Tuesday, September 20, 2016

‘The problems will come to Germany’ Merkel warned migrant crisis could get even WORSE

EUROPE must tackle problems in the home countries of migrants or else face the crisis spreading to the continent, according to a German political.Development minister Gerd Muller has called for a new global refugee policy that will combat the key causes for people to flee their home in search for asylum. He claimed that migrants would not leave their fate in the hands of people traffickers if they were able to provided their children with an education and were able to hold down a job.Now the politician has warned that “if we do not invest more power in the solution of local problems, the problems will come to us.” Speaking ahead of the UN summit in New York this week, Mr Muller stressed that a “business as usual” attitude can not continue.He claimed that Western nations must begin to contribute more aid to countries such as Syria and Libya, along with helping to provide migrants with “education and work where they find refuge”. Adding Germany was putting a special emphasis on development policy following the migrant crisis, he said: "At the beginning of the school year we were able, for example, to hire 6,000 Syrian teachers in Turkey. "We also sponsor an employment campaign for 50,000 jobs in and around Syria till the end of the year."Mr Müller also claims the current declining number of refugees were due to better aid in the home countries. He added: ”Everyone knows that fences are not the solution. “But not everyone knows yet that every euro we invest in the countries of origin has 30 to 40 times as much effect as it would at home. "Now 193 of the UN’s member states have agreed on a non-binding "New York Declaration" that promises refugee waves will be better organised. The 25-page long document also pledges to better protect the person's rights and promote their integration through education and work. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon celebrated the paper as a breakthrough, while World Bank Chief Jim Yong Kim said the declaration delivered "exactly the right message at the right time.”

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