Friday, August 05, 2016

EU bureaucrats tell Britain to PAY £20BN bill or we WON'T let you leave

BRUSSELS bureaucrats are forcing Britain to cough up a staggering £20BILLION before the country unshackles itself from the beleaguered bloc, it has emerged.The European Union has threatened to hold the UK to ransom if it fails to pay the bill, in a scathing attack on democracy following Britain’s momentous Brexit vote. An EU source told a German newspaper: “A deal with Britain is inconceivable if the British do not settle these liabilities.” EU Commission lawyers have warned Theresa May’s Government a failure to pay up would equal a debt default, according to reports. The now 27-member bloc has been pushing through a mountain of bills unpaid for years, which now amounts to more than €200billion (£170billion) and it is alleged that the British share is around €25 billion euros (£20billion). The crumbling Brussels club appears to be desperately trying to put blocks in the way of a British exit following the Leave vote on June 23. EU big cheese Jean-Claude Juncker has already warned Britain will not gain access to the single market if it refuses to accept freedom of movement rules. And in a further move to stop Britain from fully leaving the bloc, Brussels chiefs say they could offer the UK temporary curbs on immigration in return for access to the single market. However, Brexiteers dug their heels in and insisted they will not let Prime Minister Theresa May backslide on Brexit by surrendering on immigration and trade. Even though she supported the Remain side during the historic referendum, Mrs May has admitted she does not expect to trigger formal EU talks this year, but has repeatedly insisted “Brexit means Brexit”. Yesterday, the feisty PM slapped down Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon insisting she won’t be able to discuss her own Brexit deal with the EU. Europe minister Sir Alan Duncan said Westminster holds total control over Leave negotiations, putting the final nail in the coffin of the wily SNP leader’s bid to discuss Scotland’s future EU relationship with Brussels.

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