Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hell with Article 50! Brexit means Brexit!

By Anthony Bright-Paul 

Brexit means that the British people have already clearly signaled that we are no longer under EU law.  We are under British law as enacted at Westminster and promulgated by Royal Assent.  All these EU laws and directives have been declared null and void by the people.  A lot of M.P.s and civil servants have just not twigged on to that as yet.  Brexit already is!
Article 50 is a part of EU law.  It is designed to be a delaying operation.  It is not part of British law.  We simply need to declare that we have left the EU, to which rightly we never belonged, and to stop paying in the £10 billion a year, or whatever is the exact net figure.
Since the NHS is in immediate crisis, with talk of cutting hospitals, it is even more imperative that we stop supporting a monstrous bureaucracy that has nothing to do with us.
So Project Fear has now, within two months, proven to be a busted flush.  The FTSE has held up and the pound has gone down, with the result that our tourist trade is apparently better than ever.  In France, tourism has declined by 7%.  (See France Soir.)  Germany is on edge, fearing the impact of our exit on the EU finances and the possible impact on Germany's motor trade.  (See Notes below.)
All this dithering on the part of politicians is unnerving.  The longer we delay, the stronger grow the Remainers, though God knows why anyone would want to Remain now.  We do not need two years of negotiations.  John Redwood, M.P.* is for revoking the 1972 Act and thereby leaving the EU at once.  Is even that necessary?  The British people have already spoken.  We do not need to pander to EU laws, which technically have never been our laws.
British laws are formed at Westminster and promulgated by Royal Assent.  The directives from the EU do not have this "imprimatur," this Royal Assent.  We do not need to revoke EU laws one by one but simply to declare that the whole lot of EU regulations and directives are null and void.  Period.
Parliament can then get on with the business of enacting British laws for British people.  Will we be excluded from selling to the EU and buying from the EU?  Will we be excluded from the Single Market?  Only the Remainers have such a mindset, never having been in business.  In fact, the world is our oyster – we have nothing to fear.  As the pound has gone down, our exports have gone up.  Sales depend upon price and quality, not on belonging to a club.  And price in turn depends so much on the cost of energy.  Let us hope that Brexit will quickly be succeeded by "Clexit," the climate nonsense with which we have all been afflicted for decades.
Retail sales at home are booming.  The cost of foodstuffs is steady, the housing market likewise, and both will surge again once the "silly season" is over, the P.M. has returned from walking in the Alps, and the kids go back to school.  Moreover, that myth about the "young people" being Remainers has been and is being exploded.  The continent is still open for holidays, and the pound sterling is especially welcome.
To hell with Article 50!  To hell with EU directives and regulations!  Let us get on with ruling ourselves instead of kowtowing to Herr Juncker and Frau Merkel.
* Notes on the EU
Senior figures in the EU are already making it clear they fear a quick hard exit from the EU by Britain meaning the loss of its £10 billion in net contributions over night.
But a plan drawn up by former Cabinet minister John Redwood - and supported by a growing number of Tory MPs - could see Britain come out even more quickly with the repeal of the 1972 Act and then simply informing Brussels that Britain has left the EU.
EU insiders have claimed that such a move would be illegal but Mr Redwood has said legal advice he has received means that it is legal.
Mr Redwood said: “Article 50 of the Treaty states clearly that ‘any member state may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.’

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