Monday, March 30, 2015

UN Human Rights Chief Praises ISIS Diversity

By Daniel Greenfield 

ISIS. It’s just so diverse. It has rapists, killers, beheaders and butchers, suicide bombers and sociopaths from all nations and peoples. As long as they’re Muslim. (And if they aren’t, they get raped, killed, beheaded and suicide bombed, not necessarily in that order.)
And we know diversity is a good thing. It’s the only good thing there is in this horrible racist world. So that must mean ISIS is good
 The U.N. human rights chief told the Security Council on Friday that in a “most terrible irony,” the Islamic State group may be more accepting of the ethnic diversity of its members than some states are about ethnic differences among their own citizens.
Zeid Raad al-Hussein, the first human rights chief from the Muslim and Arab worlds, spoke as French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius chaired a special meeting on the abuses in the Middle East on ethnic and religious grounds.
The rights chief, who is from Jordan, did not name any governments in his criticism. He said the Islamic State may be more accepting of ethnic diversity of its members so long as they adhere to the group’s world view, even while the “intricately interwoven social fabric in Syria and Iraq is giving way to the demented obliteration of any difference” from IS ideology.
Diversity in conformity. That sounds like an American college campus. No wonder some campuses have deans and students eager to get on board the ISIS express. But yes it would take an Islamic human rights chief at the UN to praise ISIS diversity.

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