Monday, September 05, 2016

Migrant Rape Gangs Attack Women in Germany Again

This problem isn't going away. It's a clash of cultures and a clash of civilizations. Happy talk won't fix it. Slogans like Wir schaffen das won't. "Don't rape" classes for Muslim migrants certainly won't.
Merkel has changed Germany and Europe. These are some of the consequences of that transformation.
Immigrant men have groped and sexually assaulted a number of women in a German city in copycat attacks of the New Year's eve sex frenzy in Cologne.
Police said the four women who filed complaints after the incidents in Essen late on Friday could be 'only the tip of the iceberg.'
Women who may have been attacked at the Essen Original city party have been offered a confidential hotline by officers to contact them.
Police said the Essen victims were attacked in three parts of the city by North African men in groups of four and six 'who drove their victims into corners and groped them all over.'
Most of the abusers are still being hunted but police apprehended several lone suspects shortly after the complaints were made. Two 16-year-olds and a 46-year-old man were questioned but later released.

This comes as no surprise as there was very little action taken after the mass assaults in Cologne. Furthermore Europe has fairly lenient criminal justice systems and deporting migrants is often nearly impossible. So even any of the perpetrators that are arrested will be out before long. And they'll be back at it.
There were 2,000 attackers in Cologne. Behavior on that scale is normative. And normative behavior simply can't be regulated.

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