Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Suspected High Ranking Member Of Islamic State Detained In Germany

German special forces have detained an allegedly high-ranking member of Islamic State in the southwestern town of Mutterstadt.It was confirmed by a spokesman for the Interior Ministry in Mainz that a terror suspect believed to be a high-ranking member of Islamic State has been arrested in Mutterstadt, Rheinland-Pfalz, reports Bild.
The spokesman said: “There is a suspicion that we are dealing with a high representative of the terrorist militia Islamic State.”
The man had been picked up by a special task force (SEC), German authorities said to have tracked him down after receiving information from a prisoner in nearby North Rhine-Westphalia.
According to information received by Die Welt, the prisoner overheard a conversation between two migrants which gave details of the suspect before entering prison.
Allegedly there were indications that an attack was planned against the German Bundesliga – the equivalent of the English Premiere League.
The suspect is in custody, and prosecutors have requested a warrant.
 Breitbart London

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