Sunday, August 07, 2016

'The EU wasn't going anywhere': Ringo Starr stands by his decision to vote FOR Brexit

THERE may be many regretting their vote but Ringo Starr is standing by his decision to vote for Brexit.The Beatles drummer has said that he didn't feel as though the European Union was "going anywhere" and believes that Britain is better off "out". But despite his strong views about the UK, the 76-year-old said that he felt that America was "his town" as he opened up to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. "I voted for Brexit, because I thought the European Union was a great idea, but I didn't see it going anywhere lately," the music legend told the publication. "It's in shambles, and we're all stuck with people who want to make arrangements for their own country and don't think for the other countries."He added: "Britain should be out and get back on its own feet and now Scotland wants to leave and Wales wants to leave. Then it will be Devon. God knows where it will end." The Yesterday hitmaker, who hails from Liverpool, then went on to hint that he felt a greater connection to the US than his native England. Asked where he felt he had the biggest fan base outside of the US and UK, he responded: "The US is my town. American is my town."

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