Thursday, March 19, 2015

Uganda: Prominent Muslim cleric blames drought on gays

A prominent Muslim cleric has blamed the prolonged drought in Uganda on moral decay, such as homosexuality. Speaking Monday (16 March) at Kibuli Mosque in the Kadhi district of Kampala, Sheikh Siliman Kasule Ndirangwa told the faithful they must repent for their sins if the country was to see rain. 'Rain belongs to God,' he said. 'So as believers, we pray that God releases rain. But we have also to repent our sins.' 'Our society is engaged in homosexuality, corruption and fraud, among others that are the cause of our suffering. When rain starts, your people Allah, will plant more crops, harvest, sell and become richer.' Asked when he expected rain, Ndirangwa said, 'It is Allah to decide.' The drought started in September 2014. Kato Asadhu Kayongo, a gay Ugandan man and member of the Out and Proud Diamond Group, said LGBTI people could not be or scapegoated for the lack of rainfall in Uganda. 'Sheikh Kadhi should know better the causes of lack of rainfall like deforestation, which is now rampant in Uganda. He should rather encourage people to not cut more trees and plant more trees,' he told Gay Star News. 'You can not put homosexuality in the same category with corruption and fraud. These vices are causing detrimental problems to all Ugandans. The Sheikh of Kadhi should condemn them like we do, rather than diverting Ugandans to hatred of innocent LGBTI Ugandans. 'This shows how some religious leaders are using religion to spread homophobia in Uganda.'

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