Sunday, August 07, 2016

Lebanese athletes block Israeli athletes from boarding bus to the Olympics opening ceremonies

By Carol Brown  

As one of the buses shuttling Olympic athletes to the opening ceremonies prepared to board, members of the Lebanese delegation blocked members of the Israeli delegation from getting on because the Muslims refused to ride with the Jews. Per a witness and as reported at the Times of Israel:
“The bus driver opened the door, but this time the head of the Lebanese delegation blocked the aisle and entrance. The organizers wanted to avoid an international and physical incident and sent us [members of the Israeli delegation] away to a different bus.”
Dhimmi coward event organizers! With their actions, the Lebanese already made it an incident!
Here. Try this thought experiment: Imagine white athletes blocking black athletes from boarding the bus. Or even just turn the tables on what happened and imagine members of the Israeli delegation blocking members of the Lebanese delegation from boarding the bus. Such scenarios would be front-page news and journalists would be harping on it non-stop. But when Muslims are the aggressors (as they so often are), mum’s the word.
Let’s face it, Jews are expected to absorb Jew-hatred. That’s why the world goes ballistic when Israel defends herself against murderous jihadists. If it’s preferable for Jews to be slaughtered by Muslims, it’s certainly no big deal for them to have to get on a different bus, right? Whatever it takes to keep Muslims happy and quiet, from making a loud and perhaps violent fuss – as if we don’t pay an increasingly heavy price for such cowardice.
And speaking of Muslim Jew-hatred and the Olympics, ISIS is calling for devout Muslims to become martyrs and carry out attacks at the games because it will make big headlines, singling out the importance of attacking Israelis. Jewish news outlet, JTA, reports:
“Your chance to take part in the global Jihad is here! Your chance to be a martyr is here!”… [snip]
“From among the worst enemies, the most famous enemies for general Muslims is to attack Israelis. As general Muslims all agree to it and it causes more popularity for the Mujahideen among the Muslims,”…. [snip]
God keep the Israelis safe from harm.

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