Friday, March 20, 2015

Illegal immigrants smuggled OUT of Britain... so they can return after claiming EU asylum

Illegal immigrants are being smuggled out of Britain so they can exploit an EU asylum loophole that lets them stay in Europe.Under the scheme, iillegal immigrants are taken to France hidden in a lorry from the UK to avoid deportation. They then register as asylum seekers in Italy and are smuggled back into Britain through Dover. An EU loophole means that if they are caught in the UK they will be returned to Italy rather than their home countries. An East London people smuggler offered the £1,500 service to an undercover BBC reporter posing as an illegal immigrant. He secretly filmed 21 people hiding in a lorry on route to France – and most said they planned to return to Britain. Some of those in the lorry, from Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, said they came into the UK using student visas while others were staying in Britain illegaly. A lack of exit checks means the vehicle breezed past police officers and passport control at the port. After taking a ferry to France, the smugglers drove on to Veurne on the Belgian border where many of the immigrants planned to continue their journey to other European destinations. The Port of Dover plans to introduce exit checks from April to curb the worrying trend. While being smuggled out of the UK cost just £300, the return journey is priced at £1,200 as it is considered more risky. Earlier this month a French politician sparked fury by announcing plans for yet another immigration camp at the gateway into Britain. Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart said the new “welcoming centre” will be created next to the port town’s newly-opened migrants’ “holiday camp” Jules Ferry. Mme Bouchart said the latest accommodation facility will be an “asset” for her town by delivering more “ideas and means” for the newcomers.

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