Saturday, September 26, 2015

WATCH: Muslim Refugees Camp In Christian Cemetery, Show Complete Disrespect And Trash It Bigtime

What a bunch of Islamic pigs. Take a look at the video below. Note that these are “refugees” camped out in a Christian cemetery in Croatia. Do you think they respectfully and tolerantly just sat around being thankful for their escape from their nightmares? If you do, then you would be wrong.
No, these pigs of refugees danced on the graves of the Christian dead. They didn’t exactly dance, however. No, they completely trashed the cemetery.
Reminiscent of the destructive and foul Occupy Wall Street movement we all remember, about 50,000 Occupy Free World Muslims, laid waste to a sacred Christian place.
It is one thing to set up refugee camps, and although it might seem strange to set one up in a cemetery, those seeking asylum ought to have the utmost of respect for the host nation and certainly for that host nation’s dead lying six-feet below them.
Not to mention that these people are lying around in their own filth. Who does that? What is wrong with these people? Is this what the cradle of civilization looks like? A dumpster?
These refugees are disgusting. Their host nations must be reeling from the havoc that is unfolding. One could hazard a guess that Christian refugees camped in a Christian cemetery would not have done this.

Heck, one could go so far as to consider these pig Muslim refugees, had they been camped in an Islamic cemetery, would have done no different than they did in the Christian cemetery. They are not known for being respectful of their own-raping children, raping women, beheading Muslims, Sharia Law, and so forth.

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