Friday, January 29, 2016

Police in German city accused of allowing Muslim migrants to shoplift

It’s great to be young and a Muslim migrant in the Brave New Europe: you’re a protected class within a protected class. You can break any law you want, and authorities will put on funny hats and hand you leaflets. You can commit mass rape and women will come hand you flowers. No matter what you do, the political and media elites will flay as racist, bigoted Islamophobes those who raise the slightest objection to your growing presence.
Migrants Berlin
“Police In German City Allegedly Let Refugees Shoplift,” by Jacob Bojesson, Daily Caller, January 28, 2016:
Police in the city of Kiel allegedly collectively stopped pursuing cases where refugees were caught shoplifting because it was too much work to get them prosecuted.
Local newspaper Kieler Nachrichten Thursday reported police officers in the city were instructed to not pursue minor offenses such as shoplifting and property damage. Prosecuting the refugees is hard in cases where they don’t carry proper identification documents.
Police documents state a threshold was established where “serious cases of theft and personal injury” should be treated equally, regardless of the perpetrator’s origin. The decision was made in October after several shoplifting cases turned out to be dead ends.
Kiel’s Police Chief Thomas Bauchrowitz denied the allegations at a press conference Thursday. He said “a criminal complaint was filed in every case.”…


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