Monday, October 26, 2015

UK Rapist Escapes Deportation by Posing as Syrian Refugee: Syrian refugees are magic

by Daniel Greenfield 

Europe has a real Syrian Refugee problem. These days any criminal or migrant can just say the magic words, "Syrian Refugee" and that's that. Because Syrian refugees are magic. They're our moral superiors because they tore their country apart killing each other over whether Sunni or Shiite Islam is right. So now they, and anyone claiming to be one of them, is empowered to do anything to Europeans.
An illegal immigrant who attacked and sexually molested a woman within days of smuggling himself into Britain looks set to avoid deportation by claiming he is a Syrian refugee.
A court heard how Abdulrahman Abunasir continues to claim he is a Syrian refugee, despite the fact he allegedly told French authorities who detained him previously that he was Palestinian.
Abunasir submitted his claim for asylum whilst serving an 18-month prison sentence for a horrific random sex attack. The immigrant attacked and molested a woman outside a cafe in London in 2013 as she walked to her boyfriend's home.
Experts who put the sex attacker through a language analysis test concluded there was a "very high degree of certainty that he was from Egypt" and confirmed he could not answer even the most basic questions about his supposed homeland.
So he might be Egyptian. He might be from Israel. He's probably not from Syria... but why not send him there anyway? Preferably while wearing a giant cross around his neck. Or maybe an I Love Israel t-shirt.
It might serve as an object lesson to future fake Syrian refugees.
But shockingly he cannot be deported because there is no way of determining with 100% certainty that he does not come from Syria, which is being torn apart by a brutal civil war.
So we're now at the absolute standard of proof for deportations? Is there a 100% certain way to determine where anyone comes from originally? Why not go with the fossil record?
Judges and probation officers say the pervert is too dangerous to be released in case he attacks other women. Instead he is being held at an immigration detention centre at a cost of more than £40,000 a year to the taxpayer.
We can't keep him locked up indefinitely. And we can't deport him. Which means the UK got a little more enriched.


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