Monday, August 22, 2016

Germany Won't Deport Muslim Migrants Who Refuse to Fasten Their Seat Belts

Angela Merkel has been making noises as of late about increasing deportations. That threat is as meaningless as it could be. Because this is how easy it is for Muslim migrants to avert deportation.
Germany hasn’t been able to execute hundreds of deportations because migrants refuse to take flights, government figures show.
The country, which has taken 1.5 million refugees since the start of 2015, is desperately trying to deport more rejected asylum seekers to ease pressure on authorities. The government plans to reach 100,000 deportations by the end of the year, but hundreds of refugees have managed to stay by resisting to fly to their home countries.
More than 330 deportations have been abandoned since January 2015, because the migrants have shouted, refused to fasten their seat belts or told the pilot they are not traveling on their own free will, according to figures from Germany’s interior ministry.
 Yes, all they have to do to resist deportation is to refuse to fasten their seat belts. Not exactly a difficult change for the sorts of people likely to be deported in the first place.

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