Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hillary’s Body Double: Am I Nuts, or What?

By Bill Schanefelt 

 I remember that old saw “Just because you're paranoid that don't mean they're not out to getcha'.”
Well, just because it's an internet meme that don't mean Hillary ain't got a body double.
I viewed the video at the New York Post thinking I'd get a laugh at the expense of conspiracy nuts, but what I got was a shocking wake-up!
My old eyes and mind are no longer sharp enough to pick up all the nuances of facial and earlobe comparisons, but what really caught my attention was the absence of a Secret Service detail, of police protection, of a motorcade, and of Mrs. Clinton's entourage as well as the presence of numerous bystanders and passing vehicles.
These screenshots are telling:
But wait! There's more!
There's a video of “Hillary” walking away from which I took this shot:

Not really being a gentleman, I ask: Is this the “Cankles” we've all come to know and love?
And then there's this:
And, finally, if I can find a way, I'll buy a cold beer for anyone who can show me a picture of the “real Hillary” assuming this pose:
Those toes are three feet apart and them's some fine gams!
So, I'll see y'all later on as I'm off to Area 51 to see what I can find there to put in my basket.  Bye.

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