Saturday, September 03, 2016

Hillary to Foreign Donors: Last Chance to Send Me Anonymous Bribes

This major ethical concession has been brought to you by the letter J.
J stands for jail, which is where anyone else who tried to pull this would end up. The Clinton Foundation will now stop taking bribes from anonymous foreign donors if Hillary wins. Hint to foreign donors, bribe her anonymously now so you can cash in if she wins.
The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation will shut down its fundraising affiliates in Sweden and the United Kingdom if Hillary Clinton wins the U.S. presidency in November, a spokesman for the global charity said this week.
The foundation has in recent weeks begun announcing planned new donor restrictions to allay criticism that wealthy supporters might be expecting special treatment from the U.S. government in return.
Both organizations exist to receive donations overseas, neither have any employees, and they are overseen by board members of the main Clinton Foundation in the United States, their financial statements show.
Some of the foundation's foreign outposts have drawn extra scrutiny because donors can give money anonymously.

Yes. That would draw "extra scrutiny".
So donors can bribe the Clintons anonymously only until the point that Hillary wins the election. This truly is Clinton ethics at its best.

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