Monday, September 19, 2016

SHE’S DRUGGED!? Hillary Can’t Hold It Together During Response To NYC Bombing

Two very … interesting things happened aboard Hillary’s plane Saturday night after an explosion rocked New York City, and neither of them are very good for the Democratic nominee.
The first came when Hillary went back to talk to the press about the bombings (which is what they were and what Hillary called them, but more on that in a minute).
She looked … tired? Drugged? Drunk? She looked completely out of it. She looked like a zombie. She looked like something was very wrong.
Take a look and judge for yourself:

The second interesting thing that happened was the way the press attacked Donald Trump for calling the explosion a bomb (it was) when at the time, everyone seemed to be calling it an “explosion.”
“Trump made the statement before local officials had publicly confirmed details of the incident or what caused the explosion,” CNN breathlessly exclaimed. “Typically, national political figures use caution when describing unfolding situations and law enforcement actions.”
Now, normally this would be in the “Who give a crap” category if it weren’t for this: Hillary Clinton called it a bombing too.

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