumption that immigration will reduce in future years. If immigration instead continues to increase the 120 billion is not enough, says NIER. 

Since the financial crisis the Swedish economy has been in a protracted recession. The recovery is primarily driven by domestic demand and exports are going badly... 

For the period 2015-2018 the projected tax increases totals 120 billion and means that the current level of 44 per cent tax will increase to over 46 per cent in 2018."
friatider / 10news.dk


Lincoln Perry said...

From the Vikings to geldings -- how did this happen? The liberal Lutherans of Sweden have done this to themselves. Instead of encouraging immigration from the rest of Europe or America or Australia -- or even Asia -- they allow every last Hagarite and Saracen in, all of whom have proceeded to dismantle the very system that gave them asylum.

Wake up, O noble Swedes, before it's too late. Be the first to send these lazy, reactionary, seditious cultists back to the caves whence they came.

Marlene Wilkins said...

Too damned bad. They made their own mess, they can put nose to grindstone and start cleaning it up.
Here in the Americas, the FNN is re-asserting Native American authority and that means we will be closing off immigration to Swedes, and Exiling the obama-invited hordes of illegal aliens and muzzies.
The FNN makes it CLEAR that the Americas are OUR Ancestral Aboriginal lands...OUR Home.
The rest of you who think to just walk in like it's an open-bar up for grabs better get used to this:
We will be cutting Immigration to virtually NOTHING.
OUR lands are NOT up for grabs anymore and WE Natives have Final Say in what happens here in the Americas.
Sweden, and all the other Euro-socialist nations, well, they can clean up their own messes. We will NOT extend any financial aid, but we will be coming in the future to round up and Exile all socialists and muslims. They'v both proven, by History, to be too damned dangerous to be allowed to continue existing.