Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton Has Medical Problems, It's Time She Was Honest About Them

The Clintons have an unfortunate habit of going into cover up mode as a reflex. Their default position is to lie. That's why the email mess happened. It's why it keeps getting worse.
The standard menu of responses is to dismiss the issue as a fringe conspiracy. Then to minimize each admission. It does appear that Hillary's health issues, whatever they may be, are following a similar pattern.
Not long ago, Hillary was insisting that any medical issue were a conspiracy theory. Then she told the FBI that she was having medical problems. Now she had a medical episode in public.
The next response is easy enough to predict. The spin is already in place. And it's self-defeating. Instead of talking honestly about her health, Hillary will once again resort to the same denials, dismissals and tin-eared attempts at humor.
And, unsurprisingly, no one will believe her.
New York City today was hot and humid. But it wasn't that punishingly hot. Hillary's medical episode may have been natural. But it also may not have been. The trouble is that the Clintons have lied so often that by now even their allies don't believe them.
And that leaves them isolated in episodes like this.
Instead of addressing her problems, Hillary Clinton insists on yelling that she's "feeling great".
Is it any wonder that even her voters are rolling their eyes.

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