Friday, September 23, 2016

'My town WITHOUT migrants!’ French mayors unite to stop their towns becoming new Calais

FRENCH mayors from the Front National (FN) have united to create a group against migrants entering their towns. Steeve Briois, who is one of the vice-presidents of the FN, created the association 'My town without migrants' and has called on other French mayors to join him. The French Government is attempting to close down the Calais Jungle camp by sending 12,000 migrants to various towns across France. Mr Briois said: “The Government has decided to displace the migrants from Calais to towns and villages across France without any thought about what the mayors or the population think.“The association is for the 36,000 mayors of France regardless of their political affiliation. Opposition to the invasion of migrants has become a problem that transcends party lines.” He said: “We want to be firm against the arrival of migrants to our towns.” The politician said that he did not want to see replicas of Calais recreated across France.Speaking to a French television channel, he said: “It is out of the question that what happened in Calais can be repeated across France, we have to say stop.” Front National mayor Dominique Bilde said: “We understand that these migrant centres could house at least 100 people, which in a village of 1,000 is 10 per cent of the population.” Ms Bilde said she feared that a proportion of the migrants would be dangerous with a history of violence or Islamic fundamentalism.The mayor said: ”Meanwhile we are neglecting French homeless people. The state is saying: ‘Life of a castle for the migrants, the gutter for the homeless’.” The newly appointed director of Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign, David Rachline, congratulated Mr Briois’ group. Mr Rachline, who is also the mayor of Frejus, tweeted: “Frejus will not welcome anyone and will not become the new Calais.”Politician Philippe Kemel, who is a member of the French socialist party, has slammed the launch of the group saying it is “discriminatory” and “stigmatises the most vulnerable people”. Three days after the Paris terror attacks in November last year, Front National leader Marine Le Pen called for migrants to not be “dispersed” across France. The French government is planning to create the welcome centres of between 100 and 300 people.

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