Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Dutch MP refuses to shake hands with Israeli PM

A Dutch parliament member and pro-migrant activist refused to shake hands with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Wednesday morning, during the latter’s visit to the Dutch parliament. Kuzu, a former member of the Dutch Labor Party, is aligned with the DENK immigrant advocacy movement. When Netanyahu offered his hand to the Turkish-born Kuzu, the MP refused, leading the Prime Minister to make an about-face, turning his back on Kuzu. According to the Dutch news website, Kuzu also wore a button bearing the PLO flag. On Facebook, Kuzu explained his actions, condemning the Israeli leader for the 2014 war with Hamas. “While the streets of Gaza were reddened by blood that splashed out of the veins of children in the summer of 2014, the red carpet is rolled out here. That deserves no handshake, but a reference to #FreePalestine.”

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