Thursday, January 28, 2016

EXPOSED: Pro Migrant Campaigners FAKED Migrant Death For Propaganda

Reports of a young ‘refugee’ in Berlin who died after standing in line for state handouts for days has been revealed to be a hoax, dreamt up by a pro migration campaigners to guilt the government into giving more resources to their cause. The sensational story was quickly picked up by the mainstream press and reported across Germany. A charity and campaign group which was quick to criticise the government for the death has now admitted the revelation of the lie could be “catastrophic” for their pro-refugee cause.
A pro-migrant activist first reported the story on Facebook, including a transcript with the lying man, called ‘Dirk’. She described the refuges deteriorating condition in startling detail, as well as alleging that four migrant women had had miscarried in the queue, and that a migrant child had been abducted.
“A 24-year-old Syrian who has been queuing for days on LaGeSo in freezing temperatures in the slush, by fever, chills, then cardiac arrest in the ambulance, then in the emergency room, has passed away”, wrote Reyna Bruns yesterday.
Adding: “This sacrifice of a human life ought to have been prevented. We all saw it coming. And not just for the past two days. For the past half a year.”
LaGeSo is the Berlin Health and Social Affairs Office, where all Berlin refugees must register. It had become a flash point in Germany’s refugee crisis, struggling to cope with the volume of arrivals and facing heavy criticism for delays.
Its leader was force to resign last year and a group of 40 lawyers even filed a criminal complaint against the city’s health senator in December because of the backlog, alleging it was “causing bodily harm” and calling for more resources.
“Who takes responsibility here? Who represents the debt that the failing government or the political will?” exclaimed Mr. Bruns.
In the sprawling post she described her “privilege”, and used the alleged deaths to call for more handouts, money and resources. “The boy, who is now dead, has made it this far, and we, our country, our society, have failed to protect him”.
The story instantly went viral, and had entered the mainstream press by Wednesday afternoon, spreading beyond Germany to reports in the English language media. Tributes collected outside the office, with pro migration activists leaving candles and flowers outside the doors and even wearing black mourning armbands.

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