Friday, January 22, 2016

Why are Brussels bullies forcing us into unworkable migrant quotas NO EU nation wants?

BULLY-BOY Eurocrats have been accused of Mafia-style intimidation tactics in a desperate bid to get countries to sign up to unworkable migrant quotas.Dim-witted Brussels chiefs are trying blackmail Britain into accepting the controversial refugee deal - or face losing a long-standing convention allowing the UK to send back migrants. Attempts to force tens of thousands of migrants randomly on EU nations has angered not just Britain but a host of countries including Hungary, Sweden, Poland and Slovakia. Slovakia has even threatened to challenge Brussels in the courts over the controversial issue. Besieged Austria, meanwhile, has said it will close its borders to cap the amount of migrants entering. But now the EU is determined to force Britain into a deal by withdrawing a key principle in the Dublin convention that could open Britain’s floodgates. Under the principle, European countries are allowed to return migrants back to the original EU country if they enter illegally. Although not fool-proof it has seen 12,000 people deported from the UK since it was brought in in 2003. European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker insisted changing the Dublin rules is a "necessity" because "the existing system clearly does not work properly in all respects".But many have seen it as an attempt to bully the UK into accepting the quotas or face the withdrawal of the “first country principle”. Eurosceptic MEP Daniel Hannan said he supports “controlled, legal and economic migration” and there should be room in the UK for a certain number of refugees, but insists the UK should be in charge of who comes in and how many of them. Attacking the intimidating EU move, he said: “Britain agreed to open its borders to the EU, but it is now clear that the EU has opened its borders to the world. “That was never the deal.” He added the only surprise is the timing of the unreasonable demand, with Britain preparing for an in-out referendum.He said: “If Eurocrats knew their history, they would know that nothing makes us as resolute as the sense that someone is trying to bully us. More to the point, if they treat us with such disdain now, think how much more contemptuous of us they would be after a vote to stay. “The sheer disdain being displayed by the Brussels elite is staggering.” Dropping the key principle would likely cause chaos with hundreds of thousands of refugees even more determined to head to the likes of Britain and Scandinavia due to higher employment rates. Juncker’s comments have angered the Government, with International Development Secretary Justine Greening to say she was “concerned and strongly against” the changes.” The quotas would see Britain take in migrants from Greece and Italy, who it could be well be argued have already safely escaped persecution or poverty.Conservative MEP Mr Hannan said he has noted many of those arriving to Europe had never faced war and unbearable poverty. Last summer he volunteered in a hostel for underage migrants in Italy where boys mainly from West Africa were based. He said: “I hope that, in their situation, I would also have been brave enough to undertake the journey across the Sahara and the Mediterranean in search of a better life. “Still, very few of the lads I worked alongside were, in any meaningful sense, refugees. “A mass movement of people is under way that is only distantly connected to the war in Syria and it is now clear that sea-borne migration is no longer a summer phenomenon.” Migrant have continued tackling the Aegean Sea into the winter period with 15 capsizing off the coast of Greece today. The controversial refugees quota was issued by the EU last September and the latest proposals to dump the Dublin convention will be officially unveiled in the spring. EU leaders including Germany are seen as resentful Britain and Ireland had managed to opt out of the Schengen Zone - which allows passport-free movement across members’ borders and want to the UK to take in more. The quotas will see Britain forced to accept tens of thousands of refugees who have arrived in EU countries - on top of the 20,000 Syrians David Cameron has already agreed to take from the Middle East.Nigel Farage has also spoken out about the EU scare tactics saying they will cause further chaos in stricken Calais. The UKIP leader said: "If we formally break the Dublin convention rules we ain't seen nothing yet. "There will be people desperate through whatever means possible to reach the UK knowing there is zero chance of them being returned anywhere. "An EU torpedo has just hit Cameron's little boat 'Renegotiation'. “Sinking is imminent." Tory MEP David Campbell Bannerman, of Conservatives for Britain, called the EU tactics “a complete disgrace”. He said: “It's clear we no longer have control of our borders, just the controls the EU allows us if we are lucky. “The linkage between the two is mafia-style blackmail.”

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