Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Germany's Refugee Quota Plan is a 2nd Invasion of Eastern Europe: The migrant invasion could very well destroy the EU.

by Daniel Greenfield 

For the first time since WW2, the Czech Republic has found itself facing down a German invasion of its territory. The mechanism is the EU's Refugee Quotas, which Berlin and its collaborators is Paris, pushed through using "Majority Voting".
The Czech Republic, and other Eastern European countries, who have been repeatedly invaded in the past, have vowed to defy any mandatory quotas. They voted against the German plan to fill their countries with thousands of Muslim invaders from around the world, but Berlin thinks that it's getting its way.
Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka and Hungary's Victor Orban now find themselves standing alone defending their countries and their region against invasion in this new Gates of Vienna.
Few of them have forgotten the role that Germany played in the breakup of Yugoslavia. And they see the same thing happening again, except this time a hostile violent minority with a known penchant for violence, and one that Germany had attempted to use as a tool of empire in WW1 and WW2, is being transplanted inside their borders.
Eastern European countries want European powers to do their job and end the flood of refugees, while Germany cynically insists that poor Eastern European countries must show "European Solidarity" by sharing a burden that they never wanted and that would not exist, if not for the actions of Merkel and the backing for the Arab Spring by Western powers.
The migrant invasion could very well destroy the EU.
Germany intends to force the Czech Republic to accept hordes of Muslim migrants against its will. The Czech government has refused. The question is how much of the free world will stand with the Czech Republic against Merkel and Islamic terror.
Before WW2, the free world abandoned the Czech Republic to a German invasion rationalized by the need to protect a "minority" of Volksdeutsche. Will the world make the same mistake a second time?
It's vital for us to stand with European leaders who reject this invasion of their countries. The armies of the Czech Republic and Hungary securing their borders are also securing the borders of Europe and of civilization. Regardless of their politics, they are fighting an invasion of their countries that would destroy Western civilization and bring civil war to Europe.

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