Friday, March 20, 2015

Denmark: Rivaling immigrant gangs have shootout in the middle of shopping center

 Denmark: Rivaling immigrant gangs have shootout in the middle of shopping center
(Photo above: inside Field’s shopping center)

The term “other ethnic origin than Danish” is Danish media’s eufomism for Muslim. I still remember when the first shootings appeard around 8 years ago. At that time such shootings would be all over the news for days. With weekly, sometimes daily, shootings, it has now become “normal”.
Translated from EB:
“Lau Thygesen, Head of Department for Organised Crime, confirmed that several of those arrested have gang-relationships. The two groups have had confrontations before.
Police believe that the confrontation was planned. Both witness statements and video surveillance shows that young people who are of other ethnic origin than Danish, was prepared with both masking and weapons.
‘- It was not a coincidal meeting at Field’s. They were very focused and armed. One group knew that the other group was there. It is completely crazy and unacceptable that they choose a ‘scene’ as Field’s, where there are so many random people,’ says Lau Thygesen.
…a group arrived at the mall in car and then started to ‘hunt’ for the second group. Several are masked and at least one is armed with a large knife, which he carries in his belt on the stomach. Another steal a steak knife in a restaurant, and during an argument in the mall he stabs a rival with the knife, but the stabbing is unsuccesful due to the other’s bulletproof vest.
One group flee via the escalators down to the parking basement, followed by the other group. Here guns are pulled and there is shot back and forth in front of the eyes of innocent customers.
The two groups consisted of eight-10 people all together, police say.”

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