Thursday, September 15, 2016

Angela Merkel ordered to 'GET LOST' after she defends shambolic open-door migrant policy

ANGELA Merkel has defended her open-door immigration policy in the face of hecklers – but warned refugees to adapt to life in Germany.It comes ahead of an important set of regional elections this weekend, following her party’s humiliating defeat at the hands of the anti-immigration AfD party earlier this month. In a speech to a crowd of around 2,000, the German Chancellor said: “We want to help those who’d like to stay with us in the long term to integrate and to learn the language. “We also tell them: Germany is such a beautiful country and such a strong country because we have a constitution that protects the dignity of every person, and at the same time it demands tolerance.”Her defiant speech came as protestors called her to step down, chanting “Merkel has to go”. The regional elections come at a time where support for Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) has plummeted to a four-year low. With the national election just a year away, Merkel finds herself under increasing pressure from Germans over her handling of the migrant crisis.Around 2.5 million voters in Berlin will vote for a regional government on Sunday, with Merkel hoping for a better result than her humiliating defeat at the hands of the AfD in her home region. Merkel’s Christian Democrats currently lie in third place with 17 per cent of the vote, behind the Green Party on 19 per cent and the Social Democrats (SDP) on 21 per cent.The CDU could fall behind the far-left Die Linke party, who are on 16 per cent. The AfD are a distant fifth on 13 per cent. If the polls are correct, a third party would need to join the leading two in order to tip their percentage of the vote to more than 50 per cent so they can govern.This result could put the CDU in a position of power and despite languishing in third, could still form part of the regional government. Frank Henkel, the CDU candidate and state interior minister said: “This is about whether the far-right or far-left will dominate our future, or whether the political centre continues to have a strong voice in Berlin.”

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