Wednesday, March 25, 2015

British Values: Halal Prostitution Comes to UK, Muslim Makes Record No. of Obscene Phone Calls

By Daniel Greenfield 

Before the election, British Prime Minister Cameron wrote, “It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.”
“If we want to remind ourselves of British values…  there are plenty of British Muslims ready to show us what those things really mean.”
According to the Archbishop of Canterbury, “Islam is rejuvenating “British values”.
Here, via Religion of Peace, are two examples of those values. Halal Prostitution appears to have finally come to the UK. While a similar story has run before, that appeared to be a parody. On the other hand, this isn’t. The only joke here is Islamic morality.
The Arab escort, known as Fairuza, is offering the service to promiscuous punters in order swerve strict Shia Islamic principles.
The 25-year-old reportedly performs the quickie service by reading a religious text in arabic and takes the money as a “dowry”. Then once the deed is done, she divorced the two of them from their temporary marriage – “nikah mut’ah” – arrangement.
She is believed to be one of many Muslim women now offering the guilt-free service.
In the video she explains that some men are converting to Shia Islam to take advantage of the sin-free sex. She explains: “I did it with one Saudi who converted to Shia Islam only so he could do mut’ah.”
Temporary marriage is a real phenomenon in Iran. And America.
These “pleasure marriages” can last for years, months, several days, one night, or a few hours. Popular in places like Iran but also quietly practiced in America, Mut’ah is a handy option for unmarried Shiite Muslims who want to have sex without settling down for life. “There can be no sex outside of marriage,” says the 29-year-old Selman, a champion weightlifter who, over the past 10 years, has been temporarily married 25 times.
Selman loathes nightclubs—”Loud music with people getting drunk and stupid is not my scene”—and so has met many of his wives in the hookah cafes of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.
Selman says many of the women he meets express “shock” when he explains he must marry them before he can proceed.
Selman’s 26-year-old friend Richard Giganti provides a different perspective. A practicing Catholic when he arrived in New York from Sicily, he converted to Islam after one year here. “I really enjoy the discipline of Islam,” he says. Six months after becoming a Shiite Muslim, Giganti entered into his first temporary marriage with a Spanish Catholic woman. “The idea seemed really wishy-washy at first, but as I got more religious it began to make sense,” he says. “As a Catholic you go to hell for having premarital sex. Mut’ah understands the human disposition and accommodates me.”
Islam’s selling points remain entirely materialistic because it is not a spiritual religion. Its discipline provides Muslims with license at the expense of others.
Meanwhile another UK Muslim, who may have been a Sunni or couldn’t afford Fairuza, instead may have entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the most obscene phone calls.
Police said Amjid Khan, 39, would pick names out of the phone book and then make obscene comments when people picked up.
The majority of calls had been made to total strangers but others were made to people Khan knew, who identified him to officers.
An 18-month investigation by police going through phone records revealed he had made thousands of the dirty calls, on average around 165 every day, over a three month period.
Speaking after the hearing, Det Sgt Adrian McHugh, said the case was one of the most bizarre of its kind he had seen.
He said: “It was quite unusual and the scale of it was quite breathtaking.”
“Over a three-month period, he made 15,000 telephone calls, all of a sexual nature.
“They were to totally random numbers that he picked out of the telephone book. The calls were horrible.”
Unemployed Khan was released on conditional bail and will appear again before the crown court on April 30 for sentencing.
Of course Khan was unemployed, which means that he was probably also on the dole. But he was doing his part for rejuvenating British values.


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