Thursday, September 08, 2016

Germany: “Why honor-kill your sister and have child porn on your phone?”

The question posed in the article title below: “Why Honor-Kill Your Sister AND Have Child Porn on Your Phone?” is valid only within realms of moral reasoning, which is not applicable in cases involving Islamic religious zealots, steeped in Islamic supremacist doctrines of Sharia.
The well-known Irshad Manji explained in a Fox interview that honor killing in Islam involves “Middle Eastern tribal traditions,” in which “women are the carriers of culture. Therefore, their lives and bodies do not belong to them, but to their family, tribe, or nation. If she acts in such a way that brings disrepute or dishonor upon herself, she is actually defaming her nation. As such, her punishment must be serious enough for the crime of dishonoring the nation.” Although referencing honor killing as a Middle Eastern tribal and cultural practice, Manji adds that these killings are often done with the name of “Allah dripping from their lips.”
Indeed, honor killing goes beyond culture: it is an Islamic Sharia practice, even though the actual words “honor killing” will not be found in the Qur’an or Sunnah.
Reliance of the Traveller, authoritative Islamic sharia certified by Al-Azhar in Egypt – the highest authority of Islamic jurisprudence on the planet – and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Fiqh Council of North America, states: “retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.”  It goes on to say those “not subject to retaliation” includes “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” (‘Umdat al-Salik, Book O Justice, o1.1-2).”
So stabbing your pregnant sister to death (15 times in her neck and chest) to save the so-called honor of the family is deemed Sharia-compliant and a good deed. The child porn part? Well, we didn’t forget about child brides in Islam, did we?
No Western rationale or moral standards apply among those who zealously believe all this comes from Allah.
“Why Honor-Kill Your Sister AND Have Child Porn on Your Phone?”, Clarion Project , September 6, 2016:
Two brutal honor killings of Syrian women took place recently, one in Lebanon, and one in Germany.
On September 3 the trial of two Syrian brothers charged with killing their pregnant sister began in a regional court in Hessen, Germany.
Mustafa, 22, admitted stabbing his sister Ramia, 30, 15 times in the chest and neck. Both her and her unborn child were killed.
He claimed she had dishonored the family.
The older brother, Muhammed, 26, is charged with failing to act to save his sister who was still alive initially after the assault.
Police arrested the two brothers hours after the incident. They also found child pornography on the cellphone of the older brother Muhammed.
He will be charged about the child pornography separately.
Ramia’s husband had threatened her with divorce because he was told she had a romantic affair with a man living in Egypt. She sent him dozens of sexually explicit video clips and her brothers found out about this story.
They beat her husband and their sister in an apartment in the city of Hanau, most famous for being the birthplace of the Brothers Grimm.
Muhammed is also charged with beating his sister and her husband.
Meanwhile, a young woman was stabbed to death in an honor killing by two of her brothers in the southern Lebanese city of Tyre on Friday. They stabbed her with two knives “like a goat.” With one knife they slit her throat, and with the second knife they stabbed her in the stomach 11 or 12 times.
“At 1.30 AM on September 5 two brothers, Ahmad el-Muhammed and Ibrahim el-Muhammed entered a flat and killed Rawah (16)” the Lebanese Internal Security Forces said in a statement. The family is Syrian…..
They murdered her while she was sleeping. Her parents, brothers and cousins all agreed on the need to carry out the honor killing. Her brothers said they simply did it to guard the honor of the family.
After the murder all of the family sat together and drank tea.


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