Thursday, September 24, 2015

Muslims are about much more than just terror

By Carol Brown  

Would everyone please stop portraying Muslims as if they’re all terrorists?  Most Muslims are peaceful people.  And most American Muslims love America.  I mean, that’s what we’re told, so it must be true, right?  Of course, many of the people who make these claims are plucking ideas out of thin air.
On the opposite end of the thin air school of thought, we have something called research and facts.  And so, for example, we have a 2015 nationwide survey put out by the Center for Security Policy that shows the following views held by American Muslims:
  • 51% believe they should have the option of being governed by sharia law
  • nearly 20% believe that violence is justified to make sharia law the law of the land
  • nearly 25% condone violence against those who offend Islam (such as drawing a cartoon of Mohammed)
If you factor in taqiyya, the percentages might be even higher, but let’s work with what we’ve got and calculate the hard numbers.
Estimates of the Muslim population in the United States vary, ranging from 3 million to 7 million (not including those who overstay their visas or the throngs of “refugees” that have been and continue to be admitted).  For the sake of some basic calculations, I’ll use 5 million as a conservative estimate.
Extrapolating from the survey, that means that as many as 2.5 million American Muslims want sharia law, 1 million support violence to replace the United States Constitution with sharia law, and 1.25 million believe that violence should be inflicted upon anyone who offends Islam.
This isn’t about an extreme ideology thriving in some nook or cranny in some remote location in America (though that would be bad enough).  We’re talking about the potential of millions of Muslims prepared to wage war against us and/or ready to cheer on those that do.  You know.  The “moderates.”
And that’s before we’re flooded with hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees” from the Middle East who will import more of the same attitudes and values (such as they are).
Forget about the latest should-a-Muslim-be-president hype.  The broader question is whether Muslims belong in the West in any capacity.

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