Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Merkel Rejects "Easy Answer" of Not Filling Country With Muslims

We live in a global world that's round and shiny. There's no way back. We just have to deal with that without having to think about national interests or whether we want to be blown up this morning. You can't build a wall around the world. Stop talking about China. It just doesn't work.
Stop me if you've heard any of these.
Germany's Merkel would like to inform her citizens that "easy answers" like not opening your borders to millions of Muslims just won't work.
Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans to embrace global change and consider the country’s international responsibilities as she went on the offensive to justify her policies that have alienated voters.
Alienated voters love being told about their international responsibilities. They just love it.
She signaled she won’t stoop to populist rhetoric to win back voters, saying there are no easy answers.
That's the smart thing to do when your rhetoric is wildly unpopular. And your idea of it is to keep repeating Wir Schaffen Das.
Merkel said on Wednesday she’ll resist pressure for “seemingly easy solutions that are actually illusory solutions.”

Yes. Not filling your country with Muslims is an illusory solution to Muslim mass sexual assaults.
“Change isn’t a bad thing,” Merkel said
Alienated voters love that even more. That's why change is coming. Don't worry, it's not a bad thing.
For those migrants with good prospects of staying, Merkel said her government had sped up integration measures, including education and accommodation.
Yes, we're teaching them not to rape twice as fast.
She said if all MPs used the same tactics as the AfD, then "only those who rely on slogans and seemingly easy answers," would win.
Uh-oh. Wir Schaffen Das isn't working?

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