Thursday, September 22, 2016

Angry Hillary: "Why Aren't I 50 Points Ahead?"

Beats me. Aside from all the criminality and the lying... there is the general unpleasantness. (via Ace)

Why isn't Hillary 50 points ahead? Possible answers
1. She's the ridiculously unqualified wife of an obnoxious ex-president who got here because of that fact and no other reason
2. She's been caught lying so many times that everyone stopped keeping track a decade ago
3. She's corrupt, dishonest and probably the most unethical person who's run for office in generations. She and her husband have piled up a dragon's hoard of loot from anyone and everyone by any means possible while leveraging her White House run to do it.
4. She's Hillary Clinton
Maybe America can help explain it to her during her next listening tour.

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