Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Muslim Refugees Attack Women at Austrian Wine Festival

In Muslim countries, women can't leave the house. If we take in enough Muslims, women won't be able to leave the house either.
It's that simple. As European countries are finding out.
There have been yet another series of Muslim attacks on women. This latest one comes out of Austria. Despite being a small country, there are 11,000 "refugees" listed as crime suspects.
Eight women have so far made official complaints to the police, saying that they were groped and sexually harassed on Saturday. Police have since arrested five young men aged between 15 and 22, and are still looking for another suspect.
Police are calling on witnesses and any further victims to contact them.
Die Presse newspaper reports that the youngest suspect, aged 15, was identified by one of the victims and accused of sexually harassing her. The incidents reportedly happened in a packed party tent during the Wels Volksfest. The eight women told the police the men grabbed them and groped them between the legs.
Typically, the Austrian site makes no mention of who the perps are. They're only "young men".
Except they're actually some of those Muslim refugee orphans we have been lectured about incessantly.

Six migrants from Afghanistan and Iraq have been arrested over a series of sexual assaults on eight young women during a music festival in Austria.

The women filed charges on Saturday night, reporting that the perpetrators held them against their will and touched them between their legs in separate incidents.

Much like the major Cologne assaults, these are organized attacks in which there is a clear pattern. There are no lone wolves here. These are gangs. And they can escalate and will.
Of the five Afghan migrants arrested, four are thought to be just between 15 years old, while the other is said though to be younger than 22.

Just sad unaccompanied minors. The sort the media wants us to feel sorry for.
The latest attack in Austria comes after a swimming pool banned all migrants after an alleged incident in Mistelbach, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) northwest of Vienna.
Operators erected a sign saying 'no entry for refugees' after a girl alleged she was followed to the changing room by an Iraqi.
It was just weeks after an Iraqi migrant was jailed for raping a 15-year-old girl at a swimming pool where he had been taken for lessons to help him integrate into Austrian society. 
Refugees welcome. Rapes welcome.

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