Friday, September 30, 2016

The election is being stolen right before our eyes

By Michael Nadler 

Thanks to the efforts of Democrats, safeguards against vote fraud are being gutted.  John Fund lists a number of ways we are being set up for fraud on NRO.  My favorite items in this basket of deplorable practices are:
But federal agencies refuse — in direct violation of federal law — to provide citizenship data to state election officials who attempt to verify citizenship status. Kansas and Arizona have put in place new commonsense proof-of-citizenship requirements for registration to prevent illegal voting, but they have been fought tooth and nail by Obama’s Justice Department.
"Then James Alcorn, one of McAuliffe’s two Democratic appointees on the Virginia Board of Elections, proposed that rules be changed so that people who left the citizenship question unanswered on the voter-registration form would still be allowed to register. "
So now not only is it prohibited to require identification to vote, but you're not allowed to require the voter to even claim citizenship, never mind using any tools to verify or purge voter rolls of non citizens.  The Democrats have made such an issue of Russia possibly influencing our elections, while actively working to corrupt the process right here at home.
There is so much ammunition for Trump (and Republicans in general), if only he (and they) would know how to use it.  It can easily be tied into the campaign issue of appointments to Supreme Court and the federal judiciary.

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