Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Muslim Future of European Feminism: "I Man. You Woman. I Go First.": You can have feminism or you can have Islam

by Daniel Greenfield 

Here's the future of European feminism in a nutshell.
Gatestone's Soeren Kern conducts another roundup of "refugee" stories in Germany. One story stood out for me as exemplifying the New Europe.
One woman described how Muslim men repeatedly cut in front of her at the supermarket checkout line. "Twice while shopping at a German supermarket I was shown that I am a second-class citizen," she wrote. In one instance, an adult Muslim male with a full shopping cart cut in front of her. In broken German he said: "I man. You woman. I go first." In another instance, a young Muslim male elbowed the woman while cutting in front of her. "When I said that I would let him go ahead of me if he asked me for permission, I was instructed by his sister that boys do not need to ask, they just demand."
This reminds me of the closing lines of Christopher Caldwell's great piece in the Standard.
There was a pretty young woman standing in front of an escalator in the Westbahnhof collecting money for refugees a few weeks ago. She was wearing a T-shirt bearing the Gloria Steinem slogan “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” What did she think she was doing? Attacking men? Or summoning the kind of men who won’t be spoken to that way?
I think we have the answer to that. Europe's Muslim feminist future is, "I man. You woman. I go first."
From Kern's Gatestone piece, here's more Great Moments in Euro-Islamic Feminism.
In Bad Kreuznach, a family of asylum seekers from Syria made an appointment to view a four-room rental property but refused to see the house because the real estate agent was female. According to real estate agent Aline Kern:
"One of the men, who spoke broken German, said they were not interested in viewing the property because I am a woman, I am blonde, and because I looked the men into their eyes. This was inappropriate. My company should send a man to show the property.
"I was taken aback. You want to help and then are sent away, unwanted in your own country."
They're here to take your country.
A mother reported that during a visit to her daughter's school, she approached a fully-veiled female refugee and asked her if she could be of help to her. "A man with a fancy suit and a three-day beard, he seemed like out of a Hugo Boss fashion magazine, said: 'My wife does not speak the language of the unclean.' When I asked him who here was unclean, he said I was. I asked him what that means. He said it was nothing against me personally, because all German women are unclean, and that his wife should not speak the language of the unclean, so that she can remain clean."
...the German newsmagazine Focus, she received more than 800 emails from women across the country describing how they, too, have been mistreated by Muslim migrants.
And this is just the beginning. You can have feminism or you can have Islam. But you can't have both.
Take in enough angry Muslim men posing as refugees and "I man. You woman. I go first." becomes the way things are done.


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