Thursday, August 04, 2016

The ‘Caricature’ IS the Real Hillary Clinton

By Kenneth Eliasberg 

Ruthless, fundamentally dishonest, unbelievably incompetent, bereft of a trace of judgment, and incredibly (nay, criminally) greedy is the best description that I can come up with for Hillary Clinton. She is the most “unqualified” candidate to contend for public office in my lifetime (which goes back to the FDR era). Her husband, in his remarks at her convention, tried to put lipstick on this pig of a candidate, by coming up with a romantic fantasy picture, which made her sound like a cross between Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Margaret Thatcher. After waxing on at almost nauseating length – particularly, given his history of marital infidelity -- he told us this was the “real” Hillary Clinton, and the things that you were hearing from her opposition were just a “caricature” of this wonderful woman. I’ve closely followed this greedy, lying harridan for almost 25 years, and I’m here to tell you that the so-called caricature IS the real Hillary Clinton.
Similarly, in his first campaign effort on Hillary Clinton’s behalf, in pushing the hyperbole envelope clear off the table, Obama proclaimed that Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to ever run for president. This coming from the least qualified person to have ever occupied the office (he probably wants a successor who has a darn good chance of making his presidency look good).
In point of fact, she is the least qualified to have ever tried out for the position. To add to the “qualification” confusion, in one recent outing Clinton announced that, while she has been called many things, “unqualified” is not one of them. Again, in point of fact, every thing that she has ever been called has addressed her lack of qualifications, even if you excluded her lack of ability from the qualification equation. After all, character does count (or doesn’t it?)  and she, like her husband, has none.
While it is nice to talk about all the uplifting things she has said about the rights of women and children, in her actual jobs – i.e. post-law school, first lady (of both Arkansas and the U.S.), Senator, and Secretary of State – she has been something between a non factor and a dismal failure. Here, I’d like to focus on one of her quasi criminal missteps that occurred in 1978, and has been commonly referred to as “Cattlegate.”
Why cattlegate? Because it captures the essential Hillary -- incompetent, greedy, and dishonest. Readers may recall that Hillary invested $1,000.00 in the commodities market (cattle futures), and within a year the investment return was precisely $100,000.00 -- a spectacular return, even for one familiar with the intricate and dangerous vagaries of this type of investment. Hillary asserted that she did all this on the basis of her investment acumen, gained by reviewing the Wall St. Journal over a relatively brief period. Investment experts take a dimmer view of the transaction: The Journal of Economics and Statistics placed the odds of this type of return at 250 million to one. Economists from the University of North Florida and Auburn took a more pessimistic view in an article that they did for the Journal of Economics and Finance, estimating the odds of such a return of “at best 1 in 31 trillion.” You get the picture, Hillary, in her pursuit of greed, “misstated” the nature of the transaction.
Actually, the transaction was illegal, and, in a more honest universe, Hillary would have gone to jail before she managed to screw up on a much larger scale in her ensuing misdeeds. But, in this relatively minor endeavor, you see the real Hillary Clinton -- lacking in judgment (i.e. a reasonably aware person would have, or should have, known that this transaction was likely to be discovered and cause her some grief), greedy in the extreme (a 100 to 1 return does seem to push the greed envelope), and brazenly dishonest (you can read the Wall St. Journal for the rest of your life, and it is doubtful that you will gain mastery of the commodities markets).
Here is the real Hillary Clinton. She is not only greedy, she is quite prepared to violate the law in pursuit of her greed. From this “acorn” of dishonesty grew the “oak” of the more elaborate swindles of Hillary (and Bill) Clinton that are described in Clinton Cash by Peter Schweitzer.

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