Friday, March 20, 2015

France Hopes Congress Will Stop Obama from Letting Iran Get Nukes

By Daniel Greenfield 

Yes, we’ve reached the point where France’s Socialist president is more hard-line on Iran than Obama. But then again I can’t think of anyone outside Moscow who is softer on Iran than Obama.
When Claude Angéli says that both France’s Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, and its President, François Hollande, have told friends that they rely on “the support of the US Congress” to prevent Obama from giving in to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, it is the kind of quote you can take to the bank.
Well I guess maybe Boehner should invite Hollande to speak. If for no other reason than that the exploding liberal heads might look a lot like the Kingsman finale.
Currently France, yes France, is blocking Obama’s Iran nuke sellout.
“We have been negotiating with Iran for 12 [years]. We shouldn’t be rushed into an agreement which will have to be comprehensive,” the French ambassador to Washington, Gerard Araud, tweeted during the talks. “For France, any agreement to be acceptable will have to give concrete guarantees on all issues. We won’t bypass any of them.”
Obama has phoned Hollande to try and untangle the “snag” in which France would like to actually stop Iran from getting nukes. While Obama just wishes everyone would shut up, let Iran get nukes and let him get back to some golfing.
The Obama administration reportedly wants the agreement to last 10 years. According to the New York Times, France wants the agreement to last 15 years and then be followed by 10 years of stringent monitoring measures
France. Now the leader of the free world. Such as it is.

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