Monday, January 25, 2016

Left-Wing Red Army Terrorists Back to Stealing Things

by Daniel Greenfield 

 You can't keep a good Marxist thief down. If he can't get elected to steal things, he'll just steal them undemocratically. Which is the way Marxists would rather do it anyway.
Police have confirmed that DNA from three far-left terrorists who have been on the run for decades was found at the site of two robberies in 2015.
In both robberies, the most recent of which happened at the end of December, Daniela Klette (57), Volker Staub (58) and Burkhard Garweg are alleged to have held up security vans, but failed to make away with any cash.
The three were some of the last members of the notorious Red Army Faction, a terrorist cell founded in 1970, which was blamed for over thirty murders, numerous bombings and part-responsibility for the hijacking of a plane in its almost three decade existence.
The first robbery took place on June 6th 2015 in a supermarket parking place on the outskirts of Bremen, public broadcaster ARD reports.
After blocking the path of a security van with the first car, two camouflaged and masked people got out of the vehicle carrying Kalashnikov rifles and proceeded to threaten the personnel in the car.
A third assailant then also appeared on the scene carrying a rocket launcher.
Germany does have some experience dealing with Marxist terrorists. You lock them up and then they "commit suicide".
But I'm not sure why the stealing is going on. After all there's no need to rob banks to finance Marxism. That's what the EU is for.

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