Sunday, November 23, 2014

Palestinian Arabs: “Yes We Want Peace, but Peace Means No Jews.” . “What was done to you in Germany, will be done to you here too.”


By Daniel Greenfield 

Good news.
The Sunni Arab Muslims who rebranded themselves as “Palestinians” want peace. Absolutely. No question about it. But the Muslim definition of peace differs from the usual definition of peace. Peace in Islam is what happens once anyone different than you is dead or enslaved. It’s not compromise, but an end to fitna. Everyone is ruled by Muslims. There are no more chaos or dissent under Islam.
An Israel Radio reporter recently did random street in interviews in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, where the responders echoed (in fluent Hebrew) Abbas’s characterization of Jews as contaminants.
“Things here will only improve,” argued one fellow, “after the Jews are gone. Yes we want peace, but peace means no Jews.”
Another bystander likewise recommended ethnic cleansing: “Go back to where you came from. Go to Russia, Germany, Poland – anywhere – just not here.”
But there were also kinder voices: “I really don’t like to say so,” remarked a solicitous sort, “but what was done to you in Germany, will be done to you here too.”
These are our peace partners. It’s spine chilling to hear such sentiments from ordinary taxi drivers and greengrocers.
That’s Islam. You can hear the same sentiments directed at Yazidis and Christians from the same exact Sunni Arab Muslims occupying Jerusalem, in Iraq and Syria. They’re the same people. They have the same xenophobic worldview.
There can be no peace with people whose idea of peace is genocide.

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