Sunday, January 24, 2016

Merkel: The Anti-Semitism of the Muslims I Brought to Germany is a Problem

by Daniel Greenfield 

Josef Schuster has been saying this more and more loudly.
The chairman of the Central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster has warned at a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in the Chancellery in this week of an increase of "arabi antisemitism". He confirmed to the "Welt am Sonntag".
Schuster had submitted its concerns to Merkel last Tuesday at a meeting with representatives of associations, religious communities, institutions and trade unions. After his speech, according to participants an embarrassed silence prevailed. The chancellor promised: "This we must deal with."
So belatedly, Merkel discussed it in a podcast.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says anti-Semitism is "more widespread" in Germany than some believe and that action is needed to "deal with it - especially among young people… from countries where hatred of Israel and the hatred of Jews is widespread."
Merkel quoted claims made by Josef Schuster, who heads the Central Council of Jews in Germany and said last November that the a large portion of the asylum seekers entering Germany "have grown up in an environment in which hostility towards Israel and anti-Semitism are a common practice."
Merkel echoed the claim, saying "we have to deal with it - especially among young people, with a family background from countries where hatred of Israel and the hatred of Jews is becoming widespread." Germany attracted 1.1 million asylum seekers last year.
She said a shift was needed in Holocaust education in Germany, instead of focusing on Jewish victimhood "we need show people what the contribution of Jews in Germany… to science, culture and social and economic development."

Because your average Iraqi Muslim is going to be really blown away by all those Jewish Nobel Prize winners from Germany.
Stop Ahmed, before you take a machete to that Rabbi, please consider the work of Paul Ehrlich in treating syphillis, Karl Landsteiner's discovery of blood groups and Albert Einstein's work in theoretical physics. (Also Muslims like to claim that Einstein was really a secret Muslim, so they'll just add a bunch of Jewish Nobel prize winners from Germany to the secret Muslim list.)
So far, Germany has had no luck in teaching Muslim migrants not to sexually assault German women. Maybe it's time for a course on the contributions of women in Germany to science, culture and social development.
Or Germany could stop bringing people in whose religion tells them it's okay to attack women and Jews. I'm not a Nobel prize winner and I can still you which one has a chance of working.


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