Thursday, October 29, 2015

Philippines Doesn't Want to Take Muslim "Refugee" Migrants: The Philippines already has a major problem with Muslim terror.

by Daniel Greenfield 

The Philippines already has a major problem with Muslim terror. It isn't looking to expand the scope of that problem. And who can blame it?
Philippine President Benigno Aquino said his country cannot afford to take in Australian-processed refugees permanently.
Aquino said the Philippines is “seriously considering” and “studying” a proposal by the Australian government for his country to take in refugees. But he told reporters there were a few factors to consider.
Earlier this month, Australia’s immigration minister said the foreign ministers of the two countries were in talks about a potential deal wherein Australia would provide funds to the Philippines for relocating the refugees. A statement from the Philippine Foreign Affairs Department said the two sides discussed refugees and their obligations under international law.
Aquino said, “If this proposed agreement is not one of a transitory nature, is not one of just being a transit point but actually relocating these people here. … We feel we are not in a capacity at this point in time to afford permanent residency to these people.”
Permanent resettlement is a point that the media likes to gloss over.
So the media tells us how many millions of Syrians are in Turkey or Jordan. But they're temporarily there. Nobody is giving them citizenship. On the other hand, America, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc are expected to permanently resettle them.
The Philippines has made it quite clear that it is not up to any permanent resettlement. While the claim is poverty, Australia is offering to pay. The obvious issue is terrorism.


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